An Unexpected Visitation

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The following story contains adult language and sexual situations, if you are under the age of 18 LEAVE NOW!


Unexpected Visitation

            “Oh what am I going to do Brandon?” Mandy sobbed into her tissue. 

            “Dump the creep,” I replied sincerely with just a trace of anger in my voice.

            Here I am again sitting in her room listening to her romantic delusions from another bad relationship once again.  While she cried from her position on the bed I sat there wondering how much longer it was going to take for this woman to realize that the perfect man for her was standing right next to her. 

            Mandy had been my friend and the object of both obsession and affection since grade school, but she only thought of me as a confidant.  The ex-cheerleader was the very vision of sensuality and desire.  Her long, curly blonde hair fell in a cascade of soft ringlets hiding her red and weeping face but it didn’t deter from her beauty.  She was perfectly shaped, wasp-waisted with a heavy bosom and long slender limbs.  The twenty-two year old’s pert mouth, with full lips, quivered in anguish while she wadded up the tissue and flung it into the nearby trashcan.  The pink plastic container was overflowing with wet balls of Kleenex, a testament to her sorrow and despair.  I desperately wanted to take her in my arms and comfort her.  Telling her of my deep feelings of love in the hopes of proving that she was worthy of more than the typical abuse she garnered by every stupid testosterone filled ape that she went out with.

            Can’t you see how much I adore you? I thought.  I would treat you like a queen, not like that dumbass you’re dating!

            “H-he told me that if I couldn’t handle the attention he gets from other w-women that I should just fuck off,” she blubbered.

            “Jesus Mandy, why do you put up with that asshole?  He treats you like shit, messes around behind your back and doesn’t even bother to lie about it,” I snarled.  “You deserve so much better.”

            “But I love him!”

            “You caught him handing out his cell phone number to another girl!  Dammit can’t you see that he’s just a user?”

            “I can’t help the way I feel!  You’re not being very supportive Brandon!  I asked you to come over to help me out and all you can do is stand there and criticize Josh!”

            I wish I could quit loving this twit, but I guess I’m as stuck on her as she is dating bad boys and using fools! I muttered to myself.

            “Mandy if you’re done bawling about Josh, Mom says dinner’s ready,” a voice came from the threshold of the bedroom.  It was the blonde’s nineteen year old sister Vivian who was as dark haired as her sister was golden maned.  She was more petite than Mandy and her body resembled a well-toned athlete’s than the sex-goddess stature of her older sister.  Her right hip was cocked at an angle as she leaned against the door frame glaring in disgust at her sibling.  Viv had just graduated last year and was attending college, holding down a part-time job and getting great grades.  I’d seen her around the campus a few times while I went from class to class. 

            “I-I’m not hungry,” Mandy moaned.

            “Suit yourself,” Viv replied without a trace of emotion in her tone.  “You staying for dinner Brandon, or are you going to stand there and watch my darling sibling weep like some tragic Victorian-era heroine?”

            “No thanks,” I spat back.  “I was just leaving.”


            Viv exited the threshold dismissing my pointed answer. 

            “You gotta give him up Mandy,” I remarked.  “He’s no good for you and this is only going to end badly.  Remember Tom?  He acted the same way and it took you three months to get over him.”

            “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” she screamed past her tissue.  “It was my fault Tom left!”

            “Why?  Because you didn’t agree with participating in a three-way with his other girlfriend?  Jesus Mandy that bastard was two-timing you the entire time you two were dating!”

            “It’s my fault-I’m too jealous!  I drove him away!”

            “You know what?  I’ve had about as much of this crap as I can take,” I growled.  “I’ve been your friend since fifth grade and I’ve had to put up with these antics every since then.  You refuse to see the forest because of the trees!  You keep dating the same kind of guys who end up taking you for granted until they find someone else.  You’re a pushover Mandy!  You don’t stand up for yourself and worse yet, you refuse to believe you deserve to be treated like the special person you are!”

            “If you don’t like it-then l-leave!” she spat back.  “I didn’t ask for your opinion of me I just wanted you to help me get Josh back!  But if you’re going to stand there and be spiteful and jealous then you can just get the fuck out of my life!”

            “If that’s what you want,” I muttered in a stunned tone.  Her crying intensified and I felt like a villain for piling on more hurt on this beautiful, yet foolish woman.  I stammered a few unintelligent mumblings but in the end I left her alone. 


            Walking out and shutting the door behind me I began to turn this problem over in my mind to see if I could glean a solution that would put her in my arms for the first time.

            She can’t be serious it’s just the emotions talking, I tried to rationalize.  I’ll give her a few days and she’ll have another episode with Josh and call me over to talk.  Yeah, that’s exactly what will happen.

            Stepping into the living room I spotted Mandy’s family sitting at the dinner table enjoying a home cooked meal. 

            “Brandon are you hungry?” Mrs. Rutkowski inquired.

            “Nah I gotta go to work,” I answered.

            Vivian shot me a dirty look and raised her eyes to the ceiling while her father ignored me entirely.  The patriarch of this Polish-American clan sat there stuffing his face as if I didn’t exist.  He didn’t like me that was plain enough to see.  I never knew the reason for his distrust and right now I could care less.

            I left without another word and climbed into my black Chevy and drove away.

            I give her a week before she calls me up, I smiled to myself.  Then I’m going to man-up and tell her exactly how I feel.


            Two weeks later my hopes had given out and I began to stalk her on a warm summer night to see what was going on.  I sat in my car five houses down while Josh, in his tricked out Mustang, pulled up to take the love of my life out for a date.  I growled after spotting his cocky body language, his handsome sneering face, and the way he nonchalantly strode up to the Rutkowski’s front door. Mandy pranced out like some brainless Hollywood starlet and into Josh’s arms.

            “Stupid ex-jock!” I grumbled.  “He thinks he’s God’s gift to women, but all he really acts like is a prancing peacock without a thought besides his own needs.”

            They got into the red sports car which roared to life and flowed effortlessly out of the driveway.  Josh peeled out throwing blue-black smoke into the air and leaving dark tire marks on the pavement.  My heart sank for she had gone crawling back to him like some beaten dog. 


            I know it was pathetic but I followed them to the fancy restaurant only stopping to get myself an extra-value meal from a fast food joint.  My limited funds due to my lousy job couldn’t afford a place like Luigi’s.  Unlike Josh my parents weren’t rolling in money and I had to start working to pay for my school books and tuition.  An hour later they exited arm-in-arm and drove to a local club, with me trailing right behind them.


            The bar was crowded and noisy.  Bright flashing lights dazzled my eyes and the band’s pumping deep bass reverberated in my chest while I nursed a bottle of cheap beer.  Josh and Mandy were out on the dance floor grinding to the beat of the music.  His arms were around her waist and his hands were firmly gripping her tight ass.  Green eyed jealousy boiled up from my soul as I watched him publicly fondle her for all to see. 

            He’s doing it because he’s rubbing it into every man’s face, not because he harbors any feelings for Mandy, I surmised darkly.  His massive ego needs constant attention no wonder he can’t spare any for the woman in his arms.

            My beer was now empty as was my heart; the end of any chance for us to be together was plainly visible in front of me.

            What’s he got that I don’t have?  Yeah he has a hot car, his parent’s money and a handsome face, but his personality sucks shit.  Why can’t she see it like I do? I pondered morosely.  I know I’m not smooth with the ladies but I make up for it in honesty!

            Maybe unlike you, he’s really good in the sack, another part of my brain suggested.

            That’s bullshit!  I’m not as experienced in the carnal arts as I’d like to be, but I’m no virgin! I shot back.

            You’re timid and shy, you lack the balls to do anything remotely devious or titillating.  You’re not a virgin, but you’re a boor in the sack my friend, that aggravating part of my mind stated.

            We’ll just see about that!


            I scooted out before they did; my curiosity was now enflamed to see what was so spectacular about Josh Brown that could make Mandy suffer his inattention and subtle abuse.  I steered my Chevy back to the same spot five houses away from where Mandy lived.  In ten minute’s time the red Mustang pulled up just after midnight.  I waited for them to go inside and quickly departed my car and began sneaking around the backyards towards the lone portal into my heart’s desire’s bedroom.

            Am I really going to do this?  I’m going to play the Peeping Tom just to satisfy my curiosity? I nervously asked myself.

            The one floor house allowed me to peer into the room and arriving just as they got into Mandy’s room I took up a position just to the left of the window.  The blonde goddess turned on her computer and queued up some romantic tunes drowning out their voice so I couldn’t quite hear them.  Mandy lit a few candles and a stick of jasmine incense to set the mood for their lovemaking.  I gasped as Josh pulled off her top exposing those gorgeous and bountiful breasts barely contained within a pink lacy bra.  They bounced and rolled as he planted ravenously and rapid kisses upon them.  His shirt came off and I became envious of his firm muscles and flat stomach.  His shoulders were thickly muscled and rippled in the soft candlelight.  I recalled my own body in the mirror and the comparison wasn’t worth the time it took to do it.  Where I wasn’t in bad shape my frame was no competition for his. 

            I look like a gawky stick figure compared to him, no wonder I’m striking out with her, I somberly told myself.

            Slipping seductively out of her jeans she tossed them in a carefree manner into a corner.  Her body made my heart nearly stop, my breath to become rapid and shallow as she stood there in her near-naked glory.  Her long supple legs flowing up into a jiggling bottom that would’ve made a porn starlet weep with envy.  Mandy’s flat tummy was adorned by a single glittering diamond piercing that sparkled in the candlelight.  Her skin was peaches-and-cream, a hue that seemed to speak of youth, vitality, and sexuality.  My underwear grew tight and uncomfortable as I took in her nudeness.  Her bra fell away past my leering sight as it lingered upon the toned contours of her stomach.  I let out a whimper when I gazed upon her bare breasts.

            Capping those full and cream-colored globes were pink pouting nipples that were as erect as the cock in my pants.  Josh crushed those pert buds with his fingers and Mandy’s head fell back in a groan I could actually hear over the music.  Her panties fell away and displayed the triangular trimmed mound of her pubic hair.  I sobbed like a starving man at the bountiful feast laid out before my eyes. 

            Clothing was shed faster than I can describe, it was as if their desire could no longer wait one second longer.  My jealousy returned as Mandy knelt down to cover Josh’s thick rigid cock with kisses and long licks.  She took him deeply into her mouth as he guided her face with a hand upon the back of her head.  Before I realized it I had my shaft in my hand pumping to the same rhythm as Mandy’s sucking.

            “You’re really pathetic Brandon,” a voice whispered beside me.  “If you wanted her so badly you should’ve told her how you felt by now.”

            Icy cold tendrils of absolute fear leaping into my throat clogged my ability to respond as I turned to the speaker.  I felt embarrassed, stupid, and very terrified as I locked eyes with a scowling Vivian who stood there in a loose tee shirt and panties.  Her disgust for my actions was plain upon her face.

            “P-please don’t call the cops or tell your sister!” I pleaded barely above a hoarse gasp.

            “She wouldn’t care anyway,” Viv grumbled.  “She knows how you feel but she can’t see any reason to let you ask her out on a date.  My sister is an idiot, haven’t you figured that out by now?  She’s just another brainless cheerleader who is still trying to marry the captain of the football team.  She’ll never change, nor will she ever realize what a great guy you are.”

            “I-I don’t understand.”

            “Now look what you’ve done, you let that nice hard-on go all soft and limp.  You’re little voyeuristic adventure isn’t all that bad, but you losing that erection, well that’s the real crime here.”

            “V-Viv I don’t think this is wise,” I blubbered stupidly.

            “You’re as blind as my sister,” she fired back slightly angrily.  “While you have been pining away for that brainless twit I’ve been chasing you for two years.  I can’t compete with my sister’s looks, but is that any different from what she’s doing to you?”

            “You mean…”

            “Yes Brandon I want you-I’ve always wanted you.”

            “You’re like my kid sister Viv!”

            “I’m not a child nor am I your sibling!”

            A tearing off of her loosely fitting top revealed a pair of small B-cup breasts that were no less attractive than her sister’s despite their smaller size.  Her tanned skin glowed in the faint moonlight and she sauntered up to me coyly.  Pushing aside my own hand, hers took a gentle grasp of the once more thickening tube of flesh sticking out of my zipper.

            “I’ll breathe some life into this poor thing,” she cooed naughtily.

            Dropping softly to the ground her lips went around my shaft deeply taking me into the warm, satiny recesses of her mouth.  Instinctively my hands gently found themselves wound into her raven tresses making her moan against my cock.  I felt myself bump against the back of her throat, she let out a brief gagging sound but continued to pleasure me.

            Her fist snagged the very base of my quivering member and began to slowly pump up and down.  I groaned in need from the dual sensations of her hand and mouth.

            W-where the hell did she learn to do this? I stupidly stammered inwardly.

            Viv’s oral ravishing of my now rock hard erection made me sway upon my feet until she stood up and stared frankly into my eyes.  Pulling down her panties in a seductive and leisurely manner Vivian shot me a knowing wink and took my trembling hand and stepped into the brash moonlight for me to devour the vision of her. 

            Her body was a marvel of diminutive perfection.  No wasted flesh abound anywhere on Vivian’s well sculpted and mature form, she was the very model of economy and sensuality.  Turning this way and that she purposely exposed every square inch of her nakedness for me to caress with my wide eyed gaze.  Her ass was tight, firm and begged to be fondled.  Her lips pulled back and let out a slow soft sigh of desire.  The tight black curls of her pubic hair were shorn to resemble a landing strip for my fingers, mouth, tongue, and eventually my cock to traverse towards her pouting and wet pussy.

            “M-my God you’re beautiful Viv!” I exclaimed, my voice thick with honest desire.

            “I’ve waited so long for you to say something like that,” she said with tears in her eyes.  “I want you to make love to me, I’ve never been with any man before so please be gentle.”

            “Y-you’re a virgin?”

            “Yes, does that surprise you?”

            “But you-you”

            “Oh I’ve given my share of blowjobs before, but I swore two years ago that only you would take my cherry.  I pretended that all the guys I’ve sucked off were you.”

            “I don’t know what to say,” I blubbered.

            “Don’t say anything, just take me!”

            Dropping to my knees in the warm grass I pulled apart her legs and spread her gleaming labia.  I took great delight in her gasp of surprise as I ran my tongue from bottom to top against her glistening cunt.  Gasping cries of delight issuing out of her mouth and the quivering of her soft thighs let me know she had never experienced this before in her life.  I ate her delicately, deliberately, and deeply until in a hoarse tone she began begging me to cease my efforts.

            “Oh s-stop!” she wailed in a whisper. “I can’t t-take it anymore!”

            “As you desire,” I answered with cruel tenderness.

            Allowing me just enough time to stand before stripping me with anxious and trembling hands Vivian soon had me as naked as she was.  Bending my head down I kissed her tenderly and despite where my mouth had just been she greedily devoured my kiss.  Her small body was pressed tightly against mine, the excitement of the feeling of flesh-against-flesh exalted throughout the both of us. 

            “Take me now,” she moaned sweetly.

            Turning around and placing her hands against the side of the house Vivian thrust out her heart shaped ass into my crotch.  I let out a grunt of pleasure as her bottom made contact with my firm cock.  Parting her legs wide she invited me onward to plumb the depths of her sodden and excited cunt. 

            “Easy,” she whimpered when my shaft’s tip pressed against the opening of her pussy.

            “I promise to be gentle,” I muttered thickly.

            She was a snug fit, the muscles of her inner self gripping me tightly and making my breath to hotly be expelled from my gaping mouth.  Easing myself with great care I soon found myself butted up to her hymen, the sacred seal that seemed to deny my full entrance into her pussy. 

            “Do it!” she cried. “Make a true woman out of me.”

            I slid partially out of her warm wet orifice and readied myself to thrust into her and break through to her inner depths.  A quick, powerful jerk of my hips sent my cock into her shattering her hymen and filling her up until my loins were firmly pressing against her soft ass.

            “Oh-God!” she sobbed out.  Vivian’s voice was tainted with both extreme ecstasy and minor discomfort.  I held very still allowing her time to adjust to the feeling of my member and wait for the slight pain to dissipate. 

            “Viv you’re so-tight,” I groaned.

            “D-don’t stop I want to feel everything!”

            Leisurely strokes of my hips began to slither my shaft in and out of her snug cunt, I hoped all the while that I wasn’t hurting her.  A minute went by with Viv finally pushing back with her gorgeous rear until our pace was more frantic and faster than I expected it to be.

            “Oh yes!  Fuck me Brandon!” she wailed without caring who heard her.  Her hips went wild and her gyrations drove me to glorious distraction until we were both sobbing with orgasmic need.  I grabbed her slender hips and began plowing into her recklessly.

            “Y-yes! Oh yes!  F-finally!” she happily wept in a joyful cry.

            It didn’t take long due to my pace until this beautiful woman began hoarsely shouting in the throes of an unexpectedly quick climax.  Her bottom rotated deliciously and began wringing and tugging my own orgasm towards fulfillment.

            “S-shit!” I groaned just before a powerful climax roared through me.  Arc after hot arc spewed from my cock filling Vivian’s pussy and quickly overflowing onto my pubic hair and underside of her bottom.

            Staggering away from her clutching cunt I managed two or three steps before falling to my butt on the grass.  I watched as trembling waves from her orgasmic aftershocks made her ass shudder and jiggle.  Despite my recent ejaculation my cock twitched anxiously for another hot and erotic session within her cleft.

            “I love you, do you understand that Brandon.  Do you think you can ever return that feeling for me?” Vivian stated as she turned around to face me.  Her beautiful smile and dancing eyes dissolved the last vestiges of that long clung to emotion I possessed for her sister.  This was the woman I truly desired, honest and frank with how she felt.  Her love for me shone in a glow all about her body as if her soul was exposed and filling the night with it’s light. 
            I’ve been a fool! I told myself.  Chasing the unattainable while a wonderful and caring woman was waiting for me to see the light.  I’ve been a blind as her sister.

            “I never realized how beautiful you were until tonight Viv,” I replied.  “I think I’d like to give myself the chance to explore how I’m feeling about you right now.  I can’t promise you anything right now, but let’s see where this takes us, okay?”

            “That’s more than I ever expected,” she said as she sat down beside me.  “You wanna go in the house and talk?”


            “Well eventually we’ll talk, but for right now I’d like a little more of what I just had.”

            “It would be my-no our-pleasure Vivian.”

            As we gathered up our clothing she let out a giggle that made me grin.  Walking to the door I asked her, “What was so funny?”

            “Daddy always wondered when you’d give up on Mandy,” she replied.

            “I thought he didn’t like me,” I offered up.

            “He does, but he was sick of watching you moon over his oldest daughter.  Especially since he knows how I feel about you.  He said he doubted that I’d ever break my sister’s hold on you.”

            “But you’ve taken drastic steps to see that it happened.”

            “You don’t love her anymore.”

            “I’m beginning to think it was all a stupid fantasy, she’s really not what I want in a girlfriend.”

            “And I am?”
            “I hope so,” I smiled at her.  “You’ve gotten off to a pretty good start, if you ask me.”

            Her laughter, sweet and true, warmed my long neglected heart as we went inside to continue the desperate exploration of each other’s bodies and hearts.


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