Freak Show!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following is part 10 of taking a bizarre picture off the Internet and crafting a story to explain it.  The following tale contains adult language, a violent abduction and sexual situations if you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!

Freak Show!

            They captured me as I left the bar.  A foursome of Good Ol’ Boys who were very drunk, loudly rowdy and very strong came up to me as I exited.  It went down so fast I didn’t have time to react now that I think about it.

            “Hey pretty mama,” one of them called out. “Where ya goin’?”

            “Stay for a drink!” another one hooted.

            “Sorry you guys ain’t my type,” I responded.

            “Wrong answer sweetheart—get her boys!” the first yelled.

            They surrounded me fast.  Hands grabbed, voices flowed together and a sudden sharp pain erupted on the back of my skull.  I don’t remember anything after that point until I woke up a bit later.

            Now I’m rolling around in the back of a pickup truck.  I try to see what’s going on but I can’t.  I’m hogtied, blindfolded and gagged.  There’s a trickling of blood from the back of my scalp which is running down my neck and the warm greasy feeling is making my stomach upset.

            What the fuck have I gotten myself into?  I just got into town from Pedimont and this is how these hicks greet a girl?

            I’m a bit of a loner, a wanderer of sorts.  I haven’t set down roots anywhere since I left my hometown when I was eighteen.  Three days on the road, you’d think I’d be more careful.  Like the wind I’d blow into town, pick up an odd job and save my money for the road. 

            Now here I am bound up like a rodeo calf heading into danger!  Great job Faith—good looking out for yourself.

            “Ya think Cletus will be impressed?” one of them hollers. 

            He must be in the bed of the truck with me keeping an eye on their newfound playmate. 

            “As long as she’s breathin’ Cletus won’t mind!” another howls with laughter.

            “Cletus ain’t never been with no woman.  You sure he’s gonna behave himself Jake?” the man in the back asks.

            “And if she don’t make it—who cares?  I gotta get my baby brother laid somehows!”

            The whoops and yelps of these Southern boys makes my skin crawl.  Whoever Cletus is I have a feeling I don’t want any of his attention.  The truck sways and jerks as it rolls down the back road in Tennessee and fear wells up in my soul.

            Why do I hear the banjo and guitar theme of Deliverance in my head right now? I ask myself redundantly.

            “You gonna like Cletus,” the man whispers into my ear.  “He’s hung like a horse!”



            The truck skids to a stop and something gritty and dirty washes over my body.  The vehicle rocks several more times and I feel and hear the tailgate drop with a clang.  I’m grabbed by several hands and my skin is scraped along the bed of the truck when they pull me out.

            “Careful boys!” Jake (I think) hollers.  “That ain’t no way to treat a lady, now is it?”

            They crack up laughing and sound like deranged hyenas strung out on crack.  I’m dumped to my feet, but my hands and face are still bound tight.  I’m marched forward, my feet scuffling and kicking up dust because I can feel it on my bare soles. 

            “Come on!  Let’s get this here party started!” one of them shouts.

            Rough wood is suddenly beneath me and I hear the creak and slam of a wooden screen door.  I stagger blindly across a threadbare rug and then swiftly am led down a flight of groaning stairs. 

            “Want some music?” someone asks.

            I can’t answer due to the smelly rag stuffed through my lips.

            “Hey let’s dance!” the Jake voice whoops.

            I’m tossed into a man’s rough arms and he drags me across a dirt floor, grabbing at my ass, mauling my breasts and kissing my face.  His body odor is enough to kill an elephant at fifty yards.  I can feel the slick, wet sweat of his arms around me and want to puke down his throat.  His fat paunch is stuffed against my flat stomach and I can tell he isn’t wearing a shirt anymore.

            “Go get Cletus, will ya Jake?” another says gruffly.

            “I figured we’d take her first, then let my brother have a turn,” he answers.

            They start giggling like maniacs again.  Hands roam and fingers violate me as I try to squirm away.

            “She’s a wiggler!” Jake snorts.

            “I love me a woman who’s wild in bed!” a new voice snickers.

            “She’s a redhead and ya know what that means?”


            “Red in the head means fire in the hole!”

            I raise my eyes under my blindfold at Jake’s stupid joke.  I feel the man’s gross, perspiring body against mine and hike a knee.  I feel it hit the soft spot I’m aiming for.  He lets out a deep groan and I hear his body hit the floor.

            “Bobby, I want you to untie her while I go get Cletus and then when she sees what’s waiting for her maybe she’ll calm down and play nice,” he grunts in pain.

            “Sure thing Jake,” the man from the back of the truck says.

            “Oh by the way honey…”

            Pain explodes in my gut as he drives a hard fist into it.  I sag in my captors’ hands and gasp for air. 

            “Help me get her ready Johnny,” Bobby says.

            “I don’t know about this man,” a new voice states.

            “Look she’s just a damn stranger, ain’t nobody gonna miss her.  She told Billy at the bar she just got into town.”

            “But still this ain’t right.”

            “If yer too chicken-shit about it then leave!”

            “I’ll help Bobby,” one of them states.

            “Thanks Ray.”

            I feel my hands become free and then my mouth and eyes are uncovered.  Blinking rapidly I try to adjust to the light to see who I’m dealing with.  Blurry hazes finally become focused into the harsh reality of where I’m going to be repeatedly raped at.

            Bobby is behind me with my arms in his grip.  He twists them up behind my back making my muscles scream in protest.  I look over my shoulder to see he’s dressed in a wife-beater tee shirt that used to be white at one point.  He’s fat, dark haired and unshaven.  He stinks of beer and stale sweat.  His jeans are filthy.

            Johnny, who comes out from behind me is wearing an old Whitesnake concert shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots.  He’s wearing an expression, one part regret and one part indecision as he looks into my eyes.  He’s handsome and sensitive but I can tell he’s going to be easily bullied into helping his buddies out.

            Ray is thinner and wearing a yellow shirt and blue jeans.  He has a nasty expression on his face telling me he doesn’t think much of women in general.  I can tell by his unique stink he’s not been with too many as it is.  He has a cruel streak in him a mile wide and can’t wait to indulge it.

            “This here’s Ray, Johnny and I’m Bobby,” the heavy set bastard sneers.  “What’s yer name sweetheart?”

            “Faith,” I snarl.

            “Well  ya gotta have faith!” Ray howls. 

            They start laughing while I ponder my aching guts. 

            “Look Faith,” Bobby begins.  “All ya gotta do is play nice and we’ll let ya go.  If’n you kick, bite or scratch then well… I’m afraid it’ll go bad for ya.”

            “Aren’t you a gentleman,” I state sarcastically.

            “Yep that’s me!”

            “Damn you got some nice titties and a great ass Faith,” Ray Mean-face snaps.  “I can’t wait ta see ya naked.”

            “I just love your romantic banter,” I reply.

            He slaps me across the face.

            “Bitch! I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be lucky to walk straight in a week!” he screams.

            “Hey now let’s take it easy with our guest,” Johnny interrupts. 

            “You’re too soft John-boy.  She’s just another useless slut!”

            “Here’s Cletus!  I had to bribe him to come along with a glass of milk!” Jake announces like he’s bringing Elvis to visit.

            I’m spun around in time to face a hideous monstrosity of apparent inbreeding.

            “It’s time for the Freak Show!” Bobby roars with merriment.

            Cletus has a face shaped like a bowling ball, with jutting straight red hair haphazardly sticking out on his head.  His eyes are wide open, bulging out of his skull at me and drool is oozing out of his lips.  His face seems to have no bones, almost being a perfectly ball-like sphere.  He’s already nude and covered with enough hair to be mistaken for an ape.  His cock has risen out of the thick patch of pubic hair and looks like a miniature baseball bat with a huge, red bulbous tip.

            “Oh I don’t think so,” I spout off.  “I’ll do the rest of you but I’m not spreading my legs for that!”

            “You ain’t got no choice,” Jake spits at me. “You callin’ my brother ugly?”

            “Well I can see the family resemblance, that’s for sure.”

            Jake kicks me in the stomach and I double over.

            “Fuck this I’m leavin’,” Johnny says before fleeing up the steps.

            “Coward!  Pussy!  Faggot!” Bobby hollers.

            “Get her pants off!” Jake orders them.

            Ray runs behind me and tugs off my jeans by my pant legs.  I’m standing in just my panties and pink summer top which isn’t much to cover me.  It was a gift from a male admirer in the last town.  I wore it because I thought I could attract more attention in the bar.  Now I wish I would’ve worn something less revealing.

            Cletus lunges towards me.  I break my right hand free and try to shove him away but hits Jake instead, sinking deep into his massive gut.  The glass in his hands slops milk onto the floor.  Ray punches me in the face and I see stars in my eyes. 

            “Milk!  Milk!” Cletus roars idiot-like.

            “Ya want it?  Here ya go Cletus!” his brother howls.

            The bastard dumps the glass onto the top of my head and it runs down my face, into my pink top and soaks my jeans.  I snort milk bubbles out of my nose and sputter for air once more.  My cheek is throbbing in pain to the same rhythm as my abused tummy. 

            “Milk!” the inbreed creature wails.

            “Let her go boys!  I think Cletus can take it from here!” Jake shouts with a laugh.

            The freakish hillbilly reaches for me and through a white hazed gaze I see his leering, lusty face nearing.

            Enough of this shit—time to play rough, I tell myself.

            He grabs me by the waist, his huge shaft plowing against my sore stomach but his weight knocks me off my feet and he lands on me.  The air is driven out of my lungs.
            “Whoa he’s really horny!” Ray snickers.

            “Milk!  Milk!” Cletus rants.

             Then he suddenly screams.

            “What the fuck?” Bobby shouts.

            I’ve sunk my fangs into the thick throat of the deformed man and blood is spraying from either side of my cheeks.  I’ve deliberately punctured a major artery.  Cletus is screaming in agony and trying to dislodge my teeth from his neck.  I release him and he jumps up howling in pain.  I take just a moment to admire the stupid looks on these backwoods rapists’ faces before getting upright.  My bloody smile scares the shit out of them.  Ray is stammering in terror and Bobby is pissing down his already filthy jeans.

            “Picked the wrong girl to fuck with, didn’t you?” I sneer.

            “W-what the fuck?” Jake mutters.

            I leap onto his fat body, my legs go around his hips and I sink my fangs into his pale white throat.  He screams like a sissy when the blood begins to flow.  I gulp as fast as I can before something slams into my back.  We fall to the floor and I roll clear.  Bobby is clutching a broken piece of lumber in his trembling hands.

            “You hit like a girl, Bobby,” I laugh.

            He recoils from the gory mess around my mouth and starts to step back but I’m on him faster than dead on Elvis.  He manages a quick squealing prayer before I rip out his throat.  Hot red liquid splashes down his wife-beater while he goes pale in the face.  I round on Ray who’s trying to make a break for it.  I catch him on the stairs.

            “Please!  Don’t hurt me—we didn’t mean nothing by all this!” he wails child-like.

            I grab his right wrist and break it like a toothpick.  Mr. I-Hate-Women shrieks just before I shatter his other limb. 

            “You piece of fucking white trash!” I screech.  “This is for all the women you’ve hit in your life!”

            I break his legs below the knee, splinter three ribs and crack open his skull just for the fun of it, stopping just before he dies so I can slack my demonic thirst for his blood.

            I look around.  Jake, Bobby and Cletus are still thrashing slowly on the floor each clutching spurting red wounds.  I stalk over and break their necks, I don’t want them rising as vampires, they were bad enough as human beings. 

            “Oh God,” Ray blubbers quietly.

            “Time to die Ray,” I growled terribly.

            I snap his neck easily.


            I clean off the best I can but my outfit is ruined.  Only my jeans are free of thick, quickly crusting and drying blood.  I sigh.  Climbing the stairs I exit the hovel and see the truck still sitting in the dirt driveway in the front yard.   Leaning against it, a lit cigarette smoking between his fingers is Johnny.  I walk seductively towards him.  I need a ride into town and he has no idea what’s happened since he can’t see the blood on my pink top due to the dark of the night.  He hasn’t spotted me yet, and reaches into the cab of the truck and pulls out a shotgun.  I freeze.

            “I can’t let this happen,” I hear him say.  “This ain’t right.”

            Well I’ll be, I think. A hillbilly with a heart of gold?

            “I’m goin’ in there and puttin’ a stop to this right now,” he continues.

            I walk towards him and he finally spots me.

            “It’s all over so don’t fret about it,” I tell him.

            “Ah…well… hey look I’m really sorry about my buddies,” he stammers.

            “It really bothered you about what they had planned for me?”

            “Yeah I can’t believe I let them talk me into it.  I’m really sorry Faith.
            “No need to be.  I heard you talking about putting a stop to it and that makes you a good guy in my book.”

            “Gee, thanks.”

            “No worries, in fact could you give me a lift back to town?  I have a room at the hotel across from the bar and I’d like to get out of this one-horse town before dawn,” I query.

            “Jeez I guess that’s the least I can do,” he remarks.

            “You’re a good man Johnny but you might want to pick some different friends.”

            “Where ya from Faith?” he asks.

            “Transylvania,” I answer.

            “Get out of here!”

            “No seriously, I’m not kidding.”

            The clouds part above me and the moonlight shines down.  I’m exposed for what I really am.  Then he sees my stained shirt and his face turns white with fear.  He begins to backpedal away from me, thrusting the scattergun in my direction.

            “Now before you do something you’ll regret, just relax,” I tell him.

            “W-what did you do?!” he screams.

            “I’ve fed.  Unfortunately I’ve also killed your friends and that retarded brother of Jake’s.  Now if you don’t want to serve time for a multiple murder I suggest you give me a lift out of town and I’ll be your alibi.  If not, well I’m still a little hungry and that gun won’t stop me.”

            “You’re a v-v-vam…”

            “Vampire, I think that’s the word you’re looking for.  Yes I am and I’m also about two hundred years old.”


            “Yes.  I have a proposal for you Johnny.”

            “Okay let’s hear it.”

            “I need someone to look out for me during the daylight hours.  I have lots of money and travel as I see fit.  Would you be interested in a partnership?  I could take you all over the world and back again.”

             “I don’t know.”

             “I can sweeten the deal.”

             “Let’s hear it.”

            “I let you buy anything you want clothes, cars, and even a plane if you’d like.  We can settle down in some big city and I’ll give you time away from me if you want.  You could have two weeks a year, a paid vacation.”

           “Wow!” he says.

            “Plus I find you attractive.  Just think about what I could do to you… sexually that is.  I’ve been around quite a while enough to teach you a few things.  So what do you say?”

            I watch him mull it over.  He begins to rub his chin and the shotgun’s muzzle droops to the ground.

            “Ya know,” he smiles.  “I’m sick of this hick-town.  Been thinkin’ about movin’ on.  I always wanted to live in Los Angeles or maybe Paris.”

           “Paris is beautiful in the spring.” I grin.  “We could even visit Hawaii in the winter or Stockholm if you want to learn to ski.  If you like to hunt we can safari in Africa.  The possibilities are endless.”

         “Why aren’t you livin’ in these places now?”

         “My last protector died on me three days ago and I’ve been trying to get to a major city to find a new one.  Looks like I didn’t have to travel as far as I thought I needed to, or am I mistaken?”

             “Yep, but we gotta have one thing we agree on.”

            “What’s that?”

            “You ain’t gonna take a bite outta me, right?”

            “I can’t use you if you’re dead or a vampire as well.  We have ourselves an agreement?”

            I extend a hand and he takes it.  He doesn’t flinch at the coolness of my flesh and I sense his desire.  Yeah this felt right and I think I’ve solved both of our problems with my offer.

            “Agreed,” he grins.

            “Johnny,” I laugh.  “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” 


And this is the picture I found to inspire the above story...eew!

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