Boss Lady

AUTHOR’S NOTE; The following story contains adult language, sexual situations and graphic scenes.  If you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW! Have you ever had one of those bosses who rides your ass and treats you like shit?  Well if you have or do here’s a story that will make you smile.

Boss Lady

“I can’t believe you of all people missed that defect on the last batch of parts!” my boss screeched.  “Rob I swear I have to watch you like you’re some sort of child.”

It had already been a bad day.  Now I’m in the office of Meghan Richards being chastised unfairly about some minor error.  The accumulation of a week of rotten luck every day increasing with a series of personal setbacks had brought me to a boiling point.  The final straw came with my live-in girlfriend leaving me in an explosive, shitty conclusion.  It was bad enough Lisa took off but she did so without so much as a goodbye.  I came home on Thursday afternoon at five-thirty to find her gone.

So much for her promise of true love, I thought to myself.

“Your job is to make sure all the samples on your table pass our inspection criteria,” Meghan snarled.  “You used to be someone we could count on what’s with you lately?”

“I’ve had a bad week,” I said barely containing my composure.  “My car is in the shop, my mother’s very ill and my girlfriend moved out on me without telling me why.”

“That’s no excuse at all Rob.  We don’t bring our personal problems to work.”

I snapped from her utter lack of compassion.

“Oh so when your husband left you for a younger woman last year it didn’t affect your attitude Ms. Richards?  Everyone on the plant floor has commented on how mean and hateful you’ve been since it happened,” I spat angrily.  “You’ve been busting every male employee’s balls every since your personal life went to shit.  So don’t stand there and tell me to leave my problems at the time clock until you can do the same.”

It was true.  Ms. Richards (she hated being called by her first name) had been riding roughshod on every guy in her department since her husband took off with a waitress.  When I first got hired she was sweet, pleasant and even kind.  Now if you were male and on fire she wouldn’t piss on you to put you out.

The look on her face was priceless and worth the cost of my job.  Her body flinched from my explosive comments.  Ms. Richards was shaped like a pear with an oval face, heavy breasts and a huge rear end.  Right now I so badly wanted to turn her over my knee and whip the meanness out of her I could barely contain myself.

“H-how dare you insinuate such a thing!” she shrieked.

“How dare I?  Because it’s true, that’s why.  You turned into a man-hater right after your hubby left you,” I answered.  “Somebody needed to say it to your face and since I’m probably going to get fired for it I nominated myself.  You need a major attitude adjustment Meghan!”

She recoiled once more, this time due to my use of her first name.  Her deep brown eyes blinked several times like a pole-axed cow.  It was as if I had struck her physically.  I watched her mouth move up and down with no sounds coming out.  It felt so damn good to render her speechless I got giddy with delight.

“You’re a damn fine looking woman and to stereotype all men in the same vein as your husband isn’t fair,” I continued my tirade.  “Most of us are decent people—understand?”

“You have a lot of nerve saying something like that to me,” she screeched.

“You need a good spanking.  Maybe that will straighten you out and knock you out of this nasty mood you’ve been in for the last thirteen months.  What you need is a long, hard and good fucking.”

She got in my face.  Ms. Richards was so close I could feel her hot breath on my cheeks and nose.  Her features twisted into a combination of anger and surprise.  To my shock she grabbed me by the junk and squeezed.

“And I suppose you’re the man for this job too?” she growled lowly.

The combination of her warm hand fondling my cock and balls and the nearness of her lips prompted me to do the unthinkable.  I grabbed the back of her head by the hair and smashed my lips against hers hard and passionately.  She was as shocked as I was.  I pushed my tongue into her mouth and greedily took all the pleasure I could from her.  Unwillingly at first she resisted me.  Then Meghan started to respond to my assault by returning the kiss with equal fervor and moaning in need.  We broke apart both gasping for air.

“You’re an arrogant bastard,” she half-snarled, half-groaned.

“And you’re a power-hungry, man-hating bitch,” I husked back.

“I loathe you!”

“And I despise the very sight of you.”

I attacked her with my mouth again, reached around with my free hand and grabbed a handful of her big, soft ass.  My boss moaned when I squeezed, pinched and groped her bodacious badunkadunk.  I was growing harder than I’d ever had before.  My cock was soon painfully entwined in my underwear and held in place by her stroking hand.  Never before had I had such a furious erection.  I pulled her head back and forced my tongue deeper into her willing mouth.  We stood there for a minute slacking our carnal thirsts in deep thrusts of our tongues and firm smearing of our lips.  It was incredible.  Both of us were forcefully taking what we wanted without regards to the other one’s needs.  I tore my lips off of hers and forced her to the floor with my fistful of her curly brown hair.

“You’re such a goddamn prick,” she snarled.  “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m teaching you a lesson in manners,” I growled.

“You haven’t got the balls and I’ll have you fired for this.  How dare you kiss me and grab me by the hair.”

She said it like she was shocked but the look in her eyes told me she wanted it, needed it and couldn’t wait for my domination to happen.

“Take off your shirt—now!” I demanded.

I twisted my fist in her hair and she grimaced in pain.  But to my utter shock and amazement she did as I commanded.  With trembling lips and shaking hands Meghan unbuttoned her blouse and revealed a white, lacy bra containing two full breasts bulging out of the top.  Her cleavage was deep, a chasm of erotic delight.  I wanted to suck her nipples, caress them, bite them and perhaps even fuck her between those glorious mounds.

“Take off that bra,” I directed her.

“You fucker,” she pretended to sob.

But she did it and the unabashed glory of her massive jugs made my mouth water.  Like two huge mountains topped with the prettiest pink caps I have ever seen made me horny as hell.  It was obvious she was aroused for her nipples were erect.

“Are you happy now?” she sneered.

“Shut up and take off your skirt,” I directed her.


“What did you say?”

“I said no you bastard.”

I tugged her to her feet and pulled her over to the front of her desk while she squealed in pain the entire time.  Forcing her body over the top of the desk I moved my hand to the small of her back pinning her in place.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she cried out.

“Try me bitch,” I replied.  “You want this, I can tell.”


I lifted the hem of her short skirt and exposed the hot red thong running between the crack of her huge wiggling ass.  The sight of her dynamic booty made my prick so stiff I would take a bet I could knock down doors with it.  Unzipping her skirt I let it fall down her legs.  She stepped out of it and I kicked the offending garment across the room.  I held her in place and raised my right hand over my shoulder.

I struck her ass and took great delight in the rippling motions my blow caused.  She let out a wail of shock and dismay which only lent fuel to my raging fire.

“Ouch! You motherfucker how dare you!” she screamed.

“This is for all the times you’ve yelled at me for no reason,” I bellowed.  “And this is for wearing the same underwear as some cheap slut.”

I struck her six rapid times leaving burning red handprints on her creamy white ass.  She cried out each time.  Shifting my aim I slapped her other cheek while she squirmed and tried to dodge my blows.  For a full three minutes I tanned her butt with my hand until my palm was sore and red like her ass.  I quickly reduced her to a sobbing mass of tenderized flesh.

“I h-hate you,” she stammered.

“No you don’t,” I remarked.

I slid my fingers down the red strip of material wedged between her butt-cheeks and groped her sodden wet pussy through the material.

“You’re excited, see?” I told her.  “You’ve wanted someone to do this for a long time, haven’t you?”

“Y-yes… I’ve been such a bitch.  I deserve to be punished,” she agreed with halting words.

“How did you know?”

“Shut up—I didn’t give you permission to speak.”

“I’m sorry Rob.  Please punish me for misbehaving I want you to.”

“Don’t move then.”

I released my hold on her and ran around to quickly unplug her computer and any other device that had a detachable cord.  Moving around the desk I pulled her chair in front of the desk and positioned it so I had room to maneuver.  I reached over and snaked my fingers into the back of her thong and pulled her off the desk.

“Kneel in front of the chair,” I instructed her.

With a tear stained expression she did as she was told.

“Hug the back of it,” I said next.

Meghan positioned herself as I commanded.  I took the cords and tied her wrists together.  Then I got her to stand up as far as she could and lashed her ankles to the legs of the chair.  In this half-bent over posture her opulent and red marked ass was sticking up in the air in a vulgar wanton display.

“W-what are you going to do?” she asked.

“You’ll see,” I answered.  “And you disobeyed me by speaking again.”

I had one remaining electrical cord left so I doubled it over and proceeded to whip her bottom until her entire body shook in painful pleasure.  Now her ass was criss-crossed with stripes running through the handprints I had marked her with.  For five minutes I worked her over until I was covered with a warm, wet sheen of sweat.  My shirt was soaked on the back and under the armpits.  I quickly undid my tie and removed the sweaty shirt.

“Are you properly chastised now?” I asked her. “You may speak slave.”

“Y-yes,” she blubbered.  “I’ve been so bad—I deserved, no I wanted this so badly.”

“Are you going to behave like a human being and treat your employees with respect?”

“Yes—I promise.”

“If not I’ll have to do this to you again.”

“Do you promise?”

I undid the bindings I had placed on her and Meghan slid to a squat.  Her hands cradled her scarlet and sore bottom.  She looked over her shoulder and something in her eyes told me she loved every minute of my rude treatment.  The hot passion which had driven me to spank her only increased in intensity from the sight of her beaten voluptuous curvature of her ass.

“W-what now?” she queried.

“Suck my prick,” I ordered.

She crawled towards me on hands and knees.  With quick and quivering fingers she yanked down my zipper, unclasped my belt and undid pants’ button.  Wearing a hungry expression she tugged down my khakis.  I stepped out of my trousers and pointed to my briefs which looked like a tent from the meat-pole hidden inside.  She took those off too.  I walked over and leaned against the desk.  Its surface was still warm from her body and I could feel the heat and dampness of her pussy on the skin of my ass.

My cock stood at attention waiting for her mouth eagerly twitching up and down.  I watched her examine the purple head, the dollop of pre-cum on the tip and the blue veins running along my shaft.  She licked her lips.

“Take it,” I told her.  “Suck my cock Meghan and you better do a good job or I’ll beat your ass again.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Rob,” she groaned.

She devoured me whole in one gulp.  I shuddered with pleasure as I watched my dick disappear into her full lips until my pubic hair tickled her.  For a second it looked like she had a short curly haired beard under her nose.  Meghan leaned back and I saw my shaft reappear wet and glistening from her saliva.  She cupped my aching balls with her hand and began to let me pump my meat in and out of her mouth.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, “eat me! T-take it all you dirty cocksucker.”

I watched her other hand snake down between her thick thighs and bypass the top of her naughty thong.

“Yeah that’s it,” I remarked, “stroke you pussy I like to watch you jerk off.  You’re such a bad girl Meghan.  Kneeling on the floor, sucking my cock and rubbing your cunt like some whore.  Are you my personal slut?”

“Yes,” she groaned past her mouthful of meat.

“Tell me you like it.”

“I love it—I love the taste of your cock.  I want to swallow your cum, smear it all over my face—drink you dry.”

I let her suckle me for several heated minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore.  I pushed her away and fought for air and any measure of control I could muster.  Meghan squatted there in front of me pouting from the removal of the hot piece of cock from her hungry mouth.

“S-stand up,” I stammered.  “I’m going to fuck you hard and fast.”
“Finally,” she blubbered.  “I’ve wanted your cock in my wet cunt for a year now.  Ride me as hard as I’ve ridden you as your boss.”

I grabbed her arm and pushed her against the desk.  Snagging a pair of paperclips I spread them open and pinched her areolas.  Meghan shivered with hot delight when I slid them over her nipples.

“Ouch! Those hurt so good,” she moaned passionately.

I spun her around and pushed her over the desk.  Yanking off her soiled and soaked thong I made her step out of her decadent underwear, her ass jiggled and bounced making me almost squirt hot jizz all over her quivering butt-cheeks.  I smelled the heated wetness of her pussy, eyed the puckered opening of her asshole as I pushed myself between her fleshy thighs.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” I said in a hot rush of words.  “You’re going to take it like a woman and tell me how it feels.”

“Yes Rob—fuck me like the bitch I’ve been,” she countered.

I moved forward touching the bulbous head of my cock against her red and swollen labia.  She moaned loudly and I was thankful it was the end of the shift and nobody was around.  I watched my shaft part her pussy lips and begin the journey into her long neglected cunt.

“I feel it—it’s going in.  Oh god I’ve wanted so badly to feel a man’s cock in my hot pussy,” Meghan sobbed out in ecstasy.

“Yeah you like it,” I growled.

“Ah, it’s halfway in.  You’re so thick, wide and stiff—I can feel my pussy expanding to take it in.  F-fuck this feels so good!”

I slid my organ in and out slow and easy.  Meghan groaned in time with the rhythm I was fucking her.

“What do you think?  Am I big enough for you?” I queried.

“Oh yes,” she said, “I’ve got your deliciously thick cock in me—so hard and so good.  Fuck me Rob!  Please go faster—I want you to ram it into me until I scream.”

I picked up the pace and soon my hips were slapping against her ample and beaten rear.  The soft, wet grip of her convulsive cunt took a firm hold of my purple headed shaft until I was gasping from the heady sensation.   Each jerking of my hips sent my hard-on sliding harshly into her moist pussy until it bumped against the very bottom of her quivering cavity.

“Oh! Yes!” she cried out.  “Fuck me hard!”

“Take it Meghan… take all of me into your hot, wet cunt!” I shouted.

She pushed off the desk with her arms and I reached around to squeeze the paperclips attached to her erect and swollen nipples.  Meghan sobbed in pleasure while I increased the agonized tips of her full breasts.  Her full tits jostled in my hands while I squeezed them hard and uncaring.

“Rub your clit,” I demanded.  “Get yourself off before I spray your pussy with hot cum.”

Her hand slid down and I could feel it accidentally touch my rapidly moving cock.  I had beaten, humiliated and fucked her into a frenzy.  I wetted my thumb in my mouth and coated it thickly with spit the best I could.  Without warning I jammed it into her puckered anal opening making her shout it surprise and delight.  Her orgasm didn’t take long to arrive.

“Y-yes, you’re thumb is in my ass!  Oh shit I love it!” she shrieked.  “I’m coming!  Oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes… I’m coming so fucking hard!  It’s never been t-this good!”

Her body went into wild convulsions and her slippery cleft tightly grabbed my prick until I could barely shove it in and out.  She screamed something unintelligent sounding until I feared security would come up to see who was being murdered.  Her orgasm finally dimmed down and died but my hard rod was still buried to the hilt into her.  Meghan finally relaxed and I pulled out of her shuddering pussy.

I watched my boss’s body hitch and jerk on the top of the desk.  Drool puddled under her mouth and darkened the blotter she was face-first against.  My cock ached so badly and I wanted to get off before I got a terminal case of blue balls.

“You said you wanted to swallow my spunk,” I reminded her.  “So climb off that desk and treat yourself to a mouthful.”

Her legs were like rubber and she could only collapse onto the carpet and turn around.  I grabbed another handful of her hair and stuff my reddened cock into her wet, slobbery lips.  Her arms hung uselessly by her sides.  Her neck muscles totally relaxed and with great delight I face-fucked Meghan without a protest from her.  I lifted her head and pistoned my hard-on deep into her throat.  She took it like a pro.

“You suck cock really good Meghan,” I moaned.  “You must be a porn star during your off hours.”

She grunted and grinned around the thickness of my dick.

“Oh shit,” I stammered, “I’m gonna cum.  Do you want to drink it or wear it?”

“W-wear it,” she mumbled past my cock. “I want you to coat my face with your cum.”

I tugged it out just as the hot rush of sperm began flying up the length of my shaft.  I yanked it out of her mouth.  Meghan closed her eyes and reached up and jerked me off after opening her mouth.  Her beautiful face, upturned and ready for my scalding load made my climax come much quicker.

“Oh s-shit!” I exclaimed.  “Oh fucking shit—I’m coming on your face!”

The first splattering wad struck her on the forehead and began to drip down into her right eye.  The next creamed her nose and the other spewing shots went into her gaping mouth covering her lips, teeth and tongue with white, thick jizz.  Her hand milked me.  I continued to spurt into her mouth until the bullets ran dry in my meaty gun.  I had always wanted to do this.  The fantasy of coming on a woman’s face was one of my few remaining unfulfilled desires.  I couldn’t stop watching it, I loved every moment but soon I was drained dry.

“More,” she begged, “I want it all.”

“S-stop,” I pleaded.  “I’m done.”

“How disappointing.”

“I didn’t know you were such a nymphomaniac.”

“Now you do.”

I staggered back on shaky legs while I watched my hot boss scoop the white goop off her face and into her greedy mouth.  She licked her fingers clean and stood up proudly.  Reluctantly she tugged the paperclips off her nipples and I watched her groan in happy pain from the sudden blood rushing into them.  Her heavy tits swung with a delicious liquid-like movement and I wanted to shove my cock between those big fleshy melons.

“I didn’t know I needed that so badly,” Meghan cooed.  “However I think we might consider going back to my place for a repeat performance.”

“You’re kidding, right?” I said.

“I wasn’t lying when I said I’ve wanted to fuck you for over a year.  You’re single now and I think we ought to spend the weekend together.  How did you know I liked it rough?”

“I didn’t, I just sort of lost control.”

“My husband was a wimp, a pussy who didn’t like my variety of sex.  I think that’s why he left me for some blonde bimbo.  I hope you can do it again, can you?”

“Absolutely.  I didn’t realize I liked spanking you so much it was a bit of a shock.  You’ve got a gorgeously beautiful ass and I’m looking forward to tanning it a hot red shade.”

“Let’s get cleaned up, take in some dinner and go back to my place.”

“Sounds perfect Meghan.”

“I want to stop off at a sex shop for some anal lube.  I’ve been dying to let someone fuck me in the ass and since you were so delightfully mean to stick your finger in my ass I don’t see why I should put that experience off any longer.  I’ll also spring for a paddle, nipple clips, butt plug and anything else you want to use on me.  But you will shove that big lovely hard-on into my ass or the deal’s off.”

“So I get to fuck that big, hot butt of yours?”

“I hunger for you to bugger me hard, fast and deep.  I want to feel you douche my bowels with your hot seed,” She growled seductively.  “Anything else you want to do to my body you nasty boy?”

“How about I tie you up, paddle your ass and drip hot wax on your nipples?” I suggested.

She quivered like a sex-fiend anticipating the impending carnal ecstasy to come.  Her face was a mask of unfulfilled carnal wants and unspoken needs.  I could sense her waiting for me to describe in detail want I was going to make her suffer in delicious pain.

“Then I’m going to cum in your face again, fuck your tits and give you a pearl necklace and a few other things.  I’ve thought about doing all this during the last few minutes,” I admitted.  “I’ve been interested in BDSM for a while now and I’m only too happy to oblige your request.”

“I’ll be your eager and willing slave.” She stated. “Finger me, fuck me and cum in my hair.  I want you do whatever you want to me, in fact I promise you the time of your life.”

“I know you will keep that vow—or I’ll beat your ass bloody.  By Monday morning you’re going to be so sore you won’t be able to walk straight.”

“I can hardly wait Rob and I’ll hold you to that promise.  I hope your carve your name into my booty because I think I’m going to end up giving you my heart in the long run.”

“I can’t believe this.  It’s like some made-up story out of a men’s magazine.”

“Oh trust me this is reality.  I’ve watched you stare at my ass and tits for a long time now.  I’m so happy you want me as much as I want you.  I’m not promising marriage or anything right now.  I can’t wait a second longer to explore all the possibilities of us being together.”

“And I long to explore every hot opening in your body with my prick so we’ll need to pick up some Viagra don’t you think?”

I watched Meghan’s body shudder with just the thought of me thrashing, fucking and abusing her body repeatedly.  Her eyes rolled and she licked her lips with that talented pink tongue of hers.  My cock twitched with the wild antics I knew were in store for me for the next two days and three nights.  Suddenly I realized the week hadn’t ended so badly after all.

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