Rush Limbaugh

Well all the liberals are up in arms over the comments that Rush Limbaugh said about wanting President Obama to “fail”.  He was, of course, completely misquoted via a sound bite or on the ticker on MSNBC and HLN.  I find it humorous that people discount him on  a regular basis then rush (get it?) to land cheap shots when he says anything they disagree with because it might affect popular opinion.  Which is it?  He’s either one or the other. 

Okay, so you don’t like Rush.  That is, without a doubt, your right as a peace-loving, free thinking American.  I do find it interesting that there are little to few liberal talk show hosts with the pulling power as Limbaugh.   Here’s what Mr. Limbaugh said that was so terrible:

This notion that I want the president to fail, folks, this shows you a sign of the problem we’ve got,” he said. “What is so strange about being honest and saying, I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to restructure and reform this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation? Why would I want that to succeed?” he said, bringing the crowd once again to its feet. 

“Did the Democrats want the war in Iraq to fail?  Well, they certainly did.  And they not only wanted the war in Iraq to fail, they proclaimed it a failure.”

It was okay for Nancy Pelosi to call President Bush an idiot on national television.  It is all well and fine for that to  happen but the minute Limbaugh says anything that is immediately taken out of content, he is portrayed as a villain and a radical.  The key sentence in the speech by Mr. Limbaugh is this, “What is so strange about being honest and saying, I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to restructure and reform this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation?”  Is that so terrible?  Do you think that it’s really that bad?  Better yet do you think that President Obama’s mission is to do what Rush is suggesting?  Let’s look at the recent events.

There is a new push to severely regulate gun ownership all in the name of reducing crime.  For years we’ve been told that if no one has access to guns, crime will go down.  Funny that doesn’t happen in the United Kingdom were only the criminals have guns.  Where I agree that the right to own an AK-47 seems a bit extreme, I still firmly believe that the responsible ownership of a handgun is not, and should not, be illegal.  Those who possess a firearm, locked up per law, and away from their children should not be punished by irresponsible people.  Those breaking laws should be punished, not the general public.

Illegal immigration.  We don’t enforce the laws we have but now we want to reward those who have come here illegally by automatically endowing citizenship upon these criminals.  Why?  E-Verify, the 99.6% effective method of determining a potential employee’s legal status has been removed in the Stimulus Package.  Another example of special interest groups being rewarded by helping some politicians get elected.  Where illegals cannot vote, their children and such can.  See the connection?

The Democrats are also blocking a provision in the new stimulus bill that will allow courts to lower principals on mortgages to keep people in their home.   Isn’t this what we want?  Foreclosures help no one, not even the bank or financial institution who end up paying a lot less on what they would’ve received if rampant unemployment or their own bad judgement hadn’t occurred.

Last week Congress is tried to pass a “fair practice act” to force the FCC to monitor programs like the Rush Limbaugh Show.  This is in violation of Free Speech.  If a liberal talk show host can’t pull down the audience that Limbaugh does, well that says something, doesn’t it?

We have attacks on the fundamental principals the Founding Fathers gave us.  We are so intent on Special Interest groups and lobbyists that we have seemingly forgotten what rights we are endowed with.  We allow criminals to profit from their crimes, try to censor particular people, and want to take all guns away from people (even the law-abiding ones).  With all of this occurring is it any wonder why Limbaugh said what he did? 

We are bailing out millionaires (and in some cases billionaires) but ignoring the plight of the middle class.  In this country, and part of Conservative beliefs, that if a company is going to fail, it should.  This creates a void for others, hopefully better businessmen and women, to step in and take over.  Yet we hear over and over  how these people are handing out bonuses and such to their cronies.  All of this being done with very, very little government regulation.  By the way, were was Barney Franks when all this was happening?  Wasn’t it his job to watch this?

It’s funny how many Democrats were elected mid-way through former President Bush’s last term on the basis that they would end the war in Iraq.  They failed miserably and yet still more Democrats were elected.  Big government is on the way (according to a lot of people’s opinions) and if you haven’t dealt with your government lately, wait for them to get involved in your life.  It’s a miserable, confusing, and balled up mess.  They allow a woman to be fertilized with eight embyros and make the citizens of California pay for it all, but I can’t get on Medicare because I make too much money on Unemployment.  Yet my ex-wife, who’s husband makes (or made) $20 an hour is enrolled on the same program I’m being denied.  She works full time to boot… go figure. 

In closing I hope Rush is wrong about the coming of big government and President Obama’s intentions.  I find anyone to the extreme (either far Left or Right) to be extreme in their opinions.  I find that reality is somewhere in the middle.   By the way, if you’re going to call me names here instead of offering a different, educated point of view don’t bother.  I don’t agree with Rush but what I’m trying to say is that he has the RIGHT to say what he does.  MSNBC and HLN does not have the right to only air part of the comments.  I will give HLN some credit they did just now air the full portion of the Limbaugh speech.

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