AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a work of erotic fiction!  I am in no way suggesting this has every happened with any member of the Olympic Team.  I just had this crazy idea and wrote this.  If you are below the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW for this contains nudity, alcohol consumption and adult language.


            “Come on Abby it’s all set up and it’ll be fun!” Meredith squealed happily.  “I didn’t buy all this booze and baby oil for nothing.”

            “I don’t know about this it seems so—perverted!” I said, setting down my empty beer bottle.

            I was filled with trepidation and a bit of embarrassment.   Granted nobody was in the gym but it didn’t make it any easier and outside the Minnesota winter wind howled.  The rest of my curling team was present besides me and Meredith.  It was past midnight and we had been celebrating.  Cindy and Roxanne stood around brazenly nude and oiled, just like me and Meredith.  Before me stretched a long rubber sheet gleaming with the same lubricate.  Roxie the brunette and Cindy the blonde were barely containing their laughter.

            “Just lie on your stomach and grab your ankles,” Roxie said.

            “Trust us!  Come on Abby this is a great idea,” Cindy giggled.

            I stared at the rest of them and turned hot and red from embarrassment.  We’d been doing a bit of drinking since hearing our team was in the running for the Olympic trials.  But this?  This was pure insanity.  But it was too late to back out now so I sank to the ground crushing my breasts against the cold sheet.  Roxie and Cindy took a hold of my upper arms and ankles and lifted me up.  Terror filled me as they began to swing me back and forth.  Meredith stood there with the broom a few feet away in front of me.  Her hot body was glistening with oil making her skin look so soft and inviting.  Each arc of my body brought her nearer and the farther away as the girls rocked me back and forth in mid-air. 

            “One, two…,” Cindy chanted.

            “Three!” Roxie shrieked happily.

            At the bottom of my motion they released their grip sending me flying towards the slick mat.  I hit with a thump and the breath was knocked out of me as my ribs compressed from the impact.  Legs spreading wide only held together by the death-grip I had on my ankles.  Meredith rushed in front of me and swept the baby oil to keep me moving.  Skidding and sliding I began to rotate to the left, apparently Roxie was stronger than Cindy and used more strength.

            “Keep you boobs up!” the brunette called out with a laugh.

            “Oh my god, check it out!  She’s doing great!” the blonde chattered.

            I felt so dirty, open and yet it was incredibly exhilarating.  Meredith’s broom swished in front of me as I glided down the rubber mat.  My pussy was grinding into the slick surface, my clitoris rubbing against it making it tingle and grow as aroused as my nipples.  Turning my body to the right I corrected my spin and started laughing.  I now I knew how the curling stone felt sliding towards the house, it’s speed helped out by the sweepers moving their brooms quickly in front of it, guiding it towards victory.  I could feel the greasy feeling of my pubs, the decadent slipperiness of my skin on the mat and the firm, hard rubbing of my clit.  The hot stares of my teammates on my naked soaring body and their tittering nervous laughter echoed behind me.  A quick glance backwards showed that Roxie and Cindy were masturbating frantic and openly. Their inhibitions were gone from all the beer and my splayed, sliding and naked body.  The sight of them harshly caressing their pussies seared into my mind.  It was too much. My mouth fell open when my climax hit.  Roaring through me like none before I succumbed to ride the hot wave like my body was doing on the mat.

            “Aaaaaghh!” I wailed.

            “I knew it!” Meredith gasped. “I just knew she’d come!  You guys didn’t believe me but check her out—it’s an orgasmic tsunami!”

            I finally slid to a stop, my nose touching the house’s far red curve and my body dancing from the post erotic delight.  Releasing my legs I sank to the oily sheet a quivering mass of fleshy delight.

            “How was it?” Meredith snickered leaning down to speak into my ear.

            “You just gotta try this,” I sighed.

AUTHOR’S NOTE PART 2:  In case you wondered where the heck I got this idea from check the below picture:

I couldn't help but wonder why this was happening...thus the above story.

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