The Subway

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  This is a work of erotic fiction with adult situations, humor, and sexual activity.  If you are underage LEAVE NOW.


     I get on the underground on my way to work at the office and already I’m pissed off.  We’re jammed into the rocking car shoulder-to-shoulder, as the morning commute has become increasingly crowded due to the high gas prices.  I’m in my business suit and skit, sensible shoes, and I’m carrying my briefcase.  My other hand is holding onto the loop above me for dear life.  The press of humanity is stifling and humid as the bodies shift against mine and make me very uncomfortable to say the least.

     The pressing of the bodies all around me remind me that I’ve been without a boyfriend for two months now.  Between the lack of sexual contact, stress from work, and the crowded conditions all of it has me at my temper’s breaking point.  Roger, my ex, was stupid enough to let me catch him fucking his secretary when I went over to see him at lunchtime.  He claimed he forgot my visit.

     Yeah right, I snarl to myself.  The cowardly bastard didn’t have the guts to tell me he wanted to break-up so he just went about it the easy way.  Fucking chicken-shit prick!

     The subway car makes a sudden turn to the left and that’s when I felt it.  The tentative touch of a hand on the back of my ass!  I jerked my face over my shoulder to see a black man in his twenties wearing hip-hop clothes and sporting several gold chains and earrings looking off into the distance as if I wasn’t aware of his actions.  A warm palm traces across my left hip and slide into the front as I stare at him with a furious look plastered on my face.

     “Excuse me!” I nearly spit into his face.

    “I’m sorry,” he replies innocently.  “What’s the problem lady?”

    “Get your hand out of there!”

    “What are you talking about?” he denies my allegations with a confused look.

    The fingers part my panties and begins to caress my clitoris, my face turns beet red from both embarrassment and arousal.  It spreads my labia, which suddenly becomes moist and ready, and I curse the unconscious reaction to being fondled there.  I feel the flesh lips spread as he teases my cleft. My breath comes fast and hot.

    “If you don’t remove your hand from my skirt,” I growl dangerously.  “I’m going punch you right in the face!”

    “Bitch!” he snarls back.  “I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”

     I open my mouth to reply when two fingers invade my lonely pussy and begin to swirl around with the gentle touch of an expert.  I slam my lips together as my legs start to shake and shiver as I’m fingered right out in public.  A thumb rubs against my button as I’m repeatedly caressed, stroked, and penetrated.  My face gets tight and I’m not sure if I want him to stop.  I bite my lip and I can’t deny the hot excitement of the exhibitionistic situation.

    “L-look,” I stammer breathlessly, my hips bucking in spasms from the overpowering sensations.  “I really do a-appreciate your efforts but this is h-highly inappropriate.”

    “And I said I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!” he snaps back.  “I’m not even touching you, you stupid up-tight bitch!”

    His fingers are stuffed into me and my hips begin to move slowly forward to aid him in his efforts to bring me off.  I keep a tight hold on the looped grip hanging from the ceiling and use it to steady my unsure legs.  I suppress the urge to shout out in joy as I feel the inevitable explosion rapidly approaching.

     The digital manipulation of my long neglected cunt makes my climax come hard, fast, and sudden.  I gasp out in shock as my knees nearly buckle and send me to the grimy floor of the subway car.   I stagger against the woman in front of me who shoots me a dirty look.  I almost whimper with frustration as the hand withdraws from my wet, soiled panties.

     I moan in regret that I’ve been so mean to this guy, he didn’t do anything I really needed after all.  The warm feeling of the afterglow of my climax courses through my body and makes me apologetic.

    “L-let’s just forget about it, I’m sorry I said anything,” I stutter as he calls me a motherfucking cunt under his breath and turns away.  

    But he’s started something, now I want more. 

     Perhaps I can skip work and take him back to my apartment?  I’d gladly give him everything he wants, I ponder to myself.  God, a nice big piece of black cock stuffed into my hungry pussy is just what I need right now!  I wonder if he’d go?

     The train slows down and stops and the crush of people begin to file out and I turn to follow.  I open my mouth to ask, to beg, to plead for him to come back home with me and fuck me until I scream and cry out in ecstasy.  But before I can voice my desire, I notice something’s in my way.  I cast a glance downward to see what’s blocking my exit.

     “What the fuck?!” I exclaim as the little adult person with the dewy wet fingers continues to savor my intimate juices almost dripping from his hand. 

     A midget? I blubber inwardly as surprise overtakes me.

     He licks and sucks his moist digits as I stare down at him in utter amazement.  He is normal looking except for his stunted height.  The handsome face stares up at me and I find him more than a little attractive.

     Hell he’s downright sexy, I think joyfully.  It is then that I noticed the big bulge in his pants.

    “Hello there gorgeous,” he says with a wink.

     Poor guy…, I think naughtily in silence.  You look pretty backed up.

    “You looked like you needed that, lady,” he grins with a knowing smile.  “Hope it helped.”

   “It was you?”

   “Didn’t think to look down, did ya?”
   “I… guess not,” I manage to blurt out before I burst into gales of laughter.  “Want more where that came from?”

    “Sure, you’re place or mine?” he smirks as he sucks at his digits.

    What the hell? I snicker to myself as I pull out my cell phone to call in sick.

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