“Tales From the Uprising” Excerpt

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following story is from “Tales from the Uprising” available at Dark Roast Press (www.darkroastpress.com).  This story contains adult language and situations, if you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!

Vengeance Bites!

The Baker Street Rebels, a long established motorcycle gang whose roots had been laid down in the late Sixties, roared down the chaotic streets of Youngstown, Ohio heavily laden with the spoils of their looting.  Each member wore a wide grin of pure avarice as they wove in and out of traffic, which was, of course, going the opposite direction.   At a time when most were trying to escape from the city, from the rampaging ghouls or mindless human violence, these materialistic men and women were making the best of a very bad situation.  In other words, they were filling their pockets, saddlebags, and backpacks with ill-gotten gains.   They wouldn’t have had it any other way.

     “Gunner!” Daisy shouted piercingly into his ear.  “Where we goin’?”

    “Just to the pawn shop to make a withdrawal!” he yelled over his shoulder at the big chested, long haired blonde stripper who was tightly snuggled up against his back. 

    “Don’t we have enough?  I wanna get out of here!”

    “You can never have enough, baby!”

     His wild laughter was whipped behind him as he poured on the throttle and his big Harley thundered further down the street.  The wind was in his hair, good luck was with him, and life was a big shining nugget of gold just waiting to be plucked out of a clear, blue stream.  After years of shaking down shopkeepers, drug dealers, hookers, and pimps, the Baker Street Rebels were finally hitting the jackpot.

      Daisy clung tighter to him as he rounded a corner and shot through the next intersection at breakneck speed.  To his deep pride he saw that his fellow bikers hadn’t missed a beat, nor had any of them spilled to the asphalt.  They had been at this for hours and Gunner had yet to lose a single man to the hungry dead, overwhelmed cops, chaotic drivers, or gun-toting vigilantes prowling the streets of the doomed metropolis.  His double-barreled, sawed off shotgun bumped against his left leg as he pulled the bike into another steep turn, heading to Omar’s Pawn Shop.

     His grin split his face from ear-to-ear; he knew the contents of that store all too well.  The dark skinned owner hadn’t left yet, or so he was hoping.  This wasn’t just about stealing; he owed the pinched faced Arab a debt, one that he wasn’t going to forget to pay before blowing this town.

     The middle-aged store owner had pressed charges against Gunner back in ’21 and the cops had arrested him on extortion.  He had spent time in the minimum security prison in Y-town, a single stinging hurt to his manhood that would only be healed by a red-handed balm. 

     It’s a matter of pride, the big man thought darkly to himself.  The bastard’s gotta die for what he did to me.

     Gunner could still see the smug look on that foreigner’s face as he testified how the Baker Street thug had routinely demanded protection money from him.  He’d stared hateful daggers at the skinny sand-nigger but nothing he could do seemed to rattle the man’s calm composure.  He did a year’s stint in lockup and hadn’t since been able to put a glove on the man for a variety of reasons.

      Until now.   The biker snarled with violent glee.

     The black and silver Harley-Davidson Soft-Tail came to a screeching halt just outside of the pawn shop, whose windows and doors were covered with black metal bars.   The sign on the door stated Closed, but that was all about to change.  He dodged a station wagon parked at the curb and cut the engine.

     “Here we are, boys!” he yelled as they surrounded him with a near-military precision.  “Our last stop on the tour!”

     “Man, we got enough, don’t ya think, Gunner?” Slick asked as he pushed out the kickstand to his ancient looking motorcycle.   The battered chopper had seen better days.

    “Just do as I say,” he fired back as he eyed the long lean frame of the bearded man.  “Besides, how you gonna buy a new bike to replace that clanker you have if we don’t hit this place?”

    “Fair enough!”

    “Should we knock?” Tex asked. The fringes on his jacket fluttered in the cold breeze as he climbed off his fairly new Bagger.

   “Nah, just break the motherfuckin’ door down,” their leader answered with a sneer.

    Whooping and yelling, the five man and four woman gang surrounded the front of the pawn shop as Tex cocked and pointed his twelve gauge shotgun at the door.   The muzzle exploded with a roar as it splintered the wooden barrier and he kicked it open, the bars rattling to the sidewalk as he pulled their shattered remains apart.

     “There ya go, why waste muscle when you have a can opener?” The cowboy booted biker laughed.  “Open fer business, my man!”

     “Time for some payback!” Gunner growled low and dangerous as he shouldered his way past the howling desperados and into the dark confines of the store.  He strode inside as confident as a captain walking onto the bridge of his ship, but his feral grin was quickly wiped off his face as he took note of the shop’s vacant state.  The racks and shelves were almost empty; only a few useless items of almost no value were still perched where he remembered them.  Dusty ancient video game consoles, a mountain of VHS cassettes, and a few coverless paperbacks seemed to have been abandoned by the pawn shop owner. 

      They couldn’t have gotten away in that short of a time! he fumed to himself as rage overtook his dark soul.

      “What the fuck is this?!” Daisy spat out shrilly; she seemed to pick up on the rage that had consumed Gunner.  “There ain’t nothing in here, the fuckin’ sand-niggers took it all!”

     “Some big payday, boss,” Slick muttered angrily as he stuffed his nine millimeter automatic into the front of his pants.  “Looks like your boy skipped town already.”

    “Shut up!  Shut the fuck up!” Gunner shouted, with his face erupting in blotches of a deep red.  “There’s no way he had time to move all this out so fast!  Spread out!  Look in the back, find that fucking camel jockey and bring him to me!”

    The collective murmurs danced within his ears, but the six-foot, five-inch biker ignored the grumblings of his motley crew.  This was the only place he hadn’t been right about, and this was more about a personal vendetta than it was about pillaging, anyway.  His grip on the other members of the gang was still intact, but a doubt had been placed in their minds about his leadership skills.  But it was a small thing; this he knew he could rectify by slaughtering the dark-skinned owner. 

     “Gunner!” Denise, or Dee, Tex’s chick, shouted at him from the back of the building.  “I think I figured out what they did!”

     “Move aside,” he snarled at a frowning Daisy, who shot him a look of contempt.  She had just recently accused Gunner of sleeping with Denise, and the fight between them had gotten pretty intense.  It was an old accusation, just a different woman’s name in the screaming match a few days ago.

      But this time it’s true.  If she or Tex ever figures out it’s been goin’ on for four months now we’d both be in a heap of trouble.  Not that I can’t handle Dee’s man, the big biker gloated inwardly.  Denise is a hot little number and I can’t get enough of her wild bedroom ways.

     Gunner muscled his way to the back through the searching looters, pushed aside a dingy grayed curtain, and passed into a small room beyond it.  There he found the short black haired woman, dressed in skintight leather pants and chaps, smugly leaning against a steel walk-in vault door.   The straight dark bangs hung just above her smoldering deep brown eyes and the rest fell just to her slender shoulders.  Denise was all of five foot, two inches of carnal delight, with a compact body that seemed to exude sexual desires too large for her diminutive frame.  Her wide lips, crimson in color, spread out across her face as she raised her eyebrows, after giving him the once over with her approving eyes.

      God her legs go on for miles, he thought lustfully.  Not much in the chest but she’s got a tight little ass and a very kinky appetite for sex.  What a package! Damn she looks a lot like Joan Jett with that new haircut of hers.

     “Nice job, Dee,” he told her, flashing his best winning smile.  “Now we just gotta pop this cork and enjoy the spoils.”

     “You told me you was gonna dump that cunt,” the shorter woman hissed at him in a conspirator’s tone.  “Why did ya bring her along?”

    “She came home early from shopping ‘cause of the ghouls,” he whispered back.  “I was getting ready to split when she asked what was goin’ on.  I couldn’t very well tell her I was just goin’ out for a beer, now could I?  Besides, you’re still attached to Tex, so I don’t see where you got room to talk.”

    “Tex is gonna have an accident after we get the fuck away from Y-town.  I suggest if you’re still interested in my offer, you see to it that Daisy is equally clumsy.”

    “You know I’m still interested baby,” he leered as he patted her leather-clad ass fondly.   “You’re wasted on a loser like Tex and I’ve had enough of that whiny, selfish bitch.  The two of us can have a grand time together.”

    “I know, but you gotta lose that blonde slut first.”

    “Keep your voice down, here she comes,” Gunner cautioned the woman as her voice began to rise in volume too high for his comfort.

    “What did you find, Denise?” Daisy asked, pronouncing the other woman’s name like it was a filthy curse word.  Her voice was like broken glass in his ears; he wished she sounded as good as she looked, but again maybe that was asking for too much.  That voice and her overly clingy nature were the two big reasons he had taken to sneaking around with Tex’s girl.

    “Those rag-headed bastards have a vault. I’m sure that’s where they stashed the goods,” Dee said back, in a sweet tone that was even more a mockery of a reply than informative.

    “Let’s crack it!” Slick suggested as he stepped up into the small backroom.  With Gunner, Dee, Daisy, and now Slick, the tiny chamber was getting a bit too crowded.

    “Where’s that loser Egghead?” the leader asked as he shifted on his big feet.

    “He’s over by those old game consoles, ranting and raving about that old Nintendo system he used to have as a kid,” Gunner’s soon to be ex-woman muttered with disgust.

    “Hey, Egghead!  Get over here and see what you can do about this vault!” Gunner shouted as he began pushing people past the curtain and into the main room of the shop. 

    The group exited the room and he made sure he took a long look at Dee’s rolling backside as it shifted and swayed in the secure confines of her black pants and chaps.  He made a mental note to talk her into wearing the fringed over-pants and nothing more later on, after Tex and Daisy were dealt with. 

     “What do you want, Gunner my man?” the short, thin biker asked as he stepped up to the taller man.    

      “Can you crack this vault?” Gunner asked as he set his future plans aside and got back to business.

    “Hmmm, let me look.”

     Egghead is a nerd and a wanna-be, there’s no question about it.  He’s only in the gang for the intelligence he possesses, nothing more than that.  He’s skinny, pimply, and always pushing up his thick glasses on that bird’s beak of a nose of his. Gunner swore under his breath.  Can’t trust him with a gun since he’s such a lousy shot and he’s an absolute zero with the ladies.  He’s an embarrassment to the gang, but his brains help us cash in.

     Gunner knew that Egghead had the hots really bad for his girl Daisy.  The stripper, however, hadn’t found the joke especially funny when the nerd tried to hit on her one night, after a short-lived break up with the boss man.

    Daisy wasn’t nice about it either.  She screamed at him in that nasal voice of hers when he offered up his affections in public.  Granted that pledging your undying love to someone dressed in just a thong and a pair of pasties wasn’t the best of timing.  But Daisy’s rejection was rude, loud, and vulgar. It only humiliated a man who swore he loved her and would put up with her stupidity.   Just one more of her traits I can’t stand, he thought to himself with a sigh.  Maybe I’ll leave the two of ‘em behind after we leave Y-town in the dust.  It’d be a funny joke, the two of them abandoned alone together!  I could sabotage Egghead’s bike and me and Dee could ride off and make a new life without them.  I better talk it out with my new chick; but she’d probably agree it’d be a hoot!

       He stepped back as the rail thin wanna-be inspected the heavy door that the lead biker figured must have been built and installed during the 1940s.  The dark green surface was pitted and dingy, the writing on it faded and illegible.  The sheer size of it was enough to hide all the stuff from the pawn shop and then some.  He wondered when exactly it had been put in.

     Wasn’t this a bank back in the old days?  he asked himself.  There was a bit of a commotion out in the main part of the shop, but he ignored it knowing it was probably the boys fighting over the few remaining things of value. 

     “It’s an old one.” Egghead sniffed indignantly as he turned to face Gunner.  “But it’s no big deal, I can handle it.”

     “Cool,” he rumbled with a grin.  “Get on it; I’ll go upstairs and see if the owners really left.”

Moving into the other room, Gunner began whistling a heavy metal tune when he saw that the ruckus wasn’t Slick, Tex, or Duff who had been tussling, but the two women he had been separately sleeping with. 

     Daisy’s long golden hair was twisted in Dee’s fist and she was punching the stripper in the face with her free hand.  The blonde wasn’t just taking it in stride, as Tex’s girl was dodging kicks from her opponent, but not succeeding very well.  They danced a scuffling jig upon the dusty floor each one screaming, like stray felines locked in mortal combat.  The boys and remaining girls, instead of breaking it up, were hooting and hollering from the sidelines like it was all part of some grand show.  Slick’s girl, Char-Char (who’s real name was Charlene) was egging the participants on with helpful suggestions, as well as loudly criticizing their techniques.  Tom “Duff” Duffey was in a similar mood with his female sidekick Posey.  Duff’s chick was usually called Pussy behind her back, since she was a bit of a coward when it came to experimenting with the drugs they typically got after shaking down the various dealers on their side of town. 

     “What the fuck is going on?!” he shouted, loud enough to startle the people witnessing the screeching cat fight.  

     “Break it up!  Come on, knock it off girls!” Tex finally spat out. He waded into the milling fury of flailing arms and lashing legs, but jumped back as an elbow caught him high on one cheek.   Gunner growled deep in his throat and thrust his blocky form between the combatants, earning him a kick in the shins and a stray shot to the left shoulder.  He slapped at Dee’s arm until she released her grip, but not without tearing out a handful of Daisy’s straw-colored tresses.   The shrieking didn’t end there as both women began launching verbal blows and accusations, until he was forced to roar above them like a male lion on some African savannah.

     “I said shut the fuck up!” he bellowed, silencing the pair.

     “She fucking started it!” Dee screeched, and flinched back as he whipped his head in her direction.  His disapproving and angry scowl made her shut her trap so quickly she nearly snipped off the tip of her tongue.   Gunner looked at Daisy; her eyes were either darkened by the fists her face had caught or the running of her heavily applied mascara, he couldn’t tell which at the moment.  She was crying in pain and seething with hostility both, making her ample chest wiggle and sway from the twin emotions.

     “Now, in calm words,” he began hotly.  “What happened?”

    “She accused me of fucking you!” Dee snapped off first.

    “Well you have!” Her rival returned fire with equal force.

    “Fuck you, cunt!”

    “I’m gonna rip off your tits and shove ‘em up your ass!”

    “I said calm the fuck down!  So you accused her of sneaking around with me?” the head honcho demanded.

    “Yeah, and don’t bother denying it, you bastard!” Daisy said in a wet, sloppy voice.  “I heard you two conspiring over there just now!  I ain’t deaf or blind, Gunner!  I know when two people have been making it to know the fucking signs!”

    “Ya know, you’re right,” he said in reply.  “You’re a pain in the ass, Daisy.  I can’t fart without you thinkin’ I’ve been out horsin’ around with some broad.  Two years of that shit and any man would’ve done the same as me!  The more you accused me of it, the more I figured I might as well screw around on you!”

    “You fucking prick!” the tearful blonde wailed as her fears became reality.

    “Wait a second,” Tex remarked with his voice rapidly being shaded with hurt and anger.  “You mean to tell me that you’ve been fucking my old lady?”

    “That’s right you loser, he has been.  You’re so shitty in the sack I’m surprised you haven’t grown your cherry back.  Besides, I need more than two pumps and a tickle!” Dee laughed contemptuously at him.  Her comments made the others snicker and forced strangled noises to issue out of Tex’s flapping mouth as he fought for a response to her statements. 

     “Bro, she just burned you bad!” Slick howled with laughter as he clutched his girl Char-Char around the shoulders.   The fiery half-Puerto Rican woman was silently chortling into the bearded man’s armpit and pointing at Tex’s red face.   Gunner briefly remembered that Char-Char and Tex used to date a few months back.

     “Fuck you, Slick!” the humiliated man shouted at the laughing pair next to him.

    “Nah I’ll pass, especially if what Dee says is true!”

     “Dude, I told you to learn to lick somethin’,” Char-Char sweetly mocked her ex as his face went from bright red of embarrassment to a deep burgundy of shame and anger.

     “Hey I got the safe open, it wasn’t locked!” Egghead shouted as he walked into the room making Gunner look over his shoulder to his right and twist his body.  This, it turned out, saved his life.

     He spotted the flash of something silver brush past his chest.  The blur was quickly accompanied by a familiar jacket sleeve as Denise’s attempt to stab him was impeded by the skinny nerd’s comment.  What happened next was fast and furious, but it seemed to happen in slow-motion at the time.

      His would-be assassin’s body hit his and rebounded with a string of curse words too rapid to understand.  He stepped back out of her range and glared into her raccoon smudged, teary eyes.  He recalled starting to say something, but that’s when Dee drew a butterfly knife and spun it in her right hand with a practiced expertise.  Before he could speak she lunged forward.   Gunner watched as Daisy’s eyes flew open wide. The five inch blade sank into her lower back, just over her right kidney.  Her bosom jiggled three more times as her rival drew back and struck in rapid succession, driving the razor-sharp sliver of metal into her from behind.   Daisy’s face turned white and she sank to the floor without a word, her eyes silently pleading with him as she slumped downward and onto her ass.

     Gunner drew a breath.  Dee’s face was a mask of triumph until, over her shoulder, he saw Tex tip up the barrel of his shotgun.  He knew he’d never reach her in time, but Slick’s heavy boot lashed out and struck the scattergun as it went off.  Smoke and pellets tore a wide swath of destruction to Gunner’s right and there was a howl of pain as the roar of the gun died out.  He looked back to see that Egghead had been cut in half by the blast.   The man’s legs had fallen one way as his torso toppled the other, and a gory splash of blood and bodily fluids had sprayed the curtain behind him.  There were gristly, clingy bits that were embedded into the now scarlet fabric. Gunner tried not to identify them too well.

     Duff yanked out his black Glock from a shoulder holster and put a nine millimeter round into the center of Tex’s chest, knocking him into the counter.  But not before the cowboy booted man racked the slide to the scattergun and let fly once more.   It almost looked like they fired at the same time.  The leader of the biker gang watched in shock as Duff and Posey were hit by the wide spray of pellets, pulping their flesh in a rough circle where their bodies had been pressed together.  Both victims were propelled backwards into a series of empty racks, creating a loud clatter of metal and a slap-thud of flesh.  Nintendo game cartridges and other ancient electronic devices rained to the floor as they came to rest.  Gunner lifted his sawed-off double barrel and prepared to make sure that Tex was erased from the face of the earth when the cowboy booted man gasped his last and died on the spot.

     “What the fuck…?” he started to say when a series of short popping noises came from the floor and struck sparks from the rack to his left.  He threw himself backwards and saw that Daisy wasn’t dead, but had pulled out her twenty-five automatic (known on the street as a hooker’s pistol due to its small caliber) and was taking pot-shots at him.  He jumped and dove behind the counter to his right.  He was quickly joined by Dee who landed beside him and was wild-eyed with fear, since she didn’t pack a piece but only that skinny blade.

     “Backstabbin’ cunt!  Rotten cheatin’ bastard!” his ex-girlfriend exclaimed in a wet voice.  “Stick out your head and let me cure all your ills!”

     “Daisy, they ain’t worth it!” Char-Char shouted fearfully at the rapidly dying stripper bleeding out on the floor.  

     “F-fuck off, Char!” Gunner heard the woman spit with contempt.

     Bang!  Bang!  Bang! When the little chrome automatic quit speaking both Gunner and Dee heard Slick scream out Charlene’s name in horror.

     “Oh God, baby don’t die on me!” the man whimpered hysterically in a less than manly tone.  Another two sharp cracks from Daisy’s purse pistol ended the biker’s whining for good.

     “That fuckin’ bitch is going to kill all of us!” Dee wailed as she grabbed his arm and tugged violently.


     Gunner’s blood went cold for the first time in a very long while.  He knew that sound.  It wasn’t a happy noise at all; it meant that one of the dead had just revived.  He clapped his grimy gloved hand across his new girl’s terrified face. The rogue zombie moaned once more and Daisy answered its call with a shrieking wail of utter terror.  He could hear her twenty-five caliber handgun click as the magazine ran dry.  There was a slimy, wet dragging sound that took up the silence and Gunner heard the blonde shout out the name of her attacker.

     “No, Egghead!  N-no, please, don’t!” she screeched in mortal fear.  Gunner looked around the edge of the counter to see the grotesquely tattered, amputated upper half of the nerd as it pulled its way towards the mortally wounded woman.  Its face was painted in a leering mask of hunger and a strange chase began.  Daisy began pulling her crimson leaking body towards the front door with the ghoul in hot pursuit.  Gunner knew she was going to lose; he had only a portion of his body weight to move forward compared to her.

     Well he always did want her, the big man said with dark humor.  Karma sucks, don’t it Daisy?

     “W-what’s happening?” Dee hissed quietly as a series of metal-on-metal clatterings echoed above the wails of his ex-old lady.

    “Shut up!” he breathed back at the woman clinging to his upper arm.  “Egghead’s gettin’ that taste of Daisy he always wanted.”

    “Oh man, that’s gross!”

    Daisy’s begging and pleading was cut off with a gurgling strangled sound as she failed to out-crawl the lighter flesh-eater.  There came a staggering banging noise that rose above the tearing and ripping sound of his ex-girlfriend’s demise. Gunner noted that Duff and Posey’s reanimated corpses had just managed to stumble to their feet.  He heard two pitiful moans of deep hunger emanate from a pair of ghoulish throats and ducked back behind the counter before he was spotted.   There was a snarl, more of an animal-like growl than a man-made sound, and the big man figured that Egghead was warning the two new zombies off his kill. 

     That means they’re going to go looking for… us! he stated flatly to himself as the conclusion that popped into his brain wasn’t hard to come by.

     “We gotta make a break for it, babe,” he whispered low to Dee and watched her nod her head in agreement.  Gripping his shotgun with one hand, he grabbed her with his other.  He leaped forward and ran into a standing body; on the way to the floor he cursed himself for not looking where he was going first.  He looked down into a white zombie face and recognized her at once.  His legs were thrust between hers, a mocking parody of lovemaking.

     If she wasn’t dead and hungry, this’d be funny as hell! He laughed inwardly as he realized it was Char-Char he was lying on top of.  The half-Latino was craning her neck forward, trying to take a hunk of flesh out of his neck, but Gunner wasn’t in the mood for undead kisses, so he smashed her in the face with the butt of his double barreled weapon.  Her forehead cracked with a sharp snapping sound of breaking bone and he leaped to his feet a moment later. 

      “Ugh! “ The heavily breathed voice appeared out of nowhere and hissed into his right ear, making him flinch and nearly fall back down.  He was struck in the same shoulder by a dead weight as Slick the Zombie attempted to take a bite out of crime.  Gunner slid in the wet puddle of gore left by Egghead’s demise as he tried to shove the dual barrels under his former friend’s chin.  But a flashing hand plunged a butterfly knife into the creature’s temple and pierced the newly revived brain.   Slick fell to the floor once more, this time dead for good with Dee’s blade still jammed into his skull. 

     But for her troubles in saving him, Dee was dragged to the ground by Charlene, who Gunner realized he had failed to fully dispatch.  She screamed once before the flesh-eater sank her sharp teeth into his woman’s upper right thigh.   He swung a foot and knocked her off the screeching brunette, and she rasped a terrible laugh at her former leader.

     “Die, bitch!” Dee shrieked as she stomped the creature to death with her steel-toed biker boots.  Gore splashed up her leg as she caved in the flesh-eater’s brainpan.

     “Did ya get bitten?” he asked.

    “Nah, she didn’t even bite through my chaps!”

    “Gaggh!”  something croaked nearby.

     Boom-boom! Loudly spoke the shotgun in Gunner’s hands; he blew Tex’s head into a swirling red mist of blood and tissue as he quickly fired to his right.  Dee was clutching her leg as what once was Duff and Posey started in their general direction.  He flung his lady forward with a snatch and jerk of his right arm and she tumbled past the disgustingly soggy curtain hiding the room with the safe.  He fumbled in his belt for another two shells after cracking the gun in half.   The spent casings flew over his shoulder and landed on Char-Char’s permanently dead body.

     “Hnng!  Ungh!” Duff and Posey commented in lackluster voices disputing his aim like Russian judges during the Olympics.  They slipped and slid forward in the red smeared mess on the floor until comically toppling back to their undead rears.  He spotted that it was because of Daisy’s slippery entrails that they were having a hard time finding footing.  The reason for this was Egghead’s wild and unrestrained dining on the bloody-mouthed biker chick he once hoped to make his own.  The floor had become treacherous as the undead nerd yanked more bluish coils from the gaping red wound in her stomach.

      Gazing at the jerking and twitching woman, Gunner caught her eyes just before she died.  In true biker fashion, she flipped him off with her last breath.     No time for chit-chat honey, I gotta boogie! he reminded himself as two other former members of his club found purchase on the floor and came forward towards him with low grunts and groans.


     “That’s all for you two!” Gunner grinned as he yanked the shotgun back together and fired from the hip.  The staggered blasts roared in the small confines of the pawn shop, making his ears ring and his nose become filled with cordite as he decapitated Posey and her mate with deadly efficiency.   Their ruined skull fragments bounced off the other wall like shards of shattered china.

     “Oh God I’m covered in blood!” Dee wailed as she flicked her hands at her sides just before he helped her up.  The vault door was standing ajar and he eased her into its dark, musty interior in a rare showing of gentleman-like manners.

    “No time for that now, we gotta take out the rest of ‘em.  Stand back, this is gonna get messy,” he reminded her as he unhinged the short weapon and let it eject the spent and smoking plastic shells.

     “Look out!” she screamed as a figure moved into the doorway.  It was, or had once been, Daisy.

     Her long straight hair was matted with gore and blood dripped from her nose and mouth.  What remained of her guts trailed on the floor behind her like some macabre bridal train.  Her jerky head motion and slowly opening jaws caused her ex-lover to drop the shells he had retrieved from the pocket of his leather jacket.  The yawning hole in her belly allowed the white gleam of her ribs and spine to be easily seen.  Her half-eaten liver plopped out in a disturbing flop and landed on the floor with a splat, as if she had suddenly given birth via a madman’s C-section.  Her hands reached for his face as he kicked her in the midsection.

     “Shit!” he bellowed as his foot became wedged into the messy eviscerated belly.  They danced like this for a few seconds; it was a tug of war between his leg and her gripping hands.  She pushed forward without a sound and dumped him onto the floor before she lunged with her teeth towards his throat.

     They wrestled on the ground, his gloves becoming wet and slippery from her blood, making the task of defending himself that much more difficult.  She snapped her teeth and growled.  He jerked away to avoid having her rip apart his cheek.  With a roar of determination he rolled over and on top of her, yanking his warm coated boot from her guts and pushing off as hard as he could.  Landing on his ass, Gunner slid past the slick, dripping curtain and back into the main portion of the store.

     “Get away!  Get away from me, you ugly cunt!” he heard Dee wail in utter terror.   But it was the wet laugh that chilled him to his very soul as the unseen struggle from behind the crimson veil started in earnest. 

    “The hell with this!” he shouted in utter disgust as he stood up and turned around.  Egghead was pulling himself towards his former leader.

     “Fuck off, nerd!” Gunner sighed and drew back a foot and kicked him to one side as a loud gurgling shriek erupted from behind the curtain.   The nerd was lifted off the ground, flew over the counter, and crashed into the barred window, shattering the glass onto the sidewalk outside.

     This isn’t worth the hassle so I’m just going to get the hell out of here! he said to himself as he gingerly crossed the slippery floor and dodged the dead bodies and fallen racks.  I can still start over by myself, so much the better for me!

     Exiting the pawn shop, he spotted his big Harley and smiled as if greeting an old friend.  He stuffed the sawed-off shotgun into the holster on the side of the bike and shook off as much of Daisy’s guts from his leg as he could.  He gazed into the sky and broke out into a hearty laugh.

     “Well now,” he chuckled as he straddled the Soft-Tail and thumbed the starter button, causing the motorcycle to roar to life.  “I have money and all the free time I need to spend it.  The freedom of the open road is gonna feel great!  Hey, maybe I’ll head towards Sturgis and just wait until the big rally starts.  Hell, I could work as a motorcycle mechanic until the summer, hook-up with some hot chick and see where it takes us.”

     He started to back the big two-wheeler up and get himself orientated when he heard a voice call out.  He turned, but was suddenly lifted off his saddle and flung into the street by a powerful blow.  His legs went numb and lay like useless lumps of flesh just sticking out of his lower half.  He managed to sit up and felt a hot wave of liquid pour into his leathers as blood bubbled from the torn wound in his midsection.  The rear wheel of his bike spun around in a crazed manner as it crashed to its side farther on down the street.

     “W-what the f-fuck?” he blubbered, and coughed out a bright red mouthful.  He gazed up to see Omar the shopkeeper standing off to the side of the store’s door, a large semi-automatic assault rifle clutched in his wrinkled brown hands. 

     “Stay out of my store!” the man commanded with his heavily accented voice.  “Now you die in the street like the dog you are!”

    Gunner tried to drag himself towards his bike and the weapon it contained, but it was too far away.  He fell to the cold pavement, exhausted and in agony.  He could only watch as the man he wanted to take vengeance on merely walked away and got into his car to drive away, with his family in its interior.

     “Motherfuckin’ rag-head!” he screamed into the cloudless sky.


     The ragged and desperate moan made him look towards the store’s open door.  His mind was quickly filled with terror as Daisy and Dee staggered out into the street, their eyes boring into his.  Both zombies licked bloody lips with greedy anticipation as they lurched forward.

       They staggered drunkenly towards him, drooling in greedy anticipation of a fine, unmoving feast. “Oh s-shit… come on, this can’t be fucking happening!” he shouted in disbelief as they approached on nerveless legs.  Fuck this. Fuck vengeance. Fuck everything…

     “Come on girls!” he screamed defiantly. “There’s plenty of Gunner to go around!”

     For more zombie short stories go to www.darkroastpress.com

The Youngstown Uprising told from several individual points of view.

Tales from the Uprising


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