A Terrible Tryst of Fate…reviewed!

Rating: 3.5

Reviewing site: Bitten by Books (www.bittenbybooks.com)

One of the things that I adore is world building, and Newman didn’t disappoint. While his vision of Hell isn’t exactly new (after all, Dante wrote about the nine circles quite some time ago) it has that certain spark that makes it enjoyable and refreshing. Anyone who likes description and careful world construction won’t be disappointed by this book. The world in intense, the creatures are creative, the characters are well developed, what more could you ask for? Oh, of course; a plot. Well, this book delivers that, too. The contrast between Erzsébet’s dark, disturbing sensuality and Amelia’s gentle love for Hunter offers a nice dimension to the story, as well as the interaction between the two main characters. Overall, I consider this book a win-win, and if you’ve got a soft spot for Hellions and complicated love stories, I recommend adding A Terrible Tryst of Fate to your reading list.

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