Agnes Biggenbotten gets another review!

The lovely ladies at Coffee Time Romance Reviews has given Agnes a four up performance.  See what they had to say below!

ISBN#: 9781770650329
February 2010
Eternal Press
101 Pages
Light Erotic Romance, Humor
Rating: 4 Cups

Agnes Biggenbotten has led both an adventurous as well as heart-rending life. She has been accused of being a witch, loved by a Baron who died, adopted by a fatherly man who taught her to be strong, and finally recognized the love of her life when he comes back into her life.

Young Lukas is no longer the young man he once was, although he is still the man who stood up for the woman no one would defend. He has waited all these years for her to come back into his life and make it complete.

Agnes has traveled the long and winding road of life for it to only lead her back to where it all started. Will the assassin bent on her death find her, or will she finally have her happily ever after?

Christopher Newman has a unique voice in writing. I rather enjoyed the different voices he used and how he spoke directly to the reader. Agnes Biggenbotten is a special lady in a time when women were taught that their looks were all they would need. It was refreshing to read a story of such a strong but feminine character. The Scandalous Tale of Agnes Biggenbotten is well worth the read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Just a friendly note that this book is in paperback at for the low price of $6.50!  I got my copy the other day and was pleasantly pleased with the quality of the book itself.

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