Love Bites Back reviewed!

See why Aymee from Bitten by Books gave 4 tombstones to my vampire/erotica novel Love Bites Back!

Crystal Payne isn’t just your ordinary vampire hunter. She finds no joy in it, only duty. And duty must come first, right? When she’s visited by an extraordinarily handsome vampire, she thinks twice before agreeing to help him out. After all, she’s already on the Snowden case trying to find their missing daughter. However, in this world, more things are connected than we might think.

I loved Crystal Payne from the very beginning. Her attitude is very Anita Blake-like in that she’s confident and wise-cracking all while battling the bad guys. That’s where the similarities end between the two, however. Unlike Anita, Crystal has no intentions of ever befriending the vampire population, now or ever. After having her life destroyed by the vile creatures, she isn’t exactly open to friendships with the bloodsuckers. So when Renaldo shows up on her doorstep, she’s a bit wary…and intrigued.

Renaldo appears to be just your average, every day vampire: suave, debonair, and handsome beyond measure. And yet, he holds many secrets that he’s just waiting to spring on the unsuspecting vampire hunter. He is very charming, and I enjoyed his character a lot. I like the way he handles Crystal and her attitude, not letting her steamroll him in the way she likes to roll over everyone in her path. Renaldo brings a nice balance to her solitary lifestyle.

Love Bites Back was a very enjoyable short novel, packed full of action, vampire butt kicking, and a ton of laughs. Oh, and did I forget to mention the extremely steamy interlude Crystal has? It’s definitely not something you want to miss. When you put it all together, you come up with an entertaining and sexy novel about one of the most amusing vampire hunters I’ve ever read.

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