Good Reading

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a work of erotica with sexual situations and adult language.  If you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!

Good Reading

     I was bored.  This isn’t an unusual thing so I did what I always do when this dull feeling comes over me, I went to my favorite bookstore to browse the latest titles.   My favorite place was a dinosaur of a shop, not one of the larger corporate businesses that littered the landscape of America, it was just a corner bookstore.  I hadn’t been there in a while so I was really looking forward to visiting it. 

     I pulled into the parking lot and got out of my car.  The weather was turning a bit foul and a storm was coming.   As I walked along the sidewalk, the rains began and I just made it inside before becoming soaking wet as the hazy gray curtain of the thunderstorm came pouring down. 

    I glanced around as I entered it via the side entrance.  The counter ran from the opposite side of the doorway and nearly half the length of the long, narrow building.  The smells of cigar and pipe tobacco filtered into my nose as well as the scent of old paperbacks and fresh magazines.  Behind the counter, reading a ladies’ monthly publication, was a middle-aged woman I hadn’t seen in a while.  I searched my memory in vain, but couldn’t come up with her name. 

     She was about five-four with dark auburn hair and half-moon glasses perched on a pert little nose.  Her face, mature and beautiful, was dotted with freckles and framed perfectly by the cascading tresses that fell to about shoulder length.  I noticed a glittery chain that ran from behind each ear and circled around the back of her slender neck to reappear and connect with the back of the stem of the frames on the other side.  I couldn’t see more than from waist up, since the counter was in the way.  But her patterned print blouse seemed to house a nice pair of breasts that rose and fell in a rhythmic manner. 

     “Hello,” she said looking up from her magazine.  Her eyes were blue and crystal clear as I remembered them being and seemed to dance with unknown merriment.

    “Hi,” I responded and went back to the paperback section trying to behave. 

    I perused the pulp fiction books and couldn’t seem to find anything I was interested in.  The usual titles by the typical authors didn’t seem to call out to me to make a purchase.  I was a bit bored since I had recently read the last of the Conan series by Robert E. Howard and was hoping for something else in the same vein.  But nothing presented itself to me, and I grew a bit sullen as the thunder boomed and the heavy showers continued outside. 

     Growing more bored and bolder, I looked up at the cashier who was engrossed in her reading.  I eased stealthily into the adult section that mostly contained erotic soft cover works.  The really hardcore stuff was up a small, steep flight of stairs on the right hand side that led to a balcony which ran the width of the store. 

     I had a copy of an Erica Jong book in my hands and was flipping through the pages, my heart pounding and my breath coming hot and rapid.  I’m pretty sure the novel was called “The Fear of Flying” or something like that.

      “Looking for anything in particular?” her voice came from behind me.  I jumped out of my skin and tried to stuff the copy of erotica back onto the shelf.  I felt my cheeks redden and become hot as I felt like quite the naughty little boy caught sneaking a peek at a Playboy only to be caught by the shop’s manager.

     “I’m… er… just looking,” I stammered as she stifled a smug grin. 

    “That is some good reading,” she replied as she picked it up and replaced it right side up.  “I couldn’t put it down once I started it.”

    “You read that?”

    “Yeah, it gets boring here since they put in the big bookstore down by the mall.  Our customers seem to like to go there instead of coming here.”

    “That’s a shame,” I remarked, “I’ve always loved this place.  Those big retail shops don’t seem very friendly and I can never find what I want.”

     “Thank you for saying so.  Well I can vouch for that novel,” she grinned winningly.  “I think you’ll learn a lot from it.”

     “Ah… okay.”

     I watched as she left.  Her ample bottom moved underneath the plaid skirt she wore and swayed in a provocative manner that made my mouth go dry.  She was a bit heavier in the waist than I would’ve first guessed.  But I wasn’t turned off by it at all.  In fact, I felt myself begin to rise to the siren’s call of her rolling backside.  She didn’t look back, but took up her position once more behind the counter.  I tried to calm down and figure out why I suddenly thought of her in such a manner.  I had never considered her sexual side before, perhaps it was the thought she had read, and enjoyed, erotica.

     “What the hell,” I muttered to myself and snatched the book back up and strolled towards her.

     “Good choice,” she smiled sweetly.  “Let me ring you up.”

     Boy how I’d wish you would, I thought to myself as her dainty long fingers danced on the keys of the ancient cash register.  Boredom was gone, to be replaced by a hot dry feeling coursing through me.

     “That’ll be seven dollars and twenty-six cents.”

     I handed her a ten and watched and she plucked it out of my grip with the quick wink.  She made change and started to hand the two bucks and odd coins back to me.  As she moved back to her perch, the magazine she was reading was knocked aside by her sweeping arm and the colorful pages fluttered to the ground in front of me.  

    “Oops!” she gasped in an odd tone.

   “I’ll get that for you,” I offered politely.

   “No! That’ll be okay!  J-just leave it there!”

But as I bent down and picked it up a copy of Hustler fell out.  It had been tucked neatly into the pages of the woman’s magazine that had landed near my feet.  It fell open to a hot scene between a man and a woman in the throes of obvious ecstasy.  I was instantly and increasingly aroused for the second time since entering the bookstore.

    “Uh..,” I stuttered stupidly as I drank in the photos. 

    “Oh dear,” she wailed and covered her face with her hands.  I watched with fascination as her peaches-and-cream complexion became ruddy and scarlet as I discovered the true material she was scanning.

    “Please don’t tell anyone!” she begged as she rushed around the counter in a frantic haste to cover up her sin.  I opened my mouth to let her know it would be our little secret when a huge crash of thunder occurred outside and the small, narrow shop was plunged into darkness.  She ran into me headlong and we both toppled to the floor in an ignoble mass of thrashing legs and flailing arms.

     I could feel the bounty of her bosom pressing into my chest as she struggled to rise from the floor.  Her hips ground against mine as I tried to assist her in standing, but all we wound up doing is smashing and clutching one another until it was apparent I was enjoying it.   My hands landed on her full hips and felt the warmth of her skin, I couldn’t help it and my manhood swelled from the contact.

     “Is that what I think it is, you dirty little boy?” she husked out with a knowing grin.

    “I’m sorry!” I blurted out with my face turning hot and red.

    “Well I’m not…”

     Her mouth covered mine and I was pleased to feel her tongue press past my lips and swirl against mine.  I returned the kiss with equal fervor and soon she was moaning and wiggling quite nicely against me.  Her chest rolled on mine and our legs became intertwined as she thrashed on top of me. 

     “Let’s give that poor little solider some air,” she breathed hotly. 

     “Yes,” I groaned as she slid down the length of my body only stopping at my waist.  

    I let out a small cry as she undid my belt and unsnapped my pants.  My zipper was bypassed with a swiftness that I was amazed at.  Eventually her hand plunged into my tight, twisted briefs as she took a firm grip upon my rampant cock.  Her palm was soft against the hardness of my erection and her fingers danced along the shaft making me sob out quietly once again.

     “Hmmm,” the clerk mumbled as the first wet, warm contact of her full lips caressed my member and made my hips bounce off the floor.  She covered me with sloppy kisses, long luxurious licks, and quick jabs of her experienced tongue.  My body grew hot and my pulse raced with excitement as she devoured me completely.

     I was treated, perhaps even tormented, by her mouth until she could wait no longer.  Easing up off the floor she gathered the front hem of her skirt up and tucked it neatly into the waist.  I saw the large white shape of the granny panties she wore and my lips began to quiver as she pulled them aside and moved forward.   I was greeting by the sight of her swollen sex, gleaming with her own desire as she moved forward.

    She straddled my face, her knees on either side of my head, and gently lowered her steaming, sweltering pussy onto my lips.  The first taste was salty, musky, and humid as I caressed the folds of her labia and nuzzled at the erect clitoris that strained out from its hooded hiding place. 

     “Aaahh,” she gasped as I dined upon her.  Her hips wiggled and I took a double hold of her jiggling ass and felt it shake and shimmy deliciously in my hands. 

     For minutes the only sounds I could hear where the sloppy noises of my lips and tongue and her quiet appreciative groans of ecstasy. 

     “Enough,” she croaked in a voice laden with burning desire.  I witnessed her moving back down my body and took another grip upon my cock.  She aimed it at the sweltering opening and bit her lip seductively as she lowered herself onto it.

    “Oh… god!” I blurted out as the purpled head penetrated into steamy recesses of her clutching cunt.  Slow and easy she buried my member to its hilt inside her.  I felt the warm globes of her ass press against my upper thighs and she began to leisurely rise and fall, impaling herself as she savored the piercing of her pussy. 

     She leaned forward and locked our mouths into another passionate and deep kiss that seemed to heat the very core of my soul.  Our tongues danced once more and mingled the flavors of our mutual oral activities into a singular and unique taste.  We drank of one another as her hips rose and fell at a more rapid pace. 

    “My knees hurt,” she gasped as she broke the lip-lock unexpectedly.

    “I’m sorry,” I apologized as her lower body stilled keeping me immersed fully into her sweltering cleft. 

    She stood up and my cock was unexpectedly cold and wet as it landed against my shirt.  I got off the floor and followed her around the counter like puppy on a string.  She bent over it and thrust her plump ass, complete with a glistening and ready vagina, as I stepped up behind her to push my erection back into its folds. 

    “Oh…yes!” I cried out and leaned against her back.  I took a firm grip of each soft breasts and began to knead them carefully as she moaned and steamed the glass countertop.  My hips began to buck forcefully, driving my rampant organ into her as she wept in pure delight. 

    “More… more… yeah give it to me, baby!” she sobbed out as the sound of my flesh slapping against those wide and parted spheres echoed in the quiet, dark bookstore. 

     I felt a hand snake between her legs and I experienced the flashing of her fingers as they went too far past her slit and briefly touched my knotted balls.  Her words dissolved into meaningless sounds as she rubbed herself as I filled her cunt. 

     “Oh shit!” I bellowed as my orgasm arrived and I tried to pull out to her dismay.  I didn’t have a condom on and the terror of making her pregnant filled my mind.

    “L-leave it in,” she begged in sultry pleading voice. “I c-can’t have kids, it’ll be okay.”

I managed two or three more jerking bucks of my hips until I exploded hotly inside her.  Each spasm of my shaft made me weaker in the knees and I was barely aware of her coming to her own happy ending as she screamed out in pure, unadulterated pleasure. 

     We made love three more times before I could not go on anymore


     I lay on the floor behind the counter next to her.  She was smiling serenely as I fought to keep my eyes open.

   “Thank you,” she grinned as she patted my cheek.  “I really wanted to do that from the moment you came into the store.”

    “Next time just ask,” I slurred as my eyelids drooped and blackness stole the vision of her beautiful face.

    “Go to sleep.  I’ll watch over you.”


     I awoke stiff and sore on the cold floor of the bookstore.  I rubbed my eyes and stood up, the woman I had made love to was nowhere to be found.  I looked around and was astonished at the barren shelves, the dusty countertop, and the coldness of the building. 

    “Hello?” I called out, but nobody answered my question.  The echo of my query seemed to sound ominously throughout the empty building.

     Moving to the door, I found it unlocked much to my dismay.  What if someone had come in and found me on the floor?  I was more than a little pissed.  Where was the woman behind the counter?  Had she closed up and left me there?  If so, where had all the books, magazines, and other wares gone?  Where the hell was my copy of “The Fear of Flying”

     As I reached the parking lot and went to my car I heard two old-timers as they strolled across the still wet sidewalk.

     “Damn shame that store had to close,” the one stated off-handedly.

     “Yeah, I heard the woman who ran it died a few weeks later,” his friend mournfully agreed.

     “It’s been shut up for what, four months now?”


     I was stunned as the old codgers passed by not even noticing the bewildered young man standing there staring at them.  Questions filled my confused and addled brain.  Who had I made love to?  Was it a ghost or just my imagination? Was I having a psychotic episode?

     I got into my car and pondered the strange set of quirky circumstances until I noticed a plain brown bag on the passenger’s seat.  I picked it up and spilled out the contents, it was the book I purchased, adorned with a lipstick kiss on the cover.


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