Just Shoot Me

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a work of erotica with graphic and adult langauge and situations.  If you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!

Just Shoot Me.

     The woman stood before the class, her figure hunched over and in obvious pain as she pulled the coarse robe open briefly to display her ravaged figure.  The youngsters, all girls (aged eighteen to twenty) stared at her with wide-open eyes as she displayed the damage to her body for a brief instance.  They had all come to her for instruction and this lesson was to be harsh, brutal, and verbally frank.  They had been sent here to listen to the dangers of some men and their disturbing needs but none seemed to think they needed this educational instruction.

      “Let me tell you a story of how I came to look this way.  I was once young and beautiful as you are now.  But all that came to this state because I wasn’t careful,” she began and thus grabbed their attention with her raspy voice.  “My tale may save your life one day.”


     The beat of the music pounded and echoed all along the walls and ceiling of the club as I ground my ass just an inch away from some loser’s face.  He was sweating profusely as he inhaled deeply trying to detect the sent of my pussy that was so close to his nose.  The tassels attached to the pasties on my big breast swung in circles as I gyrated to the sound of T-Pain’s “I’m in Love with a Stripper” under the flashing lights of the stage.  The pudgy man’s throat worked up and down as I looked over my shoulder at him.  He swallowed hard and his hands trembled as they fidgeted with the dollar gripped tightly in his fist.  I spun around and dropped into a crouch, spreading my legs wide, and allowed him to slide the crisp bill into the mass of fluttering ones in my garter belt on my left thigh.  The hot red band on my right was filled and couldn’t have taken another additional member to its crammed contents.

     “Thanks honey,” I cooed leaning forward into his ear as he bent his head into my cleavage.  I was sure at first he was going to nuzzle at my nipples so I pulled away before he had the chance.  He gasped out something that was overpowered by the volume of the song pumping out of the speakers all around the stage. 

     I jumped to my feet and wrapped my body around the silver pole and began to swing wildly around it when I spotted my next mark.  He had just sat down and spread out a large wad of ones on the counter that jutted out beneath the stage.  The man fanned them out like playing cards as he placed a beer on a coaster and looked up at me and winked. 

      Oh, a wealthy one, I grinned to myself.  I can make the rent with the cash he’s got spread out.

     I unwound myself from the pole and strutted seductively over to him, my hips thrusting and my breasts bobbing as I took a short run and slid on my knees at him.  With two years’ practice my spread thighs went around the money like parenthesis embracing a prose of a suggestive erotic poetry.  I flung my upper body back and shook my shoulders causing my chest to roll and jiggle and the tassels to whip wildly.  Pushing upwards I bent forward towards him and dangled both red streamers hanging off my tits to either side of his beer bottle. 

     He grinned tightly and winked once more.  I giggled girlishly, on purpose, and blew him a wet-sounding kiss that made his eyes widen.  Craning my body up off the stage I slid both scarlet high heels between his still arms and scooted my ass until I could bounce my chest in his face.  My smoldering crotch was on the very edge of the middle of the splayed out bills.

     “Hello,” he said with a smile as one of the singles was inserted into my stuffed garter.

     “Hi,” I husked back as I gave him a coy look.  “How are ya doing?”

     “Much better now.  You know, you’re very beautiful.”

    “Why thank you,” I replied with a surprised look on my face despite hearing the comment a thousand times every night I worked.  Of course, he wasn’t lying.  I stood five foot, six inches and barely weighted one-fourteen.  My body was firm and tanned, my hair a halo of golden, cascading tresses, and I was only twenty-one.  The mole just above the right corner of my mouth was the only possible defect I possessed, but most men found it enticing and more of a trademark.  My oval shaped face, blue eyes, and full red lips could make even the holiest of priests’ turn my way and gawk.

     “My name’s Frank,” he said interrupting my thoughts.

     “Hi Frank, I’m Angelica.”

     “An absolute pleasure to meet you Angelica.”

     “Same here.”

     I had to walk a dangerous line here since I only wanted his money, not his limited affection or eternal devotion.  I flipped my legs over my head and did a backward somersault, and finished the move standing on both stiletto heels with a graceful flourish and raised arms.  The patrons applauded, shrieked, and howled with mirth, admiration, and desire as I continued to strut, dance, and sway to the thumping beat.  The song ended and so did my set, I strolled off the stage provocatively swinging my ass to wave goodbye to the crowed as they ejaculated their raucous and loud cheers.


      I was toweling myself off when Chet, the manager of “The Troubadour’s Hat” came into the dressing room.  I could feel his greasy, leering stare as it crept all over my half-naked body like slugs crawling over a beautiful flower.  The sleazy bastard had tried to bribe me into a sexual escapade a few nights’ ago, but I had turned him down flat.  I wanted not one part of his paunchy flab anywhere near my perfectly toned body. 

     “What do ya want, Chet?” I asked pretending not to notice his hot gaze.

    “A customer has requested your presence in a shower room, Angelica,” he warbled making his jowls flap and jiggle.

    “Point him out.”

     “Just go.”

    “No, I’m not like these others,” I retorted.  “I’m special and you know it.”

    Chet opened the door with a heavy sigh and pointed to Frank.  I cracked a knowing grin and nodded to the manager that I’d accompany him to the private room for more fun and games.

      Perfect, I thought to myself.  I love a big payday.


     I was hot and sweaty, and the shower room would be both profitable and cleansing.  I knew I had to play it cool, or Money Bags (as I had quickly nicknamed him) would get shy and not ask for either a blowjob or sex, either would increase my booty for the night.  I didn’t mind the former, but never allowed the latter.  That was reserved for extra special (and rich) clients or my occasional lover.   I picked up my robe, soap, a loofa sponge, and a new towel and escorted Frank to the back of the joint.   

    Now shower rooms are where the clientele are allowed to watch and wash as you bathe.  It’s pretty harmless, as long as you’re careful, but it can get out of hand pretty quickly.  I let him in first, entered it myself, and shut the door behind us.  It had a lock, which I employed, but it also had a hidden panic button in case the patron got too rough or demanding.  I reached into the stall and turned the water on and adjusted it to a nice temperature.  The steam quickly began to fill the small room as I dropped my robe and smiled at Frank.  He sat on the nearby bench and watched as I soaked down my long blonde hair and rinsed the light sheen of sweat off.  I watched him out of the corner of my eye, he didn’t seem like he’d be a problem.  He just sat there and stared as I began to suds up my loofa sponge with careful and deliberately enticing movements. 

     “Are you going to help a girl out?” I asked with a wink.  To my surprise he didn’t jump up immediately and snatch it out of my hand. 

    “In a minute, please continue,” Frank replied as he crossed his arms over his chest.

    “It’s your dime.”

     I squeezed shampoo into my hand and began to wash my hair.  I knew he was staring at my breasts as I lifted my arms up to rub it into my mane.  I glanced down and deliberately made my tits jump and roll so he would have something to gawk at.  I finished my hair and leaned back into the hot spray, letting the suds to pour down my tresses and back.  I felt it wash across the curve of my ass and rush down my long legs.  A deeper plunge into the shower allowed the water to pour down my chest, swept through my deep cleavage, and pour off my pubic mound.  A quick flick of my eyes noted that Frank was getting excited, his pants became apparently too tight to be comfortable. 

    He stood without speaking and I handed him the sponge, which he ran across the top of my back and slowly down the curve of my spine.  I arched my back, pushing out my breasts and I could feel his temper and lust rise with the shaking of his hands.  He cleaned my legs and feet next, keeping his face even with the ample globes of my rear.  I let him take his time, only spinning leisurely in place to present him with my front in an unabashed turn.  He was now face-to-face with my pussy, I could see his nose twitch and flare as he sucked in my scent.  He ran the loofa over my thighs and up past my belly button, but avoided the pouting lips of my sex.  He grinned as he covered the small triangle of pubic hair with soapy bubbles but never came close to what he really wanted to caress.

    Frank stood up and washed my breasts with slow sweeps of his hands paying particular attention to my erect nipples, which protruded proudly from his touch.  He pushed it in between my tits and squeezed it creating a white deluge to ooze down towards my cunt. 

     A symbolic cum shot to the tits. I thought as he washed my left arm, then my right.  I didn’t let him wash my face, that would momentarily blind me and pose a real danger of an unexpected assault on my person.  He handed me the sponge back and sat down as I let the water run down my figure chasing away all the warm, soft bubbles sliding down my flesh.

     “You’re an incredibly sexy woman, Angelica,” Frank huffed as he spread his legs to afford his erection some extra room.

     “You’re too kind, Frank.” I answered sweetly.  “But you look terribly uncomfortable, is there something I can do?”


    “Let me dry off and I’ll attend to your needs since you’ve been so attentive to mine.”

    Snapping off the streaming spray, I took up the towel and dried off completely as Frank’s swelling problem grew even more urgent.  I combed out my hair and made sure he got a good view of my naked, slightly wet body.  I bent over and presented him with an unhindered view of my ass as I dried the back of my hair.  After I finished, he was in such a desperate state he would’ve done anything (or paid anything) to satisfy his need.

    “Now you stay still and I’ll help you out,” I told him gently.  “But you might want to tip me afterwards.”

    “How big a tip?” he grinned at the duel comment.

   “Let’s say–fifty?  I’m a shy girl but I happen to like you.  Plus I promise to make it all worth your while.”

   “Deal,” he groaned as I knelt between his legs.

    Sucking a man’s cock is an art form that takes a lot of practice.  You don’t need to use a real man, but any banana or long vegetable will do.  But in the end, you’ll see the danger of putting your head so close to a man.

    I undid his zipper and fished around his tangled underwear.  It took some time, he was quite worked up, but I freed his rampant manhood and began to caress it with my hand.  He groaned as I stroked him.  His mouth worked up and down as I bent my head towards it and grinned up at him.

    “J-Jesus!” he cried out as I placed a single kiss upon the purpled head.

   I flinched from the power of his comment and then quickly covered his cock with my lips.  I sucked, licked, and tugged with my mouth making high-pitched wheezes come whooshing out of him.  I kept a firm grip with one hand on the base of his organ as I devoured him.  It didn’t take long until Frank was grunting like a pig and possessing a white-knuckled grip on the bench he sat on. 

     I felt him swell, thicken, as his orgasm rushed forward towards in enviable and rapid conclusion.  I pulled my lips from around his shaft and pumped my hand up and down until his seed jetted in long arcs to splatter thickly on the floor of the shower room. 

    I gave him a few quick tugs just to watch his body dance and then cleaned him off with my towel.  I tucked him gently back into his pants and kissed him on the forehead tenderly.

    “Feel better now?” I asked as he handed me two twenties and a ten which I stuffed into the pocket of my robe.

   “Yes, thank you.”

   “No problem, your quite welcome.  So what do you do for a living?”  I asked this to see if he’d come back with even more money to toss my way.  As I slung on my pink terrycloth robe he looked up at me.

   “I shoot girls,” he answered with a lazy smile.

   “A photographer?”

   “Yes.  I think you’d be a great model, it’ll pay better than this gig does, Angelica.”

   “You don’t say?”

   “I do say.”

   “How much?”

    I knew I could clear a cool thousand easily in a week there, but if I could make that in a day it’d be worth the risk.

   “Depends on the buyers, but you’d only have to pose once and then the money will roll in.  Here’s my card, I think you’d be great.”

   I thought it over as I looked at his business card and decided to give it a try, what did I have to lose?  I would soon realize how much my carelessness would cost me.


     I picked out several bikinis and other naughty outfits and met up with Frank a few days later.  He drove me to a remote, but picturesque locale that was perfect in the bright sunshine. 

    “I shoot here often and you can see why,” he said to me with a grin. “It’s a nice piece of land with great photographic potential everywhere you look.”

   “It is quite nice.” I agreed as he turned down a dirt road lined with trees.  A few hundred feet later he stopped the car at the edge of a gorgeous meadow.

     We got out into the clearing and he began to assemble his equipment as I changed in the back of the van.  There was a babbling brook next to the meadow and I put on my bright yellow bikini and posed for him for quite a few minutes.  I lay in the rushing water, it washed across my feet, calves, thighs, and over my rear. It bubbled and foamed beneath my barely contained breasts as Frank, sweating like a whore in church, took multiple shots.  He complimented me constantly; showering me with praises on my face, chest, ass, and legs.  He praised my natural talent for modeling as he took a dozen pictures of just my feet, making me wonder if he had a particular fetish.  All in all it was a pleasant day of much harder work than I expected. 


      After lunch, he asked me to change into another, even more risqué swimwear and strike a few last poses.  The swimsuit wrapped around my crotch, but only two small straps ran up to cover my pert nipples and go over my back leaving most of my front exposed for all to see.  It had been a gift from an admirer from the strip club.      

     “Great outfit Angelica!” he cheered as I leaned erotically against a nearby tree.  “Hold that a sec.”

I watched as he reached into the bag, he stopped and looked back up.

    “What?” I asked as he grinned even wider.

   “Nothing, I just get a bit sad at the end of a fabulous day like today,” he said mysteriously he quickly pointed a flat device off to my left.

   “You really like to shoot women, don’t you?” I said as I wondered what he had just did.

   “You have no idea.” he replied as his hand came out of the photographer’s bag once more, this time with a small handgun with a long tube attached to the end of it. 

    I heard the small spitting sound as the silenced weapon went off and my right, lower abdomen erupted into hot, fiery pain.  I looked down to see the gunshot wound and quickly clutched my hands over the rapidly bleeding mess.  The pistol spat the same noise two more times and soon I was struck in my right shoulder and my left forearm.

    “W-why?” I sobbed as the agony dropped me to my knees.

   “I told you, I shoot women,” he howled at his own joke.

    “I-I don’t want to die!”

   “Well I might let you live.  Look over there first.”

   I followed his finger to a hidden video recorder that I hadn’t noticed before. It was hidden by a bush and was in the same direction he had pointed to so oddly a few seconds before.  He had used a remote control to turn it on just before shooting me, my death was apparently his version of a money shot.  He walked over with the gun aimed between my eyes as he fumbled around the front of his pants.  I tried to get up, but the pain was too great.  He pulled his rock hard erection out and let it dangle in front of my face.

    “Suck my cock like the whore you are and I might not kill you.,” he hissed with contempt. 

   I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and allowed him to place the swollen member onto it.  He grabbed a handful of my hair and roughly shoved my face forward.  His organ slammed against the back of my throat, I gagged but he wouldn’t release me.  My bloody hands came off my wounds and pushed against his legs, but I was too weak to fight him off.  His pants ground into me, I lost control and he pulled away as I puked up my lunch between his feet.  It splattered with a thick, disgusting sound on the grass. 

    “N-no, s-stop it,” I begged him through trembling and thickly slobber-covered lips just before the thick, veined object was reintroduced deeper into my gullet.

   “I said suck my cock, whore.” He growled and kept my face pressed tightly until his zipper cut my lips.  Jerking his hips forward he quickly exited me as I released another spray of bile tasting vomit between his shoes. 

     “You’re not getting it right!” he screamed sarcastically as he jammed the pistol’s barrel into my left temple.  “I said suck it!  Suck it like you fucking mean it!  Like your life depends on it, you rotten cunt!”

    Tears rolled down my face as I worked my lips, tongue, and throat to please him.  My forehead screamed in agony as he kept ramming his hips into me.  He drew back farther and a more powerful buck of his hips made my nose make a crunching noise as he used his grip on my head like the reins of a horse.  I couldn’t breathe and now I bled from three .22 caliber bullet wounds and struggled for air through my ruined, swollen nasal passageways.  I could taste the iron flavor of my life fluid upon the cock stuffed into my mouth as he continued to bludgeon and rape my face.  

    “Yes!  Yes!  Take it!  Take it all you fucking, cocksucking whore!” Frank began to bellow knowing there was nobody nearby to hear his shouts.  I felt his organ grow and thicken in a familiar manner and soon he was dumping his thick seed into my throat.  My face turned red and tight as my gullet worked overtime to swallow him all and not choke or suffocate to death.

     He released his grip on my hair and I fell back onto my haunches.  My eyes were clouded with tears and my cum-stained lips quivered from fear.  My fingers still around his spent shaft.

     “Now,” he wheezed as the pistol was put between my eyes. “I’m afraid you aren’t good enough at deep throating to be allow to live.  Goodbye, Angelica.”

     He began to pull away his trembling member from my hand when the change in the situation occurred.  The energy he had transferred to me allowed me to shift my form quickly.  My purplish-black bat wings broke out of the flesh on my back and spread open wide.  My fangs pushed downward and my tongue turned long, red, and forked as it wrapped around Frank’s convulsing member.  I reached up with my enhanced speed and broke the wrist holding the gun.  He made a blubbery, whiney sound as the bones grated against one another and the pistol fell from his nerveless fingers.  I felt the bullet wounds close slowly and my nose uncrinkled and resumed its normal shape as I repaired myself.

    “W-what the fuck are you!” he wailed as I grabbed his ass and sunk his cock back into my greedy maw.  He tried to pull away as I dined on his organ, making it hard once more with my efforts.  I stuffed a taloned finger into his puckered ass, punching past both his sphincter muscles making him scream.  His cock was raging once again and I dumped him to the ground effortlessly and pounced on top of him.

    “I’m a succubus Frank.” I smiled a toothy, fang-filled grin at him.  “I’m a demon, I feed on sex, lust, and pain.  You just fucked up big time, buster!”

    “P-please.” He begged like pathetic crybaby.

   “Oh it’s too late for pleasantries now, asshole!”

     His other hand came up and I broke his forearm quite easily.  Snatching up both wrists in my right hand I pinned them over his head as I slid my legs over his hips.  He bellowed in fear as he spotted them and the dark hair that lightly covered the flesh of my goat-shaped legs.  I impaled myself on his cock and began to ride him with hard bucks of my hips.  I watched as the look of pure terror came over this human predator.  He started wailing as I began to feed.

     I rode him for all I was worth, trying to sap as much energy from him as fast as I could before trouble arrived.  I watched his skin shrivel up, his hair become thin and gray, and his eyes turn with premature cataracts.  He wheezed out something, but only dust puffed out of his mouth as his climax signaled his timely demise.  I felt the pathetic release of his sperm as it trickled into pussy and I concentrated on absorbing all the life force from Frank that I could.

    I got off his decimated corpse and watched as it crumpled and fell in upon itself.  The wind picked up the murdering bastard’s dehydrated flesh and blew it out of his clothes and all around me in a dusty whirlwind.   I stood on shaking legs and launched myself upward with great beats of my wings.

     I had to get away and fast.  I was in the air but only managed a few feet off the ground when the avenging angel struck me with his fiery sword.  The sharp edge of his blade parted my flesh from left shoulder to my waist but I managed to beat off his next attack as my ichor poured like black rain upon the ground from my ghastly wound.  I darted between some trees, summoned the remainder of my strength, and teleported myself back to the safety of Hell.


     The younger succubae stared at the scarred and battered teacher and nodded their heads in unison.  She exposed her chest to show where the angelic weapon had sundered her skin, shattered her bones, and twisted her muscle into uselessness.  She eased back into the heavy linen robe with painful movements as her students watched her intently.

    “So remember, my young seducers,” she said in a gravely voice. “Watch who you cavort with or it could become you undoing.  The moment we change into our true forms on Earth, the pact with Heaven is off and you can be hunted quite mercilessly.  Hide in the shadows and in your human disguises.  I am not the first to make this mistake, but see to it you don’t suffer my fate.”

     A dozen heads nodded to the testimony of their infernal instructor.  Bursting from their eggs fully grown had severe disadvantages for her kind.  The learning curve was very, very steep and the world above was unforgiving of the most minor of errors.  She only hoped these hatchlings would be more careful than she had been all those years ago.

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