She Saw

AUTHOR’S NOTE; This is a work of erotic fiction.  If you are below the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!  I don’t know where this disturbing story came from but somewhere in my depraved imagination it oozed out of the darkness.  This tale is not for the faint of heart.

She Saw

            She’s thrashing on the bed like an epileptic in the midst of a Grand Mal seizure.  Her arms and legs are flailing wildly.  Her gorgeous face is a mask of pure and absolute need while I go to town between her splayed legs.  Karla, Karla with a K, is catching fire.  Her long black hair is spread beneath and around her head like it’s in the grip of sweat soaked tendrils of some bizarre sea creature.  The silicone enhanced pair of double D-cup breasts she possesses bounce, loll and quiver.  Her eyes are wide open.  What’s pouring out of her mouth in a steady stream of cheering and is like nothing I’ve ever heard a live woman say in the midst of orgasmic passion.  Oh I’ve heard it, but only in a porno.

            “Yes!  Oh Yes, f-fuck me Rick!” she wails loudly.

            I hope my neighbors are forgiving.  Hell, I praying I’m not going to suffer a heart attack and die.  Remember the joke guys make in the bars?  The one about dying while having sex, the old “coming and going at the same time” jest?  I’m hoping it isn’t my fate. 

            But back to Karla with a K.

            This insanely hot nymphomaniac is on her back, legs fully extended and spread wide.  Her ankles are tied to the bedpost behind her head.  Her arms are likewise secured by the wrists.  Hey, it’s not my idea I’m just following orders here, okay?   Karla brought her own rope, for shit’s sake.  I’m stuffing my cock into her at a pace, which I’ve mentioned before I think will kill me, while she’s shrieking.  The slap of our flesh echoes in my apartment and sounds like I’m spanking her.  Well that was earlier, but I digress.  You’ve already gotten the impression the girl I’m fucking is a real freak, right? 

            “Oh yes, oh yes,” she chants over and over. 

            I can’t answer, I’m too busy trying to fulfill her wishes for a seventh orgasm so she can, in her words, enjoy a good night’s sleep.  Me?  I’ve had three climaxes myself in the past hour and a half since we started.  Currently if I keep this pace I’m going to expel a puff of dust into the condom I’m wearing.  She’s drained me dry but still isn’t satisfied.

            “No!  Yes!  N-no! Y-y-yes!” she screams.

            I wish she’d make up her mind.  In fact I wish I wouldn’t have been so chicken-shit I didn’t agree to gag her.  If I wasn’t so busy banging her like a Chinese gong I’d stuff something, anything between those full lips so I don’t get evicted.

            What begins as a low moan starts to climb into the upper registers of a cry only a dog can here.  In fact I swear I hear one howling outside while Karla unabashedly announces her fuse is lit and it’s T-minus twenty seconds to blast-off.  Thank God, I’m tired.  My hips are sore, my thighs are burning, lower back is aching and I don’t even want to talk about my penis.  In fact I’m so afraid of what I might find tomorrow in the shower it’s enough to make me take a Valium. 

            “Aaaaaahhh,” she wails, her voice climbing in octave.

            We have lift-off.

            Karla’s body literally begins to bounce on the mattress.  The ropes relax and then flex taut with a snapping sound, like a paddle being used on a bare ass.  She’s banging her head against the pillow so hard I think she’s going to give herself a concussion.  No seriously I really am worried because between that and her eyes rolling up into her skull and showing the whites terrifies me.

            Then she comes in earnest.

            Unexpected she goes rigid.  Her body is paralyzed at the height of her climax making her face turn scarlet, her limbs to freeze at full extension and her mouth hangs open like she’s imitating a dead fish.  Her cunt grips me like a vise, it isn’t pleasurable.  In fact it downright hurts.  There’s a slight fast trembling going on, but you can barely see or feel it.   It’s hard to believe she’s having an orgasm.

            It’s the calm before the storm, trust me.

            Karla with a K detonates and her back arches on the mattress until only her head and heels are touching.  Then she goes berserk.  Every ride one of those mechanical bulls at some bar?  Me neither but the past hour I’ve been given a crash course in bronco busting.  I hold on for dear life, still jamming my cock into her because if I stop, so does she and I don’t have the energy left to start all over. 

            “Rick!” she wails. 

            She says my name in a long, wavering shriek which is sure to get me a visit from the landlord tomorrow morning.  In fact I’ve been waiting for my phone to ring, despite it being two o’clock in the morning.  The bed creaks like the shattered hull of a ship hitting submerged rocks.  If I didn’t know any better I’d think my mind was playing tricks on me but I smell burning latex.  Finally, thankfully Karla’s finally body relaxes and goes still.  I can stop now, I really don’t care if I cum.  Exhausted I fall on top of her while she begins to giggle in a hysterical titter which confirms her carnal lunacy.  You see I just met Karla a few hours ago at a local pub. 


            I’m sitting in my favorite drinking establishment and watching the television when this extraordinarily beautiful woman saunters up next to me.  Her breasts jiggled in her tight dress top like they were shock absorbers.  Her full, red-painted lips parted slightly only to be wetted by a delicately pink shaded tip of her tongue.  Her legs went on for miles and her feet were gripped by a decadent pair of high heels.  This creature is giving off enough sexual desire I was surprised she wasn’t leaving a trail of vaginal smelling smoke in her wake.  In short she was incredibly sexy, primed and ready.  The rest of the male population in the bar shoot me open and dirty looks. 

            “Hey you’re new here,” she coos provocatively.

            “Am I?” I said nonchalantly.

            “Well at least to me you’re new.”

            She sits down, slides a hand up my left thigh and grabs my junk.  Just like that.  Her lips form a shocked but happy O and she tells me her name.

            “My name is Karla,” she growls seductively, “Karla with a K.”

            That’s how this whole thing started, with a cheesy line, a groping feel and her giving me her name.  Sounds like it’s straight out of some men’s magazine, doesn’t it?

            I don’t want to brag, but I’m packing.  I read somewhere there was a study of the average penis size by country.  To my shock I was informed that in the United States the typical cock is 3.4 inches long flaccid and 5 inches hard.  Let’s just say I’m well above average and leave it at that.  Which is why, or so Karla told me, she didn’t bother to “quibble over details”. 

          The funny part is outside of knowing her name the woman who has probably gotten me evicted is a mystery.  She could be anywhere from eighteen to twenty-one in age.  Christ, she could be a convicted or escaped serial killer for all I know.  So why did I let her into my flat?  She’s hot, honest about what she needed and I really wanted to fuck her.  Simple right?  Karla didn’t give me restrictions, didn’t want to date for two months without sex, have me to meet her folks first nor did she play the usual cat-and-mouse game with me.  The woman knew what she wanted, how she wanted it and wasn’t shy about saying so.  Frankly the honesty was quite nice.  Per her request we only detoured to a small hardware store where the female beneath me bought the rope.  Then it was on to my apartment to begin the sexual marathon I just completed.


                 Back to my cock size.  After she shredded my clothes, kissed me so deeply I’m shocked she didn’t taste my dinner, she began stroking me.  I grew and grew and grew.  Karla’s eyes widened and widened and widened.  She gazed into my eyes like a kid who had just opened the best Christmas present they had ever received.

                “Fuck you’re a big boy aren’t you?” she snickered in a horny tone.  “How damn big is that thing?”

                “Ten inches,” I proudly told her.

                 Yeah you read that right.  I’m packing two inches short of a foot.  But at the moment, collapsed on top of Karla’s sweating and heaving bosom I’m wondering if twice that length would be enough for the sexual hunger she has.

                  With a groan I climb from between her shuddering thighs, get off the bed and stand up on shaky legs to remove the rubber.  I really expected it to be smoldering like some ember.   Trying not to look at the object it’s being peeled off of Karla sighs deeply.  I turn to look at her expecting to see her bleeding out of her pussy from my frantic and repeated bludgeoning.  Instead I see a hot red and flushed labia just below a tiny triangle of hair and above that a butterfly tattoo.  Karla begins to speak.

                “Wow,” she mutters, “that was amazing.”

                “Tell me about it,” I answer, the sarcasm going over her head.

                “Are you tired?”

                  “Exhausted actually.”


                   She says it with a pout.  I look over at her with a stunned expression of pure shock and disbelief.  With a sigh I reach over and untie her.

                  “You want more?” I ask.

                 “Always I swear it’s a curse,” she replies.  “I’m never satisfied for very long.  That’s probably why I can’t keep a steady boyfriend they get worn out and quit on me.  You’re not going to quit on me are you Rick?”

               “I am tonight, sorry.  I have to go to work tomorrow and I don’t want to get fired.”

                Tossing the used condom into the trash I shake my head.  This woman doesn’t need a boyfriend she needs a harem of studs hopped up on Viagra.  She rolls on her left side and reaches for my limp, sore shaft.  I slap wearily at her hands.

              “You’ve had enough young lady,” I chastise her.

               She’s laying there like some spoiled brat who was just told they weren’t getting another bowl of ice cream. 

              “Come on Rick,” she pleads.

               I rolled my eyes at her again.

             “Give a man some time to rebuild his strength,” I groan.

              “What about a short nap?” she inquires.

              “I’ll need more than that.”

              “I need more of that.”

             “Karla I swear you’re insatiable!”

              She laughs and then smiled at me with a very sexy and sweet grin.  If I had any stamina left I might’ve gotten hard all over again.  But the only thing that could’ve raised my cock from the dead was Jesus Christ himself.  Frankly I wouldn’t have let him do it.  

             “What do you think I am a machine?” I say in a shocked tone.

             “A machine?  Now that’s a very interesting concept,” she quips.

               At this time I should’ve known better, asked her to leave with the false promise of seeing her again.  Afterwards I could’ve gotten some much needed sleep.  But no, I had to be stupid.

            “You’re joking, right?”

            “Partially I think.”

            “Well I work in wood, not metal.”

            “You’re a carpenter?”


            Then a radical, bizarre idea hits me like a baseball bat to the forehead.  I start to grin myself.

            “What are you thinking of?” she queries.

            “I’ll make you a deal,” I offer.  “If you let me sleep I promise I’ll make you a machine you’ll find very interesting.”

            “What?  Are you going to order it from the Internet?”

            “I think I can whip something up without bothering with that.”

            Karla looks at me and I can see the curiosity building in her mind by the look on her face.  She begins to chew on a fingernail and then jerks it away. 

            “Okay you’ve got yourself a deal,” she tells me.

            “Thank god, can I get some rest now?” I groan.

            “Sure thing Rick.  Rick with the big, thick dick.”

            I ignore her childish joke.  I climb into bed and she wraps her body around mine.  Untangling myself from her clutches I reach over and shut off the light, my thoughts turning lazily over the possibilities in my mind.  Sleep overtakes me.


            Two days and an irate visit from my landlord I am sitting at my kitchen table with a mixture of the strangest collection of items staring at me.  First there is a large dildo.  It is a pink latex monstrosity which rivals my own natural girth and made me feel embarrassed from buying it all over again.  Second there are two power tools, a drill and a reciprocating saw; both are from the tool box in the bed of my truck.  Third is the vise I’ve clamped onto the edge of my dining room table, it too is from my collection of tools.  Last, but far from least is a caulking gun with a tube of high-density, quick drying adhesive.  I’m just hoping my mother doesn’t drop in for an unannounced visit while I’m creating this.

            “One of these things is not like the other,” I sing sarcastically.

            I take the drill and put in a one-inch bit into its jaws.  Tightening it down I run the cord over to the outlet and plug it in.  Carefully holding the king-sized dong I begin to drill out a hole in the center.  When finished I open the windows and go outside for fresh air onto the balcony because burning latex stinks to high heaven.   After a trio of cigarettes I re-enter the apartment.

            “Lucky for me I broke a drill bit the other day,” I say to myself.  “At least I won’t have to waste using a good one on Karla’s machine.”

            This is the tricky part.  I have to make sure it’s centered and not off balanced or it’s going to wobble like crazy when used.  Cutting off the tip of the adhesive tube I place the dildo between my legs (feeling very gay at the time) and pump the void full of the thick white glue.  With dong in hand I move to the vise I’ve attached to the table and clamp it down to keep it in place while the adhesive dries.

            “I wonder if this is how Doc Johnson got his start?” I ponder with a laugh.  “Oh well after this dries I’m going to have to test it out to make sure it’s secure.  I’d hate to have an accident during its first use.  A trial run is a good idea.”


            Thursday night I’m sitting at the table again.  The glue has dried and the metal rod sticking out of it while I’m using a small level to check my work. 

            “Well it’s off a bit by that shouldn’t matter much,” I announce to no one. 

            I plug in the reciprocating saw, widen the chuck and attached my creation into its metal jaws.  Feeling rather stupid I change my mind about turning it on where I can be seen by my neighbors across the street.  Unplugging it I feel the hot redness of embarrassment creeping into my cheeks.  I carry it into the bedroom, draw the curtains and power it up. 

            “Okay,” I sigh.  “Here goes nothing.”

            I depress the safety and trigger.

            The pink fake cock begins to jab wildly and quickly.  The comical sight of it makes me howl with laughter and it only gets funnier when I pull the trigger all the way. 

            “Oh my god!” I wail.  “It’s Robo-Dick!  This is what it must look like when those robots from The Terminator fuck.”

            I release the trigger and sink to my knees still gripped by the silliness and hilarity of what I’ve made.  Wiping furiously at my streaming eyes I can’t settle my gaze on the contraption without resuming my insane laughter.  Finally I get a grip on myself and unplug the saw, detach the dildo and put it into my nightstand. 

            “N-now all that’s missing is Karla,” I stammer.


            I have just eaten dinner and put the dishes into the dishwasher when the door buzzer goes off.  It’s Friday and I don’t have to wonder who it is.  It’s Karla with a K, Karla who can’t come enough.  Cuddly, kinky, carnal Karla, say that three times fast.  Padding over in bare feet I depress the button and rhetorically ask who it is.

            “It’s me,” she says.  “It’s Karla.”

            “I’ll buzz you in,” I reply.

            I hold the button down for a few seconds and grin to myself. 

            “At least she won’t wear me down to a stub tonight,” I snicker.

            There’s a knock at my door and I open it up without looking to see who it is.  My jaw drops open like its hinges are broken.  Karla is dressed for success.

            The clingy hot red dress hugs every decadent curve and delicious bulge.  I start to think it’s painted on but realize its not.  Her breasts stretch the fabric of her attire and it’s like any second the material is going to fail spilling out her huge tits.  Karla walks up to me and numbly I stand there in the doorway.  She snakes her arms around me sensually and gives me a tonsil deep kiss which leaves me breathless.  Her matching purse bumps against my hip, vaguely I note the weight of it.  I wonder what this sex-crazed woman has hidden in its interior.

            “TGIF,” she purrs.  “How’s Rick tonight?”

            “Fine,” I mutter stupidly.

            “I brought a friend, do you mind?”

            “Uh… no.”

            She steps aside to reveal another person behind her.  My eyes almost pop out of my skull.  The woman lurking in the hallway barely reaches my navel in height.  She’s only about four foot five inches tall but she’s blonde, pretty and dressed like Karla’s twin.  Except where her friend is wearing scarlet, Tracy’s dress, purse and heels are black.  Her hair falls in a straight line to mid-back.  It looked like spun gold, soft and glowing.  But I am captivated by her face.  There is a sweetness to her, a provocative innocence having little to do with her stature.  She was all women yet something about this woman made me want to get to know her in more than just an intimate way.

            “Rick meet Tracy… Tracy this is Rick.”

            “Pleased to meet you Rick,” she says shyly.  “I’ve heard so much about you.”

            “It’s nice to meet you too Tracy.”

            “Tracy and I go back a long way,” Karla explains.  “She’s my best friend.  I hope you don’t mind but I told her everything about you.”

            “We share everything,” the short woman says knowingly.

            “I’m flattered,” I mutter.

            The little person, I know better than call her a midget struts across the threshold and looks up at me.  I realize she’s expecting the same reception as Karla.  I lean down and she brazenly pulls me into a deep oral greeting, good if not better than her best friend.  My heart is banging away with the sound of a claw hammer like I’m putting up studs at work. 

            “So is my surprise ready?” the brunette asks.

            “Yes, in fact it is,” I remark.

            “I’m dying to see what you made for me.  That’s why I brought Tracy along, you see if you’re going to please me I thought she could… well… tend to your needs.”

            “That’s very thoughtful of you.  Tracy is beautiful, unexpected but very beautiful.”

            “Why thank you Rick,” the blonde says.  “You’re such a gentleman.”

            “Gentle isn’t what I’m after… not tonight,” Karla says with a giggle and jiggle.

            “Shall we adjourn to the bedroom?” I suggest.

            “Ooh, by all means.”

             The party moves quickly into my bedroom without much fanfare or discussion.  It was refreshing, everyone knew what they wanted and there wasn’t a need to negotiate.  I let the women in first and they both gasped in pleasant surprise at the state of the chamber.  Taking a bit of time I had put new sheets on the bed, lit several candles and spritzed the room with a new product I purchased.  Supposedly it was designed to increase passion in women by duplicating male pheromones.   I just liked the smell, not that these ladies needed any further motivation.

            “This is so romantic!” Tracy exclaimed.

            “You did good Rick,” the brunette stated.  “So where’s this miracle device?”

            “All in good time,” I told her.

            I shut the door and turned on some soft music.  Slinking up against me like a minx in heat Karla runs her hands all over my body.  Tracy looks a bit uncomfortable and just removes her shoes.

            “I’m so hot,” the raven-haired nymph whispered.  “I’ve been looking forward to this all week.  So don’t you dare disappoint me.”

            “I’m sure you’ll find my creation to your liking,” I answered.

            She kissed me, soul deep.  The tiny blonde climbed up onto my bed and lay across it in a demure, yet seductive manner.  I noted for the first time her legs were slightly bowed, but perfectly formed.  She toyed at her cleavage, running a finger across the top of her breasts and daringly staring into my eyes.  Between Karla’s mouth and Tracy’s antics I began to rise to the occasion.  Like a ten foot anaconda trapped in a ten gallon fish tank it quickly became uncomfortable.

            I reached around Karla’s body and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to a blood-like puddle around her ankles.  As expected she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.  Her huge tits bobbed and swayed, the pink rose-colored nipples brazenly stared at me, begging to be touched.  She turned around in my embrace and allowing me to squeeze her bosom, pluck at her nipples while she moaned in appreciation.  Past the woman’s dark hair I saw Tracy’s face twist momentarily into jealousy.  I ran my hand down Karla’s flat stomach and softly fondled her pussy.  But the entire time I kept my gaze locked with the woman on the bed.  She licked her lips and shuddered with anticipation.

            Karla twisted back around and yanked off my work-shirt, undid my belt and pushed my pants to the floor.  With her body blocking her friend’s view she smirked at me.  The hard firmness of my trapped cock pressed in a demanding fashion against her cunt.  I stepped out of my pants and kicked off my shoes.  

            “Raise your feet,” she whispered.

            I did so and she removed my socks, one hiked leg at a time.  With a naughty laugh she looked over her shoulder at Tracy.  I felt her fingers slid into the top of my boxers.

            “And now the moment you’ve been waiting for,” she said. 

            With an emcee’s dramatic flourish she moved around me and yanked down my underwear.  Nearly ten inches of manhood flopped out, semi-hard, still growing and twitching.  The small woman on the bed let out a gasp of surprise and sexual hunger.

            “Oh my god!” she squealed.  “I thought you were lying to me Karla.”

            “Nice isn’t it?” the brunette snickered.  “I promised you a piece of prime, grade A, USDA approved slab of carpenter’s cock.  I didn’t disappoint you, did I?”

            Tracy’s eyes were locked on my shaft.  I watched her become mesmerized by the growing thick tube between my legs, she shuddered enough for me to see it.  It was the polar opposite of a snake charmer.  Instead of the snake being hypnotized by its handler, the charmer was captivated by the snake.

            The blonde sat up and moved towards the brass footboard, but was halted in her progress by her friend’s waggling finger.

            “Not yet,” Karla chastised her.  “First come, first served Tracy.”

            The comment didn’t go over well.  I could see it in her eyes the woman, now on her hands and knees on the bed didn’t want to wait nor did she think the porking order was fair.  Her lower lip quivered.

            Reaching around the brunette took my aching cock in her right hand.  The velvety soft feeling of her palm and fingers began to caress my ever-hardening length.  I looked down to watch her jerk me off.  The long red nails of her digits contrasted with the pallor of my flesh.  The sight of my foreskin wrinkling and smoothing back out from her stroking fist made my breath quicken.  Another hand circled around my waist and began to cup and squeeze my contracting balls.  I moaned despite myself.

            “Ooh he’s getting all stiff,” she said from over my shoulder.  “Can you see it?”

            “Yes,” Tracy answered.

            “I can feel it getting thick, hard—it wants pussy so bad.”

            “I-I know.”

            “Look at the size of it, it’s humongous.”

            “Please Karla…”

            “You want this?  Do you want this big, thick cock in your pretty pussy?”


            I saw the lusty need in Tracy’s face and the images of stuffing as much of me into her sodden slit made me shiver all over. 

            “Show me how much you want it,” Karla demanded.  “Touch yourself.”

            To my utter shock and delight the blonde on the bed literally tore off her dress and exposed the fact she too wore no undergarments.  Her breasts were perfect for her size, not too big but not too small.  Tracy’s body curved beautifully to her waist and widened in sexy manner from her hips.  She spread her legs, I almost died.  Her pussy was so small, delicate and capped with golden curls trimmed in a heart shape.  Thighs splayed open, fingers descended past her navel and the first touch of her index finger upon her pouting nether lips made me buck my hips in hot, naked need.  Karla could’ve disappeared and I wouldn’t have noticed.

            “Are you wet?” Karla asked.

            “Yes—so wet,” she replied in a hushed voice.

            “Poor Tracy is so horny.  I bet a nice, hot beef injection is just what the doctor would order, don’t you think so Rick?”

            “That would be my prescription,” I answered.

            “Stand up Tracy and let him worship that tasty pussy of yours.”

            The small woman stood up on shaky legs and carefully walked to the edge of the bed.  She spread her legs a bit and I instinctively bent over at the waist to sample her intimate wares.  The hot smell of her damp sex made my mouth water.  Leaning across the railing of the footboard I ignored the cold kiss of the metal and dragged a long, slow lick across Tracy’s glistening cunt.  It was finger licking good.

            “Oh yes,” she moaned.

            Karla kept stroking my cock, I pulled at the labia with my lips and Tracy shuddered and groaned.  I felt the hand fondling my balls slip away, soon to be replaced by the wet sounds of the woman behind me masturbating.  Her breath wafted past my shoulder in warm gusts. 

            “He’s good, isn’t he?” she asked in a throaty tone.

            “Oh yes,” the blonde replied.

            I continued to lick, lap and nuzzle the dewy, sweet tasting pussy Tracy possessed.  Her body began to shift, her ability to stay upright was slowly deteriorating. 

            “Enough of that,” Karla commanded. 

            “Karla,” Tracy whined.

            “Yeah really, I was just getting into it,” I griped.

            “I know you were, both of you.  But I have always wanted to see my friend get fucked by a huge dicked man.  Besides that’s what you both want, isn’t it?” the brunette retorted.

            I couldn’t argue with that.  Tracy lay on her back, splaying her legs and awaiting my invasion of her pussy.  Karla released her hold on my cock and continued to stroke, delve and play with her cunt.  I climbed on the bed, a bit nervously since I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t hurt this delicate flower I was about to plunge into.

            “Maybe you should get on top,” I suggested, “I’m pretty heavy.”

            “Don’t worry, I’m a big girl and I’ve done this before,” she stated.  “Just don’t make me wait—I’m so turned on right now I can barely stand it.”

            Kneeling between her parted legs I took the thick shaft in my hand and rolled a condom over its girth.  Finishing my task I aimed it towards her cleft.  I heard Tracy take a deep breath as if in preparation for what was to come.

            “Do it Rick,” Karla demanded.

            The tip slid in without impediment and the woman beneath me gasped out in surprise.  Slowly, deliberately I sank half of my length into her hot, wet orifice.  Tracy’s eyes widened in shock at first and then they altered to pleasurable surprise at being so gently filled.  Knowing I wasn’t hurting her, I gave her another three inches, watching my cock disappear into her was an incredible arousing sight to behold. 

            “Ooh you’ve got all but three inches in you,” Karla commented.  “How does it feel?”

            “Great, oh yeah he’s so nice and big,” Tracy husked out.

            “Want the rest?”

            “Hell yes!”

            I looked down to see her pussy bulging from my meat and I must have looked very concerned.  Tracy reached up and caressed my face and I looked her in the eyes.

            “No worries,” she whispered.  “I have a dildo the same size, don’t treat me any different than you would any other woman.”

            “Are you sure?” I replied.


            “You are gorgeous, you know that right?”

            “You’re so sweet, please make love to me.”

            I began to piston my hips entering and retreating from Tracy’s slippery hole in a tender pace.  Behind me I could hear the heavy breathing of Karla as she watched my shaft snake in and out of her friend’s slit.  The sloshing noises of her furious masturbating, coupled with our lovemaking were the only sounds I heard. 

            “Faster,” Tracy begged unexpected.

            I moved my hips accordingly and began to drive my cock deep and rip it out with more force.  The bed began to creak.  Leaning forward I kissed her hard and fast.  Our tongues wrestled in a greedy manner until we both broke the oral lock to catch our breaths.  I quickened my pace, Tracy whimpered with desire.  Faster and faster I plunged into her amazed and aroused she could take my full length.

            “Yes!” Karla groaned loudly.  “Fuck her!  Fuck her brains out Rick.  Oh this is so hot, so exciting.  You should see it Tracy!  Your pussy spreads so wide when he goes into it.  I swear you’re going to split open.  Oh yes—so incredibly hot.”

            The two of us had no words for the sensations, we kept staring into each other’s eyes locked in soul baring gaze neither one of us wanted to break.  If Karla hadn’t begun swatting me on the ass I think we would’ve been linked psychically. 

            “Ouch!  Damn you Karla!” I shouted.

            “Faster Rick!” she commanded.  “I said faster, harder—give her all you’ve got.”

            I tried to comply and soon I saw the woman under me turn red in the face, her orgasm’s nearness plainly written on her beautiful features.  I too was nearing the end of my run.  Tracy’s body went into convulsions from the repeated grinding rub of my cock’s head against her G-spot.  It only took a few more strokes before she erupted like Mount Saint Helens.

            “Oh yes!” she cried out.

            Her body went into a frantic dance of climatic undulations.  I felt the slap of her thighs against me, I watched her breasts jiggle wildly and her mouth form a perfect O of orgasmic delight. 

            “She’s coming!” Karla wailed.  “Oh yes, I love it—it’s amazing.”

            Tracy’s body convulsed in fading jerks and thrusts, she stuffed her hand into her mouth to keep from shrieking to the heavens.   With a groan she closed her eyes and experienced one last but very long quiver of pure ecstasy.  I had yet to cum though, each time I pushed in and out she whimpered in delightful torment from the feeling of continued ravishment.  Trying to be nice I hoped to be gentle yet summon forth my own climax.  I slowed up, this wasn’t on the agenda apparently.

            “Please don’t quit on my account,” she hoarsely whispered.

            No words came to mind so I picked up the rhythm and began driving myself into her with reckless abandon.  Behind us I could hear the hysterical stroking and sighing noises of Karla’s self-pleasuring.  I was almost there and sensing my need Tracy reached up and squeezed the bounty of her breasts with both hands.  Her face contorted into a mask of carnal delight and she licked her trembling lips.  The image she gave me was more than enough.  Such innocence coupled with such brazen carnal desire was a combination I never saw before.

            “Holy s-shit!” I shouted at her actions.

            I exploded into the condom.

            Never before have I had such an intense orgasm.  Wave after wave of my seed jetted out of my cock quickly filling the rubber I was wearing.  It felt like it had the heat and consistency of molten lava, summoned from the hot depths of my soul.  I stuffed myself into her fully, my balls touching the base of her convulsing cunt.  My eyes actually crossed from the power of my climax.   It seemed like hours before my meat stopped its merry spewing and I could withdraw it from her soft clutches.  I looked into Tracy’s eyes.

            “Wow,” I stated.

            “Wow indeed,” she said with a smile.  “That was pretty amazing.”

            “I know, it was a first for me.”

            Her face grew soft and questioning.  I wondered if I had said something wrong.  Karla obviously didn’t hear us; she was too busy trying to get herself off to notice we were talking.  I could hear the wet noises of her frantic rubbing accented by the hot groans shuddering out of her mouth.

            “What do you mean by that?” she queried.

            “I’ve never had that intense an orgasm before,” I whispered.

            “Even with Karla?”


            “I don’t know what to say.”

            “Don’t say anything then.”

            She became slightly embarrassed and confusion reigned across her features.  I kissed her chastely on the lips and winked at her.  These acts seemed to buoy her confidence and drive home the point I wasn’t lying.  Hell I really wasn’t lying at all.

            “Oh shit,” Karla screamed repeatedly. 

I felt the bed rock violently back and forth.  Looking over my shoulder I saw she was bucking against the footboard like a maniac.  Her face was screwed up in a red mask of carnal ecstasy, her fingers furiously rubbing her gleaming slit.  Her body began to sink to the floor, hiding the view of her hand until only her face remained.  It took several minutes before she was able to speak.      

            “I’ve got to clean up,” I announced, “I’ll be right back.”

            I departed the room which now smelled heavily and musky from the three orgasms.  Padding naked to the bathroom I turned on the tap to wash off.  I lathered up my hands and stood on the balls of my feet to dangle my cock over the sink.  The warm water and soap made me groan out because I was so sensitive now.  Handfuls of water were used to rinse away the suds bit each deluge made my body shake.

            “Need a hand?” Tracy asked.

            She was standing in the bathroom’s threshold, her hip cocked in a sultry manner.  Damn she was sexy!

            “No I’ve got it—oh, hand me that towel would you please?” I answered.

            She snagged it and tossed it my way.  I dried off feeling very self-conscious about what I was doing and she stood there still admiring at me.

            “Where’s your friend?” I inquired.

            “She’s doing a few lines of coke,” the diminutive sex-pot quipped.

            “You don’t indulge?”

            “No, I don’t do drugs.”

            “Is there something on your mind?”

            “Yes.  I want to know how serious you were a few minutes ago.  Was it really that good?”

            I chuckled at her question, but not in a hurtful manner.

            “Yes it was, why are you surprised?” I remarked.

            “Well…,” she began.

            “I can understand your problem.  Karla gets all the guys and since she’s a maniac in bed you feel you’re not comparable, right?”

            “Something like that.”

            “Well let me tell you something Tracy, you’re damn sexy, beautiful and I’m really attracted to you.”

            “But not as much as you are to Karla, right?”

            “Actually it’s the other way around.  Karla’s not the kind of woman who’ll ever be satisfied with just one guy.  You on the other hand, well let’s just say I think you’re special.”

            She stared at me with the most incredible look on her face.  It was as if I just stated I was from Mars and wanted to take her away in my spaceship.  But I could understand her reaction.  I’m sure it was a first.

            “Look,” I resumed, “you shouldn’t compete with your friend.  Instead you should realize you’re a special person in your own right.  Frankly when Karla gets what she wants from me and tonight I suspect I’ll never hear from her again it’ll be over between us.  I didn’t care for you obeying her orders like that.  It was demeaning and cruel, I promise to treat you like the queen you are.  So what do you say?  Want to go out with me?  You know, a real date, dinner, movie and drinks afterwards?”

            “You’re joking.”

            “Absolutely not.”

            “You’re serious about this?”

            “Do you want to get a Bible and make me swear on it?”

            “Okay, okay you’ve made your point.”

            “Well we better get back, I want to make good on my promise to Karla.”

            “You make it sound like a chore.”

            “It is.  I only suggested I’d make a machine for her so she’d let me go to sleep last Friday.  I really didn’t expect her to take me seriously.  But I’m glad, if she hadn’t I would’ve never met you, Tracy.”

            I leaned down and kissed her.  It was, as before a marvelously wonderful sensation.  I wanted to stay there, our lips locked together and our tongues playing tag.

            “Hey what are you two doing in there?” the sex-starved brunette shouted from the bedroom.

            We stopped kissing, I could sense she was as regretful about this as I was.  It was written all over her pretty face.

            “Get started without me,” Tracy said with a smile.  “I have to use the bathroom.”

            “See you when you’re done,” I said softly.  “I just hope you’re not too shocked with what’s about to happen.”

            She smiled and blew me a kiss, I walked away feeling pretty good about things.

            Karla with a K was lying across my bed stuffing a small vial and a compact mirror into her red handbag.  She sniffed several times and wiped at her nose.  I tried not to frown in disgust to see her bad habit exposed it made me think even less of her.  Oh I’ve smoked my share of pot, but the harder stuff was never my cup of tea.  I wondered how much of her sexual appetite was sincere or was she getting her lusty needs from the Devil’s Dandruff.

            “So ready for the main event?” she slurred.

            “I think you better worry about yourself, not me,” I remarked.

            “Is it going to be that—special?”

            “Oh I think you’ll be surprised.”

            “I can’t wait!”

            I moved to the closet and began opening the doors when Tracy strolled into the bedroom and shut the door.  I produced the king-sized dildo first, both women’s eyes bulged out.

            “What’s that sticking out of the bottom?” the brunette asked.

            “You’ll see,” I replied cryptically.

            But if the fake cock was a shock the looks on their faces when I displayed the reciprocating saw and the power cord was even more astonished than before.  Neither of them spoke while I widened the chuck and secured the phallic device to it.  I bent over to plug it in when Karla finally spoke.

            “Saw me?  You’re going to fucking saw me to an orgasm?” she tittered nervously.

            “You wanted a sex machine, I made one.  Are you backing out now?” I smirked.

            “N-no.  Is it safe?”

            “There’s no blade in the dildo, just a broken drill bit.  Don’t worry there are no sharp edges or points to hurt you with.”

            “I can’t believe it,” Tracy muttered.

            “You want to try?” Karla asked.

            “No, I’ll pass.”

            “How do you want me?”

            “Well let’s try doggy style, put your legs through the slats in the footboard and we’ll begin,” I replied.

            Wiggling into place, her ass hiked high in the air Karla moved into position.   Without being commanded to do so, she spread her legs wide exposing her still wet pussy.

            “Tracy,” she said over her shoulder.  “I want you to suck his cock while he fucks me with this bad boy.”

            “Okay Karla,” the blonde said.

            “Tracy could you hand me the lube over on the nightstand?” I queried.

            “Sure Rick.”

            She quickly returned with the lube bottle I had purchased at the same time as the dildo and I opened it.  A disgusting sounding squirt occurred when I greased the pink monster up and all of us laughed at it.

            “Ready?” I questioned.

            “Let fly.”

            “What do you call that thing?” Tracy asked.

            “It’s a She Saw,” I chuckled.

            This caused the women to howl with laughter.  Pressing the tip against Karla’s hot, red pussy I depressed the safety and put my finger on the trigger.

            “Now before we start I have to warn you this thing can go up to two-thousand, eight hundred strokes per minute,” I recited.

            “Holy shit!” Tracy blurted out.

            “Saw me baby,” Karla whined.  “I’m ready.”

            I set the housing on the top rail of the footboard for better control.  Tracy slid around against my right side, I suspected to watch in disbelief at what her friend was about to receive.

            “Here we go,” I said.

            At first I just pushed it in and out of her cunt without touching the trigger.  It spread apart her tender folds and disappeared fully inside.  Karla moaned.  I looked at Tracy and winked just before I barely pulled on the trigger and the room was suddenly filled with a chattering, metallic sound.

            “S-s-s-shit!” the kneeling female exclaimed.

            It was amazing.  The fake cock hammered into her cunt in a rapid pace and her ass and thighs began to dance with ripples.  Karla lowered her face to the bed and continued to moan and groan with delight.  The sight of it stuttering into her made my limp shaft begin to rise.  Tracy’s hot breath whooshed around my waist and I knew she too was getting aroused.  I pulled the trigger back a tad farther.  The reciprocating saw sped up making the flesh around it vibrate wildly.  I felt a hand reach around and grab onto my cock.

             Looking down I saw my erection grow dwarfing the small fist trying to encircle it.  The sight of my hard-on, big by most standards being held by such a tiny hand drove me past the boundaries of sexual excitement.  Tracy stroked me, fondled me and played with the purpled bulbous tip.  I groaned out loud and a dollop of pre-cum appeared at the head of my shaft.

            “M-m-more!” Karla begged loudly.

            I depressed the trigger even more.  The noisy power tool began flying out of the woman’s pussy at an incredible rate.  I knew it was barely moving at a quarter of the speed but that, my mind calculated would be seven hundred strokes per minute.  The flesh of her ass began rippling like crazy, her thighs vibrated and spread further apart.

            “More lube,” I said above the racket.

            The bottle was slapped into my palm and I pressed it against Karla’s quivering cunt.  I squeezed it hard, sending a huge glob of clear lube into her.  Tracy took the bottle from me, never removing her hand or missing a stroke.  My cock was hard enough to break down doors.

            “F-f-fuck… m-m-me!” the nymphomaniac stammered.  “O-o-oh yeah!”

            I didn’t feel comfortable with the machine going any faster and didn’t increase the power to the dildo.  I felt Tracy climb in front of me and begin to lick the pre-come off the tip of my organ.  I rolled my eyes in ecstasy.  Gazing downward I saw her small cheeks being pressed dangerously outward from the thickness of the object in her mouth.  She was humming in pleasure and it transmitted down the length of my cock.  My knees began to shake and concentrating was becoming difficult.

            “F-f-faster!” Karla demanded.  “G-go f-f-faster!”

            Reluctantly I pulled the trigger back and watched in utter amazement as she was jerked back and forth across the sheets.  The pink sex toy was a blur between her jiggling legs.  Quite frankly it scared me a bit.

            “That’s all you get,” I warned her.  “I’m not going to risk hurting you.”
            My answer was a guttural, animalistic snarl of pure carnal rage.  Karla wasn’t happy with what I’d said.  Meanwhile Tracy was jerking the base of my shaft while sucking half of it into her mouth.  My balls constricted and I peered down to see she was furiously masturbating.  Control became a thing of the past.

            “Shit!” I exclaimed.

            The woman between my legs yanked the reddened organ out of her mouth just in time to receive a splattering wad of semen which struck her across the mouth.  She milked me with her other hand and was given the gift of additional spurts of come across her beautiful face.  I heard her own orgasm go off when she opened her mouth to shout for joy.  It was quickly filled with pearl white splashes.  She released my shaft and grabbed the back of my knees and used her lips to clean me off despite my ongoing orgasm.

            “Y-you fuckers,” Karla screamed.  “You g-g-got off… make me c-c-cum!”

            I swayed on my feet and to my shock the kneeling woman pushed back against the saw.  To my utter horror I was locked in position by the blonde’s hands.  The butt of the power tool was jammed into my stomach making my organ shiver and spread its goodness all over Tracy’s face.  My arms were forced back and I fought against gravity.

            The trigger was pressed back to its fullest setting.

            Karla screamed.  At first it was a cry of utter and complete orgasmic ecstasy.  Her ass rippled like nothing I’d seen before.  She beat her fists against the mattress and raised her head up.  Gasping shouts mingled with deep desperate breaths.  But the cries and sounds of delight didn’t last.  The dildo was moving so fast I could hardly see it and there was a sudden smell of smoking flesh.  With a titanic effort I ripped my legs out of Tracy’s grasp and pulled the fake cock out of her friend’s cunt.  But it must’ve taken a full thirty seconds to do so.  I let go of the trigger and the saw died out instantly.

            “Holy shit!” I shouted, staggering away.

            “What happened?” Tracy pleaded nervously.

            “She pushed back on me and I couldn’t stop myself from pulling the trigger all the way down!”

            “S-she took twenty-eight hundred strokes?”

            “No, I don’t think so.”

            I looked at the convulsing woman on the bed.  Karla was violently shaking and thrashing around scattering pillows and sheets all over the bedroom.  She flopped onto her back, one leg dangling over the edge to bounce against the floor.  Her face was wearing a terrified expression of fear mingled with one of climatic happiness.  Her massive tits slapped together and rebounded.  In horror I watched as she clutched her cleavage, her face turning redder with each passing second.  Foamy spittle began spilling out of her mouth and was soon splattering the walls, mattress and even me. 

            “Karla!” Tracy shrieked.  “Oh my god what’s happening?”

            I rushed over and tried to hold her down, her eyes caught mine and I saw terror in those brown orbs.  The convulsions grew worse and I lost my grip on her.  The blonde woman, her face still smeared with my seed snatched at her purse and began dialing 911 on her cell phone.

            “What’s the address here?” she demanded.

            In a shaking voice I told her. 

            “Karla are you all right?” I asked.

            She didn’t, couldn’t answer.  Her eyes rolled until I could only see the whites of them.  The shaking stopped abruptly sending me farther down the path of total fear.  I put a finger to her throat, I could detect a pulse but it was uneven and fluttering.  Then it stopped.

            “She’s having a heart attack!” I shouted.

            I heard Tracy relay this information to the emergency dispatcher.  She hung up the phone and we started CPR on the silent body on the bed.  All the time I couldn’t believe what had happened.  Was it the saw?   Was it the cocaine?  Or perhaps a combination of both?

            “Hide that thing,” Tracy instructed me.  “She’s breathing on her own and her heart rate seems to be steady.”

            I did as I was told.  An hour later they were carting Karla off to the emergency room, Tracy (now dressed and still distraught) went along for the ride.  Me?  I took my truck down to meet them there.


            Two months later Tracy and I were still dating and in deeply in love.  Karla had been released from the hospital but she wasn’t the same.  The stroke had drastically changed her mental state and she went from a sexual wild-woman to nearly a nun.  The doctors had chalked it up to a bad batch of cocaine.  Tracy and I had our doubts.  Personally I think she reached the bounds of utter pleasure and this knowledge was too much for her beleaguered brain to handle.  Maybe I’m just fooling myself, but even Tracy agrees it’s not beyond the boundaries of reality.  I tossed the business end of the She Saw in the garbage.  I’m enough man for my woman and we don’t need any additional toys than the one’s nature gave us.  If only Karla would’ve realized this.



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