AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following tale is about woman and chocolate.  It contains adult language and situations.  If you are below the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!


            “Next defendant,” Judge Martha Sewell said in a bored tone.

            The bailiff of the court, a burly efficient looking man brought forth a young, slender man in torn clothes up in front of the bench.  His ruffled attire made her give him a look of disapproval.  The fifty-four year old magistrate wasn’t pleased to have a rioter in her court.

            “Your Honor this is Jeffrey Dobson,” the bailiff stated, “and he has been charged with inciting a riot, public indecency and resisting arrest.”

            “How do you plead Mr. Dobson?” she asked.

            “N-not guilty,” the man stammered.

            “Do you have an attorney?”

            “No ma’am.”

            “One will be provided for you at no charge then.  Bailiff, take him back to his cell.”

            “Yes your Honor.”

            She watched him being escorted back out of her court Judge Sewell shook her head at the man’s clothing once again.  The arrest warrant for Mr. Dobson was quite clear he was the cause of the huge mess which occurred at his residence and spread two blocks to the south.  He admitted the throngs of women were there fighting over him, despite his nerd-like appearance.  With a sigh she called for the next defendant in the same monotone voice as before.


            He sat in his cell, a solitary figure bent over and holding his head in his hands.  The shouts and yells of the other prisoners filled her ears without really being heard, it was all background noise she had long become accustomed to.  The cat-calls and whistles due to her sex didn’t bother her.  But her client, Jeff Dobson did.  Allyson noted he was wearing a lot of cologne, it filtered out into the hallway between the bars making her place a hand over her nose.

            How the hell did I get myself into this mess, she moaned silently.  He hardly seems the type who could make so many women fight over him.  This ought to be really good.

            She cleared her throat and got his attention.  The geeky man looked up with a momentary flinch of fear crossing his face.  He wrapped his too thin arms around his body and seemed to brace for something to happen.

            “Jeffrey Dobson?” she asked.

            He nodded.

            “I am your state appointed attorney,” she continued, “My name is Allyson Crowley.”

            “Oh,” he sighed.  “Nice to meet you Mrs. Crowley.”

            “Bill I think he’s harmless, just set up the chair and I’ll take it from here,” she told the jailer.

            “Okay Ms. Crowley,” the big man rumbled.

            The cell door swung upon with a creak and she stepped inside.  Undoing a metal chair and placing it on the floor, the jailer nodded and left, locking them in together.  Attorney Crowley arranged herself on a chair, her briefcase on her lap.  With an effort she forced her hand away from her nose for the sinus-aching aroma was cloying and cloudy.  Breathing through her mouth she began to speak.

            “You’ve been charged with inciting a riot at your residence and taking it out into public getting you two addition charges as well.  I’m to understand you’ve pleaded not guilty, is that correct?” she calmly stated.

            “Yes—it wasn’t my fault.”

            “You’re a chemical engineer at Doffer’s Chocolates Incorporated, right?”


            “Tell me what happened.”

            “It all started a week ago,” he grumbled.  “My team was working on a new product.  I-I’m not sure I can go into details about all of this due to the information suppression clause in my employment contract.”

            “I understand, please continue.”

            “I don’t know if it’s important but I had a cold, a typical summer bug that’s been going around the office.  But I couldn’t shake it.  I’m a bit sickly and catch everything.  Even as a child I came down with every illness and usually I got it really bad.  Anyway I had been taking cold medicine regularly but like I said before, nothing helped.  So I’m working at my table.  I had a bunch of chemicals and a big bar of chocolate, for test purposes, sitting there.  Well I sneezed.  Not just once but a real nasty fit which shook the table.  Mr. Snyder, our team leader was always yelling at me about how untidy I was but I got the job done so I tended to ignore him.  He’s a real ball-buster and corporate tool if you know what I mean.  I’m meaning…geez…what’s more important, results or a clean workplace?  Although looking back on it I suppose he wasn’t wrong.”

            “And,” she inquired, interrupting and bringing Dobson back to his point.

            “The chemical vials spilled all over the chocolate and it raised a big brown steam that poured over me,” Dobson remarked.  “The emergency exhaust fans kicked in and emptied the room before it filled up the lab.  Funny how fast machinery works, huh?”

            “So you had an accident at work.  How does this explain the reason you were arrested?”           

            “That’s the start of it, you see.”

            “Do explain,” she said with a grin.

            “I had to take a chemical neutralizing shower, its procedure of course for an accident like that,” Dobson replied.  “I went back to work and that’s when the trouble started.”

            Dobson shifted uncomfortably on the edge of his cot and his hands wrestled nervously in his lap.  Allyson noted all of this without speaking.

            “So,” he continued. “I go back to my table and, of course I get a verbal dressing down in front of everyone by Mr. Snyder.  After he leaves Jill, Jill Zabel she works on the same team as I do, came over to talk and starts to tell me what a jerk Snyder is for screaming at me in public and how terrible she feels for what happened.”

            “This is the same Mrs. Zabel who was arrested the same night you were?” she asked.

            “Oh God I didn’t know that!  Poor Jill, her husband is going to be so angry!”

            Allyson had no choice but give this wretched man a few minutes to himself to pull himself together.

            He really doesn’t fit the agitator profile.  He might not have done anything wrong, she thought.

            “A-anyway she starts to say something more but then stops,” Dobson said. “I got really uncomfortable when she leaned towards me, sniffing me like some flower.  I tried to back away when she got this funny, soft look in her eyes and reached for the lapels of my lab coat.”

            “She attacked you?” Allyson queried.

            “I-I made her stop but I noticed her eyes followed me the rest of the day.  She was never far away, smelling and sniffing… it made me very anxious.”

            I should say so!

            “Go on,” she urged him.

            “I went to Mr. Snyder and told him I wasn’t feeling well and had to go home.  He told me I’d be disciplined for leaving work but Jill’s stalking of me was too distracting.  She a beautiful woman and married, I don’t need that kind of drama.”

            “So you left work.”

            “Yes but then when I passed by the secretary, Julia Harris.  She started sniffing and looking at me like I was some treat just rolling off the factory’s conveyor belt.  I started to walk faster when she abandoned her desk and followed me.”

            Okay this is getting really weird!

            Composing himself a second time she noticed the heavy cloud of his cologne was wearing off.  The underlying scent was familiar.

            “I went home,” Jeff stated.  “But when I went inside Mrs. Dingell, she’s an old lady who lives in my building, was walking her dog Tootles…”

            “… and she started smelling you?”

            “Yes!  I mean the look in her eyes made me cringe, she’s eighty!”

            “Oh my.”

            “I ran up to my apartment but before I could unlock the door Betty Williams came out of hers and it started all over again!”

            “Ms. Williams was arrested too; I thought I’d mention that.”

            “Oh God, that’s terrible.”

            Allyson took a moment to re-check the arresting officers’ notes and tried not to add the fact this woman, a known stripper was dragged into the cruiser utterly naked and delirious.  Likewise were three other women in the same state of undress. 

            I better spare him the details, then again he probably knows it already, she mused.

            “So I got inside and locked the door,” Dobson said in a subdued tone.  “But Betty began knocking on my door, asking me if I had a cup of sugar she could borrow.  She said she was on her way to the grocery store but if I had some I could spare it would save her a trip.”

            “You didn’t let her in, did you?”


            “What happened?”

            “I-I don’t want to say.  It’s embarrassing enough to have lived through it but to actually tell someone—I don’t think I can.”

            “Mr. Dobson, Jeff you’re going to be asked these questions in a court of law, you’ll have to tell a judge and as your attorney I need to know what happened.”

            The cologne he wore was wearing off and beneath it Allyson could detect the faint, alluring scent of dark chocolate.  A shiver of unexpected delight went down her spine which she suppressed quickly.

            “Betty came inside and pushed me to the couch,” he said red-faced.  “I tried to fight her off but she is stronger than me.  I kept asking her what was going on, begging for her to stop but she kept saying the word chocolate over and over.”

            “She raped you?”

            A ragged moan pathetically curled out between his hands, now covering his mouth. 

            “Her head was in my lap,” he whispered.  “Her lips were…well you know.  I tried to push her away but it has been so long since I’d been with a woman, I guess I just began enjoying it.”

            “So we can’t claim rape then,” she commented.  “What happened next?”

            “I-I had an o-orgasm and she went wild.  How detailed do you want this,” he said, not looking her in the face.

            “We don’t need to be too exact.”

            “She finished s-swallowing and then began to clean me off with her tongue… over and over until I had to push her away before she started it all over again.”

            “How did she take it?”

            “She was angry, a little but only for a moment.  I managed to walk her to the door, she was smiling in a lazy manner and easy to control.  I told her this was all very nice but I had to be somewhere soon.  She took it rather well but said she’d be back later on tonight.”’

            “Then what happened?”

            “An hour later the doorbell rang and it was Jill Zabel’s voice over the intercom.  She said I had forgotten something at work and Mr. Snyder wanted her to bring it over to my apartment.”

            “Surely you didn’t believe her?” Allyson almost scolded him.

            “I did leave in a hurry so I let her in,” Jeff said.


            “T-the same thing happened to me—Jill pinned me against the wall and began s-stroking me and I know you can guess the rest.”

            “You’ve got to be kidding me?”

            “No I’m not Ms. Crowley!  In fact she did it t-twice!”

            This has got to be some sort of joke, am I on camera?

            “Jeff, why would these women suddenly come on to you?  Do you have any idea why?”

            “Jill said I tasted like chocolate so did Betty.  My scent, skin and…um… s-sperm.”

            Allyson just looked at him, dumbfounded and speechless she couldn’t seem to formulate a response to this new evidence.

            “Jill said e-especially my s-sperm.”

            What the hell?  Chocolate flavored sperm? Oh God!  I can smell it on him now, it’s just a slight whiff but it’s powerful and strong!

            “Go on I think I can see where this is going,” she muttered.

            “Jill wouldn’t leave and then Julia came over…I guess I forgot to shut my door and one of the other tenants let her in.  The next thing I know I’ve got two women peeling off my clothes, dragging me to the bedroom, tying me to my bed and licking me all over.  It really got out of control when Mrs. Dingell, Betty and my landlord Mrs. Youll showed up.  It must have been the combination of the cold medicine, the chemical cloud and the chocolate.  It altered my body’s chemistry and now if I sweat I give off the strong smell of chocolate!  It was an accident!  I didn’t do this on purpose.”

            This has to be the wildest, most creative defense story I’ve ever heard of!  He wants me to believe these women were turned on due to the fact he smells and tastes like chocolate?

            “So now you have five women in your apartment, you’re tied up and then what?” she said numbly.

            “T-that’s when the fight started,” he groaned.  “Apparently there wasn’t enough of me to go around.”

            “Jesus you expect me to believe this?” she snapped.  “A chemical accident which caused you to smell like chocolate and now you’re some flavored gigolo?  Do you know how hard the jury will laugh at this?  Come on Jeff this can’t be what you expect me to say in court!”

            “But it’s the truth!” he wailed.

            “So how did you get two blocks if you were tied up?”

            “I t-told them I had to go to the bathroom.  I locked the bedroom door behind me, grabbed up my clothes and ran for it.  But they broke down the door and started chasing me!”

            Allyson knew from the cops’ report the man’s apartment was found just as he was describing it.  The scent of chocolate grew stronger and she found her mouth was watering.

            “Everywhere I ran women began to drop what they were doing and chase after me,” he sobbed out.  “I didn’t have to be too close either.  One of them ran from across the street leaving her baby in its stroller… oh god I hope her kid is alright!”

            Dobson’s smell was beginning to make her thoughts lazy, her stomach hungry and her panties moist.  She fought almost physically to keep from succumbing to the temptation to lick Jeff. 

            If it’s true then it’ll bear out his defense and it’ll be an easy victory for me in court, she rationalized.  Oh what am I thinking?  I’ll get disbarred if I don’t curb this!

            On shaky legs she stood up and walked as far as she could away from the scent, but there was no escaping it.  Without looking back she hollered for the jailer.  She knew if she stayed any longer she’d end up doing exactly what those other women had done.  The hot, sticky smell was all around her.  Biting her lower lip half of her swore at Bill for not getting there faster while the other part of her wanted to rush over at Dobson and treat him like the world’s biggest candy bar.  Just before she gave in to her desires, the jailer showed up.

            “You’re due in court tomorrow and if what you’ve said is the truth then I’ll send you a bottle of cheap cologne so this doesn’t happen in court.  Don’t let them give you a bath, god don’t let them bathe you,” she practically moaned.

            “So you believe me?!” he nearly cheered.

            “Yes.  Stay away from me but yes I believe you.”

            Bill came and unlocked the cell and Allyson nearly fell out of it in an attempt to get away from the carnal turmoil in her mind.  Even as she walked away the lusty thoughts of sampling Jeff Dobson’s body swirled in her brain, tempting, calling and urging on her libido.


            The court was packed with hungry eyed women and angry jealous men.  Allyson’s nerves were on edge.  She had warned the bailiff there could be trouble but refused to tell him exactly what it was.  He had given her a strange look but her years of dealing with him made the officer of the court to take her seriously.  Ralph trusted to almost to a fault but even he was suspicious.

            “All rise for the Honorable Judge Martha Sewell,” the bulky man said.

            “Please be seated,” the magistrate instructed.  “This is the matter of the State of Ohio versus Jeffrey Robert Dobson; the charge is inciting a riot, public indecency and resisting arrest.  The defendant has already entered a plea of not guilty and has an attorney present.  Are you ready to precede councilors?”

            “Yes,” the District Attorney said.

            “I am Your Honor,” Allyson stated.

            “Bring in the defendant, bailiff,” Judge Sewell asked.

            Allyson’s nerves jumped a little at the mention of his name.  However true horror didn’t arrive in her mind until she saw Dobson had been showered and garbed in prisoner’s orange jumpsuit.  Wet hair was neatly combed back and his skin glistened with moisture.  His hands shackled in front of him with cuffs.  The warm, heady scent of dark chocolate wafted towards her nose making her loins swelter and her body perspire.  The smell quickly permeated the front of the court.

            Oh shit no!  I told him specifically not to bathe!

            “Is the defendant r-ready to proceed?” Judge Sewell stammered uncharacteristically.

            “Yes Your Honor,” Dobson said.

            His tone was like that of a man who knew exactly what terrible thing was going to happen but knew he couldn’t prevent it. 

            “I told you not to bathe,” Allyson hissed at him.

            “The guards insisted and when I refused they forced me to take one.  They wouldn’t let me have the bottle of cologne you sent me!”

            “Your Honor!” she exclaimed to the judge. “We cannot proceed at this time due to an unforeseen circumstances.”

            “What are you talking about Ms. Crowley?  I warn you if this is some sort of trick I’ll be quite h-harsh with you,” the older woman retorted.

            “The reason behind the charges is present in the courtroom and the disruption it will cause will… will…”

            Chocolate.  Its creamy scrumptious and luxurious aroma filled her nostril and bringing a delicious halt to her words.  Her mouth began to water and her stomach growled.  Never before in Allyson’s life did she want a heavily coated candy bar laden with that wonderful substance.

            “What’s that smell?” the magistrate asked.  “Do I smell chocolate?  Who brought candy into my courtroom without telling me?”

            Sheer terror coursed up Allyson’s spine as the judge began to tug at her robes, plucking and pulling in a wanton display of arousal.  Looking about the attorney could see the other females in the court begin to react to Dobson’s scent.  Her own brow was beaded with anxious perspiration and the passionate thudding of her heart began to drown out what little good sense she had.

            “I so love chocolate,” she heard herself say in a sultry, slurring voice.

            “No!  It’s happening again!” Jeff screamed fearfully.

            Judge Sewell had tossed aside her black robe and run from behind the bench.  Her eyes alit with a carnal desire only seen by her husband, or so Allyson mused.  She leaped on the table in front of the defendant and began to press her nose into his neck.  Jeff let out a wail of anguish just before his jumpsuit was breeched by her hot, urgent hands.  Behind her women were crawling over the banister in droves.  The chair slipped from underneath her client and he was quickly covered in groping hands, hot mouths and tearing fabric.  The sweet cocoa scent was everywhere as if his terror was lending it more strength.  Soon the court was filled with outraged men shouting, pleading with their wives and girlfriends to come back or face dire consequences. 

            This can’t be real!  But it is… the smell is intoxicating, exciting…, Allyson mused dreamlike before unbuttoning her modest blouse.

            The buttons of her sundered attire scattered like dropped jewels to dance upon the courtroom floor.


            Bailiff Ralph Mahoney rushed to the now empty court clerk’s desk.  The position had been abandoned by the woman stenographer who was atop the dog-pile, digging for a square inch of the defendant’s flesh to lick.  Ms. Devon was now only wearing just her panties and bra.  Her squirming and jutting buttocks driven by her frantic antics were making Ralph feel slightly ill.  Dialing the number from memory he held up the phone and waited for it to be answered.  In all his thirty years on the job he had never seen anything like the writhing, wiggling orgy taking place before his eyes right now.  Men in the courtroom were trying to get their wives and lovers off the defendant, most got kicked, punched or scratched for their troubles.  He turned red when he saw where Judge Sewell had her mouth and a shudder of embarrassment and revulsion went through his big frame.  She wore an expression of pure, unadulterated delight as she suckled, licked and moaned.  

             “City Police, front desk,” a man’s voice answered.

            “Send as many officers as you can spare to the 8th District Courtroom as fast as you can!” he bellowed.

            “What’s happened?”

            “It’s a riot we need help before it gets out of control.”

            “I’ll dispatch the riot patrol right away.”

            “Oh and another thing…”


            “Don’t send any women…please God don’t send any female officers!”


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