A Terrible Tryst of Fate Review

AJ Llewellyn from Dark Diva Reviews has this to say about my novel “A Terrible Tryst of Fate”:

A Terrible Tryst of Fate by Christopher C. Newman

Summary: Amelia Bainbridge is a single, lonely woman who dreams of true love rescuing her from her humdrum existence. What she gets is an assault by a wayward toad demon, G’rrk and she is swiftly rescued by a mysterious, handsome, silver-haired hero named Hunter.

Confused and conflicted by her feelings for him, Amelia ponders who this man might be as he struggles with his own demons…literally. Is this a match made on earth, in heaven or…?

My Review: This is an intriguing story that although based on a tried and true premise features a plucky, convincing heroine and a very captivating hero in Hunter.

Author Christopher C. Newman understands women very well and gives Amelia an inner world that is both amusing and realistic. He also excels at depicting dark forces and provides original and interesting images of demons and hell. Added to the mix is the triangle of sorts with Hunter’s on-off lover Erzsébet jealously watching the developments on earth and this makes for some fast-paced, way above average romantic angst.

The sex scenes are many and often, frankly a bit creepy when they involve Erzsébet and demons, but still, this is an interesting book that is anything but typical of the erotic genre.

Without wanting to spoil this for those who haven’t read it I hope there are more books planned for Hunter and Amelia, the ending seems to warrant it.

Rated 4 Delightful Divas by A.J. Llewellyn!

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