AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The following story contains adult situation, language, and sexual activity.  If you are under the age of 18 LEAVE NOW!


      I expected him to be surprised, but I didn’t see it coming when Tim spit his latte across the table spraying my designer glasses from the shock of my suggestion.  He quickly began apologizing and handing me a napkin, he continued to mop off his chin as the outdoor patrons of the crowded posh café stared at him.  I stifled a giggle as I cleaned off my black framed specs and watched his face turn bright red.

    Tim was a thin guy, a bit younger than me.  His black hair was tousled in the latest fashion and his handsome face twisted as he contemplated the words I had just spoken.  He wore a burgundy polo shirt, khakis, and deck shoes.  He looked totally cute and sexy, except for the look of shock upon his face.  On second thought, it did make my libido twitch.

     “Cindy, what the fuck did you just say?” he finally leaned and whispered across the small round table like we were plotting a murder.

    “I said,” I replied with a big grin, “I want you to rape me.”

    “I don’t understand why would you want that?”

    “It’s a desire of mine, something I’ve always fantasized about it.  It won’t be real, just acting out something I find very arousing.”

     “I don’t know about this, Cindy,” he said turning even redder.  Tim was a nice guy who openly talked about sex, but some of my crazier needs always seemed to embarrass him.

     “Come on, it’ll be fun!’

    “Rape will be fun, can you hear yourself?  That act is rather despicable and foul, and you expect me to participate in it?”

     “Tim, it won’t be real, just some sexual role-play.”

     I watched as he pondered the idea with a frown plastered upon his face as I continued to smile at him.  I took a sip of my cappuccino and waited for him to come to some sort of a decision to whether or not he was going to cooperate. 

     “Okay,” he started as he folded his hands on the top of the table.  “Let’s say I’ll agree to this. How would we go about it?”

    “We’ll agree on a timeframe,” I began as I started to weave my hot little web of forbidden desire.  “Then I’ll leave it up to you to surprise me. I’ll fight you of course, but I won’t go all out and try to hurt you unless you hurt me.”

     “Okay, I understand it.  This way when we do it, you’ll know it’s me.”


     “So you’re up for this?” I asked with hope in my devious eyes.

     Tim’s face brightened again, his crimson completion reddened even further and I had to suppress another snicker.

    “If it’ll get you off, sure.”

    “Okay then let’s plan this out.”


     Tim and I had been dating for over four months and still lived in separate places in the city.  His apartment was across town, while my small house was on the other side.  It was a nice little home, a one floor ranch house with a white picket fence surrounding the backyard penning in my small garden.  The woods behind my place were wild and untamed, a lot like my sexual appetites. 

     It would be a challenge for him; I’m taller and more aggressive.  However I knew once it began I would have to try not to panic and let nature take it’s course, so to speak.  We decided it would occur during the hours of eight to twelve at night and sometime during the upcoming weekend.  Since it was only Thursday I decided to take some steps to make it more interesting and exciting.

     Going to my favorite salon after work and had my normally mid-length hair cropped to a shorter cut and tinted black with light brown highlights.  This would deprive him of a handhold to control me during the act.  Leaving the salon I went directly to a sex shop that catered to call girls and strippers and bought three pairs of tear away thongs.  One pair was a deep blue, the other a naughty black, and one was a violent red color. 

     I hope I’m wearing the scarlet ones when Tim attacks! I snickered to myself as I paid for my purchases.

     Although my panties would be easy to remove I wasn’t going to let him get his hands onto my C-cup breasts that easily.  It was another trip across the city to a shop that solely dealt with ladies unmentionables.  I bought three new bras, each a similar shade like the thongs, but they possessed four hooks, which are more difficult to undo and rip away.

     I can’t wait to see what he does when he encounters these. I smirked as the clerk rang me up.

    With my hair short, denying him a handhold, my panties easily removed, and my bra more difficult I all but pranced back to my house with anticipation.  I found out I couldn’t sit still.   I ended up checking the locks, windows, and door and pondering how Tim would plot to get me.  How would he enter?  Which direction would he come from?  Would he jump me in the garage, wait for me in the bedroom, or just burst into the living room and assault me?   Needless to say, Thursday night I slept fitfully as I tossed and turned in the grip of carnal and erotic dreams.


      Friday at work I was having a hard time concentrating and my libido was running rampant.  I had to suppress the urge to call Tim and ask if he was coming over tonight.  But I stopped myself since it would ruin the whole effect of fulfilling my odd fantasy.  I went home after work and tried to act normal, until I put on the blue thong and bra and got into my pajamas after dinner.  I sat on the couch and turned on the television, but I found it hard to watch since I was listening for strange noises and not paying attention to the show that was playing.  By ten o’clock I was in bed, lying there with my eyes and ears wide open.  I fought off sleep, but drifted off before midnight disappointed and frustrated.


     Saturday was more of the same; I went biking, took in an afternoon movie, went to the mall, cooked and ate dinner, and put jigsaw puzzles together until ten.  As the clock on the mantle chimed, I ran back into the bedroom with giddy excitement.  I slid into the black bra and panties and tossed on a robe over my pajamas, just because it would make his task much harder.  Returning to the living room I couldn’t watch television no matter how I concentrated on it.  I was just kidding myself by trying to. 

     “God I’m so damn horny,” I said to no one in particular as my fingers strayed to caress the top of my panties.  Suddenly I heard a snap of a twig outside the front window and held my breath.  Was it Tim?  Was it time?  Would my fantasy be finally coming true?  My pussy became even damper and increasingly heated, my nipples thrust erectly against my bra as I leaned forward and continued not to breathe.  Silence reigned over my house, so after awhile I was forced to suck in air and partially fill the quiet void with a gusty exhale.   But there was no other sound; my disappointment grew as did the silence.

     Dammit Tim! I swore as midnight came and passed without my moist loins being sated.  I couldn’t help myself but at one fifteen I masturbated furiously to the thought of Tim’s raping of me in our little role-playing scenario.


     Sunday, this had to be the day!  I couldn’t get anything done around the house and my continued excitement refused to let me leave and allow me to find something to occupy my mind.  Nothing seemed to calm down the heart-pounding expectation and eagerness for Tim to rush in, toss me on the bed, rip off my clothes, and stab his cock into me causing a mind-blowing orgasm to rush through me.  I hate to admit it, but I masturbated three times that day but still the itch that was growing between my slick thighs wasn’t scratched enough in the least. 

      The day dragged on, I swear it took seventeen hours to get from noon to ten o’clock.  But it finally came with the mantle clock’s chiming and I rushed into my bedroom and flung off my clothes which landed haphazardly around the room.  In my haste I nearly broke the red thong myself as I wiggled into it with shaky hands and quivering thighs.  I cursed Tim as I put on my silk pajamas hating him for making me wait until the last day for my fantasy to come true.  A robe went over the silken threads and I knotted the belt tightly.

     That’ll teach him for making me wait so long! I said to myself.

     Hurrying back to the living room the TV had even less interest than it did the past two nights before.  I stared at it in a stupid manner, like I was watching a bomb’s timer ticking down towards an earthshaking explosion.  By ten-fifteen I was trying not to change my routine or call Tim and ask when the hell he was coming over.  I started pacing and chewing on my nails, the very wait was driving me crazy.  I turned off the lights, sat in the dark hoping he would be enticed by the lack of illumination.  But still eleven o’clock came and went without so much as a peep from my lover.

       This is stupid, I whispered inwardly.  Just go to bed and pretend he’s not coming over.

      I headed into the bedroom, down the narrow and short hall that ran between the dining room and my private chambers.  I moved towards the end of it in the dark.  I hadn’t bothered to turn on the lights in the corridor.  At the edge of my boudoir was where the hands struck me in the middle of my back and shoved me violently towards the bed on stumbling frantic feet.  He had come from behind me!  Tim had probably hidden in the extra bedroom across the hall while I was dressing. 

      My upper thighs hit the mattress and I was flung onto the bed face first.   Leaping onto the bed Tim jostled me around on the bed so fast all I saw was a black ski mask over his face only exposing his eyes.  He also wore a black tee shirt and equally dark pants.  I screamed, but the sheets smothered my shouts as a weight landed on me pinning my body fast to the mattress.  It was a single knee wedged into the small of my back.

      I fought back, kicking out with my legs and arms but struck nothing but air.  I heard something rip, it wasn’t my clothing and I didn’t know what it was until the duct tape was slapped across my lips. 

     “Don’t scream again, bitch,” he rasped in a growl.  “I’ll cut you up if you do.”

     Tim was being so demanding it was both arousing and frightening at the same time since he was usually such a gentleman.  This increased the breathtaking effect of our act and my thighs grew surprisingly slicker and damper much to my amazement.  He began tugging my robe off but I wasn’t making it easy since this was part of my fantasy.  He managed better than I gave him credit for and soon the robe flew across the room to fall over my sewing machine.  I heard the flick of a pocketknife as it slipped to the floor and he began to cut away my pajamas, his knee still jammed into my back.  I shrieked into the tape, those satin delicates cost me a lot of money and I was pissed that he was shredding them so brutally.  They fluttered across my head and landed on the other side of the bedroom as he tugged at my bra, which made me grin.

     Surprise! I snickered to myself as he fought with the brassiere.

     I heard him swear under his breath but when I felt the cold kiss of a knife’s blade I froze.  The cool metal passed between my flesh and the fabric and a quick tug parted the material easily.  The bra straps fell around my upper arms and he grabbed my left arm and slid a loop of clothesline around my wrist.  Before I could fight back the other end was quickly tied to the bedpost and he began working on my right arm.  Soon he had my arms secured he moved off my body and I tried to stand up and kick him once more.  Tim used his arm to swipe my legs from underneath me causing my body to flop back onto the mattress and bounce once or twice.  He tied off my ankles to the footboard and I struggled in vain to escape.  Spread-eagled on the top of my bed I found myself quite secured and bound.  I tried not to moan in ecstasy.

     The thong broke apart as designed as he gripped the upper part above my wiggling ass and yanked it off hard.  As I thrashed about Tim pulled the bra off after a few quick cuts freeing my shoulders from the device completely.  He pressed down on my upper back flattening and distorting my tits making them thrust out partially from underneath my body.  I could hear him huffing and puffing with both exertion and excitement as he moved about the room.  The blinds were drawn, the door was shut, and he lowered the illumination of the room by snapping off a few lights. 

     “Now you’re going to behave or I’m going to carve you up,” he growled in a low voice.

     I told him to fuck off, but even though the duct tape muffled my voice, he heard it and laughed at it in a cruel voice.   My vision was cut off as he wound something over my eyes and tied it behind my head.  Then he tore off the duct tape causing me to scream in pain.

     Okay Tim, I snarled to myself.  I’ll get you for that!

     His fingers twisted into my short hair, he yanked my face up and let it drop back to the sheets with a laugh.  His hands ran down the curve of my back and all over the swell of my ass.  He reached underneath me and tweaked my nipples and squeezed them firmly.  My body shuddered with pleasure as he caressed, fondled, and occasionally slapped my flesh.  He momentarily treated my bottom to a sharp, stinging series of slaps, which heated the skin and made it hot and taut.  I could feel every finger and palm mark on my ass from him spanking me.

     My head was pulled up off the mattress once more and I could smell the nearness of his body.  He had recently bathed and the scent of a man’s soap filled my flaring nostrils. He yanked on my short tresses causing my scalp to scream out in pain.  I started to cuss him out once more but the cool knife blade was pressed below my left ear as he turned my head in the same direction.

    “Scream for help or bite me and I’ll end your life with a flick of my wrist,” he hissed in that gravely tone.  “Just take it and it’ll be over quicker and you’ll be alive and free.”

     I felt the tip of a cock get thrust against my pursed lips seeking entrance into my mouth.  I pinched them tighter, refusing to give in.  He jabbed into against me, almost bruising my lips, and then grabbed my lower jaw, his grip was firm and harsh.  I knew I would be sporting bruises on my lower face and throat from his fingers the next day.  I trembled with ecstasy at the thought of seeing them in the mirror.

    “Suck it, bitch!” he snarled angrily.  “I’ll cut a hole in your cheek and face-fuck you if you don’t open your jaws!”

     I couldn’t help myself but his demands caused me to soak the sheets beneath my pussy with my warm intimate juices.  My pulse raced like a thoroughbred and I had never been so excited in my life as I pretended to surrender.  I quickly licked my lips just before the thick bulbous head of Tim’s shaft pressed past them and plunged deep into my mouth.  I detected no pubic hair brushing my nose or cheeks, I knew Tim hated it and always kept himself cleanly shorn.  As the organ passed in and out and I tried not to devour him like a lover, but let him use my face as he wanted.  The swell of his shaft thickened in my mouth and I tasted his sweaty flesh as he bludgeoned past my lips with frantic thrusts of his hips.  My cheeks ballooned outward as he stabbed himself into me, my saliva dribbled off his wet organ and to puddle on the sheet beneath my tightly pressed cheek.  His pace quickened, his cock flew across my lips, delving deep within my throat causing me to gag.  As I choked and coughed he chuckled at my discomfort.  His excitement at my gagging caused my needs to spiral farther and farther upwards into greater heights of carnal desire. 

      Just as I was getting into it when he pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved onto the bed, kneeling between my spread legs.  I heard the tearing of a condom wrapper just before the bed moved back and forth once more.  

      Tim and his condoms, I mused gleefully, he’s always worried about getting me pregnant.

      I bit my lip, anticipating him thrusting his cock into my greedy pussy to beckon forth the orgasm I so desperately needed from all this waiting.

     The cold wet tip of his latex-covered organ was introduced against my pouting cunt and he lunged forward piercing me deeply with a single solitary shove.  My face grew tight and hot and I groaned as I struggled to not show my enjoyment by raising my hips and wiggling my ass to increase his and my pleasure.  After a few strokes of his hot hardness wrapped in that ribbed condom I didn’t need to react, my mind was awash with total sexual bliss.  His hands past my shoulders and he leaned into me, penetrating me to his fullest.  I could feel a nagging discomfort as his zipper press painfully into the tender flesh of my ass-cheeks.

      He still has his pants on! I realized as he bludgeoned my sopping wet snatch with aggressive thrusts and violent retreats.  The bed began to creak and rock as he stuffed and un-stuffed his cock into me.  The only other sounds in the room were those and our heated, ragged breaths.

     I could only gasp out as he plunged into me with a reckless fervor he had never shown before.  My eyes rolled upward behind my blindfold and my mouth fell open as the delightful pressure of my climax appeared in my mind.  But just as my orgasm neared, he backed out completely from within my clenching cunt much to my great disappointment and frustration.

     I started to whimper out a verbal protest, which would have ruined the fantasy when I felt the slippery end of the condom slid between my quivering rear.  I held my breath knowing the latex wrapped shaft possessed only my warm juices to allow it to slip into my behind.  With an agonizing slowness he invaded my bowels, his vein-covered shaft popping past each of my rectal muscles and easing into me to an exciting depth.  He remained deeply embedded in my ass for a moment as I caught my breath.  Then Tim began to thrust and retreat, my toes curled from delicious enthrallment of his fleshy invasion.  The feeling was tight, full, and a little painful due to the slight lubrications of his shaft but it was exciting all the same.  I pressed my face into the bed and screamed in mindless ecstasy. 

      The breath was soon pounded out of me as I gasped for air; my pleasure knowing no bounds as Tim sodomized me for the very first delightful time.  A whining wheeze issued out of my trembling lips as my body shook from the extreme pleasure I was feeling.  My ass was so full, I had never told Tim how much I liked anal sex because I felt he might be too shy or slightly disgusted about that particular forbidden act.  I had longed from him to plow into my rear, to spew his hot seed into my bowels, but I was too afraid to ask and risk losing him.   Now he was doing it, if he held any inhibitions or reservations regarding butt-sex it was freed by the mask he wore.  I continued to howl with delight as my shy lover fucked my bottom with wild frenzied and long strokes.   My face seemed to push outward as he stuffed himself repeatedly into my bowels.

     In and out his cock slid between my ass-cheeks, pulling and pressing my anus and roughly grinding my engorged clitoris against the sheets.  My feet and hands beat a frantic rhythm as I lost control of my tentative grip on my climax and pressed my face into the mattress once more to shriek at the top of my lungs in joy.  It roared through me causing my body to buck wildly against my restraints.  My wrists and ankles were rubbed raw as I fought and struggled.  The noise and undulations coursing through me must have excited him beyond his control as Tim managed a few more jerky thrusts into my butt.  With a soft cry he too climaxed with a delicious shudder, a final stuffing of my ass, and softly muttered moan.  I felt his cock repeatedly flex and thicken, the soft ejaculation eventually subsided as he spilt his seed into the condom.  The bed stopped creaking only his and my hoarse gasping for air filled the room and banished the impending silence.  He pulled himself from my nether recesses and I heard him pull off the condom.  I tried not to shout for joy as I heard another wrapper being undone as it indicated he wasn’t finished with me just yet.


     We enjoyed two more hot steamy couplings with me still tied face down on the bed until I dreamily passed out from the best sex I had ever had.   My body had convulsed in four incredible orgasmic convulsions and my bottom was both happy and sore from a ten-minute spanking followed by another round of hot anal sex.  Best of all my pussy was drowsing with contentment as I heard him stand up just before he cut me free.  I wanted to roll over and thank him, but I was too exhausted and completely satisfied to do more than mumble a goodbye.  He departed the bedroom after kissing me on the back of the head.  I barely was able to pull off the blindfold before crashing into a dreamless slumber.


     I awoke to a pounding on the front door.  I rolled over and looked at the alarm clock to see that it was nine o’clock in the morning.  Holy shit, I had slept in!  Rushing around the bedroom I threw on clothes and bolted to the door.   I flung it open to see two uniformed officers staring at me.  Outside in the driveway I noticed an ambulance and three empty cruisers from the local police department.

     “Can I help you?” I asked as they continued to gaze at me.

    “Yes ma’am, are you the owner of this house?” the one asked without a smile.

   “Ah, yeah.”

    “Did you hear or see anything suspicious last night?”

    “No, why?” I lied with an inner grin as I recalled my rape fantasy had been fulfilled.

    “Come with me then.” He commanded rather than asked.

    I followed the two cops to the backyard to where a group of people had gathered around my modest garden.  I saw the yellow police tape and got confused immediately to what was going on.

    “What are you doing?  Those are my tomato plants, did you think I was growing weed?” I shouted at the cop.

    “No ma’am, but do you know this man?” a saggy suit wearing detective said as he turned around.  I saw a black ski mask in the cop’s hand and froze as I looked down.

     Lying face up in my garden was Tim!  Amid the trampled tomato plants I saw that his head dangled at a funny angle, his neck had been broken.  I wondered if he had tripped on a tomato plant or the low, now broken fencing and fallen to the ground snapping his spine.  His white features were twisted into a painful grimace, his eyes showed no illumination of life.  I pictured him lying there slowly dying from his broken neck with salvation and me so close to him?  I spotted the condoms that had spilled out of his pockets.  Then a terrible thought raced into my dazed brain.  Tim fell over my plants and died?  Was it really an accident, or had he been murdered?

      I started to speak, but then I lost it and began to cry.   Suddenly I realized it might not have been Tim in my bedroom last night!   Was that his voice threatening me or was it somebody else’s?   The body atop me had seemed familiar, but suddenly I wasn’t so sure.  I tried to remember the size and shape of Tim’s shaft to compare it to the one inserted into me last night.  It seemed the same!  However I was unsure of myself.  But on the heels of that terrifying confusion another idea reared it’s ugly head.

     Oh no! I said to myself.  I enjoyed it… I came four times and it might have been some stranger molesting me for real!  What kind of sick, twisted bitch was I?!

      As I looked at Tim’s lifeless body my heart utterly shattered.  I loved him and now he was dead, and I wasn’t sure if I was a party to his murder! We had been in a public place talking about my rape fantasy.  Had someone overheard our well-thought out and naughty plans and followed him around to take his place to sate some sick twisted fantasy of their own? 

     He was wearing similar clothes as the person who raped me last night but I had only seen the person and what they were wearing for a brief second.  Was it my dead boyfriend’s attire or some other guy’s?   The man in my bedroom had worn condoms the entire time; I’d never uncover who it had been through a DNA test.  Tim shaved himself down there, but so had the man who violated me!  Was it his or another’s brown eyes I spied in the holes of the mask?

      What time had Tim died?   I had to ask, but suddenly I couldn’t tell the cops!  What would they think?  Who would they tell?  Would they arrest me and take me to jail as an accessory to murder?  But if I didn’t speak up the authorities wouldn’t investigate it and I’d never find resolution to the burning question in my mind. Who was it in my bedroom, my mouth, my pussy, and my ass early this morning?!  I couldn’t tell them about my rape fantasy, I just couldn’t!

     Oh my God!  Tim, what have I done, I sobbed to myself with hot tears running down my face.  I’ll probably never know the truth!

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