Release Day!

Love Bites Back

Greetings All!

  Today is the release day for my vampire/romance/erotica “Love Bites Back” from Freya’s Bower (  Here’s the back cover blurb:

I’m Crystal Payne, yeah I know it’s not an original name, but yeah, it’s better than nothing. What do I do? Well I hunt those things that go bump in the night for profit. Notice I didn’t say fun? So when a vampire comes to visit trying to hire me, I’m a little less than enthusiastic, no matter how handsome and debonair he is. Instead, I take a job for the Snowden family. Their daughter Heather has gone missing in a notorious club frequented (and owned) by vampires… The Uptown Club. It’s a nasty place, and I know Heather’s been missing for three days. That can only mean one thing. She’s no longer human but a bloodsucking menace that needs to be put down. Maybe if I’m lucky I can clean the entire place out. If I’m very, very lucky, that is.

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