Looking for L.O.V.E.?


It’s my pleasure to announce that L.O.V.E.: The Legion of Valiant Enforcers, my sixth book with Sizzler Editions of Renaissance Ebooks is on sale NOW!  Here’s a taste of the back cover:

Six Sexy Superheroes (and Superheroines) find their fight to save a city against destruction by Major Ruin, a fiendish Supervillain. is not as hard as their fight against their inner demons and lusts! Meet Mental Giant, a powerful telepath ; Astra Delphiana, an alien cop;  Eye Candi, a voluptuous fiery brawler; Plasma-X a brash, egotistical energy bolt flinger; Lavender Mystic, wielding the dark power of an Irish banshee; and Checkered Past, a hero with a deep dark secret. Seducing each other, and those they meet, rescuing the innocent from danger, battling for their lives, they still can’t help but finding the Supervillains (and Supervillainesses) they battle incredibly arousing. Compelling characters and a sexy storyline make this Christopher Newman’s most remarkable erotic tale yet.

 Here’s an excerpt:

Lavender Mystic a.k.a. Maeve O’Reilly was moaning in pleasure as Jonny began snaking his plasma energized cock between her quivering ass-cheeks and deep into her cunt.  Bent over at the waist causing a deluge of water ran down her body, through her cleavage and pooling at her feet.  The twenty-year old’s heavy breasts bobbing and shivering from her man’s pounding pace.  Reaching out with both hands she steadied herself against the front of the shower stall and tossing her head back to cry out in delight.  The hot vibrations of her boyfriend’s shaft electrifying her sensitive inner tissued cleft like no lover had done before.  Sex with Jonny was more than just good, it was downright amazing!

          “Oh Jonny!” she wailed deliciously.  “Fuck me hard!”

          “You’re so g-good,” he sobbed out behind her. “Nice and tight babe!”

          Reaching between her legs she began stroking her engorged clitoris which made her long legs nearly buckle from pure joy.  Jonny’s hands gripping her swinging tits and grinding desperate fingers into the flesh of her bosom.  Rocking her body back and forth increasing the depths of his penetration of her pussy Maeve’s climax was soon teetering on the edge of explosion.

          “Give it to me!” she demanded softly.  “Give me all of that glorious cock!”

          He didn’t reply.  His hips going into a frenzy of activity driving his thick member harder and faster into her overly stimulated cunt.  One of his hands retreating from her breasts quickly made its presence known to her when he began slapping the right side of her buttocks.  A shocking sting of energy was transmitted from his palm to her rear.  It was more than she could bear.

          “O-oh shit!” she shrieked.

          Maeve’s vision went surreal and the world seemed to take on a distant quality when the detonation between her shivering thighs went off.  Stars appearing in her eyes until she was reduced to a convulsing mass of happy nerve endings and groaning delight.  Sliding off his cock she dropped to her knees in front of him, her legs now unable to support her any longer.

          “You forgetting something babe?” he inquired.

          Twisting around in the shower she was confronted by his bobbing purple-headed cock.  Lunging forward she gobbled it up to the delightful moans of Jonny.  A momentary flash of revulsion passed through her mind when she realized she was sampling the muskiness of her own pussy.  But it was swept away with ease when she took into account the mind-blowing sex he could provide.  Her tongue worked overtime as it teased the bumpy texture of his shaft.  Pushing forward with his hips and driving his member deep into her throat until she could barely breathe.  Gagging slightly she permitted him to delve as far down her gullet as he wished.  A shudder ran through him.

          I would do anything for him! She cheered silently. 

And she had.

          He was her first, her best, and her life.  From the moment they met a year ago the two of them were inseparable both in battle or not.  He had taken her virginity with tender ease, leaving her a full-fledged woman not the sniveling teenager her grandmother treated her as.  He was so much better than that vibrator she had shamefully bought and hidden in her apartment.  His member hummed with more energy than any sex toy could possibly be designed to do. 

          He is deceiving you, the dark Sidhe power she had been born with whispered.  He is untrue to you!

          You lie! She shouted back mentally.  He loves me!

Want the rest?  Buy it here:


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