AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following short story contains adult language and sexual situations, if you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!


     I run a multi-billion dollar business and I’m as ruthless as they come.  My underlings have learned quickly not to disappoint or fail me.  My secretary flinches when I call her into my office and the rest of the executives wring their hands nervously when I summon them for an emergency meeting.  People think I’m cruel, callous, and mean.  But I get the job done and done right.  Nobody can fault me for that.  Sure I make grown men and women cry, but that’s my job to get the most out of them and grow this company into a world leader.

     I’m heading home and the excitement builds as I pull into the gated community I live in.  It’s five forty-three in the afternoon and I’m running a tad late due to a last minute verbal thrashing I had to give a member of the board-of-directors. 

     Dirty bastard thought he could go around my back and take credit for my work! I snarl to myself as I pull into the driveway of my thirty million-dollar home.  I snatch up my briefcase and enter the place through the garage as the doors slowly slide shut. 

     She better be ready, I think as I contemplate the breakfast conversation with my gorgeous wife Ruthanne.  I don’t have time to sit around waiting.  I saved her from that trailer park, so by God she better do what I expect!

     I spot her at the kitchen table and smile.  She’s wearing a new blue dress and sporting a string of exotic pearls around her slender neck.  Diamond earrings dangle from her perfect lobes and glitter in the light.  She’s half my age, and the swell of her bosom was bought and paid for by me.  Her honey blonde hair flows down her curvaceous back and I clear my throat to let her know I’m now home and it’s time to go.

     “How was your day?” I ask as she closes the magazine she’s been reading and stands up.  I admire the fact her legs go on for miles and are sexier than any other woman’s I’ve known before.  My insipid ex-wife included.

     She grins, it is like an angel’s smile and I breathe out a sigh of relief as she rounds the table and stops just short of me.

     “Where the fuck have you been?  It’s almost six o’clock and you’re fifteen minutes late, Harvey!”

    “B-but babe I had to…,” I start to explain when I see her leg flash below me and slam into my unprotected crotch.  Pain explodes between my legs as my balls scream out in agony.  I drop my briefcase and start to sink towards the hardwood floor.

    “I expressly told you I had to be at the Henderson’s at six for dinner and now I’m going to be late!” she shrieks as her foot strikes my aching testicles once more.  I grunt from the impact.

     “B-baby I couldn’t h-help it!’

     “Now I’m going to have to call up Cheryl and tell her not to bother.  Do you know how that will make me look?”
    “I’m… sorry Ruthie,” I wheeze as I stagger to my feet, my hands clutching my bruised testes. 

    “Sorry?  I’ll fucking give you sorry!”

    I try to dodge but I’m too slow.  The third blow drives my hands into the pulsating soreness between my thighs.  My breath is driven out of me, the world is hazy and hot and Ruthanne is just warming up.

    I fall to the floor once again cradling myself as she straddles my waist.  I see the evil glint in her eyes as she kicks away my shaking hands and steps her left foot into the agonized mass that has become my testicles.

     “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you, Harvey,” she snarls as she grinds a stiletto heel into my groin.  “You can’t get home on time, you can’t please me in bed, you’re not very attentive to me, and you can’t even get home on time!”

     “You… said that… twice,” I gasp out and go cold suddenly as I realized I’ve corrected her.

    “Pardon me?  What the fuck did you say?”

   “Aaaah!” I shout as the point of her shoe digs into me without mercy.  I begin to cry and blubber as my wife harshly disciplines me again.  

    “Get up! Get on your feet you pathetic loser!”

    I try to stand but only manage to crawl to my knees.  She lifts her hem and thrusts my nose into her hot pussy.

    “Eat me!  Come on, do I have to show you how to do it again?” she wails angrily.  My face is jerked all over her moist heated cunt as she grabs up a handful of my hair and rubs my face in it.  I try to do my best, but I she doesn’t let me do the job right.

    “Jesus Christ!  Can’t eat pussy, can’t fuck like a man, and I don’t even want to talk about the size of that little cock of yours!”

     I lick, lap, and kiss and try to make her cum as quick as possible.  But the pain in my groin distracts me too much.  I’m sure she’s shattered one of my testicles this time!

     “Yeah!  That’s better… oh finally you’ve learned where my c-clitoris is!  You dumb, stupid fool!  L-lick it!  Ah yes! Yes! F-fuck yes!” she begins to scream and chant as her climax rushes through her.

    My face is coated and shines like a glazed donut as she steps off my cock for the first time since I fell flat on my back.  She stands there, hands on her hips, glaring at me.

     “Well?!” she demands. “Are you going to do it?”

    “Y-yes, Ruthie,” I sob out in pain.  Undoing into my pants I produce my sore cock and begin to stroke it.  She grabs my hand and yanks me to my feet.  Leading me over to the nearest chair she sits down and pulls me across her lap.  My boxers are ripped away exposing my naked ass.  My cock, now hard and stiff, lies between her silky thighs.  I feel the sound of her hand flying towards me. 

     The first impact pushes my member across her soft skin.  I begin to shout and yell until my throat is sore as my cock, balls, and ass.

    “Bad boy!  Bad, bad boy!” she screeches as the flesh of my ass begins to burn and sting.  I gasp out and my cock flexes as she tans my hide.  I sob out her name, asking her to stop the punishment. 

     Ten minutes later the entire surface of my bottom is welted from her palm and I cry out as I ejaculate onto her calves coating her beautiful flesh with my weak, thin seed.

     I’m shoved off her lap and land in a hurting heap on the cold floor under the table.

    “Lick that off!” she says as she thrusts her left leg in my face.  I do as I am told, the salty and shameful taste of my cum slides down my raw throat.  I finish her off and instructed to do the same to her other leg. 

     “Very good, Harvey,” she exclaims as she helps me to my feet.  “I think you might make a proper slave someday.”

     “I love you, Ruth,” I say as I continue to cup my sore balls and cock.

    “I love you too, Harvey,” she grins, but the smile fades.  “I didn’t hurt you too bad, did I?  I don’t know why this gets you off, but I’m happy to do it for you.”

    “No I’m okay,” I wheeze as I pull up my pants.  “I deserved it.  It beats working at that Denny’s I found you at, doesn’t it?”

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