The Thong

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following contains graphic language, adult situations, and sexual content.  If you are undearage please leave now!

The Thong

      It shook like a Santa’s belly.  Her ass, that is.  The more I watched, the deeper I became engrossed and turned on.  Her bottom was big, round, and voluptuous to the point of nearly being overwhelming.  I tore my eyes away from the swaying globes and noticed she had a double grip on the brass pole in front of her.  Her small shoulders and wasp-like waist belied the size of her derriere making her look a bit freakish, but totally sexy. 

    She was naked, except for that thin material covering her sex and creeping between her ass.  I stared as the light reflected off her skin, a light tan, glowing from the harsh beam of illumination that shone down upon her. 

     Following the curve of the dancer’s back I admired as it came downward; a narrow channel that eventually disappeared before the deep crevice of created by those mammoth spheres.  Once more, her butt ensnared my vision as they moved so sensually.  As the brunette gyrated her hips, her backside appeared to flap open exposing a brief, but exciting glimpse of the rest of the hot pink thong trimmed in black.  The top was always visible, and then suddenly her rear would part displaying a thin pink strip winding its way through her anal cleavage.  As quick as it appeared, it would be as swiftly hidden, as the globes shut.  But it offered me a unabashed view of the pink fabric as it widened to cup and hide the raised mound of her steaming sex.  I concentrated as the next tantalizing glimpse showed itself; I could clearly spy the material’s shape altered by the protruding and pouting lips of her pussy.  Open, close, clench, and unclench her booty shimmied and spread making my heart race and my breath to become hot and heavy.  She pushed back, nearly thrusting my nose into the undulating cheeks mesmerizing me.

     I ripped my gaze from her shivering cheeks and noted with great interest that her thick thighs tapered down to a pair of well-rounded calves.  My eyes kept moving down to the finely boned ankles criss-crossed with black straps that wove upwards from the dangerously high heels she was wearing.  Her feet shuffled on the floor as she dropped towards the ground.

     Unexpectedly my vision was filled again by her large, swinging ass as it sunk to the floor missing it by mere inches.  Kneeling, her hands still wrapped around the brass pole, the brunette swung her booty in time to the pounding beat.  Back and forth it shivered making my underwear tight and painful my cock continued to grow incredibly hard.

     She popped her ass up into the air as she slid her hands down the pole and arched it to the ceiling.  This time the entire room was hidden as her ample bottom created a total eclipse in my view.  I could smell the combination of her sweet perfume mingled with honest sweat and her smoldering loins.  My nostrils flared as I sucked in as much of her scent as I could without turning blue or erupting into a coughing fit.  Her face appeared over her left shoulder and she smiled sweetly and shot me a knowing wink.  Leaning back farther she dangled her beautiful ass an eighth of an inch from my busy nose.  As fast as it lunged forward, it departed leaving me feeling lonely and cold from its absence.

     The dancer embraced the cold metal shaft before her, pressing herself against it, and forcing it between her dangling breasts.  She ground her hips dragging her crotch against the smooth surface.  She dropped to her knees suddenly and bucked into the pole, her head falling backwards causing a shower of black hair to cascade down her back.  My mouth went dry; my lips felt like two strips of dried beef as she humped the shiny cylinder.  The short, quick jiggle of her rear from the dancer’s actions made my hard-on scream in painful frustration from deep inside my shorts.         

     She turned around without moving, pushing the pole between those delightful globes and shaking her shoulders.  Her breasts moved in a heavy, liquid manner.  I took a dry gulp as she dragged her ass up and down on the brass object, her thighs flexing with smooth muscle.  The dark haired woman spread her legs wide; the hot pink thong she wore was fully presented for my unflinching stare.  She knelt down and began opening and closing her legs to the same rhythm as the song filling my ears.  Each time she moved her thighs apart them came open further until she was splayed out fully.  The dancer held the pose, her legs fully spread, as she thrust her hips towards me.  I let out a desperate groan, deep and hot, which burst past my desert-like lips making her coyly grin.  I began to sweat as she stood leisurely and turned around.  The raven-haired vixen leaned back, held upright by her hands on the brass pole.  Her hair dangled into my aching lap as her head moved past my right ear.

      “You seem to have a problem.” she purred seductively.

      “You might say that,” I gasped.

      “I could help you with that.”

      “How much?”

      “Thirty bucks for a hand job, don’t even ask about penetration,” she stated firmly her blackmail offer for my much needed release.

     “Deal.  But I want you to do it with your ass,” I stipulated looking around nervously.

     “Get it out I’ll cover what you’re up to with my body.”

      With trembling fingers I almost tore my zipper off in my haste finally and began digging around my underwear to free up my rampaging organ.  As it popped free the brunette sex kitten spun around quickly and planted my cock between those soft, heavenly cheeks.  I stifled a cry of delight and she began to pump her ample behind up and down as she leaned forward.  I was treated to the sight of my cock-head disappearing and reappearing between her deep, butt-crack.  I experienced the rough texture from the black trim of her thong but dismissed it without much thought.  The satiny feel of her skin, the way she squeezed those fleshy orbs together, and the smoothness of each stroke made my orgasm near. 

    It didn’t take five minutes and I was embarrassed how fast I came.  But the power and intensity of my discharge made my eyes roll back into my skull as I painted her delicious ass-cheeks with my thick seed.  She continued to rub against me, causing me to whine as the sensitive tip of my shaft was overcome from the sensations.  She ground it even harder into my lap, as blood returned to my brain.  I suddenly realized she was cleaning off her large bottom on the front of my pants.  My head fell back as I began to quiver from the woman’s activities.

     When her flesh was cleaned, she turned around and kissed my cheek as I slid three tens into her thong.

    “Thanks honey,” she whispered as she moved away to drape herself against the metal upright in a haughty, suggestive pose.

    “No problem,” I answered with a grin.

    “Well I gotta go fix dinner before the kids get home,” my wife replied as she let go of the brass pole I’d installed in our bedroom a few days ago.

     “Okay,” I sighed.  “I guess I’m good until later on tonight.”

    “You better be ready, I have a fantasy of my own for us,” she cooed naughtily.

    Oh boy…, I shudder to myself.

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