The Death of America

For those you don’t remember, forgot, or just didn’t like history in school I’m about to give  you a crash course in how America is gong be destroyed.

War is an ugly business.  But many people don’t understand that the primary goal of a war is to destroy the enemy’s ability to wage war.  Sure soldiers are killed, munitions and tanks blown up, but it is the bombing of the manufacturing base that actually deters any soveriegn nations ability to maintain a battlefront.  If the factories aren’t producing bombs, bullets, tanks, and guns it’s very likely that it will soon surrender.  Germany during World War II is a prime example.  This is why it is so hard to stop terrorism, their manufacturing base is… other countries.

So what does this have to do with the title of this post?  Easy, we no longer have a strong manufacturing base in this country.  We don’t produce many of the goods that are lining the shelves of the stories.  Our trade agreements are terribly one-sided and we allow business to move from America to overseas nations.  It is a new form of carpet bombing (a term developed during World War II, see the connection?).  Our production facilities are standing empty, our people are on the unemployment line, and our debts are held by places like Russia and China.  We  have taken the American Dream and turned into the American Nightmare. 

Seven hundred people applied for the one janitorial opening at a high school in Cleveland.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Seven HUNDRED unemployed people trying to get a job that Congress says only ILLEGAL immigrants will do.  People who thought they had a secure job at a factory that had been around for decades now find themselves scrambling for positions that we are being told by OUR government that nobody wants.  It’s horribly ironic that this is how so OUT OF TOUCH our elected officials are. 

America has gotten the short end of the stick and nobody seems to care.  NAFTA only benefits Canada and Mexico.  Our tariffs are lower for incoming goods when compared to nations we export to.  We keep hearing the rest of the world condemning us for not following Free Trade agreements and they can’t figure out why.  California is broke, Michigan is too, and Ohio isn’t far behind them.  We allow companies to declare “bankruptcy” despite having an international earnings that proves they aren’t broke. 

I ask, no I DEMAND you get on the phone or computer and contact your Congressman or woman and tell them you’ve HAD ENOUGH of this bullshit.  Give us our country back.  Restore the manufacturing base and eliminate the growing ranks of unemployed, healthy, and hard-working American people.  Come on people!  President Obama has spent more money in the first fifty days of his Presidency than any other President in our history.  Do you really think THROWING money at the problem will fix it?  Get real.

2 responses to “The Death of America

  1. Excellent point about the 700 people applying for a job Congress says only illegal aliens would want. There are millions of jobs that should be available to Americans that have been taken from them by the open border lobby.

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