Does a Body Good.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The following is a work of erotic fiction with adult language and sexual situations.  If you are under the age of eighteen PLEASE LEAVE NOW!

Does a Body Good

     Stephanie sat on the edge of the chair in front of me, her swollen and blue vein covered bosom bare and leaking.  She gave birth to our daughter only three weeks ago, but Pamela is allergic to her milk.  She complained about her full jugs, and the sight of her using a breast pump made me hard enough to knock down doors.  So I’ve volunteered for the job happily ever since then.  She could let them dry up, but where would be the fun in that?

     “Hurry Phillip,” she whines with a pout as she shivers topless in the cool air-conditioning.  “They’re so sore!”

    “Shhh,” I hush her as I reach around and apply the cold nozzle against her right tit.  I begin to squeeze the bulb beneath it, and trickles of mother’s milk spurts out into the plastic container.  My breath whooshes past her left cheek as I watch as I drain my wife’s bosom.

     “Oh look at it!” I exclaim excitedly as she leans her head back onto my shoulder.  “Oh god I love doing this!”

      I moan against her neck as I observe the firmness of her chest, the quick jet of milk shooting out of her nipple, and the noisy trickle as it runs into the bottle.

     I switch sides.  I watch as her areolas, red and swollen, release spurts of the creamy goodness hidden within each large tit.  I grip her breast and make sure I have gotten it all.  She sobs out from the relief after she’s filled up the container.

     “T-thank you,” she stammers freed from the straining fullness that I have removed from her. She sighs and leans back forward, content from the reprieve of the soreness.  With a giggle she shudders with delight as she wiggles against my raging hard-on. My shaft is screaming out in need but my thirst must be quenched first.

     I stand up with a sob and unscrew the cap off with trembling fingers.  My hands are shaking as I press it to my lips.  It goes down smooth, warm, and creamy and I savor every drop that passes across my tongue.  I drink it unhurriedly.  I feel my pants being yanked down and Stephanie begins to milk me, with quick jerks of her soft hand.  I almost drop the bottle on the floor.

       She tips it to her lips, drinks me down, and smiles.

     “Does a body good,” she snickers as I join in her laughter.

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