The Pink Mouse Avenger!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Okay this is part five in my wild attempts to take a strange picture off the web and use it to create a story.  The pic in question is at the bottom of this story.  By the way, for full effect read this aloud like you are the announcer of some superhero show! LOL

The Pink Mouse Avenger!

            The call came suddenly.  The Mouse Hole’s lights began blinking in quick flashes of red shocking me out of my contemplations of my last encounter with my arch-nemesis The Latex Cat.  I rushed over to the Mouse Computer and stared into the monitor.  A security camera feed from a local bank showed like attired minions holding the employees and patrons at bay with guns.  Their sneering lips twisted beneath the cowls they wore.  In the center of the mix was a familiar figure.  Clad in skin tight black latex, her body full and womanly—but filled with evil it was her!  It was The Latex Cat!

            “By my mother’s whiskers!” I exclaimed.  “There’s evil afoot!  This looks like a job for the Pink Mouse Avenger!”

            Jumping into the Mouse-mobile I fired up the engine, the rockets in the back shooting licking flames and shot the vehicle forward.

            “I haven’t a moment to spare!”

            Blurring past the windshield trees and bushes flashed by making a greenish smear in my peripheral vision.  The bubble-shaped car, complete with mouse ears and tail roared into the highway and towards the scene of the crime.  I gripped the wheel, my knuckles turning white, not from fear of the speed I was traveling but the need to dispense justice!

            “I must be careful,” I told myself. “I narrowly escaped her clawed clutches the last time!”

            In fact I nearly had been torn to pieces after her henchmen knocked me out cold, smeared tuna all over my costume and threw me into a lion’s den at the zoo.  Only my quick mouse-like darting and dodging had saved me just a few days hence.

            “I’ll see that costumed feline caged or my name’s not the Pink Mouse Avenger!” I swore.


            Screeching to a halt the Mouse-mobile threw up a cloud of gray smoke pouring off its wheels.  I leaped out from behind the steering wheel and rushed up the steps, two at a time.  A uniformed man stalked away from beside a police car and met me at the top of the steps. 

            “I’m glad you’re here Pink Mouse Avenger,” Police Chief Hargrove said.  “It’s the Latex Cat again!  She’s threatening to claw out the eyes of one hostage an hour if we don’t give into her demands.”

            “What devious devices is she plotting now?” I inquired.

            “She wants—you!”

            “The horror of it all!  To threaten the lives of ordinary citizens and force me into her cruel claws—it is too much to bear!”

            “What are you going to do PMV?”

            “I must keep the public safe!  I have no choice but to present myself and hope to turn the tables on that dastardly she-villain!”

            “Good luck—God speed!” the police chief said, slapping my muscular shoulder.

            “If I am unable to secure the hostages’ safety it will be up to you and the fine men and women under your command,” I stoically stated.

            Marching towards the door I flung them open heroically.  Thrusting my fists against my hips I announced myself.

            “Fear not good citizens!  It is I, the Pink Mouse Avenger!”

            “Ah, I can’t believe you were so foolish to come her, my delicious prey,” the Latex Cat purred.  “Now I have you, the hostages and the bank’s money!”

            “You’ll never get away with it, Latex Cat.  The bank’s surrounded and the police will shoot you down like some mangy tabby!”

            “Bold words for a hero about to die!  Kill him boys!”

            Metal on metal screeched as her henchmen yanked the bolts on their machine guns.  Leaping in the nick of time, using my uncanny evasion abilities (gained from being bitten by a radioactive mouse in my youth) I evaded their initial gunfire. 

            “Ah ha! You’ll have to aim better than that, you craven cowards!” I mocked them.

            “For pity’s sake—he’s a mouse!  Kill him!” LC yowled.

            Scurrying and ducking I took the first henchmen out with a powerful blow to the jaw.  He slumped like a sack of dirty laundry to the floor, senseless and out of the fray.  I rolled and hopped to avoid a spray of bullets which rebounded from the marble floor and pockmarked the wall behind me. 

Bap!  Bam!  Thud!

            Three more gun toting baddies hit the deck, their jaws swelling with blossoming bruises from my fists.  My arch-nemesis yanked out an Uzi from behind her back and pointed it in my direction.  Her green glowing eyes filled with malevolent hatred for my pursuit of truth, justice and freedom!

            “If you want something done—do it yourself!” Latex Cat screeched.

            “You’ve tried this before—and failed you neutered kitty!” I taunted her.

            “Die! Die, Pink Mouse Avenger!”

            The chattering weapon shook in her silver clawed hands, bullets ricocheting and endangering the cowering citizens I was trying to protect.  Pouncing and scurrying out of her deadly rain of gunfire I rolled between her widely spread legs.  A twin flashing of my fists pounded into her knees, spilling the Latex Cat to the floor.  But her finger was still mashed down upon the trigger and she shot out the lights above.  Sparks fell amid the tinkling sound of shattered glass.  The magazine to the Uzi ran dry and silence reigned in the bank’s room once more.  Springing up I dropped the remaining henchmen with a flying kick.

            “My knees!” Latex Cat wailed.  “You cheated!”

            “I am the hero!” I proudly announced.  “And all is fair in love and war, you murderous villainess!”

            Tears ran down LC’s cowl and dripped onto her smooth cheeks.  Flinging the spent weapon at me I dodged it easily.  Darting over I twisted her arms behind her before slapping a pair of mouse-cuffs onto her wrists.  She squirmed in my grasp, finally meeting my eyes with hers.  Releasing her she fell to my bulging sinewed legs, her head leaning against their bareness.

            “I only wanted to love you!  Why did you have to be so cruel?” she whined.

            “I spurned your advances because of your dedication to evil!  If you could only witness the light of truth, the beauty of justice!  These are the meat and drink of a hero.  But you scorn them!  If you were good, perhaps then I could see you than just another criminal,” I chastised her.

            “I couldn’t get your attention any other way!”

            “Nay that is not true!”

            “Remove my mask and know the truth.”

            Gently I peeled away the cat mask and saw the familiar face Jessica Burmese the secretary of my mild mannered alter ego Kyle Muridae, playboy millionaire and CEO of Muridae Heavy Industries.  I was shocked to discover my faithful girl-Friday was the infamous Latex Cat.

            “Jessica!  How could you?” I gasped.

            “You never noticed me before—I tried to show you how much I loved you but you were too involved with your caped personae!” she whispered past the tears.  “I created the Latex Cat to get you to see me for more than just a good secretary, I could be more…I can be more!”

            “But now it is too late.  I must remand you to the proper authorities!”

            “Take me away!  Tell the police you must interrogate me before turning me over.  Take me to the Mouse Hole!  We can pretend I escaped but let this be the last time anyone hears of the Latex Cat!  I promise I’ll repent my evil ways, no one will know of my fiendish alter ego!  I’ve fallen victim to your mousy muscular manhood and I will surrender to you utterly!”

            “But justice?”

            “Justice will be served—you may extract my punishment from my willing body!  Take me! I am yours to whip into shape, mold me into a crime fighter!”

            My mind was a-whirl from her honest admissions.  But justice, could it be satisfied in this way?  Picking up Latex Cat I flung her over my brawny right shoulder and strode for the door.

            “No don’t send me to jail!” she yowled.

            “If I can reform you then it is my duty to do so!” I exclaimed.  “You will not rest in a cell tonight but be my guest in the Mouse Hole.  There, after many nights of interrogation perhaps we can drive you into the bright light of lawfulness and wholesome living!”

            “Thank you! Oh thank you, Pink Mouse Avenger!” she cheered.

            Striding with the villainess over my shoulder I met Chief Hargrove and his stalwart compatriots already rounding up the groggy-eyed henchmen I had so easily overcome.  My captive feigned unconsciousness her headgear once more in place to hide her true identity.

            “Not this one, not yet,” I said, halting his progress to me.

            “What are you going to do to her?” he said.  “She must be taken to jail.”

            “She claims to have placed bombs all over the city!  I must interrogate her in the Mouse Hole to learn the location of the devices’ whereabouts.  Never fear Chief Hargrove, I will not rest until her dastardly deeds have been undone!”

            “We’re in your debt once again, Pink Mouse Avenger!”

            “All in the line of duty—now away I must scurry for my work is yet to be done!”

            Striding through the cheering throngs of the grateful public my justice-loving heart was beating with the knowledge that all was once again safe in Rodent City.

            “Just think,” Jessica whispered in my ear, “after all this time, the Pink Mouse Avenger may have just met his sidekick—or mate for that matter.”

            She began stroking the ears on my cowl I shuddered with anticipation to reform, teach and train her.  The Pink Mouse Avenger needs a good wife, not to mention a stalwart assistant on his one rodent fight against crime.  It was going to be a beautiful day in Rodent City!

2 responses to “The Pink Mouse Avenger!

  1. OMG! I loved this, Chris. I nearly snorted my Dr. Pepper while reading it.

    Maybe I should give this writing exercise a try. I’ve been meaning to, but its been a busy few days.

    Excellent job!


    PS I really don’t want to know the truth behind that pic. I prefer your version of events. *hee*

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