Jen’s Tale…reviewed!

The Pagan & the Pen reviewer Karmyn Klein had this to say about “Jen’s Tale”:

Is love enough to save us? Or will Jen Allen forsake her new lover and usher in an alien invasion?

Jen's Tale


The Review:
Christopher Newman’s book, Jen’s Tale, is quirky, funny, and sexy. There were places in this book where I laughed out loud at the main character, Jen’s, observations and actions. I became completely immersed in the story. Christopher Newman did a great job of throwing me off the scent of how it would end, as well as keeping me fully engaged and wanting to read more.
The mix of quirky romance and sexy science fiction is well balanced and a lot of fun to read. And while the science fiction and romantic elements are wonderfully detailed, the main attraction is the all-too-human voice and heart of Jen the alien. A fully developed character who will make you laugh, groan, and sniffle. While there were times when Jen’s voice became a tad bit overbearing (interruptions to the story in the form of puns), she still totally won me over. This book was a wonderful read. I definitely recommend it.
Pagan Elements: None

Cover (Rated 1-10): 6 The font is awful, but I appreciate that the cover shows this book is clearly a science fiction romance novel. No guesswork here!

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