A Star’s Rebirth

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The following is a work of erotic fiction.  If you under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!

The limo pulled up to the scene of the shoot.  Sleek and black it oozed through the gates of the mansion like shark gliding through open waters.  In the back, her face pressed to a small mirror was twenty-eight year old Roxie Darling.  With an expert pair of sniffs she snorted the cocaine granulates up the rolled up hundred dollar bill and into her flaring nostrils.  She leaned back and smiled.

This is how it should be, she mused lazily, I’m a star and I should be treated as one.

It had been years since the television show that had made her a household name had ended.  The cast and crew of Taylor Made had long gone their separate ways.  Like a dysfunctional family none of them seemed willing to get together for talk shows or reunions.  The show’s star had found God, the actress who played her mother had drank her way into an early grave and just recently her sit-com father had been arrested for public indecency.   She had been in and out of rehab places due to her cocaine addiction.  But despite public apologies, time served and community service she refused to give it up.

Now after years of toiling in minor film or TV roles I have the chance I’ve always wanted.  Top billing and my face plastered across the movie poster even if it’s a low budget mob movie.  I will shine in it…and then the offers will come pouring in.

Roxie wiped away the powdery residue under her nose with dainty fingers and handed the mirror to the film’s producer.

“I can’t tell you how thrilled we are you decided to take our offer,” he said with a false grin.  “Never in our wildest dreams did we think we could land someone like you for the starring role.”

“Well you should be thrilled,” Roxie sniffed indignantly.  “I am an actress—not some former rap star or stand-up comedian.  I’ve trained at some of the finest workshops in both LA and New York.”

“So I’ve read.  Do you need anything else Ms. Darling?”

“No I’m good—for now.”

As he sat back in the seat of the limo Roxie couldn’t help but smugly smile at his desire to cater to her every whim and need.  Since they first approached her it had been made abundantly clear she would be treated with respect and fawned on.  Although her agent had argued against taking this role Roxie saw the potential for stardom.

I refuse to ride the coattails of another hypocritical and childish actor like I did on Taylor Made, she growled silently.  Putting up with playing second banana to a spoiled brat like Clint Callahan, never again!

The limo cruised predator-like into the back of the spacious and well-maintained manor finally sliding into a parking space.  Roxie looked around and saw the usual chaos of a movie shoot.  Vans, rigs and other vehicles were haphazardly sitting in the California sun like a Tinsel Town version of a flash mob.  Camera people, script girls, electricians and other mundane workers sweated in the heat.

“Where’s my trailer?” Roxie asked.

“It’s over there,” Louis Brashear answered, pointing off to the right.

“Is it stocked with what I asked for?”

“Absolutely, your favorite brand of bottled water and a fresh sushi tray are waiting for you.  Do you have your script?”

“I am a professional of course I do.  It’s in my luggage.”

“Good.  Do you want anyone to run through your lines before we start?”

“Hardly, I have them already memorized.”

She gave him a heaping helping of cold shoulder as the driver opened her door in a graceful manner.  She took pleasure in the click-clocking sound of her high heels striking the concrete walkway as she outdistanced the tall black producer.

“Do I have my lines memorized?  Would you like someone to help you out?  What kind of people is Brashear used to working with?  I played Annie on Broadway for Christ’s sake!” She spat angrily.

The driver, tagging along behind her pretended not to hear her but carried her suitcase like an obedient pack mule.

She walked up the short steps and flung the door of the trailer open.  A cold blast of air-conditioning washed over her making her long brown hair flutter.  She smiled and entered.

“Set my case over there,” she ordered the limo driver.

“Yes Miss Darling,” he politely said.

She ignored him and waited for the wage-slave to depart.  Roxie stared out of the window and surveyed the workers toiling in the heat.  The lights and cameras were set up around the pool for the first scene.  Across the long rectangle of water she spotted her co-star (if you wanted to call him that) sitting under a tropical patterned umbrella being worked on by the makeup artist.  He was reading his script and laughing with the chubby blonde working on him.

“Stupid bastard probably hasn’t bothered to read it until now,” she sneered.

She dismissed him with a turn of her head and went over to the suitcase lying on the bed.  Undoing the locks she took out the bound ream of paper, snickered at the title and tossed it on the mattress.  The cocaine was making her feel nice and mellow.  Any traces of anxiety or second thoughts had been erased in a wonderful haze.  Her nerves were buzzing and happy.  There was a knock on the trailer door.  Roxie went over and opened it.

“Hi I’m Jennifer and I’ll be doing your makeup, Miss Darling,” an ugly redhead chirped.

“I hope you do a better job than you did the morning on yourself,” she growled.

The woman’s face coiled up briefly in anger but quickly smoothed out.

That’s right I’m the star and you’re a nobody, Roxie thought.  Remember that and we’ll get along just fine.

“I suppose you better come in and get to work,” she sighed.


Roxie sat in the trailer waiting for the call to go on set.  She had been watching television (something else she demanded during the contract negotiations).  The hot red bikini snugly hugged her well-kept curves and the soft satin robe decadently caressed her back and shoulders.  She cooed from the luxurious feel of the fabric and basked in the treatment she was receiving.  The door rattled with a knock.

“Come in,” she said in a bored tone.

The portal swung away revealing Mr. Brashear and the director.  For the life of her she couldn’t remember the man’s name even though she’d been introduced to him three times previously.

“We’re ready for you, Miss Darling,” the big black man told her.

“Let’s get on with it then,” she replied.

Following the two men out she quickly broke out in a sweat due to the outside temperature.  Crossing over to the expensive set of pool chairs a man rushed over to hand her a clean, white towel.  She dabbed the perspiration away without marring her makeup.

“Okay in this scene Bobby is going to approach you about the money your husband owes the mob,” the director began.

“I’ve read the script I don’t need a refresher on it,” she said snippily at him.

“Okay then take your mark and let me know when you’re ready.”

She smiled a false sweet grin at him and sat down in the pool recliner, adjusted her satin robe and picked up the prop magazine from the ground.  Crossing her legs and lying back Roxie accepted a pair of pricey sunglasses from the prop handler.  She took a deep breath.

It’s Showtime—remember you’re a star, a professional who’s loved my millions, she chanted to herself.

“Lights!” the director shouted.

Time to make cinematic magic…


Stardom here I come…


From stage left a big tall man wearing a black business suit crossed into the camera’s view and stopped beside the recliner.  He put his hands on his hips and frowned (per the script) waiting for her to notice him.

“Can I help you?” she asked politely.

“My name is Vinnie Barossa,” he recited dully.  “I’m a business associate of your husband’s.”

“He isn’t here.”

“We know that.  In fact we’ve been unable to find him since the beginning of the week.  You wouldn’t know where he is, would you?”

Where do they get these guys?  Is there an amateur act missing a player?  What a weak delivery of dialogue.

She folded the magazine up and set it on the ground (just like in the script).  Looking up at him she pulled her glasses down the bridge of her nose.  From overtop of the expensive shades Roxie pretended to admire him.

“In fact I have no idea where he is,” she said, “He’s left me here all by my lonesome.”

“Look Mrs. Kingston,” he said, “he owes my employer a million bucks.  The debt was due on Monday and if he’s skipped town, well let’s just say things are going to drastically change for you.”

“Is that a threat?”

“No it’s a promise.”

She unwound her legs and sat up.  Placing a heel on either side of the pool chair she wiggled the robe just off her shoulders to show off her enhanced chest.

“And if I don’t know where he is?” she cooed.

“Then I’m afraid my boss is gonna take the price out of your well-tanned hide,” he threatened.

She rose to her feet and sashayed up to her co-star.  Pushing a finger into the middle of his chest she got into his face.

“Don’t threaten me, you little worm,” she snarled.  “I have nothing to do with my husband’s business dealings.  If you touch one hair on my head I’ll have the cops haul your mobster ass to jail faster than you can say boo.”

Great delivery!  Perfect timing maybe he’ll take notes and learn a few things.

Per the script he went for his gun.  Without hesitation Roxie snatched his hand away and bent it behind him.  The heavy weapon clattered to the ground and luckily didn’t accidentally discharge.

“Ouch you’re hurting me!” he grunted.

“You dare draw a gun on me?” she spat.  “I’m no rich man’s toy I grew up on the streets of Los Angeles and I know how to handle myself.”

Ignoring the scene’s description she hiked his arm up higher making his next line sound more genuine.

Somebody’s got to instruct this moron on the art of acting and it might as well be me.

“Look Mrs. Kingston I’m real sorry but those are my orders,” he said in actual pain.

“Perhaps we can come to an understanding?  Between you, your boss and myself, what do you think?” she queried in a sultry tone.

“Mrs. Kingston are you trying to seduce me?”

I hated that line when I read it the first time and it’s even more idiotic now.  Stealing dialogue from a classic movie makes me want to vomit.

“I said I grew up in a bad neighborhood so I know how business is done.  Let’s say I give up my stupid husband what will happen to me?” she asked over his shoulder.

“Well you’d be broke,” he groaned.

“I’ve been poor before and I don’t intend on going back to that.  Perhaps you could persuade your employer to keep me on here as a hostess.  What do you think?”

“Mr. Alfredo has enough girls to make him happy.  I don’t see why he’d want one more.”

“I’m no girl—surely you can see that.”

“I don’t think I can convince him to let you stay,” he snarled, “especially when you’re so rough with his people.”

She released his arm and kicked the gun into the pool.  It wasn’t in the scene but she thought it made a nice touch.

“He hasn’t met me yet,” she recited.  “I’m no pushover.  I could be a treasured asset to his business dealings.  Besides maybe he ought to move up from girls to a real woman.”

“That’s a tall order,” Vinnie remarked.  “I’d have to have something more than just your word on this.  Perhaps a demonstration of your abilities would be enough to convince me to speak on your behalf.”

Stupid!  What a goddamn stupid line—I told them to change it!  Brainless fuckers I’m going to have to speak to the screenwriter and then we’ll have to shoot this idiotic scene all over again.

Ignoring her mental tirade she slid the satin robe off her shoulders and walked around.  She kept a finger on his right bicep and moved around it like she was using his body as a pivot point.  Leaning into the actor she pushed her breasts into his chest.

“I can be very persuasive,” she growled sensually.  “I’m sure you can see how easily I could worm information out of Mr. Alfredo’s clients.  He could have almost any of their secrets if I entertain them for a few hours.”

The actor swallowed hard.  It wasn’t in the scene but her stellar performance was easily affecting him.  Glancing over his shoulder the rest of the crew was leaning towards them.

Again I’ve outdone myself—they’re like putty in my hands. That’s the mark of a true thespian.

“I could show you… do you think you’re up for it?” she continued.

“Ah—gee I guess I got some time.  Besides it’s for a good cause, right?” he stammered.

“Absolutely Vinnie—keeping me in caviar and champagne has always been my favorite charity.”

Oh well here comes the love scene—I wish we’d have started somewhere else in the script.  Duty calls…

She took a step to the right allowing the camera to zoom in on her right hand.  Slowly she unbuttoned his coat and slid her palm down his chest.  Roxie lingered on his stomach making circles and wrinkling his shirt.  Her co-star’s chest began to heave up and down.  She stared him in the eyes the entire time watching his face contort into a mask of desire.  Turning her hand digits down she eased her fingers into his pants grabbing his already erect cock.

Well what do we have here?  A nice thick shaft—that’s a perk I didn’t expect, she thought past her drugged haze.

“This is a nice hard cock you have here, Vinnie,” she said.  “What have you been feeding it lately?”

“B-blondes mostly,” he groaned in need.

“Blondes are nice—but brunettes are smarter, better and more talented.”

Removing her hand from the front of his pants she undid his belt and slowly pulled down his zipper. Another surprise awaited her.

No undies either…

The thickness of his ten inch member flopped out into her hand.  Its shocking length and wide girth lay like a robust Italian sausage in her palm.  She gripped it tenderly and stroked it a couple of times.

The camera’s probably trained on his face to get his reaction but I’m too much a professional to do it half-assed, Roxie mused inwardly.

His hands landed on her shoulders and gently pushed her down to her knees.  Her vision was filled with the meaty reality of his cock.  She licked her lips in anticipation.

“Please,” he moaned.

She obliged him despite everything.  Kissing the tip she quickly enveloped his shaft in her warm, wet mouth.  Rolling her tongue around his girth she felt the actor’s hips thrust out hesitantly at first.  Warm hands were placed on the sides of her head and soon he was holding her face still while he pumped his meat into her willing mouth.

“Oh god…,” he gasped, “…so good.”

Roxie grinned past the huge mouthful and continued to suck the man’s organ.  The drug in her system encouraging her improvisation and her pussy began to swelter with hot, moist heat rivaling the California weather.  Her knees protested about the roughness of the concrete.  She ignored it.

After a few minutes of devouring his rampant meat-pole she stood up.  The poor actor’s shaft was twitching in frustration from the cessation of her talented mouth.  She pushed away from him and sat down on the edge of the pool chair.  Leaning back, propped up by her elbows Roxie crooked a finger at him.

“Dinner is served,” she cooed hotly.

The man peeled off his clothes, strutting and dancing in some parody of a male review dancer.  She tried not to laugh.

He really sucks as an actor… I hope his tongue is better trained.

Vinnie knelt between her legs and pushed away the hot red material of the bikini exposing her damp, red and hungry cunt.  She felt the first touch of his mouth and moaned loudly.

Okay he does have something to offer the movie! She cheered to herself.

Pulling apart the moist lips of her snatch the greasy haired actor began lapping, licking and tonguing the burning folds of her.  Her body began to quiver.  Roxie’s mouth fell open and her head hung back on her neck.  She let out a low moan when he inserted one of his big fingers into her pussy.

“Ooh baby that’s it,” she husked out.  “Tease my cunt.”

“You’re so good—so tasty and hot,” he replied.

Again that line needs replaced… but right now I could care less.

Her thighs began to shake while Vinnie ate her out.  Another finger joined the first and the walls of her cleft stretched to accept them, a minor sting of pain started but quickly faded.  His mouth attached itself to her hooded button and he mashed his lips against it making Roxie release several hitching sobs of pleasure.    Her ass bounced up and down to the rhythm of his oral delights until her nipples cut into the fabric of the bikini top.  Looking between her deep cleavage she watched him dine out on her cunt.

“Oh yes—you’re so good,” she said ignoring the script.  “I like your fingers so deep in my pussy.”

He mumbled something into her snatch and kept digitally fucking and licking her.  Her body became incredibly hot, aroused and excited.  She bucked her hips upward, driving his face and fingers deeper into her cleft.  She saw the camera swing around to her left to zoom in on the fact he was stroking his big hard cock at the same time.

“Stop,” she groaned.  “I want your huge dick in me.  Fuck me you bastard!”

Where did that line come from? She wondered silently.

Pulling himself up to a standing position Vinnie waited for her to rise from the chair and bend over in front of him and presenting her perfectly shaped ass.  The bottom of the bikini was pulled away and soon her top landed on the ground in front of her.  The huge swell of her breasts spilled out and she took one in each hand.  Splaying her legs as far as they would go she moaned out in desperate need.  Between the cocaine and the man’s thick cock she found herself hornier than she’d ever been in her life.

“Oh… fuck!” she groaned when he pushed into her moist depths.

The organ being stuffed into her pussy was almost too big.  She struggled to stay upright and still accept the meaty intruder snaking into her slit.  His hands came around and pushed hers away.  He mashed her nipples.  Alternating between tugs and pinches she hissed out in painful pleasure while he tortured her erect buds.  The withdrawing of his shaft made her shudder.  Then he started to seriously fuck her with it.

“Oh!  Ah!  My… God!” she grunted with each penetration.

“Do you like it?  Tell me how it feels Mrs. Kingston?” he snarled.

“I-it’s so big!  Oh fuck yeah it’s filling me up… so deep… so hot… oh Vinnie I want it all!” she recited from the script.

The slap of his hips against her ass made Roxie’s hazy brain’s synapses fire off in delightful randomness.  She pushed back against him just to drive him all the way into her hungry snatch.

Fuck this bastard is going to rip me open…but I don’t care!  I have to take it, it’s all for Art!

Just as she had a handle on things he pulled completely out of her.  Rudely he pushed her face first into chair and hauled her on her back by yanking up and over with a grip on one of her legs.  Her skin was sore from the harshness of the chair’s material.  Before she could protest his treatment of her Vinnie spread her legs wide open and pushed them near her ears.

“No wait a minute!” she wailed

“Shut up bitch and take it,” he growled.

This isn’t in the script!  That fucker!

She was pinned to the chair and watched in horror as the vein-covered snake-trouser was aimed at her defenseless pussy.  Roxie tried to wiggle away but was soon pinned down by his body weight and the meaty spike driven into her snatch.

“You fucker!” she hissed in his ear.  “Stick to the script you’re hurting me.”

“Sorry, no can do.  You think you’re some big Hollywood star, don’t you,” the actor said angrily.  “Well welcome to the porn industry Miss High and Mighty Darling.”

“This is a soft-core shoot!  Nobody said anything about it being hardcore the scene isn’t going to be shown in its entirety.  The dirty parts are going to be cut out!”

“You idiot didn’t you read the fine print?  It’s all going in the picture.  That’s why I’m taking such pleasure in making you scream and beg.”

“You son of a bitch I’ll have you fired for this.”

“I doubt it… I’m the director’s son.”

Roxie felt her face widen in surprise.  However she didn’t have time to think about it as the big, thick shaft sank to the hilt in her stretched out cunt.  She cried out.

This is a bad angle!  He’s hurting me!

“Yeah take it you slut,” he shouted.  “Take all my cock!”

“Ah!  W-wait!  It’s too much,” she sobbed (this line wasn’t in the script).

Her soft cavity was wet but it wasn’t enough to ease the pressure of being so completely stuffed with man-meat.  She beat his back with her hands and eventually dug long bloody furrows in his flesh.

I have to get him out of me or it’s going to ruin my poor pussy!

But she couldn’t move.  His weight was too much and she found she didn’t have any leverage to shove him away.  With tear-filled eyes she accepted her fate for the moment.  But behind that worried, excited expression her temper rose to greater heights.

“Oh yeah…I’m gonna come,” he groaned.  “Are you ready for it?”

“Yes, oh yes please,” she said.

Her line was straight out of the scene but she said it because she was hoping for the end of this part to come.  Vinnie continued to jackhammer his big cock into her burning slit while she tried relentlessly to make the actor finish quicker.  With a thin cry he yanked out his massive meat and Roxie let out a sob of joy.  Then the first hot, thick splatter of semen struck her between the eyes and began dripping down her nose.

“Ah!” she shouted in surprise.

The next glob hit her right cheek as he adjusted his aim.  Her mouth was dangling wide open, not because it was scripted but out of pure shock.

He came in my face!  That miserable motherfucker, how dare he? Roxie squealed to herself.

Three more shots spewed out and landed onto her tongue and greasily slid towards the back of her throat.  She clamped her lips down and received the remaining spray of man-seed onto her pouting, trembling lips.  The salty-sweet taste seemed as false as her Hollywood fame.

“Like that don’t you,” he sneered.

“Yes,” she said in barely masked broken voice.

“You like the taste of my cum, don’t you whore?”

“Please… more.”

I-I can’t believe I said that line!  Oh god what have I gotten myself into?

Picking her bodily up in his brawny arms Vinnie carried her to the pool’s edge.  Without a word he flung her overtop of the cold water where she felt she hung there for an eternity.  Like the sudden realization of what happened to her career she hit the surface and sank past it.  Fighting her way upwards she swam to the edge of the pool and looked at Vinnie with a hurt expression.  She wiped the semen off her face which hadn’t washed off from her impromptu bath.

“I’ll tell Mr. Alfredo about your offer,” he chuckled.  “I think you’ll pass his audition just like you passed mine.  You see we caught your husband yesterday and now he’s sleeping with the fishes.”

“You k-killed him,” she replied.

“Yeah it took a while but he finally died when we tossed him in the bay.  He told us how great you were in bed so I was sent here to see if it was true.  Your hubby gave us the idea you’d tried to keep from going back to the streets where he found you.  Congratulations you passed the test.”

“You played me!”

“You can expect Mr. Alfredo this evening…he likes black leather skirts, crotchless panties and tall boots so I’d go out and buy some.  By the way if you’re thinking about making a run for it after emptying your bank account you can forget it.  One of my associates is going to be staying with you.  You see I’m no errand boy but a Capo in Mr. Alfredo’s organization.”


“Yes it’s true baby,” he leered.  “And by the way I’ll be staying here permanently so you better get used to treating me with respect.  You’re my reward for catching your husband, you see.  Mr. Alfredo gave me the house, the cars and the whore who lives here.  I just wanted to make sure you were worth it.  Do you want to stay and service me anytime I want?”

“I will,” she meekly stated.

“You will…what?”

“I will Mr. Barossa.”

“Good you learn quickly.  I’ll be back tomorrow and you better be ready for me because I’ve got a big appetite and you’re the main course, doll.”

He started to walk away and she could feel the camera’s lens zooming in on her face for a close up.  Despite the rioting turmoil in her brain she still managed to enact a conspirator’s smile.

“You go right ahead Vinnie and think you’re in charge,” she recited her dialogue, “but I’ll make you sorry you treated me like this.”

“And…cut!” the director shouted.  “That was great but I’d like another take just to get some different angles.  Get Roxie into her trailer, dry her off and redo her makeup.  Come on people, shake a leg we don’t have all day.”

The gaffer’s assistant came over and helped her climb out of the pool.  He ogled her naked body and Roxie suddenly felt dirty and violated.  She staggered into the held out white towel and in horror noticed it was being held by the now smirking redhead who did her makeup.

“Come Miss Star we have to get you fixed up for the second take,” she said mockingly.

Oh this is too much…I never thought it’d come to this!  They’ve thrown the entire script out I’ve been given.  I’m supposed to be the heroine in this—not some mob slut to be used and abused.  They’ve fooled me and I can’t say shit about it since I’m under contract.  Oh fuck it’s a four picture deal!

Hot tears sprang up in Roxie’s eyes and she meekly followed the makeup artist back to her trailer.  Behind her were the shattered remains of both her career and dignity.

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  1. All I can say is, Wow… That was intense! You built it up and brought it down masterfully! I can’t wait to see if there is another installment!

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