Unpublished excerpt from “White Light”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following excerpt contains adult language and sexual situations, if you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!  This is book, “White Light” is about woman who has never experienced the joys of sex and meets a man at a bar who offers her a chance to truly examine his cock. 


The inside of her house felt totally strange to her and it had nothing to do with the new furnishings.  A man was in her home.  A man she planned on touching, and perhaps even going further.  Her mouth was dry, her legs were shaking and her pussy was soaking through the small patch of material covering it.  That rebellious part of her body had begun to become aroused right after they came inside.  Now her upper thighs felt hot and slick, driving her further into a confused and eager state.

            Oh what am I doing?  This could turn out so badly! She wept inwardly.

            If you chicken out now you’ll never have another chance at this, her inner voice spat.  He wants you to and you desperately want it as well.  Why go against nature and how it’ll make you both feel?

            “Have a seat,” Sylvia offered with word and gesture.

            “Nice couch,” he complimented her.


            “Make yourself comfortable.”

            “Do us both a favor and put on some music.”

            “Songs to touch a man by?  I don’t think I have anything like that in my collection.”

            “I have some Pepe Sanchez in my Suburban.  Let me go get it.”

            “I’ve never heard of him.”

            “He’s known as the father of trova style of bolero, a slow tempo Latin music usually played in three-fourths time,” Nick replied. 


            Watching him depart she wondered briefly if he was going to come back or flee into the night out of pure desperation to save her embarrassment.  Shutting off a few of the lights she found it was more romantic in the terms of what was about to transpire.  Her heart was thudding in her rib cage until he returned.

            “Here,” he said holding out a CD. “Put this on.”

            Pressing the Eject button she set the colorful disc onto the tray and pushed it in gently, the faint sounds began and Sylvia found it was very pleasing.  Turning around she saw he was standing there nervously. 

            “How do you want to start?” she inquired.

            “You decide.  I want you to set the pace and I’ll just follow along quietly.”

            Reaching up she ran a shaking hand across his belt feeling the coldness of the buckle, the smoothness of the leather and bumping over the loops of his pants.  Her palm stopped and ran from his belt clasp downward.  He softly sighed when her digits passed by the bulge protruding against the crotch of his trousers and beyond.  Licking her lips she parted the folds of his fly.  The silver of the zipper twinkled in the low illumination and Sylvia discovered her fingers were quaking too much to capture the small object that would free his cock from its imprisonment.  Using her other hand she held the fabric apart and tugged his fly down slow and leisurely.

            “Ah,” he gasped.

            It didn’t flop out like she expected.  Spying into the darkness of his fly she could see his cock coiled around his underwear.  It was slowly growing.  Fascinated she watched while he stood there and waited patiently.  Reaching into the recesses of his pants and finding to her surprise that his pubic hair tickled her knuckles while she fished around gently.  With her other hand spreading the zipper apart Sylvia slid out the object that was mesmerizing her. 

            Okay I’ve seen a few in my time as a nurse but I’ve always averted my eyes, she admitted to herself.  But this is truly fascinating.

            The tip of it was helmet-shaped and an odd shade of pink but not quite light purple.  The tiny slit it possessed flexed with each new spurt of growth.  It widened in diameter until reaching a ridge-like ending that rolled over onto the foreskin beyond.  Lifting it upward she gazed into the soft flesh running beneath.  Her actions made Nick grunt.  She could see that the color of his foreskin was lighter where he had been circumcised so many years ago for the rest of the penis was darker in hue.

            It’s like a tube under here where it is flatter on the top, she said in a not so clinical manner.  Emerging from underneath the base of it and sinking into the head the flesh is more loosely gathered than the other side.  Look at all the blue veins running and criss-crossing his penis!  I expected it to be smooth on the surface but it has bumps and ridges almost by design.  I wonder why?

            Running a lightly clenched hand down the quivering shaft she marveled at how it smoothed out the skin and then crinkled it up when she dragged her palm towards the tip.  The act made his cock jump in her hand, surprising her.   Sylvia noted his testicles for the first time.

            Gathered up beneath the lengthening shaft they were hugging tightly against his body.  Thinking almost that these busy factories were retreating from her she caressed them with her other hand making Nick gasp. 

            Wow they’re hard and knotted up, she mused.  They’re as vein covered and his penis but surrounding them is flesh of the same texture as the skin on an elbow.  Look at the gray hairs in his pubes!  I never thought about that.  I know he sports it near his temples I never expected to find it around his cock and balls.

            Heat erupting all over her body and a breathless feeling coursing through it as well made her giddy like she was in a place with a thinner atmosphere.  Breathing heavily she tried to remain calm, but it wasn’t possible.  Pounding like a bass drum her heart thundered in her chest and she found herself licking her unexpectedly dry lips.  Continuing her examination she undid his pant’s button and let them fall to the floor around his ankles.  With a quick release of the interesting organ in her hand she tugged his boxer shorts off with a single yank.  There he stood before her, open and utterly revealed for her visual inspection.

            I can smell a musky scent, Sylvia thought.

            Caressing the tight shapes of his testicles and slowly stroking his cock she began to deliberately make him grow to fullness. 

            I know all the medical reasons for what’s happening.  The contraction of the testicles, the cutting off of blood to make the penis hard and the rest but it’s amazing to witness live and in person.  Oh my God what is that?

            A pearl-colored drop oozing out of the tiny slit in the head of his shaft appeared slowly.  Shining in the soft light it tantalized and teased her.  Staring at it like it was the sudden emergence of an alien life form coming out of a spacecraft her she found her eyes were captivated by it. 

            I-I know what I want to do! Sylvia stammered to herself.  But this is supposed to be just a clinical examination.

            You dowsed the lights and he suggested soft music, don’t you realize that he wants exactly for you to do what exactly what you’re currently thinking? a unbidden voice suggested.

            “I want…,” she began.

            “I know it’s okay,” he answered hoarsely.

            She leaned forward with trembling and opening lips.

He slid across her lower lip and onto her tongue.  A sigh of satisfaction groaned out of Nick’s mouth when she closed around his quivering cock.  Pumping leisurely her other hand stroked the base of his shaft while her lips encircled his girth and Sylvia experienced his intimate flavor.  The dot of pre-come sang upon her taste buds.  The salty flavor made her try to categorize it but it defied all her attempts to do so.   She gave up trying and pushed forward dragging the sensitive organ further back until she could take no more of his length.  Pulling back she began unconsciously coating the rigid, throbbing cock with hot saliva until it easily slipped and slid out between her lips.  Flicking her eyes to either side she grinned when noting his hands and curled into silent fists and shook mightily.

            He’s trying to remain calm but I’ve pushed him past that point, she quietly smirked.

            Her left hand rose to cup the pulsating twin balls beneath the object snaking in and out of her mouth.  Bucking forward from the sensation Nick drove his cock deeper into her mouth almost making her gag.  Reason fled Sylvia in a hot flash.

            I want this!  Oh God how I want this! she shuddered. 

            Her professional investigation vanished in an instant and permitting herself to lose control she began to suck him with a virginal eagerness that shocked and pleased her.  Rocking back and forth on her heels Sylvia enjoyed the fullness in her mouth, how it bulged her cheeks when she turned her head.  The hardness of his organ and the willingness of her actions made her feel totally in control and in the moment.  Departing his hard working balls she stroked his right leg to discover his knees were shaking.  He let out a moan of regret when she stopped her oral assault and pushed him gently to the couch.  His member was now a hot scarlet shade bobbing towards her absent mouth seemingly angry for the sudden lack of attention.

            “Sit down,” she husked out.  “You’re going to fall.”

            He said nothing in response, but did as she bade him.

            Spreading his legs with her hands Sylvia marveled at the wet glistening of her own salvia on this man’s cock.  Trying not to giggle she proceeded to cover his rampant shaft with her lips once more.  Slurping sounds filling her ears along with the barely audible sighs from Nick she greedily devoured him.  It was minutes before she realized that his hands were on either side of her head tenderly guiding her face. 

            I wonder how much I can take? she pondered.  He’s so big…so hard and I can’t believe I’m thinking of doing this!

            Pressing her face into his lap she allowed the thickly convulsing organ to reach the back of her throat past her gums.  Hotness erupted on her face when her air supply was cut off.  Pulling back frantically she regain a clearer passage to her lungs but the overwhelming feeling of having such a mouthful thrilled her.  

            One more time but less enthusiastically I think.

            Rolling his balls in her right hand, stroking the base with her other and letting him slide to the back of her throat Sylvia made Nick cry out loudly.  Grinning around the base of his cock she giggled when his pubic hair tickled her lips, cheeks and nose.

            “Oh…Sylvia,” he gasped.  “T-that is incredible!”

            I’m glad you like it but I’m not done, she thought at him.

            Shockingly Nick raised his legs and put his feet on the cushions of the couch exposing his entire bottom half.  A dim recollection invaded her mind and she recalled what he said about his prostate.  Sliding out of her mouth the cock twitched and shivered in front of her nose while she put her left index finger into her mouth wetting it with as much spit as possible. 

            He senses what I’m about to do, look at how he’s trembling! She stated inwardly.

            Covering his throbbing, aching cock with her mouth she began pressing the wet tip of her digit into the puckered opening below and behind his balls.

            “Oh…shit!” he sobbed out.

            This is so much fun!  I’m driving him crazy and I’m loving every second of it!

            Sinking up to the second knuckle Nick’s anus firmly gripped her finger.  Pumping it in and out in the same rhythm of her other hand and mouth she provided almost too much stimulation.  His legs began thrashing.  The wide mouthful began swelling in a frantic rush and Sylvia, despite her lack of experience knew what was about to happen.

            “S-Sylvia…,” he gasped.  “I can’t…I can’t…”

            “It’s okay,” she mumbled around his cock.

            Increasing her sucking, pumping and penetrating (and ignoring her rapidly aching knees) she gave him all she had.  Beating against the cushions Nick’s fists flailed spastically.  Her index finger sank all the way to her last knuckle, burying itself deeply into his rectum.  The first fluttering touch of tip of her digit against his hidden gland was enough to set him off.  Rearing back from what was about to occur she was still struck in the mouth by his climatic ejaculation. 

            Oh! She stated.

            Each flexing of his cock spewed another hot glob of seed onto her face making her eyes widen in surprise.  The smell of it, the accidental taste of it made her shudder between the legs until desire overrode her revulsion at it all.  Leaning forward she opened her mouth to cover the jerking cock and received, for her sins, a dollop of semen on her tongue.  That strange salty taste, unclassified by her mind, erupting into her brain set off a chain-reaction of sexual need.

            “Mmmm,” she moaned.

            Running her tongue all over his length she cleaned and lapped at his quivering organ until he was begging her in a strangled voice to stop.  Gone was the so-in-control man and in his place was revealed a male of flesh and blood, desire and need which made her happy to witness.  The evolution was dramatic.

            I can’t believe how soft it’s going.  More amazing is how easily I descended into a primal creature happily dining on his come, Sylvia said happily shuddering.   But my own needs are thundering through me, begging for release—but I’m afraid!  I don’t mind letting him bare his soul b-but I’m not ready to!

            Rising to her feet she padded into the kitchen and quickly washed her hands and face.  Revulsion shuddered through her when she realized where her left index finger had been.  Taking extra care she used anti-bacterial dish soap to clean away any traces upon that digit.  The tiny red thong running between the crack of her ass and over her increasingly dampening cunt was saturated.  Her own need pounding between her eyes made her feel frustrated and angry.

            Okay so now I’ve sucked a man’s penis, she thought.  My pussy is aching and I so badly want to come but I don’t think I can let him touch me just yet.  God this is so stupid!  I want him, need him but I’m so terrified he’ll tell me I’m bad in bed or just plain ugly.  I have to rid myself of David’s vulgar comments but not tonight!  I just can’t do it tonight. What have I done?  Am I becoming just like my co-workers, a pack of sluts who eagerly offer up their services just for a moment’s pleasure?  Oh God now I’m guilty!  What should I do?  I’m horny and yet I felt so terrible!

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