Midnight Musings

AUTHOR’S NOTE; The following is a work of erotica containing adult language and situations if you are under the age of eighteen PLEASE LEAVE NOW!

Midnight Musings

She strolled into bar on the west side of town, moving inside with a confidence that belied her youthful appearance.  The visitor had deep auburn hair, green eyes and a body that just wouldn’t quit.  The before mentioned physique was poured into a black tube dress that hung precariously off her shoulders by thin, almost too thin, straps.  A pillbox hat, complete with a veil which didn’t hide those sparkling green eyes.  Her feet were strapped into heels that were as decadent as they were sexy.  The paleness of skin, dotted with light brown almost red freckles set off the deepness of the gown’s color to maximum titilation.  The music in the pub was still on, pumping out a eighties rock tune but all other noises within had ceased dramatically.  Heads turned, eyes locked onto the female form and lustful thoughts swirled in the air strong enough for me to taste.

What do we have here? I mused silently.

Deliberately moving to the scratched and weathered bar she sat down with a grace little seen in modern women’s movements.  The barkeep, Ted, moved up to her with a leering smile, rubbing his hands with the dirty rag he had been cleaning the far end with. 

“What’ll you have babe?” he rasped.

“Red wine,” she purred.

“Comin’ right up!”

I didn’t even know this joint had red wine, I snickered to myself.

The crowd continuing to eye her went back to the business of having a good time, meaning shooting pool, swapping bawdy stories and yet never failing to cast glances at the slinky form sitting there two stools away from me.

“Nice entrance,” I coughed out.

“Thank you,” she responded.

“The Bowery’s no place for a lady.”

“Really?  It doesn’t seem that dangerous to me.”

“Yer young kid,” I fired back.  “Just watch your step and try not walk into any dark alleys with any of these bozos.”

“I suppose  you’re safe?” she cooed.

“Nah, I’m just as mean as this lot.”

“But you seem so nice.”

Riiiggghht, I drawled inwardly.

The Bowery is the name of the place, to be precise it was Ted’s place.  The  dockworkers, high steel hangers and the rest who frequented the pub worked hard and played even harder.  It was a rough crowd, typically blue collar and most stepped in for a quick brew before going home to the wife and their squalling brats.   A piece of fluff like this could really make them forget about hearth and home.  That’s why I was concerned, but only partially.

“My name is Katherine,” she quipped.  “But you can call me Kate.”

“Hello Kate,” I said.  “My names Nicodemus but my friends just call me Nick.”

“Strange name.”

“My mother had a bizarre sense of humor.  I never got around to changing it–besides it’d break her heart if I did.”

“You seem to be an educated man.”

“Not really.”

She smiled, it was enough of a brief show of perfectly aligned teeth to make my shorts become tight and uncomfortable.  The heaving swell of her breasts coupled with a darting of her pink tongue sent my own fantasies into overdrive.  Clapping a fist around my mug I dumped some cold brew on my fiery lust to dampen it down a bit.  Despite the chilly suds running down my throat it didn’t help one bit.

“I’m new in town,” she coyly stated.  “I thought I’d check out the nightlife and since this place is so close to my job I figured it would be a good start to my evening.”

“I wouldn’t hang here too long if I were you,” I burped.  “These jokers will figure your some office chick looking to take a walk on the wild side.”

“I like danger.”

“Suit yourself.”

Ted spying my now empty glass walked over and shot me a look.  It was partially business, silently asking me if I wanted another round, but it also had a hot flash of jealousy in it.  The waves of his anger washing over me like a hot wind off a desert plain.  I nodded in agreement and he poured me another draft.

“The barkeep seems a little upset I’m talking to you,” she stated with a smile.

“You’ve set me apart by talking to me.  They’re getting upset that you’ve singled me out,” I replied.  “I did warn you this could turn ugly if you stay.”

“You are so concerned about my well-being–it’s really sweet.”

“I’m just looking out for myself now.  A bar fight isn’t really on my dance card tonight.”

“You like to dance?”

I laughed.  Her comments were so film noir, like she had been reading too many Mickey Spillane novels and had memorized the gruff dialogue.  The urge to call her a dame tickled at the back of my vocabulary like a fly caught in a spider’s web.

“Hey baby,” a man’s deep voice interrupted.  “You gonna come over here and talk to a real man or just sit there with that poser?”

Looking over my shoulder I spotted Vinnie Barbosa, a thick bodied steel worker with a mean streak a mile wide in him.  Vinnie was a tough cookie, the kind of guy most men dreamed about being just like.  He sported a beer belly, but his arms, back and legs were thick with corded muscle.  He was swirling the ale in the mug in his beefy hand and eyeing up the lady sitting next to me. 

“I was under the impression I was speaking with a man,” she shot back.  “Am I mistaken?”

“He’s a poser…a wannabe,” Vinnie gawfed.  “He wishes he was hangin’ high steel or workin’ on the docks.  He ain’t know regular Joe but some geeky writer.”

“Is that true?” she inquired looking my way.

“Yep.  Vinnie don’t miss a trick,” I laughed.

“What do you write?”

“Detective yarns mostly.  Occasionally I dabble in social commentary and that’s why I hang out here, to hear what the common man thinks about the world.”

“And what do most of these men think about?”

“Sex, beer, sports and their next paycheck.”

Her laughter was musical enough in the right key to tinkle an accompaniment to the shrill wailings of the lead singer on the jukebox.  Vinnie’s eyes narrowed and his empty fist clenched involuntary to his burning ire.  To be shown up by some tall, skinny author was grating on his pride.  I decided right then that descretion was the better form of valor and quickly downed my brew.

“I gotta go,” I squeaked while trying to stifle another burp.  “If I stay things are going to get rough.”

“Where are you off to?”

“Home.  I have a deadline I gotta meet and my editor is a nasty bitch who’ll have my balls for supper if I don’t get this article finished up.”

“I’ve never met a writer before.”

“Well  now you have.  Take care and be on your guard, Vinnie’s eyein’ you up pretty fierce.”

“I can handle his type.”

” ‘night.”

Standing up I gave my rival a nod letting him know I was yielding the field of battle.  He shook his head and slugged back the remaining suds in the bottom of his mug.  Moving towards the door I opened it only to get a faceful of the icy blast outisde.  The snow hadn’t started falling yet and I tugged my heavy coat around my shoulders and started off.  Several feet down the block I was a bit startled to hear the click-click-click of high heels on the sidewalk.

You gotta be kiddin’ me, I grinned.

Casually I sneaked a glance over my shoulder and sure enough Kate was following me, Vinnie’s angry visage was sticking out of the door of the Bowery.  Hate boiling off of him like a furnace.  I stopped and waited for her.

“Leaving so soon?” I inquired.

“Vinnie’s a bore.  I much rather talk to you.”

“Look lady I ain’t got time for this.  Like I told you I have an article to pump out for my editor.”

“Maybe I could give you some inspiration?”

“Suit yourself, my flat’s this way.”

I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I stuck out the crook of my elbow and allowed her to slip her shapely arm into it.  Mickey Spillane would’ve been proud of me, I felt like a character right out of one of his books.  Arm in arm we strolled silently to the rund0wn and grime covered building two blocks away where the tiny apartment was that I called home. 

Thrusting my key into the lock I shivered as another blast of northeast Ohio wind whipped across Lake Eire and down the streets of Cleveland tearing through them like winter chariot race. 

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked.

“Yes,” she shivered.

Moving inside I shut the door behind her and escorted her up the rickety stairs to the foyer on the second floor.  The steps continued up but my flat was here, the tarnished number four on the door hanging slightly askew.  Shoving another key into it I undid the lock and walked inside.

“Nice place,” she commented, unpinning her pillox hat and tossing it and it’s veil aside.

I smirked at her statement unseen since she was standing behind me.  My dirty clothes littered the basket to my left, my small round table still sporting the remains of my last meal and the streetlamps were filtering through the dirty windows casting the room in a unclean light.  It smelled like a man’s apartment, stale from sweat and beer and badly cooked food.

“Thanks,” I responded.

“Where do yo do your writing?”

“Over there.”

I pointed to a computer sitting on a small TV tray with wobbly legs.  It stood in front of a chair that had probably been constructed just after World War II, it was as unsteady as the small table in front of it. 

“Wanna beer?” I offered.

“No thanks,” she said just before clearing my only recliner off.

“I’ll have one then if you don’t mind.”

“I love a good detective story.  How many do you have out?”

“About four.”

“Make any money at it?”

“A bit.  I pay the rent with articles to various magazines though.”

Fishing a cold bottle out of the 1950-ish refrigerator I twisted off the cap and took a deep gulp.  The flat seemed to increase in temperature and I knew it was because this gorgeous woman was sitting in it.  It had been a long time since I had any female company, in fact the last time had been a skinny hooker who I paid to interview.  She was the basis of an article for a men’s rag about prostitutues in general.

“Nick you seem tense,” she whispered.

“I’m not used to company of a fine lady,” I lied.

“I know it’s a bit forward, but I really like you.  You aren’t like those ham-handed men back at the bar you seem to have a quick wit and a gift for gab.”

“I’m a writer, conversation is as natural for me as breathing.”

Standing up she sashayed over next to me by the sink.  The heady aroma of her perfume danced provocatively in my eagerly expanding nostrils making my head swim with carnal thoughts and visions.

“You were right to rebuke me eariler,” she husked out.  “I’m actually quite wealthy and as you said I’m taking a stroll on the wild side.  My husband is a bore, so caught up in monetary pursuits that he barely  has time to attend to his husbandly duties.”

“What an idiot…I bet he’s older than you too.”

“By about twenty years.  How did you know that?”

“A guess.”

Her hands found their way to the top of my shoulders.  Leaning towards me I watched those scarlet lips come near and I found my chest heaving with anticipation.  The first touch of her mouth, so satiny smooth and soft effectively transmitted a very real electrical current to rush through my entire form.  Her tongue, still seasoned with red wine, dancing against mine made me forget the beer in my hand.  It fell with a wet, shattering crash spraying foamy ale all over both our legs.  She gasped at the coldness of the liquid and I found myself apologizing profusely.  A finger upon my lips silenced me.  The kiss resumed in both length and intensity until I found myself gasping for air.

“I well now Nick,” she groaned in a sexy voice.  “I need to let my shoes and hose dry off so I guess you’re just going to have to make the best of it.”

“Whatever will we do to pass the time?” I said feigning confusion.


“Sure,” I muttered.  “The bedroom’s over there.”

Hand-in-hand she led me to my dingy bed with its rumpled and gray sheets.  One of my pillows had fallen to the floor and lay there like a dead thing.  Kicking it aside Kate turned gracefully in place to face me.  With a sultry grin she began easing off the gown’s strap from her left shoulder.  It fell in a leisurely seductive manner.  I found myself breathing, almost gasping, as she ran both hands down her sides.  Twisting around she offered me her back.

“Can you undo me?  I can’t reach the zipper,” she drawled naughtily.

“Sure,” I blubbered.

Reaching out with trembling hands I began tugging the silver fastening device down to her mid-back. 

“Thanks Nick–you’re so sweet,” she purred.

Not trusting my voice I didn’t reply.  The black number she was wearing fell away to pool and her slender ankles in a pool of midnight hiding those sensuous heels she was wearing.  Turning around she faced me brazenly and I found myself unable to suck in a single breath.   Standing in hose and a garter belt she looked every inch as sexy as I imagined her to be.

She was beyond beautiful.  Her skin was like buttermilk with freckles appearing to be sprinkles of nutmeg around her neck and shoulders.  Her body glowed almost in the semi-darkness of the stuffy room.  Her breasts were full, firm and capped with the pinkest nipples I had ever seen.  Her legs went on for miles and she wore no underwear beneath that slinky dress.  My body reacted as it should’ve–I got hard so fast it was almost scary.

“Gorgeous,” I managed to mutter.  “You are utter perfection personifed.”

“Why thank you.”

Moving towards me she undid my workshirt, button by button and eventually I found myself tugging it out of my trousers.  Her hands were slightly cool, probably from the weather and her lack of a coat.  Belt and pants were next until they began to hamper my legs’ movement.   A cupping of my contracting testicles by her palm made me groan loudly.  I hadn’t even felt her reach into my boxers.

“Umm,” she hummed.  “You’re a nice, healthy specimen.”

“Ah–thanks,” I tittered.

“So big and hard…what do you plan on doing with this naughty thing?”

“Exactly what you came lookin’ for sister.”

“You’re going to fuck me with that thick cock, aren’t you?” she said faking innocence.

I laughed out loud, it was so film noir of her.  Sinking to her knees she aided me with removing my trousers, shoes and socks.  My boxers were the next article of clothing to be shed.  Standing there buck naked she admired my throbbing organ with darting eyes and with a sexy curl upon her lips.

“Ah!” I gasped.

Her mouth had encompassed my shaft without warning.  A wet swirling tongue began lavishing attention on it until my heels left the wooden floor.  Her other hand gripping and rolling my balls while it’s mate stroked the base of my cock.  My hands, lacking anything to do dropped to the crown of her head gently.  Bobbing her head up and down she suckled me like a hungry baby would do to a bottle.  Cooing and moaning she sent ripples of pleasurable vibrations through the antenna of my organ and into my body.

“Holy–s-sht!” I exclaimed when she finally stopped.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” she chuckled hoarsely.

“Yeah but it’s my turn now.”

“No don’t–I don’t like that.”

“You’re kidding?”

“I’ve never liked a man eating me out.  I find it revolting since they always want to kiss me afterwards.  If I wanted to taste pussy I’d become a lesbian.”

“Suit yourself.”

“But I do have a favor to ask,” she almost growled.

“If it’s in my power to grant you.”

“I want to be on top, I like it like that.”

“Ooh–so aggressive.”

She laughed once more and the room seemed to brighten a bit.  Climbing on the bed and gifting me with a unabashed view of her heart-shaped ass I found myself following her siren’s call.  Laying down she quickly straddled my hips and with a dainty pair of fingers, tipped with blood red nails slipped my cock into her quivering cunt. The fabric of her garter belt tickled me a bit and her and her still damp hose pressed against my bare thighs.

“S-shit!” I stammered.

She was cold.  Not warm and moist like I thought she’d be, but a chilly grip of icy flesh encased and held my shaft as firm and snugly as I wanted, but the temperature of her body was a shock.

“I-I’ve been told I’m frigid,” she haltingly admitted.  “It takes me awhile to warm up to a man.”

“You could’ve warned me,” I replied.  “A little more foreplay and this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Maybe next time.”

“There’s going to be a next time?”

“Shut up and let me fuck you.”

Her hips began sliding across my lap driving me deeper and deeper into the cool, but slick recesses of her pussy.  Leaning forward her breasts swayed provocatively towards my hungry mouth as groans of pleasure issued out of my lips.  Catching one nipple briefly in my mouth I watched as her head fell back and her lips parted in a gasp.  My hands reached out and began squeezing and mauling her perfect bosom.  No fake tits here, nothing but pure and natural flesh for me to caress and knead. 

“Yyyessss,” she drawled in a husky voice, “fuck me hard Nick!”

I tried to make good on that request by she had me pinned to the bed like nailed down board.  Raising my hips slightly was the best I could do and it must’ve been enough for Kate began sobbing in delight.  The friction of my cock in her cleft began to warm it, much to our mutual delight.

“M-more!” the excited minx snarled.

She grabbed my hands off her bountiful chest and pinned them beside my head.  Arching forward she drove herself harder across me until I could think straight.  Grinding and rubbing, entering and exiting these sensations stole away my reason while her face twisted into a mask of carnal desire.  I’m sure I wore the same expression.  Her face dipped lower and began nuzzling my neck, alternating between bites and kisses.  The pinprick of her teeth came as no shock at all.  Even when the warmth of my blood began oozing between her sucking mouth and my throat I didn’t express any reaction.  Suddenly she stopped in mid-stroke.

“What the hell?” she gasped.

“Surprised?” I laughed.

“Y-you’re not human!”

“And neither are you.  How long has it been since you’ve found yourself around another vampire?”

“I-I can’t remember.”

“What happened to your master?”

“I killed him fifty years ago when he wasn’t looking.  The bastard turned me after a midnight shift at the factory I was working in ’42.”

“Was he cruel?”

“Unbelievably.  He tormented me with an awful delight.”

“Well don’t stop…I think we’d better finish this.”

She smiled a feral grin and began to buck against me until we both were panting from her actions.  I felt myself swelling incredibly thick and Kate’s pussy quivered with anticipation of my release, knowing instinctively it would light the fuse on her orgasm.  The pressure built up within my loins, painful yet arousingly so.  With a wail the vampiress climaxed with a shrieking groan that echoed my own shouts of pleasure.  Deeply I spritzed her inner tissue with jet after jet of thick, hot seed.

An hour later, she was wearing one of my shirts, unbuttoned and loosely dangling around her gloriously naked and undead body.  I was smoking a cigarette out the window and ignoring the rushing icy wind.   Her hose and garter belt dangling on the headboard where I had flung them after our second round of sex. Her breasts swaying past the opening in my borrowed shirt.

“You were faking being cold rather well.  I never suspected your true condition until I tasted your blood,” she smirkingly said.

“I had you pegged from the beginning Kate,” I remarked.  “I really was trying to save your life.  You see that pub is a safehaven for vampire hunters.  You were just lucky that they don’t come in until much later.”

“How old are you?”

“I was turned in 1657 in Europe.  I came to America just before Hitler invaded Poland.”

“I see.”

The clock on my nightstand clicked over to midnight.  We both stared at it with disinterest and I went back to puffing on my smoke.  She curled up behind me,  her digits dancing through the black shock of my hair.  Her bosom pressing and flattening against my arched back.

“Can I stay here with you?” she softly whispered. “I have nowhere to go.”

“Of course you can.  The landlord won’t mind since he’s out of town on business,” I replied staring at the full moon.

Peeking out of the winter clouds it stared its baleful one-eyed gaze at the two of us.  I chuckled deep in my chest at my private joke. 

Yeah that’s no lie since Marcus is out in the woods to the east right now wearing his true form of a werewolf, I laughed to myself.

“I can’t believe I’ve found another vampire,” Kate said in a happy voice.  “I haven’t seen one since I destroyed the one who made me.”

“Fate’s funny that way.”

“So are you really a writer?”

“Yes and I think I have a great idea for a short story for that Goth-chick rag my editor is always begging me to submit to.”

“Just change my name please, I don’t want to be famous.”

“Suit yourself.”

Flicking my cigarette into the street I slammed the window shut and turned to kiss her deeply. 

All this time I was hoping one of those killers would figure out who I was and put an end to my miserable existence, I mused.  Who’d thougth I’d find a friend–and a lover–there instead?

“Kate,” I said in my best Bogart impression, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


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