Glory Hole

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a work of erotic fiction containing adult language and sexual situations.  If you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!

Glory Hole

     I wasn’t so sure about it, but she kept insisting I needed to try it.  Gloria is a bit of a freak and her appetite for strange and unusual sex didn’t seem to have a limit.  The club she had taken me to in the downtown section of the city boasted the claim of wild times that you wouldn’t soon forget.  So far, it was more of an orgy of the most bizarre people you wouldn’t want to meet.

     “Come on Bob,” she pleaded with me.  “I really want to try this.  It’ll be fun!”

    “How are you so sure you’ll get me?” I asked.  “You’re only going to see the cock, have you got mine memorized?”

She giggled like a deranged succubus and I should’ve known the answer to that before I asked.  She had been such a nymphomaniac since our first date, how could she not recognize my member?

    “Look, just get in line and then we’ll see,” Gloria giggled.  “Besides if I’m not the one, what difference does it make?”

     Um a lot? I told myself nervously.  What if it’s some gay guy on the other side of the glory hole?  I really don’t want to experience that quite frankly!

     “Bob don’t be such a prude, they only let women back there,” she said as if she had heard my thoughts.  “The gay bar is down the street so don’t worry about it.”

     “Fine… but you owe me one.”

    Gloria, all five foot, ten inches of red-hot woman, snatched up my wrist and dragged me over to the line of guys in the back.  Each one seemed to be a bit nervous so I felt a little better about the whole thing.

    “See you soon!” she smirked and kissed me deeply. 

The line moved slowly forward.


    “Hey buddy,” the big bouncer said interrupting my thoughts. “You’re next!”

    “Okay,” I murmured and walked into the long tiled room. 

    It was like a bathroom filled with urinal stalls, however the dividers went from floor to ceiling in keeping with the Man’s Code.  I didn’t want to see any other dude get his rocks off, and I sure didn’t want to share my pleasure. 

     I stepped up to the first vacant opening and waited for the show to start.  I cocked my head in wonder when I saw the circular hole at waist level and way above it a pair of stainless steel “u” shaped handles. 

      What the fuck are those for? I asked myself in a bewildered tone.

     Looking back down, I spotted a finger that was thrust through the hole and curled as it beckoned me to stick my cock into it.  With a nervous lick of my lips I got out my shaft and pushed it inside as it retreated from view.  The hole was cold and I let out a gasp as it ran across my foreskin. 

     “Mmmm,” I heard a muffled voice come from the other side of the wall.  I shifted on my feet as a wet tip of someone’s (hopefully Gloria’s) tongue touched the end of my organ.  My anxious member was quickly encompassed with a hot, moist mouth without warning.  The unknown orifice pulled and tugged at my semi-erect cock until I became firmer and more aroused.  My breath grew harsh and ragged as the tongue caressed the underside of my shaft, teased the tip, and swirled around the head.  Soft lips were pressed against the base of me as the groans from the other side reverberated through my erection, up my spine, and into my suddenly dazed brain.  I felt her amazing amount of saliva roll off my cock as it dripped from her a slick lubricant. 

     Damn that has to be Gloria! I whimpered to myself.  I’d recognize that technique anywhere! She gives such wet blowjobs I have to change my sheets!

    The lips hugged against my girth tightly and began to cross my length with urgent abandon as my testicles knotted up in preparation to fill her mouth with my seed.  I sobbed out in ecstasy as the creature behind the wall pumped my cock in and out of her mouth and hummed loudly.  My hips shuddered, my eyes rolled back, and my knees went weak.  I heard the guy beside me shout loudly as he filled some other woman’s mouth with cum. 

     The satiny orifice suckled me harder and more urgently as my hips began to move of their own accord.  My hands fell against the wall and gripped the handles placed in front of me to keep me from falling down.  I realized dully why they were there in the first place.

     Oh shit… this is fantastic! I stuttered to myself as my balls clenched a final time.  I shoved my loins against the wall and buried myself as far as I could into that sucking mouth.  I felt myself hit the back of Gloria’s throat and her full lips sealed around my shaft summoning forth a boiling and staggering amount of semen that shot from the end.  I could feel her swallowing rapidly as she struggled to empty her mouth from the ball-draining orgasm I was having.  Each flex of her gullet made me dump more and more cum into her greedy throat.

     “Oh shit! Oh shit!  Oh s-s-shit!” I cried out in pleasure as each slowly jerk of my subsiding organ expelled a little less cum into Gloria’s mouth.  The woman teased me by keeping my overly sensitive cock-head in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it until I begged for release.

     I was finished, almost literally.  I moved away from the hole and tucked my spent shaft back into my khakis.  Stumbling on nerveless legs I made my way out to the other side and waited for Gloria to meet up with me.


      “Hey babe!” a familiar voice shouted about sixty seconds after I got back into the crowded club.  I turned to look to see my extremely hot and horny girlfriend elbowing her way through the crowd sideways.

    “Hiya sexy,” I grinned as she gave me a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. 

    “Well?  What did you think?!”

    “It was incredible, I loved it!”

    “See?  I knew you would!  I’m only sorry I got that cell phone call,” she pouted seductively.  “I didn’t make it into the back to service you.”

     Oh well, no big deal, I told myself.  I got my jollies, so who cares.

    “But hey!” she laughed as she pulled someone through the mob.  “Look who I found here!”

     “Hey little bro, what’s up?” my older sister said as she grinned drunkenly.

    Oh shit no! I exclaimed to myself.

    “Guess where she’s just been?” Gloria giggled as Laura joined in and wiped at her mouth suggestively.

   “I really don’t want to know,” I replied as a cold shiver of dread went up my spine. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE TWO:  If you liked this story you might enjoy my published works at or  What do you have to lose, besides a sleepless night or two? LOL

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