The Cosplay Connection

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is #7 in the series of goofy pictures from the web for which I’ve penned a tale for.  This one contains graphic language and adult situations.  If you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!

The Cosplay Connection

            I was really doing nothing that day.  No plans had been made, I didn’t have to work and yet something called me out into the streets of Cleveland.  When this mood overtakes me I know something is summoning me, a siren’s song which refused to be denied.  Call it intuition if you like.  Tossing on my long, black leather cape and broad brimmed hat I prepared to leave my flat.  The inability to sit still coupled with a growing agitation to get out and go forced me out of my apartment and down to the garage.  The rusting red visage of my ’87 Chevy Chevette squatted in the parking lot like some ancient creature from another time.  It was my first car, my only car serving me well enough to not bother with buying another.  The door to my vehicle creaked and groaned like some shrill voiced demon surprised by my visit.  Climbing into it the smell of the interior filled my nose.  The combination of old cigarette smoke, stale French fries and pungent perspiration making me smile with pleasure.  It spoke of happy memories spent in this car driving around the city.  The Tiny Beast, as I call it, started up with a sputtering cough and I jammed it into reverse. 

            The strange mood led me to the Civic Center in Cleveland.  It was Saturday and the electronic banner proudly proclaimed Cleveland Anime Festival in scrolling, glowing letters.  My grin spread wider, I had found what was calling me.  Pulling into the parking lot I saw several people dressed up like their favorite characters.  By the time I pulled into the nearest empty space I had seen a dozen Narutos, several Sailor Moons and quite a few others attired in the garb of fictional characters from various video games.  From the ridiculous to the sublime these fans ran the gambit.  This is known as cosplay or costume play amongst the devoted.

            Paying for a ticket I began prowling around the tables, mixing with the other people here and contemplating a purchase or two.  It was in the center of the moving mob when I spotted a table featuring Urotsukidōji, or as in English was called The Legend of the Overfiend made by Toshio Maeda back in 1986.  A bubbling laugh coursed past my thin lips as I saw several fan-boys (and a few girls) timidly trying to pretend they were just innocently browsing.  Knowing this particular manga (Japanese comic) was as violent as it was perverted I knew these youngsters would turn scarlet from embarrassment if their parents caught them ogling these books and DVDs.  Having several copies myself I knew exactly what was drawing them to it.  Filled with demonic, tentacle-fingered beings which would capture, rape and kill in bloody, gory and erotic scenes it wasn’t a nice series, but it was quite imaginative and arousing.  In a flash of inspiration to avoid strict Japanese censorship for showing male members he endowed his demons with tentacles.  Moving past the table I spent another two hours trolling and even buying an English translated version of LA Blue Girl since my old copy was severely scratched up and unwatchable. 

            Outside I moved to the park to eat my lunch in relative privacy.  The sun was shining a bit too brightly, but the weather was turning nicer and it looked like spring would come quicker than usual.  I managed to get through a box of sushi before diving into a purchased a box of Pocky (small Japanese confectionaries, pretzel sticks covered in chocolate) when they strolled up.  Again my face split from ear to ear in delight.

            Both women were Americans, dressed up in similar outfits in color and style.  The one on the right had red highlights in her hair, a tight pseudo-kimono, heavy eye make up, and long red nails.  The other, her near twin, was a bit bigger in shape and wore a shortened kimono robe (red and black, of course) a black, straight wig and equally shaded eyeliner.  The cosplay girls each had a red Oriental umbrella over their shoulder.  Like hungry sharks arrowing towards bloody waters they unerringly sought me out.  Their intentions were as plain on their faces.

            I know how I look.  I’m tall, six-feet even in height and have broad shoulders, narrow hips and long dark hair.  My slanted eyes are deep brown, brooding just below my arched eyebrows.  I must admit I do sometimes wish for more masculine features, this way the gay boys wouldn’t hit on me so often.  But my features drew girls to me like flies to honey.  Rarely did I sleep alone unless I wished it that way.

            “You going to the convention?” the short robed one asked.

            “I’ve been there, thank you,” I replied.

            “I thought so.  You look like Vampire Hunter D—you know the character from Hideyuki Kikuchi’s manga?”

            “You think I look like D then?”

            “Absolutely!  You did great job on the cape!” the other girl tittered. “You really should add the armor though.”

            “I’ll remember that in the future.”                

            “I’m Kate and this is Beth,” the first woman-child remarked.

            “My name is Tatsuo—Tatsuo Nagumo,” I stated.

            “Hah!  Right I’m sure that’s your real name,” Kate laughed. 

            “No seriously it is.”

            “Sure,” Beth drawled slowly.

            “Do you recognize us?” short-robe asked.

            “Let me see,” I said, putting my finger to my chin.  “You are both characters from Demon Covent Hades, right?”

            “Yes!  I’m Suki the undead geisha and Beth is dressed like Lin the evil sorceress from the manga!”

            “I haven’t read that one yet.”

            “So you live around here?  We’re from Cincinnati and drove up for the convention,” Beth slurred seductively.

            “Yes I’ve lived in Cleveland all my life.”

            “Cool!  Are you going to the cosplay party tonight?” Kate inquired.

            Her question was much of a disguise for what was really on her mind.  Like her friend they saw a chance to be with a man who looked very much like an anime character.  This, as well as the gay boy advances was very common to me as well.

            “I haven’t really thought about it,” I replied.  “I didn’t buy a ticket for that.”

            “You really should go,” Kate suggested.  “If you add the armor to that cape you’re sure to win a prize.”

            “Yes, yes you must come,” Beth encouraged.   

            “I don’t really have the money for it right now,” I said pouting.

            “We’ve got you covered—but you’ll owe us,” Kate snickered.

            Again I knew what they were driving at, this is the reason they had come over in the first place.  I’m sure they saw me wandering the convention and were drawn to my resemblance of an anime character they had drooled over in their teens.  Vampire Hunter D is an old manga, probably one of the first ones they had read.  I smiled. 

            “Surely you two are old enough not to have a chaperone,” I said feigning innocence.

            Both women giggled girlishly. 

            “That’s a clever way of asking if we’re over eighteen,” Beth stated. 

            Which is why I worded it that way in the first place. 

            “Then it’s a date!  Meet us at the grand concourse at nine—we’ll be there with your ticket,” Beth cooed. 

            “I’ll be there,” I remarked.

            Beth winked and Kate blew me a kiss before turning around and walking away.  Watching their exit intently I laughed to myself and wondered where I was going to find armored shoulder pads before tonight.


            The Tiny Beast got me there at 8:45 p.m.  Strolling through the darkened parking lot with the fading sounds of the Chevette’s engine clunking as it cooled.  As promised, and still in their cosplay get-ups, were Kate and Beth waiting in obvious anticipation of my arrival.  Both women squealed loudly at the alterations to my attire.  Both ran up, still shrieking with delight. 

            “Oh my God!  Your costume is perfect, you even got the sword right,” Kate shrilly exclaimed. 

            “Thanks,” I said. 

            Each girl grabbed one of my arms and excitedly dragged me into the grand concourse.  Pride and easily recognizable arousal radiating from their faces each time they passed a female counterpart who turned green with envy at their luck.  Amongst the milling and dancing people, their bodies bouncing to the Japanese techno beat pouring out of the speakers.  In the center of the mosh pit, warm female flesh pressing me on every side, I began to dance with Beth and Kate. 

            “God you are so hot!” Kate shouted in my ear. 

            “You’re so delicious I’d like to take a bite out of you right here and now, how about you Kate?” Beth squealed. 

            “I sure could—later.”

            “I get the funny feeling I know how I’m paying you back for my ticket,” I chuckled deeply. 

            Both girls grinned mischievously, a slow spreading blush appearing on their heavily made up faces.  This is just what I expected. 

            “It would be my pleasure,” I said with a bow.


            Much to the girls regret I only placed third in the costume contest.  Much to my chagrin, Beth and Kate booed enthusiastically the winner and runner up earning them the temporary ire of the crowd.  Exiting the stage and walking up to my dates I shrugged my armor clad shoulders. 

            “You can’t win them all,” I sighed. 

            “Those judges suck.  You had the best costume Tetsuo,” Kate grumbled.  “At least you won third prize.”

            “I think you two are biased,” I replied. 

            “Come on let’s go up to our room.  Suddenly this party blows,” Beth said.  “We got a bottle of Jägermeister up there.”

            “And a box of flavored condoms,” Kate giggled.  “We want to celebrate your victory in style.” 

            I chuckled deeply in response; this is what I’d been waiting for. 


            The elevator ride was, to say the least, interesting.  Both women were all over me like a cheap suit, kissing, groping and moaning.  By the time we reached the right floor and the doors to the lift opened Beth’s bosom was nearly bared and my zipper had been opened and my underwear intruded by hot, soft fingers.

            “This is where we get off?” I stated with a grin.

            “Oh not yet,” Kate half-groaned.  “Not for some time yet I hope!”

            Dragging me down the hallway, still fondling every part they could get their greedy little hands on we stumbled to their room like lust filled drunks.  It took a minute for Beth to swipe the lock with the key card.  Yanked across the threshold like some prey animal in the gripping jaws of some predator I staggered to keep my balance.  A fluttering of clothes littered the air and then the floor as the two horny girls disrobed down to their underwear.  Kate’s light brunette hair appeared after she doffed her black wig, to my delight Beth’s wig revealed an auburn shade of pure perfection. 

            “I want you so bad,” Beth moaned.

            She sashayed over towards me, her breasts still contained in a black bra wiggled from side to side from her swaying hips.  Pressing herself against me I felt my desire soar higher.  Kate, not to be out done by her companion molded her hot, taut body against my back. 

            “Ladies I do believe you are going to take advantage of me,” I joked.

            “In every way possible—we’ve got all night,” the brunette gasped.

            “I hope we bought enough condoms,” the red head snickered.

            “You won’t need them,” I stated.  “I’m gifted at holding back until the time is right.”

            “Well don’t take offense but I don’t want any STDs, I know that sounds rude but a girl can’t be too careful,” Kate cautioned me.

            “No I don’t think you understand,” I rumbled.

            Both women stared at me, momentarily confused at my statement.  Then they laughed while they quickly stripped me of my attire, carelessly flinging my costume all over the room. 

            “H-holy shit!” Beth exclaimed.

            “I see you found what you’re looking for,” I said.

            “Y-you’re so—big!”

            The size and shape of the object of their attention made both of them stammer and point.  An interesting facial combination of joy and just a tiny bit of fear made me grow further aroused.

            “I’m not sure of this,” Kate husked out. 

            “You ladies will be quite accommodating—trust me I’m quite experienced in these matters,” I laughed.

            “Um no way man,” the brunette said, moving away.  “I’m not sure I could take even the tip!”

            “Oh but my child you have no choice—you have aroused my desire and you must fulfill it as much as I need to pay you back for your kindness.”

            “Fuck you!  No means no Tetsuo!” the red head swore.

            “It’s too late for regrets!”

            Unleashing my restraint the deep pink tentacles burst from by loins and ensnared both of them causing screams of outrage and fear to echo in the small room.  Lashing out with her feet Beth sought to disengage her legs from the warm, slimy embrace of them.  Blabbing in terror Kate was fighting off her own ensnarement with trembling hands.  My fingers shot forward, morphing into additional twisting members and lifting both of them off the carpet.  Thrashing in mid-air the two cosplay enthusiasts shrieked in terror, much to my delight.

            “You can fight and struggle all you like,” I exclaimed loudly.  “But my powers will deafen your cries to all those around us.  Just a gift I was given at birth.”

            “What the fuck are you?!” Kate fearfully asked.

            “What am I?  I am the creation of the lustful thoughts of anime and hentai fans since the eighties.  Sitting in their rooms, alone or with friends and radiating all that sexual desire mixed in with dreams of violence.  I was born unto this world from people like you—who frantically masturbate to such things!” I informed them boldly.  “Every time you or your fellow devotees lusted after a manga character you fed me in the womb until I burst forth in physical glory back in 1986!  I owe much to Urotsukidōji since it was the final convulsion which spat me out into this world!” 

            My tentacles slid themselves into Beth’s panties, shredding them with ease.  Equally the penis-tipped ends sundered her bra freeing her big bouncing breasts which she tried to cover uselessly. 

            “No this can’t be!” Beth shrieked.  “This isn’t possible!”

            Kate’s underthings were torn away, my snake-like limbs finding, penetrating and filling every available cavity and orifice.  Her body went into throes of unnatural but terrified pleasure as I entered her.  Turning my attention to Beth I willed my tentacles into her bottom and vagina making her face puff out and turn red. 

            “Ugh! Oh God!” her friend gasped in a deep voice.

            I silenced her by filling her mouth to capacity.  The pulsing limbs began pumping in and out, each motion stealing more of the women’s life essences which flowed into my throbbing body.  Drinking deeply I chuckled at the horror filled eyes begging and pleading silently for me to stop.  Suspended near the ceiling, my rubbery limbs ravishing their bodies and souls they wept tears.  Breasts were encircled and squeezed, nipples were bitten by the toothy mouths sported by several of my tentacles and all to the delicious sounds of struggling.

            “Sweet, so sweet,” I cooed back, as I drank deep. 

            After awhile they went still—but only momentarily.


            Closing the door to the hotel room five hours later I sighed in contentment and walked to the elevator.  I knew the call at the start of the day would result in something, but not this.  Usually I was summoned towards dark pornographic movie houses or the hookers trolling the streets at night.  The housekeeper who would enter the room in a few hours would be in for the shock of their life.  Never one to not clean up after myself I had arranged both dried and shriveled corpses on the bed, even going so far as to redress them in their cosplay outfits.  With a yawn I jabbed the button and waited for the lift doors to open.  Tangled thoughts swirled in my hazy memory.  Eventually their cries died away as their minds shattered, to be reduced to nothing more than dazed gray matter from their delicious sufferings.  All that was left was for me to enjoy.  The screams of their orgasms, the sharp taste of their fears, the creamy flavor of their souls, and finally the shuddering surrender as both Kate and Beth expired.  My playmates ended up feeding me well enough for at least a month. 

            “You should watch what you wish for,” I told nobody in particular.  “You might just get what you want.”

            The doors slid open revealing another pack of drunken cosplay enthusiasts who marveled at my get-up.  One of them, dressed like Sailor Venus was nibbling on a nail in the most provocative manner after spying me.  I sighed.  She would have to wait for another time, another convention when I wasn’t so delightfully sated.  

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