Why This Behavior?

Why This Behavior?

I just saw a picture of an Italian girl crying and totally beside herself because two cast members from Twilight: Eclipse were walking down the red carpet.  The expression on her face was so emotional it looked like she was about to faint.  Now before you think I’m going to bash Twilight, that’s not the purpose of this blog.  I, being a man just have one question—what causes this behavior?

I remember archived footage of bobby-sockers who were screaming, crying and fainting during Frank Sinatra concerts.  It also occurred during the seventies with David Cassidy, Andy Gibb and many others.  The Backstreet Boys and the other boy-bands since the dawn of the eighties gain this reaction too.  Female audience members shrieking over the music to the point you couldn’t hear it.  I’ve even experienced this firsthand when at a Styx concert in 1980.  Two teenage girls sitting behind me were screaming Tommy Shaw’s name trying desperately to get his attention—despite the fact we were sitting at the other end of the arena.  He stood as much chance of hearing them as I do teleporting to Mars with the use of my mind.  Eventually I had to turn around and tell them to shut the you-know-what up.  I didn’t pay $20 a ticket for me and a friend to NOT hear the music of my favorite band.

I’m not picking on women.  As a man I understand the female of the species is about as mysterious and unfathomable (to men) as why people keep electing Nancy Pelosi to Congress.  Women are very emotional (not all, I’m not going to stereotype here) but this just doesn’t make sense to my hunter-gatherer mind.  I’ve seen men “obsess” over a particular actress, singer or celebrity.  I’ve seen them build shrines to these unreachable women in their rooms.  But I’ve never seen one scream, cry or pass out when they come into proximity to them.  I know guys who will see ANY movie with their “ideal” woman no matter how crappy the reviews are for it.  But this doesn’t explain the wailing, sobbing and fainting.  I can understand being nervous but sweet Mother of Pearl—acting like a hysterical idiot?  I met James Doohan once.  He played Scotty on Star Trek and was the reason I went into engineering.  I got quiet and nervous but I didn’t being to screech and cry because I was talking to him.  You could check out the following on Wikipedia which talks about parasocial interaction a one-sided emotional attachment between fans and those they idolize:


or you could follow this link to perhaps understand this phenomenon:


Perhaps it’s the power of the moment.  The fact these ladies are so close to someone they identify with, find attractive and causes them to feel more emotion than an episode of “Sex in the City”.  Men aren’t as in tune with their feelings like most females so perhaps this is why the above behavior just mystifies us.  However I asked my wife and she doesn’t understand it either.  She told me she’s NEVER acted that way in her entire life.

So drop a comment here and please explain why this happens.  I’d love to fully understand this so I can move on to more important issues like finishing the editing of my next release, work on my book in progress or get the grass cut.   Is this now expected behavior or something else?   Oh by the way below is the picture that caused this blog…

5 responses to “Why This Behavior?

  1. Really good one Christopher. I wonder the same thing, so I guess I’m an oddball, lol. My guess is that they’re soooo revved up and full of emotion the only thing they can do IS scream, cry or faint (but if they do all that, especially faint, then they’ll miss the concert!!)
    Another theory I think is, those books/movies/whatever become a person’s world. The characters become their heroes. The folks have devoted time in believing in those characters/actor/singers, and the only way they express themselves is by going bonkers when they see them in the flesh. The screamers annoy the hell out of me too, though. I’m there to see and hear my fave singer/band, not listen to girls bawl and cry, lol.

  2. Never done it, makes no sense to me, and I am an intensely emotional person. I have cried over people I have relationships with, (actual, they talk to me relationships) – seeing a friend or lover on stage is a powerful thing, but wholly different to this.

    I can only assume its to do with a mix of investment, fantasy, desperaiton and a need to have something take you out of your regular life. As my life has always been interesting, maybe that’s why it’s never occured to me to go hysterical over some famous pretty face.

  3. Speaking as a woman–I don’t have a effin’ clue. Much like your wife I have never and I do mean NEVER acted like this about anything or anyone. What I will tell you (having written in multiple fandoms prior to getting published) is that what Cinsearae said The folks have devoted time in believing in those characters/actor/singers, and the only way they express themselves is by going bonkers when they see them in the flesh. is a big part of what I consider alien behavior.

    An example is a friend of mine. She was obsessed with actor James Marsters (who played Spike on Buffy & Angel) and had an opportunity to meet him at a fan convention. She called me numerous times over the course of the weekend in hysterics and the final call she made was to scream in my ear about how he had touched her hand and she would never wash it again.This earned her an eye roll and a huge sigh. When I said that he was just a guy she nearly tore my head off in a fit screaming He’s not just a guy! He’s Spike!

    Okay…never let it be said that I get between a fan-girl and her delusions. 😀

    I’ve known women who would sell their soul or drive themselves into bankruptcy to meet an actor. Sometimes it can be a delusion and they can’t seem to separate fiction from reality. And honestly there is no telling them that this type of obsession can be horribly self-destructive. My best guess is these women are missing something in their lives that sends them on this journey–who knows for sure. *shrugs*

    As another friend said to me one night What’s so great about reality? I prefer my fantasies. That right there is pretty much it in a nutshell.

  4. What really gets me is why do these fan-girls think any of these men would find a shrieking, crying and fainting woman attractive? I’ve read where Robert Pattinson is freaked out by these women. So if you’re going to see or meet this obsession of yours why act like a hysterical idiot? Beats me ladies…

    I met Julie Newmar many years ago. She was still glamorous, beautiful and wonderful—just like I remember her on Batman when she played Catwoman and jump started me into puberty. However I didn’t gush, giggle or act foolish when I spoke to her.

  5. I must be odd because I have never done this and I find it to be embarrassing behavior for a female. Maybe they get all fanatical and emotional over celebrities because they are unhappy with themselves. I have always been the oddball, not doing what was expected of a girl.

    I still don’t understand the whole fascination everyone seems to have with reality shows, especially Keeping up with the Kardashians. WTF? Who cares! Yikes. Some people need to find a hobby or something.

    Anyway, great insightful post.

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