“Jen’s Tale” reviewed!

My sci-fi/romance/erotica novel “Jen’s Tale” available at Red Rose Publishing (www.redrosepublishing.com) has been reviewed by Night Time Romance Reviews.  Here’s the link below or you can just read what they have to say right  here:


Jen’s Tale by Christopher Newman

Red Rose Publishing

July 2009

EBook $2.99

ISBN #978-1-60435-358-7

Science Fiction, Futuristic

Book Review:

To whom it may concern. I come to you with tale unlike any other. It’s a tale depicting the one Jennifer Allen. It will show to others the adventures one will go through to. Not to mention to show Jen the true mean of love and sex.

To whom it may concern. I bring you another exciting person named Brent. Whose sole purpose in life it seems to make Jen a very happy woman. You will come to learn like Jen, there is more than meets the eye.

Jen’alein, a native of the Aquellian Empire, was sent to scout Earth to see if it’s good enough forAquellians to live on.

But what Jen didn’t count on in the insignificant planet a human worthy of saving. Nor did she count on developing those damn human feelings called love.

Brent seems like an ordinary man who seems to want to put a smile on Jen’s sour face. He slowly manages to crack the wall Jen has around her heart. It sure gives him points for being the reason for Jen to be a very satisfied woman.

Just when Jen and Brent are at crucial moment in their lives, she has to leave the city. Jen promises to keep in touch with Brent but this would not be a great book without a little bit of angst involved.

Christopher Newman is great writer of many books like the one titled, A Terrible Tryst of Fate. Mr. Newman now brings readers a new take of alien invasion. His new twist on aliens taking over humans can only be described as fresh and original.

Jen has her faults but we can’t help but love her attitude. The ups and downs she goes through by being with Brent.

Brent isn’t going to just let the best thing that ever happened disappear from his life. He is going to be in the fight of his life. He does whatever it takes to bring back home the love of his life.

I can’t but love Jen’s Tale. It was definitely something in a class of its own. If you’re crazy about science fiction then Jen’s Tale is the one for you.

To it may concern, this one story you won’t be able to stop reading to the climatic end.

Be on the look out for Christopher Newman’s upcoming release Love Bites Back. Coming soon from Freya’s Bower

I give Jen’s Tale a rating of 5 Stars.

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