A Dream I Had

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following was written during a very important time of my life when the future was uncertain and yet still exciting.

A Dream I Had

     This dream was one of color, sound, and light.  Almost too real not to be a vision of the future granted to me by an angelic or divine power.  It came to me as I had departed the world of reality and entered the dreamscape without a break from real senses to my dream senses.  It started without form and color as if I was flying without mechanical means through a gray sky as if by magic.  Swooping and diving and trying to avoid the various flashes of bright white lightning, I was desperate to find the correct direction of the ground.  Sudden torrents of rain pelted my body as the wild winds whipped and snapped at my clothes.  The skies were suddenly full of black clouds and violent gray rain that seemed determined to swat me from the sky like an unworthy intruder or a dying species of avian life.  Another buffet of wind tossed me into a downward spiral that had me frantically trying to correct my course.  Twisting and turning my body straining every muscle I couldn’t seem to get myself righted.  I couldn’t seem to find the right configuration of my body to stabilize myself and get control of my predicament.  I was doomed unless I could find my bearings and hope that without the instincts of a bird, I could find my way safely to the ground.

     Suddenly I broke through the angry clouds and began to see the earth below me, rising up faster than I cared to admit.  Like Icarus, I had flown too high and proudly and now was falling to my death.  This demise messily would only leave a stain upon rains-soaked ground to mark my passing.  My arms were too weary to fight the storm any longer and my legs and back ached with the exertions that I had put them through.  Totally spent from my war with my elemental adversary, I plummeted to the ground to water the plants with my blood.  I suddenly had come to terms with my fate, and hoped that the sudden impact would be brief and painless.

     Without warning and despite a lack of any prayer, a figure swooped from the sky and shot arrow-like toward my falling figure.  Unlike the rest of my dream this figure was full of color, real color not like the false hues on a bad painter’s canvas.  Cloaked in a billowing light blue robe that was backless as it was sheer, the figure was definitely female in both form and mannerisms.  A pair of wings on her bare back beat in perfect rhythm keeping her aloft and in control.  The wings started white at the shoulders blended to dove gray for the most part and ended in black tipped feathers.  A mane of the deepest ebony hair streaked backwards from her perfect brow as she spied my plight and took note of my sorry situation.  Without missing a beat, she folded those beautiful wings and dropped towards me with an astonishing speed.  I noticed that wherever this divine figure passed, the color was returning to the world.  The clouds were less black and more a dark blue with deep violet highlights.  The lightning flashed more yellow than the angry white I had seen before.  I was as if the Almighty was using this heavenly figure to repaint the stormy sky and return the wonderful hues to the world.

     Before I could react she wrapped a slender alabaster arm around my waist and with the other arm calmed my flailing arms to ease her burden.  Her beautiful cheek was pressed against the right side of my face.  I could feel the warmth of her skin and the faint smell of peppermint on her breath as she breathed.  Without the use of a calm voice, my savior some let me know that she had the situation completely under control. 

     She shifted her body during our flight and I found myself beneath her facing downward with both of her arms encircling my body underneath my arms.  She clasped her hands near my breastbone and I noticed the faint pink nails that she possessed.  I twisted my head to get a better look at her face and was rewarded with a soft pink smile that showed pearl white teeth perfectly even.  Her smile so unblemished would be enough to bring the sourest of dentists to tears.  Her clear brown eyes had a glint of mirth in them as they took my close scrutinizing as a high compliment.

     Suddenly she arched her back and beat her wings to slow our descent.  I looked away from her divine face and saw that the green grass was only a few yards from us.  I could tell I had distracted her a bit too much and she was compensating for that by her current exertions.  But, with the grace and beauty of one born to fly, she easily slowed our breakneck speed and we touched down ever so gently to the ground.  I took a breath of rain heavy air and dropped to one knee in the soggy ground.  Mud oozed up as my weight was placed on that knee and I realized that I was almost giddy with excitement to still live to see another day.  I barked out a laugh of pure happiness and took great gulps of air to replenish that what I spent. 

     I turned to my savior and without much as a thought I wrapped my arms around her dainty shoulders and kissed her soundly on those perfectly shaped rose-colored lips.  I was taken back by the faintest taste of the same peppermint that I had smelled earlier.  Her skin, despite the heavy downpour, smelled of juniper and was almost too pure to be believed.   Her radiance defied any description so I will merely say that I could not put words to it.  Words have become too commonplace in this ad-infested world, how does one describe a beautiful flower with the same words being used for a dish detergent.  She graced me with a return on my initial kiss, a wink, and took to the air with a smile slyer than that should be on one so heavenly. 

     It was then I woke up from this dream and was too saddened to find that it was a dream, not reality.  Would I meet this angelic woman that took me under her wing and saved my life, soul, and dreams?  Would I find that perfect someone who could love me with all her heart and soul?  I didn’t know for certain, but the faint smell of juniper in the air of my bedroom, and peppermint fragrance on my pillow told me that I just might.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Little did I know in just a few short months my soulmate Diane would come into my life.  I have never felt lost and alone again due to her presence. 

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