Love Bites Back…reviewed!

ISBN# 9781936222162
January 2010
Freya’s Bower
42 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Crystal Payne is the person you do not want to meet if you are a Vampire. She is a kick ass, no bar holding vampire hunter/slayer and Paranormal Investigator for hire. She is the one you want if you need to find the undead or one of their victims, did I mention she is also a witch?

Renaldo happens to be a vampire and a very good looking one at that. He has a reason to contact Crystal; he has information for her that the vampires are becoming organized. Not a good thought at all for mankind and some Vampires, he also another reason to come to Crystal.

Believe it or not, Crystal did not start out doing this for fun but for a reason. When the Vampire Plague hit, her high school sweetheart was newly turned, and he was her first encounter with said vampires. Now Renaldo shows up taunting her with the information that the vampires are going union and organizing themselves. Next thing she knows, she is looking for a missing girl and ends up in trouble herself with no help unless it is from Renaldo.

From the first page this grips you and is also a fun and fast-paced read as well. It has a list of characters that pack a punch, and exciting action sequences abound. There is also a bit of a thing for both Crystal and Renaldo who is not your normal vampire. Imagine if you will, the man of your dreams is someone who would have been the creature in your nightmare instead. With a bit of love anything can happen and just might, so look on the bright side, stuff happens, deal with it and sometimes it is really good stuff at that.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More

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