New Release!

Just wanted to announce that the sequel to “Uprising” is out NOW at Dark Roast Press.  Here’s the back cover blurb:

How long could you survive, when it’s you on the menu?

Explore the horrific future of the living dead in these tales set in the world of Christopher Newman’s UPRISING. This collection of seven ghoulish tales of terror will walk you with the living and the dead, from the very beginning of the Zombie Uprising to the end.

We learn The Perils of Journalism when a group of newscasters witness the zombies rising and become trapped too quickly for them to escape.

Plots and Plans will suggest to you that even undying ghouls find that using such a tragedy for personal gain is fruitless.

Vengeance Bites indeed, when the lawless go looting and pillaging when they should be packing up and leaving. Some things aren’t worth your trouble to steal.

For those who love their pets, Newman presents Oh Shit-the Dog!- depicting a man’s dilemma over whether to stay safe or rescue his beloved canine.

It’s Bath Time when an Army Ranger squad is ordered to seal up the drainage pipes after the zombies have been contained. Combat in close quarters is less fun than you’d think.

9-1-1, Can I Help You? A lonely operator’s night is quickly escalated into utter terror as she tries to coordinate a rescue for a woman trapped in a city crawling with the living dead.

And finally, for all those who think “every man for himself” is a good motto to live by, there’s the example of One Shot Barney. This story illustrates the consequences to those too selfish to help out their fellow man.

Find it at:


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