A Feat of Feet

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following short story contains adult language and sexual situations.  If you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!

A Feat of Feet

     There’s a reason I’m in the shoe business, and it’s not hard to understand why.  I have a foot fetish, one that makes me happy in my chosen career.  I started here as just a salesman and quickly rose to the manager’s job after my former boss was transferred to another store in Cincinnati.  Everyday women come in and bare their gorgeous soles for me to touch and service as I slid high heels, boots, sneakers, and other devices onto them.  I have to suppress a shudder each time I see a naked foot.  I deliberately wear baggy pants so these unsuspecting females don’t catch sight of my erect cock as I help them in and out of their choices. 

     It’s Monday night, and I’m ready to close the store in just a few minutes when a plump woman around twenty-two comes in wearing a frown.  She is big in the bust, hips, and waist– not exactly a beauty queen.  She is pretty, on the verge of being quite lovely.  But I notice her well-rounded calves that move past the swish of the hem of her knee-length skirt.  And of course I spy her feet.  They are encased in a pair of black, low-heeled pumps and my body quivers with excitement as she saunters up to ask to try on a pair of stilettos.

     “They’re for my boyfriend,” she tells me in a quiet, solemn voice.  “I’ve never worn a five inch heel before and don’t want to make a mistake.  I wear a size seven, could you find me some?”

     “Sure, I’ll be happy to help you out,” I tell her as she takes a seat in front of the counter.  My mind is racing as she doffs her right shoe first, her feet are gorgeous, chubby, and well formed!  The swell of her heel, the arch of her inner sole, the unmarred skin, and the pretty little toes with deep red painted nails that are wiggling within the confines of her pantyhose make my breath come rapid and hot.  They look so soft and inviting I can hardly walk away casually.

     I go in the back to find a selection and to try to calm down.  I pull out red, blue, black, and a pair of zebra stripes shoes to slide onto her sexy feet.  Returning to take my place just outside of her encompassing her knees I open a box and take a hold of her warm ankle.  I choke down a gasp as I ease the black ones on and stand aside so she can walk around in them. She turns this way and that, admiring the look and feel of those naughty pumps.  She returns and sits back down much to my happiness; she doesn’t like them and that means more play-time for me.

     “I’d like to try on another pair,” she remarks innocently.

     “I’m here to help,” I answer with a winning smile.

    Onto those delightful soles go the red ones, I bit my lip since I know these are the ones she should buy.  The look incredibly sexy, the small straps that encircle her slender ankles and the open toes make my mouth dry.  My fingers twitch as I belt them on.  I can see her dancing, walking, and moving in these, my imagination running wild.  I want desperately to fondle, kiss, lick, and caress her feet as she takes them off after a long day’s work or night’s play. 

     “No, I don’t think so,” she says after strolling around the store making my briefs tight and uncomfortable.

     “The mall will be closing in two minutes,” the PA announcer exclaims.  “Thank you for shopping the Richmond Mall Complex.”

     “I should really go…,” she sighs reluctantly.

    “No stay, I’ll remain open so you won’t have to come back,” I nearly beg as she begins to stand up.

     “That’s very sweet of you.”

    “Let’s try on these deep blue ones, okay?”

    “Sure,” she nearly giggles.  “By the way, my name is Mary, Mary Taylor.”

    “Floyd Hopkins,” I introduce myself.

    “Nice to meet you, Floyd.”

    “You too, Mary.”

    I gently slid the deep cerulean hued high heels onto her and move aside so she can test-drive them.  The shoes aren’t as sexy as I think she deserves, but I keep my opinion to myself.

    “No… I want something… n-naughtier,” she admits with a deep blush.  I watch as her large bosom rises and falls from her stammered confession.

    “Well I have just the thing!” I smile as I pull out the zebra striped stilettos.

    “Oh my!”

    I put them on her, shuddering with pleasure as they slip on without hesitation as if they were made just for Mary.  She purses her lips as if she’s not sure.

    “Those look good on you!” I remark honestly as she finally walks around with a big smile.  “Your boyfriend will just love them.”

    She sits back down with a pout.  I hesitate to remove the shoes as I can sense her trying to make a choice.  Minutes crawl by and I wait patiently for her decision.

     “The mall is now closing, thank you and have a pleasant evening,” the PA voice interrupts her thought process.

     “Do you like them on me?” she asks naively.

    “Very much,” I answer with a smile.

    “Is that why you have such a big hard-on?”

     My mouth falls open and I try to formulate some sort of lie to mask the truth of my condition.  I end up looking like a fish out of water, as my jaws flap open and shut.

     “It’s okay,” she giggles with a hand going to her mouth.  “I know all about your problem.  My girlfriend Sandy was in her a few days ago and noticed the same thing.  She was disgusted by it, but I think it’s… interesting you have a thing about feet.”

    “W-what about your boyfriend?” I stammer stupidly.

    “I’m five foot, one and weigh a hundred and thirty pounds,” she remarks.  “Do you really think I have one?”

    “But you’re so pretty!” I exclaim with conviction.  “A-and you have the most perfect feet I’ve ever seen!”

    “How old are you Floyd?”


    “Do you like younger women?”

   “Sure, why?”

   “I’m only twenty-one.  But I think you’re cute and your fetish doesn’t bother me,” she admits with another arousing blush as her right foot presses into my steel hardened crotch.

    “Y-you shouldn’t do that…”

    “But I want to.  I wonder if I can make you mess your pants by just touching it.”

     “Please don’t!”

    “You’re right, I can’t send you home like that.  Take it out and let me run my feet all over it.  Then you won’t have an accident in your trousers.”

    “What if someone sees us?” I reply with my breath rasping out between my dry lips.

   “No one will notice, I want to take off these shoes and let you push it between my arches, would you like that?”

     “Y-you have no idea how much that would please me!”

    “Well then, it’s settled.  Just let me go in the back and remove my pantyhose.”

    She lets out another girlish peal of laughter and runs into the rear of the store.  My heart is racing and my blood is boiling as she takes her own sweet time.  The anticipation is driving me crazy until she returns with bare legs, and more importantly bare feet.

     “I’ll block out anyone who looks in.  Just take out your cock, I want to see it,” she commands me as she takes her seat.

    I oblige her and unzip my pants and fumble around until I tug out the raging hard-on I’ve been sporting since she came into my store. 

    “Ooh, it’s nice and big.  Play with it, I want to see you masturbate.”

I start stroking my shaft and staring at her dainty feet as she rubs them together. 

    “Floyd, you do that so well… are you thinking about my feet?”

    “Of course,” I husk as I shuffle my palm across my erection.  I try not to cum, but the sight her nude legs and feet make me sob out in need until she speaks again.

     “Stick it out here so I can touch it.”

    “Yes,” I gasp and almost shout for joy as her soft, warm soles curl around my aching cock.  I watch as the bulbous head of my organ appears and disappears between her feet.  She begins to coo and sigh as my arms fall to my sides and Mary runs her feet over the length of me.  I can feel her soft, satiny skin and begin to blubber in a stupid manner.  I whimper as I gaze at the dark crimson of her toenails.  I want to kiss them, lick them, and paint them different colors.

    “You really think I have beautiful feet?” she asks me.

    “Y-yes… oh god yes!” I whimper as she uses them to jerk me off delightfully. 

    “You’re a naughty boy, Floyd… maybe I should stop?”

    “No please don’t!  I d-do anything for you!”



    “I’d like to go out Friday night… interested in taking me?” she coos as my body begins to tremble from her recently pedicure kept feet’s activities.

    “Yes… that would be… l-lovely.”

    “I could do this after you take me to dinner and a movie… would you want that?”

    “God yes,” I whine as my testicles begin to contract and convulse as her warm soles run slowly down the fullness of my member. 

     “I don’t like sex, so this could be our thing.  I could run my feet over your hard cock and then diddle myself.  I absolutely love to masturbate… I think we could be grand together.  A perfect couple, don’t you think so?”

     “Y-y-yes!”  I was so close that I couldn’t hold back.

    “Are you going to cum on my feet Floyd?   Make them all sticky and nasty?”

    “C-can I?”

    “Sure, I want to see you cover my toes with your hot sperm,” she says teasingly as her feet move quicker along my shaft.  “Will you be a gentleman and clean me off afterwards?”

    “Anything you desire,” I blubber as my shaft thickens and turns even more scarlet.

    “Then do it,” the foot-goddess commands.  “Cum on my feet… tell me how much you love them!”

    “I do!  I love them!  They’re perfect!” I almost shout as my orgasm rushes forward.

    “What do you want to do to them?”

    “Cover t-them with my semen!” I wail as I release the floodgates on my climax.

     I watch in wide-eyed wonder as white ropes of my seed spurts out and falls onto her perfect skin.  It jets out and arcs onto her flesh, I have never had such a powerful orgasm before in my life.  Mary continues to pump her legs and I fall backwards as my deposit seeps between her dainty toes, covers her ankles, and spreads across the top of her feet.  One more violent squirt lands upon her right knee.  I buck my hips, pound my fists on the floor, and sob out uncontrollably as she smears them against my now very sensitive cock-head.

      “Such a dirty boy!  Look what you’re done to my feet!” she exclaims in false surprise as the red nailed objects are pulled away from my shuddering crotch.

      “I’m sorry…”

     “Clean me off at once!”

     Mary raises one leg and thrusts in towards my face.  Without shame or dignity I let her stuff them into my mouth.  I begin to lick off the salty, warm fluid I’ve splattered on her.  I run my tongue between each and every toe and clear away the mess I’ve made.  She cries out and I watch as she has sneaked a hand under her skirt to masturbate from my actions.  I’ve made amends to her right foot and have just started on her left when she thrusts her hips forward in a sudden jerking manner.

     “Oh yes!” she whines as she climaxes against her fingers.  “I’m cumming Floyd!  Oh god… yes!”

     I continue my actions until she pardons me with a shaky voice.

    “That’s a good boy, you’ve got all that gooey stuff off of me,” she giggles as her face begins to soften and return to its usual pallor.

     “I’ll p-pick you up at seven?” I inquire as she tells me her address.

    “That would be wonderful,” she agrees.  “By the way, I’ll take the red one since I could tell they were your favorites.  I’ll let you put them on me right now.”

    “I’m growing very fond of you, Mary,” I state honest and wearily, my body going all warm from the after-effects of my orgasm.

     “Good, because I’ve been wanting someone like you for a long time.”

     “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship,” I say mimicking Humphrey Bogart at the end of “Casablanca” as he walks off with Claude Rains.

      I can’t believe I’ve found the perfect woman for me.  Along with a perfect set of feet for me to cum on and clean off!

AUTHOR’S NOTE 2;  If you enjoyed this then by all means check out my published works at www.renebooks.com or www.darkroastpress.com

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