Raising Cain

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a work of horror with adult situations, language and graphic gore.  If you are under the age of eighteen PLEASE LEAVE NOW!

Raising Cain 

It was a simple plan really.  At least that’s what Josh had told us as he laid it all out for Jeff and me.  A simple midnight excursion out to the graveyard with his girl, Felicity and her posse of wannabe witches.   Josh was easily the coolest guy in school with his dark hair, deep brown eyes, and good looks.  The babes flocked to him like moths to a flame and that, he always said, was the problem.  So many empty headed bitches with only one thing on what they called a brain; get Josh 4ever.  

Felicity was another matter entirely since she wasn’t like the rest of the girls in school.  You know what I’m talking about.  The same old Britney Spear, Lindsey Lohan, or Beyoncé look-a-likes that prowled the hallways looking for dudes who were looking.  But Felicity wasn’t one of those at all.  Her black hair was dyed partially blood red to match her fingernails.  Her blue eyes were startlingly light, almost white at times, especially when she got angry.  She was in good shape with a nice body.  A little too light in the top for me, if you know what I mean.  But hey, Josh wasn’t complaining so I guess it’s no big deal, just personal preference. 

As for the guys in our school they were all trying to imitate Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, and the like and most studied more film about them than they did their homework.  It wasn’t about personal style or individuality with most of the kids at school, but conformance and performance in the school, multiplex, or in the backseat of a car.  Look at me, look at me, ain’t I beautiful!  Please pay attention to me ‘cause my parents don’t. 

Anyway, back to Josh and Felicity.  They weren’t the hot couple in school, the captain of the football team and head cheerleader crap, no they were the uber-cool couple.  Goin’ their own way and doin’ their own thing, that’s what made them cool to be around.   Now me, I’ve been Josh’s friend since first grade when he moved into town.  He was different even back then. 

He walked into the class about halfway through the school year escorted by his scowling mother and an equally frowning Principal Myers like he was a convict heading to the electric chair.  Rumors flew about Josh even before recess that day.  Some said he was a troublemaker and a problem child.  Others swore that he’d killed a younger sibling and gotten away with it.  The truth, as I found out from being his friend for so many years was actually kinda dull.  He had been pulling the fire alarms, tossin’ spitwads at the teacher while her back was turned, and other prankster stuff at his old school and they refused to let him come back.  So his folks transferred him across town to good old Hopkins Elementary.  Like I said, the truth wasn’t all that but it built him the foundation for a killer rep, like the one he easily had by fifth grade. 

            But back to the tale, Josh told us that Felicity and her gang wanted to prowl the Ironwood Cemetery and get stuff for spells that they needed.  My folks raised me Catholic and the girls like a lot of others in my school played around with the “forbidden” stuff.  I think it’s funny when other parents catch their kids with books on magic and stuff.  Most grownups can’t seem to remember that they rebelled against their folks too, and that’s all we were doin’ really.  I didn’t believe in all this Wicca stuff that Felicity and the chicks that hung with her did.  But Mandy, Ashley, and Felicity lived for that shit.  Each had their own reasons of course. 

            Mandy had short black hair, dull piggy eyes, and was fat.  Her goal with hanging with Felicity was so she could catch a guy.  She made several plays for me but I turned her down easy.  I liked her as a friend but really, a dude couldn’t be seen with a girl like that alone.  I mean, who wants to be known as a “chubby-chaser”?  Not to mention she had more zits than dimples on a golf ball.  She wore black exclusively and looked like a large shadow missing its owner. 

            Then there was Ashley Dilworth.  There’s about six trillion Ashley’s in my school, all blonde, but she was cool and had a nice bod, but her mind was, like, in the Twilight Zone.  She was always blabbering about auras, chakra points, past lives, and spells.  Most guys thought she was too mental to bother with and those that did were just trying to score with Felicity anyway.  Ashley and I had a couple hot and heavy months but she wanted me to commit to it full time or as she said “jump the broom for a year”.  I jumped but not any damn broom. 

            So Jeff, who was next on Mandy’s hit list, and I jumped into Josh’s Chevy Cavalier (of course he had a car, I told you he was cool) and went to pick up the girls at Ashley’s house.  Ashley’s mom (who was hotter than hell, god don’t get me started on Mrs. Dilworth, Ironwood City’s official top MILF) was out at the local nightclubs leaving her only daughter at home.  We pulled up at quarter to twelve and the girls came out of the house and dumped a large carpet bag into Josh’s trunk.  I was really hoping the recently divorced Mrs. Dilworth was home, I don’t like graveyards but I don’t mind staring at her body but that wasn’t happening.  The uber-couple did a quick lip-lock and then the girls piled in (in Mandy’s case I really meant stuffed in).  Josh cranked the stereo and soon the small confines of the Cavalier was throbbing to the harsh sounds of Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness” (a personal favorite of Josh’s since he hated his mother for getting remarried to Mr. Super Christian, Todd Blackwell).  So we roared down the street I watched as Jeff fought off Mandy’s fleshy advances and I ignored Ashley trying to scream over the music how great my aura looked.  Funny now that I think about it makes me a little sad since she was staring at my crotch, not my “aura”.  So like we pull up to the cemetery gates and find out that they’re locked up with a big nasty chain. 

            “Never mind my peeps,” Josh says, “I got us another way in.”

Josh spun the car around and headed up Mulholland Avenue, you know the street above the cemetery that the new housing project is being built on.  Josh pulls up between a parked pair of bulldozers and shuts off the car and kills the lights.

            “See, all fixed!” he smiled.  “Now we can just walk across the field, jump the fence, and get what you girls need.”

Felicity laughed at that, I personally think she had “other” plans for us all that mainly went something like her and Josh finding a nice cozy spot, while Jeff fought off Mandy’s hot fat hands, and Ashley tried to rekindle a flame from our dead fire.  The other two girls giggled in accompaniment with Felicity.  Jeff kept insisting that Josh open the coupe’s driver side door and let him out.  I think Mandy nearly had Jeff out, but it was too dark (thank god) for me to see if it was true.  Soon the car was empty and we were trudging across the muddy field, down hill to the darkened graveyard.   

            Well it was as I expected.  Sure, the girls wanted graveyard dirt for some stupid spell and the rest was an attempt at a midnight romp of the hot and horny kind.  Josh and Felicity suddenly walked over between a pair of mausoleums, giggling and flinging off clothes like crazed sex addicts.  Mandy squealed like a girl and stuffed her ham-sized hands down the front of Jeff’s loose jeans causing him to erupt with an outraged shout.  Jeff, who weighed about ninety pounds soaking wet broke loose from the horny ogre and staggered down the cemetery lane like his ass was on fire.  Mandy, not one to give up easily, lumbered after him calling his name and giggling at the same time.  I had the misfortune to see her fling off her top and expose her big floppy breasts while she was making kissing noises at the fleeing Jeff.  I swear, that memory will haunt me all my life! 

Ashley took my hand and led me over to a line of headstones.  She didn’t say a word but reached into her black purse and began to roll up a fattie, smiling all the while.  We sat down with our backs to a headstone

            “Got some smoke, lover,” she giggled. “Wanna burn one?”

Like I needed any excuse to cop a buzz.  I watched as she licked the joint close with a pink tongue, ran the joint in and out of her mouth, and caught myself thinking how I’d like that mouth and tongue to be elsewhere, you know?  She pulled out a coffin shaped lighter, probably bought at Hot Topic at the mall, and lit the fattie.  With a deep tug she passed it to me, leaned her head back against the headstone, closed her eyes, exhaled, and smiled.  I took a good drag and felt the cronic hit my lungs with a familiar feeling. 

Personally, I think marijuana ought to be legal.  It ain’t no worse than beer and I know that potheads drive more carefully than drunks.  I let it out and passed it to Ashley who, surprisingly, began to loosen her black (yeah she wore all black too) top right down to her cleavage.  I gotta stop here a moment and tell you that Ashley had killer titties.  Big, firm, and downright perfect but I guess I gotta forget all that now, huh? 

            Anyway, we sat there and watched Mandy chase Jeff around the graveyard with her big floppy boobs bouncing obscenely.  Meanwhile the noise coming from the twin mausoleums in front of us was enough to get both our motors running.  As if she needed to be anymore perfect, Felicity was a moaner.  Josh wasn’t too quiet himself, come to think of it. 

Anyway soon Ashley’s hands are in my crotch and I’m mauling her breast like old times.  Things are beginning to heat up, and that was good ‘cause it was getting colder.  I’m just getting to Ashley’s more hidden parts when she sits up real sudden and clamps a hand over my mouth and points downhill with the other. 

            “Damn girl!” I mumbled through her fingers.  “Are you trying to kill me or what?”

            “Look,” was all she said in a voice that made my blood go cold.

Up the winding road in the middle of the cemetery there was movement.  Not just a little movement but a whole lot of it.  A row of people dressed in black robes were walking up single file towards us.  The one in the front had a flashlight that swung this way and that as if looking for something.  I thought for sure it was the cops and the pot was just playing with my head. 

I looked around for the rest and could only spot Jeff pinned against another crypt to my right with Mandy’s head glued to his lap.  He was still trying to push her away, but his hand were getting slower as her head got faster.  Must be true about only having enough blood to operate one head at a time, huh? 

So the strange midnight parade was coming up the road and Ashley was whimpering like some stupid bitch in a horror movie.  I yanked her hand off my mouth and gave her a dirty look.  She didn’t even notice me, her eyes were wide with fear and she was making creepy high pitched whining noises.

            “T—they’re not right,” she moaned finally still making no sense. 

            “They’re going find us if you don’t shut the fuck up!” I growled at her.

            “Oh Goddess protect us!”

She whimpered like I hadn’t said anything.  I sat here watching but she dragged her ass across the grass, pushing at the sod with her feet in a frantic, mindless manner.  Her mewling sounds dwindled down to a barely audible murmur that still got on my nerves.

            I looked back down the road and now could make out what appeared to be eighteen people wearing black hooded robes walking and chanting in a deep ominous tone.  The last time I heard something like that was at one of our churches functions were a group of monks came and performed.  I think they were doing something called “Gregory Chants”, I really don’t remember the name, it was low and sad sounding, not what I’d call real music.  The dude in the lead was a big son-of-a-bitch and was still swinging that flashlight around.  

So this little parade begins to get too close for comfort and I start edging my way back towards the car.  It was then that Felicity and Josh probably finished their business and the sound of that transaction was a bit too loud, you know?  

The whole column stopped as the sound of Felicity’s orgasm echoed through the quiet cemetery.  The big hombre in the front snapped his fingers and about half of the black cloaked strangers ran over to the mausoleums.  I—I stood there, I should’ve done something, you know?  But there was so many of them and I guess I just froze.  The dozen or so members of this crazy gang easily overpowered Felicity and Josh.  I heard Josh shouting and Felicity’s screams but they got cut off real short, too short.  I thought at the time that the black robes killed my friends right then.  I guess that would’ve been better after—well considering what happened later. 

The black robes came from between the crypts with Felicity and Josh, naked as could be, and marched them over to the big dude.  I got real scared since the strangers had bound my friends’ hands and gagged their mouths.  I suppose they tore off strips of their robes, I could see the ragged edges of the bottom of their robes.  Josh was still mouthin’ off to the big hombre, even gagged as he was.  This seemed to strike the big guy funny and he began laughing.  God, that laugh!  It was like the Devil’s.  Deep and yet throaty and it seemed to echo off every headstone and mausoleum in the cemetery.  He said somethin’ after finishing up laughin’at them.  I didn’t hear what he said but it must’ve been bad, Felicity fainted in the arms of those people holdin’ her up. 

I got really scared about then and crawled around the tombstone behind me.  I mean, I didn’t want to get caught, you know?  If these people could keep Josh from gettin’ away, I didn’t stand a chance at breakin’ him and Felicity free, you know? 

     Suddenly I remembered Jeff and Mandy still doin’ the deed over to the right.  I looked over real quick and saw that Jeff still had his hand on Mandy’s head guidin’ her as she sucked him off.  I tried to warn them, I swear!  But my voice seemed to get caught in my throat… all I could do is wheeze!  I glanced back and saw that Ashley was standing up and backing away without trying to be sneaky about it.

            “Sit down and shut the fuck up!” I managed to gasp at her.

Did she listen?  Fuck, no she kept on backin’ up slowly as if her stupid brain was frozen.  Dumb bitch!  As soon as she topped the hill the bad guys saw her against the darker sky and the rest of them ran at her!  I dug myself into the ground as they rushed past me.  Damn, I swear I’d hit the top of the coffin beneath me if I had to!  Ashley screamed only once as they jumped her.  It was enough to disturb Jeff from the fat lips that were currently occupyin’ his time.  

            “Hey, what the fuck?!” I heard him scream pushing Mandy off.

Her large ass bounced off the ground and she began swearing at Jeff for being so fuckin’ rough. 

     “What’s your fuckin’ problem, Jeff?” she wailed loud enough to be heard in the next county.  “You can’t treat me like that, you dumb fucker!” 

Dumb fuckin’ bitch!  Didn’t these idiots see a horror movie and learn from it?!  I mean, damn!  Anyway it didn’t take too many of them to rush over and pounce on Mandy’s fat ass.  Jeff wasn’t goin’ down so easily.  Jeff was a skinny dude, but he was damn strong.  I seen him pick up shit that I’d never tried to budge, you know?  He got a couple of good shots in and even floored one of them.  But soon one of those black robed dudes hit Jeff behind the right ear and knocked him out cold.  Mandy was blubbering like the stupid cow that she was.  I could hear her begging for her miserable life as a matter of fact she was the only one to do so if I remember right.  One of the black robed people, I think it was a woman ‘cause she was too small to be a dude, pulled out a coil of rope and they quickly tied my friends up really good.

            Where was I?  Oh yeah, so these creepy dudes go right back to lookin’ around like they’re here on a fucking picnic or something.  I stuck my head up and saw that the leader was heading towards the left and up.  I think that’s were the unbaptized babies and shit are buried, you know what I mean?  Anyway I watched and saw them parade my friends up to the big stone thing in the center of that section.  I remembered suddenly that that was where that dude was buried.  You know, the judge who was a devil worshipper back in the 1800’s!  What was his name?  Oh yeah, fucking Zachariah Cain!  I remember ‘cause I had to do a report on him for Mr. James’ fucking history class in seventh grade!  He was a Satanic Priest and killed a bunch of kids and women before they caught him! 

Anyway, they led Josh, Mandy (who was still pleading like a baby) and Ashley while a few of them carried Jeff and Felicity.  I counted them at that point and I was right, there were exactly eighteen of these morons.  I finally felt safe enough to move closer to see them.  I went real slow like, as if I was in one of those zombie flicks, makin’ sure the bastards didn’t spot me.  I guess a part of me still thought I could save my friends.  I manage to get as far as the second headstone away from that part of the graveyard, but I couldn’t seem to go any further… would you have?  Anyway, I watched as they formed three rings of six around ol’ Cain’s penis-shaped headstone.  Funny what the fuck kind of tombstone is that, I mean really!  Looks like a big, black, flat sided penis sticking up out of the damn ground! 

Anyway I start to listen as the big guy tells one of the others to gag Mandy or cut her flabby throat.  Some guy nearest to the whiny bitch shoved a wad of his torn robe in her big mouth.  I could still hear her crying even with a mouthful!  The rest of my friends were, like, real quiet and we all watched as the leader knelt in front of Cain’s headstone and began emptying stuff onto the ground. 

There were six black candles, a jar of something, a long wicked-lookin’ knife, and a can of spray paint, red if I remember right.  Anyway he starts blabbing something that sounded like Latin and raising his arms to the sky.  The rest of these bad guys and gals start chanting in that Gregory shit.  This goes on for a while I don’t recall how long it seemed like about a half-hour.  The big dude starts by placin’ the candles around the headstone and spray paintin’ something around it as well.  Then he gets the Mason jar and takes the lid off.  He starts speakin’ Latin again and dabbing the headstone with his fingers that he keeps dipping in the jar.  I don’t know what the fuck was in that jar but I could smell the stink from where I was!  Damn, it reeked!  The rest I remember real well… I think I’ll never forget what happened next.

            “Ready the virgin sacrifice!” the big dude says.

The smallest of them stepped from the outside circle and threw off her robe.  I know she was a chick since she was bare-ass naked except for a black mask!  Damn that bitch was smokin’ hot!

            “Master,” another small woman-shaped one says.  “What if we can use one of these?  There’d be no need to use one of our number?”

            “A virginal teenager, in this day and age?” the leader said really sarcastically.

            “The fat one, she’s gotta be a virgin,” another of the inner circle dudes says. 

             “Didn’t you see her?  She was servicing that other boy and was already half naked!” another spoke up.  “She couldn’t be a virgin and be so easy to bed!”

            “Check her out!” the leader said in a scary voice.

Four of the black robes in the outside circle rushed over and yanked off Mandy’s skirt.  Hell, they tore her clothes off!  Two of them held her arms to the ground and the other pair pulled her fat thighs apart.  The small woman came over after takin’ the leader’s flashlight.  The bitch sure took her time as she poked and probed Mandy.  I watched while my stomach was getting’ sicker as Mandy screamed and cried through the mouthful of black cloth. 

            “She’s intact, Master!” the woman said real happy like.

            “Good, then the sacrifice can stand down.  Besides, her terror will aid our cause better than a willing participant!”

The naked chick, unfortunately, pulled her robe back on and got back in the outer circle as they drug Mandy naked and dirty towards the big hombre.  Then four of the other dudes in black robes held Mandy down in front of Cain’s tombstone by her hands and feet.  The leader plucked out the wet wad of robe from Mandy’s mouth and she started wailing and begging.  I watched as her big belly flopped up and down as she screamed for them to let her go.  All she managed to do was get her ass good and grass stained. 

            “Zachariah Cain, the First Master of our Dark Covenant, hear our prayer.  We call you back from the red abyss!” the big dude said.  “We remember your promise of a bloody revenge on those who cut you down in the height of your power.  We, the descendants of your first loyal followers, have awaited the signs and portents for this dark night to call you back to walk the earth.  Now is the time, here is the place, and this is our sacrifice!”

The leader then begins to paint weird symbols on Mandy’s jiggling stomach, breasts, and thighs with the greasy stuff in the jar.  She got too wiggly I guess ‘cause the big guy punched her in the side of the head and I watched as her eyes rolled back.  Blood seeped from her nose and ears but she still looked conscious, you know?  Anyway he dabbed that slimy, smelly stuff on Mandy’s flesh for about ten minutes before he stopped. 

            “Master Cain, come forth!  Use this unworthy vessel as a portal to our world!” the leader says.  “Blood bought you your death and blood will purchase your rebirth!”

            He… he fucking cut Mandy’s throat!   But he didn’t do it nice and quick!  He jammed the tip just below her left ear and dragged the blade across her neck so slowly—oh God so fuckin’ slowly! I watched… I watched as blood welled up and ran down her neck and pooled dark behind her head.  It shot from her nostrils and her back arched up off the ground while she gurgled out a scream.  I could see that her mouth was bright red—as red as a cherry!  Blood poured out quicker as the leader finally ended his cut at Mandy’s other ear.  As he finished Mandy managed to croak out something I couldn’t understand but I could’ve sworn it was, “Please God, no!” 

Fuckin’ silly, huh?  Mandy was big into that witchcraft shit but ran to God like he was her father when the end came.  It was like I said before; she was just rebelling against her folks.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met people into that Wicca stuff that are serious about it, but an eighteen year-old fat chick with no chance at a boyfriend?  All that shit about “sex rites and magic” was just to get laid and she still died a fuckin’ virgin, ain’t that a joke! 

            The cemetery seemed to get real quiet and I couldn’t even hear the insects or birds anymore.  I was like all that was left was the eerie sound of the wind against the cold stones of the graveyard.  Then it happened. 

Real slowly Mandy’s dead body began to quiver like she was havin’ some sort of seizure.  Her eyes, filled with blood, flew open and stared at the night sky.  Her hands and feet drummed against the cold ground in a horrible rapid beat.  As quickly as it started, it stopped.  Her gut, big as it was, began to get bigger like she was knocked up.  The flesh seemed to bulge outward and I saw, and you’re gonna think I’m trippin’, but I could see hands pushing against the insides of Mandy’s gut.  Dude, the next thing I know Mandy’s stomach rips open flinging blood and flesh everywhere!  I even got splattered and I was ten fuckin’ yards away! 

Then… then this bloody thing crawls out of Mandy.  First one hand appeared out of her bloody stomach and gripped her left side.  Then another bloody hand shoots out and grabs a hold of her right.  I watch as this creature pulls itself out of the gaping wound.  It was sick, man!  Like something out of Clive Barker’s fucking imagination, you know?!  I watch while this wrinkled scarlet-dripping thing steps out onto the ground.  Then check this out all eighteen of these bad asses kneel down like he was the fucking King of England! 

            He was a tall skinny motherfucker with a moustache and goatee.  His hair was covered in Mandy’s guts and they dripped off him like the icing off a birthday cake with too many candles on it.  The creature stuck out his right hand and then, I’m fuckin’ not makin’ this up, the big leader dude kisses his fuckin’ bloody fingers!  He bowed real deep to the gross looking man. 

            “Master, welcome back to Life,” the dude says through bloody lips. 

“I’ve waited a long time,” it hissed at the leader.  “What has taken you so damn long?!”

            “Forgive us, Master Cain.  But the planets took longer to align than your original disciples first calculated for this ritual to be successful.”

            “What is the year and the date?”

The big dude tells him and he howls like a fuckin’ dog.

            “Too long have I been in Hell’s hot embrace!  I burn with vengeance!”

            “We swear our allegiance to you and will aid you in that unholy task, Master Cain!” the leader shouts real happy like.  “Use us as you may so we can share in your glorious return!”

            “Who are these fools?” Cain says pointing at my remaining friends.

            “Merely youngsters using the cemetery for carnal pursuits, Master,” the small woman said stepping forward.  “What do you want done with them?”

            “It’s been a long time since I’ve tasted the pleasures of the flesh!  Perhaps they can be put to good use in pleasing me,” the creature said in a voice that made me nearly puke.  “Plus I can draw upon their delicious pain-laden energy to restore my powers!”

The next thing I know the black robed followers of Cain stripped my friends naked.  Felicity and Jeff and were awakened as they forced Josh and Ashley down onto their hands and knees. 

            “Clean me,” Cain said without emotion.

            This part… man I don’t want to think about it.  The black robes all rush over and… licked Cain clean.  Man, it was like some sick Roman orgy thing!  Dudes licking his gory body and getting’ help from the few women in the group.  They cleaned him everywhere do you understand?  He just stood there like it was no big deal it… man… I don’t wanna go on, okay?  

So now I get a good look at this dude and he’s like hung like a horse.  I’m thinkin’, “Dude he ain’t goin’ do the guys right?” 

Wrong!  I watched as he started with Ashley.  He did her savage, like a fuckin’ animal!  She screamed and cried but he only laughed at her misery.  He bit out her throat when he was done.  They bent down Jeff and then the sick fuck did him next.  Jeff whimpered a lot, he cried too, but never begged or screamed. 

            Cain, well… he did poor Felicity after Jeff.  Felicity screamed and cried ‘cause Cain made sure he did her in both openings.  He was brutal man didn’t use no lube, spit, or nothing.  He made sure that all of them spilt blood while he did them, but he had a special feeling for poor Felicity.  Something about being a “good witch” and some such shit like that.  Cain made fun of her using her powers only for good.  But he said she was wasting her talents on shit like getting the guy she wanted, spells for money, but forgetting to protect her friends from dudes like him.

            “It’s a shame really, dear girl,” he said to her biting into her left ear.  “You have great power but you were too weak and scared to use it when the time came.”

He told her that tonight’s stupidity was goin’ fuck up her karma for several lifetimes.  He really enjoyed humiliating and hurting her, man.  He punctuated every fuckin’ statement with a violent thrust of his hips which forced screams from Felicity’s bloody mouth.  Her voice gave out real quick like as he randomly raped and then sodomized her.  Finally the sick fuck seemed to have enough and Felicity gurgled her last as Cain’s teeth tore out her throat. 

            So he gets to Josh who has about nine guys holding him down.  Josh is shouting how he’s goin’ rip this dudes’ dick off and ram it up his ass for killing his friends.  But it was just words, man.  I mean with nine guys holdin’ you down you got no chance.  He did my best friend like some sick motherfucker.  He enjoyed it!  He said so!  He didn’t bite out Josh’s throat but jammed the bloody knife in my friend’s ass and twisted like the sick fucker he was.  Cain stabbed my friend in a dozen places after he fucked him, each one not bad enough to finish him off.  Josh took a long time to die, but he never stopped strugglin’ once.  He died like a man, fightin’ to the very end. 

            They left.  That’s it… they fuckin’ just went out they way they came and left my friends lying there dead on that cold, hard ground.  They marched out of the Ironwood Cemetery like some Satanic Boy Scout Troop with Cain, still naked and once more bloodstained, leading the way.   That’s it, that’s where I freaked out, jumped the fence, and ran back to the car only to find out that Josh still had the fuckin’ keys.  I… I remember running into street and flagging down a cop car.  The rest, well you know what happened next.


The boy was lead back to his hospital room as the male police detective and the lady psychologist watched.  The boy broke down and cried about fifteen steps away from the impromptu interrogation room.  Actually, in an ironic way they were using the Minister’s Room at the hospital to speak to the boy.  Here priests of all faiths held meetings with those sick or visiting the sick to aid them in their hour of need.

            “What do you think, Sally?” the big gruff man finally said.

            “He’s delirious and in shock.  But what you’ve shown me of the crime scene leads me to believe he thinks he’s telling the truth.”

            “Raising a man from the dead?!”

            “Detective McMillan, the strain of tonight’s events have damaged his mind.  I don’t believe his story but that isn’t the point.   He believes it and that’s all that matters to young Mister O’Reilly.”

            “But Sally…”

            “You said your people found five dead bodies in the cemetery and this young man screaming about a resurrected Zachariah Cain.  What do you think really happened?”

            “I bet when the toxicology report comes out we’ll find the Allen O’Reilly has been doing more that a bit of pot.  This all smacks of PCP which we all know can truly fuck… pardon me… mess with a person’s reality.   I saw a TV show where two kids on PCP ate another one.”

            “Yes, I saw that episode of C.S.I. as well…,” the psychologist said with a smile.

            “Well, I gotta go and tell the parents of the dead kids what happened.  Got a lot of phone calls and shit to do, see ya around, Doctor Kane,” the big detective said as he ran his finger through what was left of his hair.

            “Good night, Ken,” the small woman smiled.

            As the man left a blot of darkness slowly oozed out of the corner of the room out of the sight of the still seated doctor.  She smiled as if she knew it was happening.

            “Don’t worry, Master,” Sally Kane said with a mischievous grin.  “I will set to it that the boy will commit suicide tonight and no one will be the wiser to your resurrection.”

            “Very good, great-great-great granddaughter,” Cain’s voice said from the inky shadow as her smile broadened.  “You have done extremely well.”

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