“A Terrible Tryst of Fate”

By Christopher Newman

Dark Roast Press Publishing
September 2008
Supernatural, Erotic Romance

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Book Description:

Amelia Bainbridge has a great job, good friends, and a place of her own. But what she lacks is love, and she’ll only settle for true love.
After attending her best friend’s wedding she is attacked by a terrible creature that means to dine upon her flesh. Amelia is saved by a handsome silver-haired man known as Hunter. It is love at first sight for both. Who is Hunter and why is he so evasive about his past?
Amelia’s love for Hunter places her in the path of this demon’s machinations. Into the mix comes Erzsébet, who is Hunter’s occasional lover. She becomes jealous of Amelia with a hatred as deep as the Pit of Hell she’s been cast into. Can Amelia and Hunter survive to explore their love while the legions of Heaven and Hell gather forces for the End of Times?

Amelia has everything going good in her life. The only thing that would make it perfect would be if she had love of a good man. She never suspect that her chance at love would come from Fallen Angels. But now that Amelia has what she’s desired for so long, she wonders if all the pain and danger she’s suffering is worth. Can she really trust Hunter?
Hunter has long given up on finding peace in his existence. But a twist a fate brings Amelia into his life. Once he’s met Hunter knows his life will never be the same again.
Amelia is immediately attracted to her savior after a vicious attack on her life. Hunter tries to keep a distance from Amelia but is unable to and falls for the luscious human woman.
Meanwhile far from Earth, forces conspire to keep these lovers apart. Just when their happiness is complete, Amelia is attacked once more from a jealous and spiteful wench that is royal concubine of Hunter’s master.

A TERRIBLE TRYST OF FATE by Christopher Newman is a exciting read filled with lots of action, suspense, intrigue and can’t forget lots of sexy romance. Sure to keep plenty of readers drawn in from the very beginning.
What I enjoyed reading about
A TERRIBLE TRYST OF FATE was that nothing was what it seemed. There is plenty of intrigue and backstabbing around the hero and heroine of this story.
Amelia is a stronger character than she gives herself credit for. At the end both Hunter and Amelia will discover that love is worth the risk.
Asmodeus is definitely one interesting character. He is portrayed as a fool by some, heartless by other and yet he surprises many by the end of the book. Asmodeus is a definitely one of my favorite characters next to Hunter and Amelia.

A TERRIBLE TRYST OF FATE is an amazing page turner that is anything but terrible and my choice for top pick of the week.
 Wonder what Christopher Newman has in store for readers in his next book? Perhaps a possible sequel?
Whatever it is, I hope he will not have fans waiting too long until his next book?
I give
A TERRIBLE TRYST OF FATE a rating of 5 stars.
 Reviewed By:
Estefanie L

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