Blind Date

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The following story contains graphic language and adult situations if you are under the age of 18 LEAVE NOW!

Blind Date

     Its 1983, New Wave music is clashing with Punk, which is doing battle with Corporate Arena Rock.  Disco is officially dead and the party doesn’t seem it’ll ever stop.     

     An old friend calls me up saying she’d like to hook me up with someone.  Jeanette and I parted ways a few months ago; it wasn’t a serious relationship that’s why we were still speaking.  When she offers up this blind date, I wasn’t crazy about it.  In a way, I was hoping to get back with her.  She was a wild thing, up for anything, be it sex, drugs, or rock ‘n roll.  But instead, Jeanette goes on about this girl I ought to take out.

     “No seriously, Chuck,” she insists over the phone brushing aside my attempts to get together.  “You’ll like Carla.  She’s cute, funny, and you’ll have a good time.”

     “If you tell me she’s got a great personality, I’m going to assume she’s fat,” I reply in a moderately disgusted tone.

     “Well she’s a little plump, but I wouldn’t call her fat.”

I groan.  This is the same line my mother used on me to get me to take out a friend’s daughter.  The chick turned out to be pushing two hundred and no fun whatsoever. 

     “I dunno,” I respond back.  “You’re going to have to introduce me to her first.”

     “Fine,” she says in a snippy tone.  “Meet me in the parking lot of McDonald’s in a half-hour.”

I hang up and wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

      I hop in my car (actually it’s my Mom’s 1974 Vega wagon, shit brown where the rust doesn’t take over).  It’s old, smells like old corn chips, and sports the sex appeal just a smidgen above walking.  But hey, it’s all I’ve got.  So the dark russet sex-killing machine and I arrive at where I work in twenty minutes.  I spot Jeanette in the back of the lot in her daddy’s white Cutlass Supreme SS.

     We both get out, and I can tell she’s still ticked off.  She stomps over and thrusts a small photo into my hand.

     “You know,” she starts off, “I’m pissed you don’t trust my judgement, Chuck.”

    “Okay I’m sorry,” I answer, “but it’s more that line than the person who spoke it.  Truce?”


     I look at the picture in my hand.  The smiling face of a brunette grins up at me.  I can see by her shoulder’s width she’s not going to waltz down the runway as one of those thin supermodels anytime soon.  But she’s cute, on the verge of being pretty.  The sweater puppies, thrusting against her blouse, caught my eye and piqued my interest.

    “Okay, I’ll take her out,” I tell Jeanette.  “I should’ve trusted you.  I didn’t mean to give you so much grief about it.”

     “Hmph,” my ex grunts.  “I’ll call you back when I set it up with Carla.”

     “She doesn’t know about this?”

     “Yes and no, and we had to keep it quiet.  She wants to meet you, but Carla’s mom doesn’t trust my taste in men.”


     “Serious as a heart attack.  She thinks I’m a bad influence on her nice Catholic daughter.  They’re strict, very religious, and have no sense of humor.”

     “Oh boy…”

     “I’ll call ya,” Jeanette grins as she walks back to her car.

     Two days, and a phone call later, I’m pulling into McDonald’s parking lot once more for my date with Carla.  It’s Friday and I’m dressed in black slacks, a crème polo shirt with the collar flipped up.  I even tried washing my mom’s neutered Vega, but it still lacked any form of sportiness. 

     I spot Jeanette’s car and pull up beside it.  Out of the passenger’s side comes Carla.  She’s dressed in a knee length brown skirt, a frilly blouse, and sensible low heels.  I spy a gold crucifix hanging between her mountainous breasts.  Yeah, she’s a bit chubby.  But she’s even prettier in person than her photo led me to believe.  I see a pair of well-rounded hips and nice legs as I pop open the driver’s side door.  I introduce myself and walk her to the other side of my car.  I tried hard not to stare at the plump backside she possessed.  It rolled seductively beneath her skirt.  Nun, hooker, virgin or slut there’s something about the sway of a woman’s ass that no man can deny.

    I open the door for her.  She even smelled good, not cheap perfume but something both classy but moderately expensive.  It showed she has good taste.

     “A gentleman?” she giggles shyly.  Lord even her voice was cute.

     “Always,” I retort. “Where’d you like to go for dinner?”

     “Alberini’s?” she suggests hesitantly.

     “Sounds great!”

     Dinner goes well, we’ve got a lot in common.  Her taste in music, food, and sports is the same as my own. Carla turns out to be quite captivating and I enjoy getting to know her.  She eats daintily, a slow manner, which makes me even more interested in her.  I watch, she seems to make love to her Pasta Alfredo.  She catches me looking and turns red with embarrassment.

     “What are you staring at?” she utters from behind a hand which had strayed to cover her full lips.

    “Ah, nothing,” I lied.


     The theater wasn’t packed since the film wasn’t very good, but she wanted to go see it.  I wasn’t about to argue, I was trying to make good impression with this interesting girl.  After getting popcorn and a pair of Cokes we entered the semi-dark room.

     “Can we sit at the top?” Carla asked.

     “If you prefer it sure,” I replied.

    I let her go up the steps first, not just because I was being a gentleman, but it also afforded me a great view of that swaying butt of hers.  We discovered the top three rows were empty and she took a seat in the back of the right side.  I balanced the popcorn on my knee after she told me she was worried about getting her dress smeared from the buttery bottom of the bag.  We chatted aimlessly about this and that until the movie started. 

     It was halfway through the movie that’s when It happened.  Something fell into my lap, at first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.  But I glanced down and sure enough, Carla’s left hand was residing there.  She was patting my crotch very gently, touching it tentatively.  At first, I thought she had just missed the bag of popcorn, but as I looked over she was staring at my crotch. 

     “Um, Carla…what are you doing?” I asked stupidly as my face turned red.

     “I always wanted to do this to a guy in a theater, you don’t care do you?” she replied sweetly as the bulge in my pants grew.

     “We might get caught…”

     “No we won’t, there isn’t anyone looking this way.  Be quiet and just enjoy it, it’s a fantasy of mine.  I find you sexy and you’ve been such a gentleman.  Surely you won’t deny a lady something she wants?”

How could I refuse?

     I felt her undo my belt and tug at the snap holding my pants together.  Her hand was warm as it moved aside the material of my trousers and caressed my thickening cock.  She pulled it out tenderly as my breath caught in my throat.  It stood at attention in her small hand.  Looking like some dutiful solider awaiting a general’s inspection.  I managed to move the bag of popcorn in front of her fist as she began to stroke me slow and steady. 

     The atmosphere in the place went from stark reality to a hazy surrealism as her soft fingers played across the length of my shaft.  Her palm was soft and warm and my legs spread involuntarily as my breath became hot and heavy.  I slid back in my seat as far as I was able as Carla continued to jerk me off.  Minutes passed until I could hold back no longer.  My legs convulsed and my head fell back in a silent scream as I covered her hand, and the top layer of popcorn, with my sudden, mind-blowing ejaculation. 

     “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” she whispered with a laugh as I used a napkin to mop up the twitching end of my cock.

     “Actually it was pretty great,” I croaked breathlessly.

    “I’ll be back, I need to wash my hands.  I’ll throw the popcorn away while I’m at it.”

    As I watched her pass by and head down the steps I was amazed at her lady-like attitude towards the whole bewildering thing.  I managed to stuff myself back into my pants, zip up, and get the rest of my attire back to its original condition.

     We got back into the car and I was still astonished by her actions.  She, on the other hand, seemed not to mind.  I opened the car door for her and circled around to my side.  As I started the car she looked over at me and smiled.

     “I loved doing that, are you feeling better?” she asked with a wink.  “You looked a bit tense, I thought I might be able to help.  Plus I got to act out a fantasy, it was a win-win situation.”

     “I feel great, thanks,” I laughed in a chagrined tone.  “I didn’t take you for that kind of girl.”

     “Really?  I’ve always been pretty daring.  I guess it’s because of my folks are so strict.”

     “You’re a naughty girl, Carla.”

     “Maybe I need spanked?” she said suggestively.

     “Another fantasy of yours?”

     “Oh yes…feel up to it?”

     Her question landed like a verbal bombshell striking me both as funny and challenging.  I grinned at my date, pulled out of the parking lot, and headed towards a city park I knew to be very isolated and nicely quiet. 

     The place was as silent as the grave and empty of anyone else but us.  I looked over at Carla who smiled in a very naughty manner as I steered the Vega into the park.  I turned into a nearby lot and eased the dark vehicle in the deepest shadows I could find.  For once, I was glad my mom’s car was both small and chocolate brown.

     “So what’s next?” she said with as she chewed on a fingernail.  Her little miss innocent act was firing up my libido.

     “A moonlight walk?” I suggested.

     “How romantic.”

     I got out of the Vega and opened her door.  She stepped out and promptly ran into the darkness. 

     “Hey wait!” I yelled.

     I started running after her.  It wasn’t much of a race, she was slower than I was and I soon grabbed her upper arm as we got to the swing sets.  She was giggling hysterically as she tried to pull away from me.  A playful slap hit me in the side of the face as we struggled.  She kicked me in the shin and that was finally enough of this bullshit.  Act or no act, I needed to teach her a lesson.  One that I was sure she greatly desired.

    “Now you’ve done it!” I snarled as a dragged her over to the bottom of the sliding board.  She fought wildly as I sat down on it and pulled her across my knee.  I hooked my right leg over her left and between her right.  I put my hand into the middle of her back pinning her in place.

     “Don’t spank me!” she wailed in false fear.  “I didn’t mean it!”

     “Yes you did,” I said rising to my new role.  I began gathering up her skirt and she let out a yelp as it crossed the very bottom of the large swell of her ass.  Her body went into violent convulsions as she bucked against my legs.

     “Carla,” I warned her.  “You’re only going to make this take longer.  Be a good girl and behave!”


     “Have it your way, but I’m going to tan your ass red!”

     “You wouldn’t dare!” she hissed angrily.

     “Oh yes I would.”

I hiked the skirt past her waist and gazed onto the white flesh I had exposed.

     Her behind was everything I suspected it would be.  Large globes of pristine flesh, firm and smooth greeted me around and through white, virginal panties.  As she struggled, her ass jiggled and wobbled deliciously making my mouth water with anticipation.  I put a hand on her bouncing behind and felt the heat radiating off of them as her true emotions warmed her skin.

      “Such a shame to have to spank this nice ass of yours,” I breathed out with admiration.

     “Jeanette said you were a bad boy,” Carla whined still playing her role of innocence.

     “Well it’s all your fault.  Jerking me off in the theater like some hooker, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

     She began laughing, and her mirth made her rear dance even more tantalizingly.  I pulled her panties down, as she wiggled her hips to aid me.  When her bottom was bared I had to take a second to truly delight in what she possessed. 

      “Nice,” I muttered and her laughter grew merrier. 

     I raised my right hand struck her on the left cheek without warning.  Her rear bounced causing shock waves to ripple across her flesh.  As it settled her skin immediately turned scarlet in the shape of my hand.  I heard her gasp out and I bought my hand down for another blow on the opposite cheek.  Her groan made me begin to grow hard and I let fly hitting her behind in no particular rhythm, alternating my pace.  I chose to randomly thrash her undulating butt in my choice of both delicious shivering targets.  Soon she was still so I could get a good swat in.  I took my time in aiming, and the entire surface of each waggling globe was soon covered with overlapping handprints of various shades of red.  I heard her breathe each time the echo of my spanking faded.  Her breasts heaved up and down upon my lap as she sucked in ragged gulps of air between blows.  She spread her legs farther apart and I began to aim my burning palm between the spread crevice she had created.  I saw the puckered opening of her anus, the pouting and glistening lips of her pussy below it.  I gladly witnessed each shiver and quake as I struck her repeatedly. 

      “Yes,” she sobbed as she looked over her shoulder into my eyes.  Her face was twisted in a grimace of stinging pain and hot pleasure.  A few more impacts and she caught her lower lip in the grip of her perfect white teeth.  I watched her face turned red as she reacted sensually to the hard slaps. 

     “I’m bad…punish me, Chuck!”

     “As you wish,” I simply answered.

     I pounded her flesh as my cock became incredibly hard and trapped in the twisted confines of my briefs.  I was amazed at how turned on I was.  I had never felt such an exciting rush of delight like this before in my life.  It had never occurred to me that I might like spanking a woman’s bottom.  I looked back at her ass now covered with near white welts that glowed in the faint light beyond the playground. 

     After a particular brutal blow she fell off my lap cradling her burning cheeks with both trembling hands.  Carla looked up at me, tears trickling down her beautiful face.  She had drawn a bit of blood from biting her lower lip. 

     She crawled towards me.  Her white panties, which were gathered around her ankles, became gritty from scraping across the sand at the bottom of the slide.  Without a word she pulled down my zipper and yanked my thick shaft from its prison. 

     She devoured me in one gulp, taking it deep into the far reaches of her throat.  I fell back onto the slippery surface behind me as she licked from tip to base, swirling her pink tongue around the hard knots of my testicles only to drag it all the way back up to my cock’s bulbous head.  She took a firm grip with one hand and slid the other past her slick thighs and into the hot, wet folds of her cunt.  She rubbed herself harshly, in perfect time with her suckling of my sturdy rod.  I could smell the sweltering musk of her sodden slit.  Carla’s fist began to tug up and down on my member as she toyed with her bud.  My orgasm came in a rush causing me to shout loudly and dump hot, ropy streams into my date’s mouth.  I whined as I realized she was swallowing it all and continuing to furiously thrust her fingers across her clit and into her cleft.  Her groan of pleasure vibrated the tenderized head of my shaft causing me to bang my head against the hard, metal surface I was lying upon.  Her climatic yell shattered the silence but quickly faded as she released her hold on my twitching cock and fell back onto her haunches. 

      I looked at Carla, and she at me.  Suddenly we both burst into raucous laughter that went on for some time.  She finally stood up, gifting me with a brief glance at her saturated, unsated pussy.  The hot color of her labia seemed to beckon me to rise once more and plunge into her depths.  She must have read my mind and shook her head no.  I pulled myself together and got up. 

      “I think I better get back home, it’s late,” she regretfully announced. 

     “Can I see you again?” I asked.

     “You aren’t getting away from me, Chuck.  Jeanette was stupid to dump you.  But we have to take it slow because of my parents.  They’d freak if they knew how dirty their little girl was and the things I want to do to you.  I don’t want to mess this up.  They’d forbid me to see you and threaten to yank away my college fund.  You know what I mean?”

     “We’ll play it your way,” I agreed.

     “Don’t worry.  There’ll be other nights like this,” she promised with a sultry smile.  “But right now I need to get to a bathroom and clean up or Mom’ll know something’s wrong.”

     “Do I take you home?”

     “No, Jeanette’s giving me a ride home.  We gotta meet up at McDonald’s in an hour.”

      I took her back to the car and drove her to my place of work.  She got out and went in to use the ladies’ room.

     We took it slow, like she said, but the fun had only begun.  From dark back alleys, to church confessionals, to my parent’s garage, and (of course) our favorite playground.  When I wasn’t tanning her ass, she was sucking my cock, or I was eating her out.  She insisted on keeping her virginity, and thus the anal exploration of her body commenced earnestly and enthusiastically. 

     It took a few months, but we ended up convincing her parents I was an okay guy.  I’ve been married to Carla for twenty-two years now and the only thing that’s changed is…we’re older and more daring.

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