I was working with a female editor recently and discovered the most amazing thing–another difference between men and women.  The word jiggle.  I write erotica most of the time and the toughest part about it is to make each and every sex scene different and still exciting.  There are only so many words you can use to describe various body parts and how they move.  One of my scenes involved the word jiggle.  Needless to say I was politely told that this word makes women cringe and shudder.


ObviouslyI am a man (or at least the last time I checked) so the bump, roll and jiggle of a woman’s body is among some of the more pleasant movements in the world.  Be they nun or harlot there is something about the shimmying of a woman’s body that strikes a very deep cord in the male mind.   Sensous bouncing, wobbling and swaying sets a man’s libido a-fire and makes him happy he was born male.  Say what you want about pursed, soft lips or even hair spun like silken thread–a woman’s jiggling is extremely sexy.  How was I to know it was a BAD word?

My father once told me that there is always something about a woman that is beautiful.  She might have a great smile, a sultry voice or even sparkling eyes–even her jiggle can be wondrous.  Oh well I guess I learned something new and the world is a sorrier place for it. 

So women harken to my words!  Embrace your jiggling!  Strut and shimmy and remind yourself that the men around you are fascinated, enthralled and mesmerized in the movement of your bodies!  I say we take back the word jiggle, wobble and roll and make it part of the beauty of all womanhood.  Who wants to watch a skinny, anorexic model stomp down the runway, no jiggle in sight!  Toothpick-like legs, no bounce to the ounce–what fun is that?!  Quiver with pride!  Jiggle joyfully! 

We’ll be watching…..



5 responses to “Jiggle?

  1. Though I see your point, as a woman I have to agree with this editor. When we read a romance novel…be it erotica or not, they are often an escape. To feel the part of the female lead in the book. I can’t speak for others here, only myself, and word choice goes a long way in accomplishing this. A word such as ‘jiggle’ tends to remind those of us with body image and self confidence issues that we are no longer look like the heroine of a romance novel. Just my two cents. Look forward to reading more.

  2. Now this is funny. Yes, jiggle makes me think of a bowl of jello. Shimmy, now that brings to mind something more sensual. More arousing. But I sure like to think I’m a tad sexier than a bowl full of jello. LOL.

  3. I bow to the conventional wisdom of my wife and my editor… and all the posts and replies herein. Let us shout our new battlecry to the heavens:

    “Long live Shimmy…Death to Jiggle!”

  4. Death to jiggle? LOL Yes, a bowl full of Jello can jiggle. No woman wants to be compared to Jello. A woman should shimmy. Your wife and editor are very wise women.

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