Tender Tentacles

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is a work of romantic erotica containing adult language and sexual situations.  If you are below the age of eighteen years of age LEAVE NOW!  This is another one of those stories I wrote because of an image I saw on the Internet (just like in Curling).  Below is the very image that provoked this tale. 

Tender Tentacles

            Suki Sato stood in front of the table laden with fish, her knife in her hand.  The dirty look upon her face crinkling up her pert nose for the task at hand seemed endless.  Mr. Wang’s Fish Market was a busy place in the city of San Francisco and the wharf-side shop was crawling with customers.  Most of them were Americans who looked like they were straight out of the travel magazines.  A sigh heaved through her small chest and she yanked across another cold, wet and dead aquatic animal to begin gutting it up for sale.  Stuffing her brown hair under her hairnet she groaned silently and got to work.

            It’s raining outside, I’m stuck in here chopping up fish and I’m lonely, the she groused to herself.  To think I left this kind of situation in Japan only to suffer it here in America is ironic.

          The only bright spot stood across from her at the same table.  A black haired Asian beauty worked in silence.  She had found herself grinning unexpectedly when the newcomer was introduced by Mr. Wang.  But Lin Arimori had kept her eyes downcast ever since then.  It was obvious this employee fresh off the plane.  Although Suki was from Japan she knew without a doubt Lin was from Korea.  Her rounder eyes and softer facial features were a testament to her heritage.  Somehow Suki knew finding a job here at Mr. Wang’s and working here part-time was less than this girl expected.  She still felt the same way since coming from Toyko.  That fact didn’t deter the other woman, for it only being her first day on the job she appeared too serious and focused.  Suki, on the other hand was well versed in her chores having been here for six months. 

            Looking over she tried not to stare in fear of getting caught.  Lin was heavier in the chest, her breasts rolling and shuddering with every flashing of her knife.  The stray ebony strands escaping the confines of her hair net made Suki’s fingers itch to push them back out of the way.  Her soft skin, those deep brown eyes and the puckered bow-like lips had provided her with too much of a distraction.  She had nipped herself with her sharp blade once already producing a thin ribbon of blood which had run down her fingertip.  She stuck it into her mouth just before going to the medical kit hanging on the wall.  Fortunately for Suki, Lin hadn’t realized what exactly had happened.  Nor could she see the interest boiling out of her.

            “It’s lunch time!” Mr. Wang called out twice, once in Japanese and the other in Korean. 

           She had been so bothered by her musings she hadn’t heard the man come into the backroom.  The rest of them, an even dozen smiled and set down their tools and quickly made their way out.  They clucked and chatted like a pack of noisy hens.  Mr. Wang seemed to exclusively employ Asian women from a variety of nations.  But he was fond of Japanese or Koreans. He seemed to like to employ only people from those two countries.  Suki knew this was the case because the shop holder was from Okinawa but his wife was from Seoul.  She took great delight in noticing that Lin reacted at the first announcement.

            She speaks Japanese, how interesting

            After their co-workers filed out of the backroom.  However looking quite confused and unsure what to do Lin stood there waiting for someone to tell her where to go and what to do.

            “You didn’t bring lunch?” Suki asked.

            “No I had a hard time getting up,” she muttered, still avoiding Suki’s eyes.

            “I brought enough for two do you want to share?”

            “I would be honored.”

            “You’re name is Lin, right?”


            “My name’s Suki—I’m from Japan.  Where were you born?”


            “I see.  Don’t be shy I won’t bite.”

            Unless you want me to.

            She handed the other woman the second of two sandwiches she had brought from her small apartment a few blocks away.  Luckily Suki had a spare Coke as well.  Silently they both sat on stools away from the cutting table, their backs to the wall.

            “I sense you’re very sad,” the Japanese woman boldly said.  “Do you miss your home and family?”

            “Yes,” Lin whispered.  “My brother didn’t make it.  The soldiers at the docks chased him down.  He was helping me into the boat when they spotted us, he ran away to distract them.  I don’t know if he’s still alive.”

            “You’re from North Korea then.”


            “Are you all alone here?”

            “Mr. Wang works with an organization that helps people like my brother and I to escape the terrible regime in the North.  I owe him much.”

            “I’m so sorry about your brother.  I’m sure in time he’ll join you.”

            “I pray this will be the case.  But he had no where to run back to since our family had disowned us both.”

            Eating in silence once more Suki couldn’t help but be curious about the details of Lin’s escape. It was a pleasant change in her thoughts distracting her from the nearness of this beautiful woman.  However she watched as a tear ran down her perfect cheek and the need to kiss it away was almost too great. 

            “You’re very pretty but you need to smile more often,” she said eventually.  “You’re in America now and the possibilities are endless.  You can go to school and get a good education, even become an activist or a lawyer and help people like your brother.”

            “I-I hadn’t thought of that,” the yellow skinned beauty stammered.

            “It’s true!  There is so much opportunity here it’s unbelievable.  All you need is some friends and a good laugh.”

            “I don’t think I’ll ever laugh again—not after Chen.”

            “I can make you laugh I bet!”

            Jumping up a strange humor filled her soul and with a silly grin she scampered over to the table.  Suki snapped up an uncut octopus and slapped it on her head, the rubbery tentacles coldly caressing her face and dripping sea water down her neck.  Turning in place she struck a comical antagonist’s pose, crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

            “Argh!” she laughed. “It’s the revenge of the hentai tentacle beast–it has returned from the cold sea!  Run for your lives!”

            The astonished look on Lin’s face was priceless.  The hand holding her sandwich was frozen halfway to her lips for several for several awkward and silent seconds.  A smile split the Korean’s face and she covered her mouth with a dainty hand to cover her giggling laughter.  The tinkling sound was infectious and soon Suki found she was snickering uncontrollably as well. 

            “You are so funny!” Lin wailed, tears running down her face.

            “I told you I could make you smile.”

            Surprisingly her lunch mate leaped to her feet and ludicrously jammed another of the many limbed sea creature on her own skull.  Jokingly she pranced around striking hysterical stances, like some weird model and making funny grunting noises.  The oozing limbs quivering and swinging while she moved.  The water dipping down her features washing away her tears. 

            “All run in fear from the sequel!  It’s the Twin Tentacle Beasts!” Lin said in an movie announcer’s voice.  “No one is safe!  Flee to the hills—scream in terror!”

             Suki fell to her knees, her stomach aching from all the merriment.  Wrapping her arms around her middle she hugged the cramping sensations contorting her belly.  Wiping tears from her eyes sat down on the floor.

            “Thank you,” her co-worker said amid a fit of giggling.  “I really needed that.”

            She sank down in front of her.  Lin’s sweet face just a foot away from Suki’s making the desire to kiss her take precedence in her mind. 

            “I would like to be your friend,” the Korean said.

           The soft expression which crossed her features as she spoke made Suki blush out of embarrassment, this woman only wanted to be her friend.  All the wishing in the world wouldn’t transform her into a lover.  She felt sadness well up into her soul, for too long she had been single.  Leaving her last lover in Japan Suki had yet to find another for the hectics days had been spent just trying to survive in San Francisco.  The newcomer cocked an eyebrow at her reaction.  Turning away for her misery would only drag Lin back down into her own.  She didn’t want that to happen.

             “You are sad too,” the taller woman softly stated.

            “I-it’s nothing,” she lied.

            “Don’t be unhappy.  Look!  Your sister Tentacle Beast is about to stick out her tongue at the world!”

            Turning to face Lin her mouth dropped open in shock.  The woman had put a chopped up tentacle into her mouth and it hung down to her lap making her look like some strange drooling creature.  Between the limply hanging rubber strands dangling off Lin’s head and the bizarre mouthful she was sporting Suki’s sorrow disappeared.  Reaching out she grabbed up the other end and stuffed it between her lips.  Between choking fits of mirth and watery eyes they sat there on the cold, watery concrete floor like two female asylum inmates.  Suki’s merriment was halted unexpectedly when Lin reached out a hand and put it on her shoulder.  The contact made the moment freeze in time.  Eons passed while the warmth of the other woman’s hand sank into her shirt and infused a hot feeling throughout her body.

            “Lin I’m not sure…,” she blubbered past a slimy mouthful.

            An expression passed across Lin’s face like a cloud crossing the summer sky.  Leisurely it seemed to hang there.  The woman’s hand descending from her shoulder sent heated chills into Suki’s mind.  Sitting like a statue she watched as Lin undid the buttons to her blouse and tugged down the straps of her bra.  Cold air of the back room caressing the flesh of her chest made her realize this was no lesbian fantasy of hers.  She was not lying on her bed, masturbating to a dreamed up scene from her fevered and frustrated imagination.  She was really experiencing this pleasant drifting upon a boiling sea of hot emotions   The icy chill and the searing anticipation made her nipples erect and protrude, hoping for the possibility of being touched, caressed or kissed. 

            “Really Lin you shouldn’t…,” she began.

            “Sssh be quiet I want to,” answered the pretty woman mumbled, still kneeling in front of her.

            Shivering with anticipation Suki just waited, her breath husking out between quivering lips.  Finally an errant palm and long fingers slid down to encompass her small A-cup breast.  Both of them groaned in ecstasy while her bosom was kneaded and squeezed.  A flood of desire exploded from her soul and filled her with a passion she had long given up on.

          “Your breasts are so petite.  So firm and soft,” Lin warbled past the tentacle.

          She couldn’t formulate a reply, only sigh and moan with pleasure.  Suki locked her gaze with the one from this magnificent woman’s.  In the Korean girl’s eyes she thought she could fathom the reason she had been cast out of her family.  Why this gorgeous creature had left her homeland and why her brother trying to protect her.  She wasn’t sure this was real. 

         It could be only a fantasy, a made-up story I creating as she fondles meOh this feels so good!  I’ve missed being touched!

        But the idea that Lin was the same as her, a woman who loved other women made her heart pound like a wild thing in her chest.  It felt like it was trying to break past her ribs and drop into Lin’s hands a visible gift proving her secret admiration and desire.  Like the ropey length of gray octopus tentacle hanging between their lips, the unspoken questions they both longed to ask dangled there in a tantalizing silence.  Lin unbuttoned her top displaying the C-cupped beauties she possessed.  The silent kneading of her tits and the unabashed exposure making Suki’s heart swell with an aching need.  The comical scene was transcended by the shining affection in both of their eyes. 

       Lin was beautiful.  Her perfect pink capped breasts, the flesh of her bosom dotting with goose-pimple made Suki almost pass out.  Shockingly Lin was leaning forward placing her other hand on Suki’s other breast.  Responding kind, she too reached out taking both of those tantalizingly soft globes in her hands, her thumbs brushing the engorged buds.  Their heavy weight and womanly warmth made her moan and close her eyes.  Fondling each other in silence the two women pinched and kneaded one another, words now meaningless.  Oozing out of her bow-like lips the grayed flesh of the tentacles flopped out and hit the floor with a splat.  Suki parted her jaws releasing the other end.

            “I want to kiss you,” Lin whispered.  “Would you like that?”

            “I-I can’t believe this,” she hoarsely muttered. “Are you being serious?  If you’re lying you will break my heart.”

            Bending at the waist she made good on her admittance.  Those pert flower-like lips met hers.  A soft moan escaped her co-worker’s mouth while their tongues danced and cavorted.  The kiss was too brief it left Suki only wanting more.

            “No I am being sincere,” Lin demurely stated, looking down. “I have been watching you watch me. If you had been paying more attention you would’ve seen me doing the same.  When you cut yourself I wanted to kiss the hurt away.  I felt the connection between us, like our hearts were talking without us knowing about it.  I tried to turn away, to concentrate on my work but since I first laid eyes on you my heart was lost.  Say you feel the same way.”

            Suki was shocked and saw tears forming in Lin’s eyes.  She wiped them away.

            “I do feel the same.  I can’t believe y-you’re gay?” she asked.

            “What is gay?” the Korean asked quizzically.  “If you mean that I crave a women’s touch instead of a man’s then you are right.  My family disowned me because I refused to marry some bow-legged young man in our village.  My parents were angry when I refused for they had spent a lot of money on the marriage broker who arranged it all.  My brother risked being cast out as well just to help me leave the country.  Chen risked his own happiness so his little sister could live as she wished.”

            “That is so noble.”

            “He was a good man.”

            “Where are you staying?” Suki inquired.

            “Mr. Wang is letting me stay above the shop for right now,” Lin stated.

            “Would you like to go out after work for tea perhaps?”

            “I’d like that.  We have much to discuss and I very much wish to explore the feelings you have stirred in my heart.”

            “Your thoughts equal mine.”

            Footsteps shook them out of the strange, comical but romantic scene.  Lin kissed her again.  It still wasn’t long enough for Suki’s taste but it held all the promise and passion of better things to come.  Quickly stuffing themselves into bras and shirts they stood up just as their co-workers came back.  Striking silly poses like some wierd pop-icon singers they both shocked and amused their fellow fish gutters.  They joined the howling laughter which penetrated into the front of the shop.  Mr. Wang came running into the back to stare in shock at the two women wearing fishy and bizarre headgear. 

            Winking at the taller woman Suki smiled at the anticipation of getting off work, showering and having tea with Lin.  Her dreary mood dispersed in the sunshine of Lin’s returned grin.  Hope blossomed anew in her heart.

            Perhaps today wasn’t such a bad day after all, she mused silently.

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