The Halloween Party

AUTHOR’S NOTE; The following is a work of horror/erotica not intended for those under the age of eighteen.  If you are a minor PLEASE LEAVE NOW!

The Halloween Party

            Tamara Collins looked into the mirror and saw the smile spread on her reflected image.  The black lips parted with ease.  Her teeth shone like evenly shaped polished ivory except the false fangs she wore.  The dark makeup around her eyes made the optometrist bought contacts appear to be even more frightening.  The redness of them caused her to be momentarily startled.  Her face was white, deathly white with only the faintest hint of grayness around her cheekbones to give her a gaunt, hollow appearance.  Tamara’s throat, slender and long flowed into a pair of shoulders both round and firm.  Following a gold necklace which dripped around her neck she took great delight in appreciating how the low cut, black dress deepened her cleavage in a provocative, almost obscene manner.  The image in the mirror brought up its hands and she turned them around fascinated by the costume jewelry rings upon those dainty fingers. 

            “I vant to drink your blood,” she cooed, in a fake Hungarian accent.

            This set of a series of giggling which made the mirror woman wiggle voluptuously.  She let out a sigh.

            “This ought to get somebody’s attention,” she told herself.

            The viewers watched the woman get up.  The big plasma screen in front of them showing her adjusting her dress and hair before snagging a long black coat and an ebony purse with a skull-like clasp holding it closed.  The scene played forward almost inhumanly quickly until it reached the door to a house.  There was a party going on, a wild raucous one at that.  Several of the watchers grunted in parental disgust.

            Tamara watched the door open and saw her best friend Jill standing there attired in a naughty French maid’s outfit.  The costume was scandalous, short and very revealing.

            “Hey Jill,” she shouted over the loud music.

            “What’s up Tami?” the woman hollered back.

            “Just ready to get my freak on!”

            “Well come on in—the guys are hot and the beer is cold.”

            She walked inside and noticed her BFF was already drunk, swaying dangerously on her high heels.  Tamara looked into the room and noticed several of the collegiate men were leering at her.  Their mutual thoughts were plain on their red cheeked faces.  Doffing the coat and letting it fall to the floor she immediately was the center of attention.

            “Hey everyone,” Jill shrieked, “this is my BFF Tami!”

            A rowdy and deep chorus of hellos thundered up from the slowly circling men.  Each face was now alit with false charming smiles trying to hide their lecherous fantasies.  Tamara laughed and curtsied.  The women at the party just waved, hating the arrival of more competition.

            “The big blonde vampire is Fred and he’s mine,” Jill whispered drunkenly into her ear.

            Tamara turned to face her friend and noticed the dancing carnal thoughts sparkling in her deep brown eyes.

            The seated viewers watched as dispassionately as they could while Tamara walked deeper into the revelry, snagging an offered red plastic cup from an admirer.  One of them, an older woman let out a huffing grunt of distain.  Her vocal displeasure only grew more agitated when the beautiful twenty-one year old began dancing to the ear-popping thump of a suggestive Rap song.  Once more the scene increased in speed making the images on the screen bounce wildly until it slowed once more.  Tamara was now engaged in conversation, loudly spoken with a man dressed in a clown costume.  His bizarre appearances made several of the witnesses laugh.  He was dressed in a white full body costume sporting large red, blue and yellow polka dots.  The older woman hissed out of her fear of clowns.

            “So you’re a psych major,” Tamara yelled.

            “Yeah just entered my second year,” the man yelled, stretching the large red lips painted onto his white pancake face.

            “What’s your name?”

            “Zachary Richards…Zack for short.”
            “You know clowns really creep me out.”

            “Sorry I wish I hadn’t worn this now that I’ve met you.  But it was all I could afford since my dorm mate borrowed my last twenty.”

“Why’d ya give it to him?”
“He wanted to take his girlfriend out and was broke so I felt sorry for him.”

“That’s really cool of you.”

“Well that’s just the kind of guy I am.  So you go to Howard State?”

“No I wish I did.  Couldn’t afford it—my folks aren’t exactly rich and I couldn’t seem to qualify for a loan.”

“That’s a shame, you look really smart.”


“And in case you haven’t seen a mirror lately, well you’re beautiful too.”

Tamara began giggling and felt a few splashes of beer trickling onto her fishnet stockings.  She apologized but was interrupted halfway by a hiccup.  Zack handed her a black napkin which was covered with bright orange pumpkins. 

He’s a real gentleman, she thought, mopping up the wet spot on her right thigh.

“So can I ask if you’re single?” the clown inquired.

“Totally,” she shouted back.

“Must be my lucky night then.”
“Oh really—so sure of yourself?”

“No you don’t understand.  It’s just you’re really pretty and I thought this party was going to be a mistake.  Instead of leaving early I’m sitting with the sexiest woman in the place and having a wonderful time.”

He’ got a nice face and I just love those big brown eyes of his, she thought.  I can’t really tell if he’s handsome because of the makeup but I’m betting he’s not ugly.  In fact he’s pretty hot.

“You’re pretty hot yourself,” Tamara stated, repeating her last thought.
“Thanks!” he hollered back.

“Look the music’s giving me a headache—wanna step outside?”


She got up and immediately, accidentally staggered but Zack caught her without groping her body.  She made a mental note of the way he avoided being helpful but not taking advantage of the situation.  Shuffling her feet encased in her black thigh high, long heeled boots she let him lead her to the backdoor. 

The silent viewers began to breathe more rapid while watching them pass the swaying bodies shimmying to the dull, loud thumping music.  A turning glance of Tamara’s revealed the party’s hostess seated on the lap of a man dressed in a vampire costume.  They were locked in a fierce kiss so animalistic it seemed they were devouring each other’s faces.  The images swayed from side to side, the clarity of the monitor was fuzzier.  Everyone seated there in front of the big screen television was acutely aware it wasn’t due to technical difficulties or any static interference.  Suddenly the music faded to a more reasonable audio level and the sounds of crickets rose in the California night air.

Tamara’s footwear began to become troublesome.  Despite the flatness of the back lawn the three inch spikes beneath her heels sank like a fork into a birthday cake.  Each step was a chore of yanking her foot out of the soft loam while sinking the other deeper.

“You okay?” Zack inquired, his voice sounding very concerned for her wellbeing.

“My fucking boots are getting stuck,” she swore, immediately regretting her unlady-like choice of words.

“Here let me help you.”

She let out a surprised squeal as he carefully picked her up and carried her effortlessly to a children’s swing set.  The warm of his touch, the coiled tightness of his muscles and faint smell of his body-wash began to work on her already aroused libido.  Zack set her down on the swing and sat cross-legged in front of her on the lawn.

“All better?” he asked, his red mouth parting in a wide smile.

“Thanks,” she giggled.  “I guess I had too much to drink so soon.”

“Well the night air will help you chase away some of your buzz.”

Her gaze locked onto his face and she felt a frown wrinkle her brow.  He was sitting there smiling but still his hidden, true appearance began to bother her.

“Hey you know this really ain’t fair.  I can’t get a good look at your face because of all that makeup,” she stated.

“Okay let me run out to the car,” he offered.  “But you gotta promise me not to wander off or let some other guy start chatting you up.”

“Oh isn’t that what you’re doing?”

“No!  I’m just getting to know the prettiest girl at the party.  I have no plans other than conversation.”

“Got a weak pimp hand, then?”

He laughed at the phrase and said, “Well I’ve never been too good with the ladies.”

“Perhaps that’ll change tonight—go get that makeup off.”

Those sitting and taking in the sights and sounds shifted nervously in their seats.  A man in the back row coughed.  It was a forced, short sound.  Eyes were turned his way and his face took on an expression of regret.  Turning back to the plasma monitor they resumed their vigil. The orange wigged head of Zack disappeared through the back gate of the fenced in yard and disappeared out of sight.  More of them shifted in their seats.  Anticipation rose and making the atmosphere around them become hot and tense.  They watched while the young man returned with a black makeup case and his face alit with a brilliant smile.

“You took long enough,” Tamara chided him.  “I was beginning to get lonely.”

“Sorry,” he apologized; I didn’t get a really good parking place.”

“Okay I understand.  Hell I had to park down the street because of being so late to the party myself.”

He sat back down on the short grass and opened the case, the lid obscuring the contents from her eyes.  With growing interest she watched him begin to swab his face with a round sponge.  Each swipe of his hand revealed more and more of his true skin color.

Okay so far so good, she thought.

The red nose was plucked off and gently placed in the black plastic container.  His skullcap was removed and the shortness of his buzz cut appeared.  Running a hand through it the jelled hairs stood up from their flattened out state.  More wiping and smearing occurred next until he was staring at her with a face slightly reddened from his actions.

Okay not only is he not bad looking he’s really hot!

“So what do you think?” Zack asked.

“Not bad,” she joked. 

“I’m hurt…”

She laughed.

“Just kidding—actually you’re very handsome.”

He smiled.  It was a boyish grin making her heart’s pace pick up and begin to thump happily against her ribs.  Prudence was pushed aside and she leaned forward feeling her breasts almost spill out of the black dress.  He bent at the waist.  Zack’s face eclipsed her view and they kissed.  A rush of warm turning hot emotions radiated out of the center of her chest.  Her breathing became rapid while their tongues danced.  He shuffled over quite gracefully despite the long clown shoes he was wearing.  Tamara put her arms around his neck and he slid his hands from the sides of her waist.  Zack’s warm palms caressed her lower back making lazy circles which made her body quiver with delightful anticipation.  She tasted beer.  Her nose filled with the strong cloying scent of the Axe body-wash he used.  The soft sounds of their kissing and the metallic creak of the swing filling her ears.

“So sexy,” he groaned, after breaking away from her lips.

“I’m usually not this aggressive,” she commented.

Tamara felt a blush rise on her cheeks and warm the skin beneath the makeup she wore. 

“So are you gonna suck my blood?” he joked.

“Maybe later,” she sighed provocatively.

His face loomed upward and they were kissing once more.  Hands began to roam all over her back and shoulders.  She ran her fingers through his short cropped hair ignoring the transfer of slippery gel onto them.  Their passions rose.  What started out as a simple kiss became more urgent, needy and fierce.  Mutual moans and groans filled Tamara’s ears.  He broke away from her and his expression seemed at bit embarrassed and shameful.  A hurt emotion wrinkled his smooth brow making her quickly wonder what the matter was.

Have I offended him?  Did I go too far? She thought.

“Sorry I feel like I’m taking advantage of you,” he apologized.  “It’s just—well I didn’t think a girl like you would find a guy like me worthy of your time.”

“Hush,” she told him.  “Don’t stop now—and you’re not taking advantage of me, I want this.  I came to have fun and you’re so sweet and polite I didn’t expect to meet someone like you.  I really do like you.”

He leaned into her body crushing her breasts against her ribs.  Their lips locked for a third time and she began to unzip the ridiculously garish costume hiding the hunk beneath it.  She felt her fingers fumble due to the lack of visual aid.  Inch by inch it came undone but she stopped halfway when his hands slid around.  She let out a gasp of happy surprise when he began to cup her tits.

Oh yeah he’s so gentle but so firm, she sighed inwardly.  Ah! His hands are in my bra…oh yes pinch my nipples…yeah just like that.  How does he know what I want before I ask it?

She ran her hand down the smooth mounds of his chest and descended into the rolling ripples of his abs.  Scandalized only slightly Tamara discovered he was wearing nothing beneath the clown getup.  She leaned deeper into the embrace.  Her fingers began seeking the top of his underwear’s waistband.

The watchers shifted uncomfortably while the intimate scene played on in glorious, vivid color.  The room was filled with the soft cries of the aroused couple.  The man in the back coughed once more.  This time nobody dared to turn around to chastise him.  Deep in their minds they were all feeling a bothered by witnessing such a private act.  The older lady put her hand over her crimson mouth and against the paleness of her white glove her lips appeared even more scarlet.

Tamara moaned loudly.  Her tits had popped out of her dress and were freed from the pushup bra she had been wearing.  Zack’s face dropped away from hers leaving her mouth wetly disappointed and suddenly cold.  But the tentative touch of his mouth upon her right nipple sent shockwaves of intense pleasure into her beer saturated brain.  His tongue darted out to wet the protruding bud while his other hand passionately mauled her other breast.  She hugged his face closer to her chest.  Her hand was permitted to deepen its exploration of his costume.  Still she hadn’t discovered the top portion of his underwear.

Is he totally naked under all this? She wondered with a sigh.  I hope so!

Her left breast was released without warning.  Disappointment only lasted a few agonizing long seconds until it was placed on her left thigh.  Sliding up the naughty fishnet stockings she shivered with delight when it entered the darkness beneath her side split dress.  When his fingers brushed against her damp thong she hopped in place.  He laughed softly.

“Sensitive are you?” he muttered around her nipple.

“Been awhile since…,” she started to say but let her words fade away.

He switched his talented mouth from right to left and began suckling her other nipple.  The air surrounding her moistened aureole grew cool from his abandonment.   She felt a pout’s short lifespan be born and then die upon her lips. 

Oh god if he’s this good with my tits I can’t imagine what he’ll do to my poor pussy, she excitedly pondered.

A shiver of inflamed anticipation ran up her spine like someone dragging an ice cube along it.  Her thoughts were scattered when her thong was expertly bypassed and her pubic hair was stroked.  She moaned loudly.  Zack never looked up but kept to his tender oral ministrations.

“Oh yeah, baby,” she groaned.

“So hot, wet and ready,” he announced.

“Touch me.”

She felt his fingers move down, lingering only briefly at the very edge of her nether mane.  She bit her lip, the sharp pain spiking into her mind just before Zack pushed a padded tip of his digit against her swollen clit.  Tamara leaned forward shoving more of her breast into his mouth as she tried to increase the fondling pleasure.

“Interesting reaction,” he murmured.

Her breathing filled her ears.  It was a hot rush of wind bursting past her parted lips only to be replaced by her quick inhale.  Her heart thundered, her chest heaved and the cleft between her thighs became damp with hot juices.  He began outlining the edges of her labia.  Fluttering touches which traced her pussy but never enough to penetrate or satisfy her burning desire.  From the trembling top to the dew soaked bottom he continued to lightly stroke her.  She tried to wiggle, to force Zack to accidentally slip and sink his digit into her hot confines.  She groaned in frustration when her efforts didn’t produce the desired, badly needed result.  The caresses continued but only stoked the fire of her arousal.

I can’t take it…stop teasing me, she gasped to herself. 

She opened her mouth to beg, no demand he stop teasing her.  Before she could utter even a ghost of a word his finger swirled around her moist opening just before plunging delicately inside her slit.

Tamara’s thin wail of pleasure echoed briefly in the backyard.

More movement of the embarrassed and aroused audience became apparent.  The creak of leather cushions, the scrap of chair legs and the hushed grunts of discomfort began filling the room.  Yet their eyes were locked upon the viewscreen despite it only displaying the top of Zack’s head.  When the top of the man’s skull moved away it brazenly showed the naked firm roundness of Tamara’s quivering breasts.

“Oh my,” said one of the men.

He was immediately the recipient of fast, angry glances.  Slinking away by scooting down in his seat he was properly chastised.  The irritated faces turned back to the erotic scene and their expressions went from anger to slightly disgusted excitement.

Tamara’s questing digits finally found the short curls of Zack’s pubic hairs.  She twisted them around her fingers in a lazy manner until she grew quickly bored with this game.  She let out a quick hissing noise when her partner spread her wet labia and inserted another finger into her pussy.  She squirmed, wiggled and tried desperately to increase their probing to a deeper, more satisfying depth. 

Please more… come on I need this so badly, she whined to herself.  I can take more…just a bit deeper…oh yeah that’s right… touch me there, yes there.  Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

His palm came to rest against the soft mound of her cleft.  Tamara removed her hand from the inside of his costume.  The warmth of his palming hand made her lean back until her arms were stretched out and her hair dangled almost touching the grass.  She sucked in great sobbing breaths while he shifted his grip, his thumb grinding gently against the hooded button of her clitoris.  She planted her feet on the ground and her long heels sank deeply.  Lifting her quaking bottom up off the swing’s seat she spread her legs wider.  Zack rode with her movement.  His mouth and hands never gave up a single inch to her pulling away.  A grunt of approval eked out from around her captured nipple.

“Oh yes,” she moaned.  “Yeah baby rub me…get me off and I’ll do you.”

He mumbled something into her tit.  Her breath exploded from her loosely gaping mouth and she began sobbing without forming words. 

Oh fuck yeah, she thought excitedly, he’s rubbing my G-spot, my clit and still sucking my tit at the same time… damn what a lover!

The creaking noise of the swing began to sing a strange discordant accompaniment to her ragged gasps and deep throaty moans.  His breathing whistled out from around the loose seal of his mouth on her tit.  A powerful sensation began to grow exponentially from between her trembling thighs, vibrate all the way up her backbone and make her brain become overloaded from their intensity.

The crowd tried to keep their hands to themselves.  Fingers intertwined and knuckles turned bone white from clutching together so harshly.  No more coughs interrupted their viewing pleasure.  No additional commentary was necessary, the only constant sounds were the squeaking creaks of leather cushions and soft heated breaths.  All eyes were focused on the screen.  Lips were occasionally wetted by nervous flicks of darting tongues.  The erotic viewpoint played on…

It built to a rapid crescendo.  Between the alcohol, her long neglected body and the she found herself succumbing to the rushing tide of her rising orgasm.  Her legs began to shake violently, her arms quivered even more than her legs.  She could feel her ass dancing, flexing and shivering while he continued to thrust his fingers in and out.  The rubbing of her clit became more pronounced.  The mouth sucking at her left nipple switched to her right making her cry out in a stammering sob.

Oh fuck!  I’m g-going to cum… oh yes come on, come on, she inwardly chanted.

She exploded without warning.

Thundering up from her overly stimulated pussy to instantly transfer to every quivering extremity her climax roared through her.  Her head fell back giving her a perfect view of the stars above.  The twinkling lights far above her multiplied when her eyes crossed.  A ragged shriek tore past her lips and filled the night with the sounds of her ecstasy.  Not missing a beat Zack continued to pleasure her.  Deeper and faster his two fingers plunged into her depths.  The pad of his thumb ground against her clit producing wave after wave of delight to burst from her tormented loins.  Each jerk of her hips grew more powerful until she was forced to sit back down.  Her muscles unable to keep her aloft and permitted her to concentrate on her orgasm without distraction.  Her cries softened in volume.  Lessening from blubbering sobs of high pitched screams to low guttural grunts punctuated by each stroke of Zack’s fingers.  Finally she sat up, peeled her sore and cramped fingers from around the chain links and pushed Zack away.  Her body swung forward.  She watched her breasts heave up and down while she fought to return to a more normal breathing rhythm.  Her nipples gleamed with his spit, her pussy throbbed from the aftershocks of her pleasure and Tamara almost began crying from the intense reaction.

“Are you okay?” Zack asked softly.

“Y-yes,” she stammered, “I think I’ll be all right.”

She raised her head and brushed away the silky tresses of her hair which was obscuring his worried expression.  Reaching out she stroked his cheek.  Zack leaned into her caress and turned his face to kiss her palm.

“You are amazing,” she gasped.  “I can’t imagine how you could top that.”

He didn’t speak.  She sagged to the ground, her heels pulling out of the loose loam.  Struggling to keep her balance she watched him stand up.  Suddenly his crotch was in her face still hidden by the white costume with the blue, red and yellow polka dots.  Her fingers trembled when she reached for his zipper.  He took a backward step but her hand grabbed the cheap material halting his steps.

I’m going to have to really give him my best, she thought, I can’t let him get me off so easily and not do the same.  It’s a matter of pride after all!

The zipper made a metallic ripping sound when Tamara pulled it down to the very base of its toothy track.  She reached into the darkness of his costume and found him.

He was limp, soft and not aroused.

 Anger flashed into her brain as she spread the fabric to visually confirm what her fingers where telling her.  She stared into his eyes.  Zack was embarrassed and a bit angry and the two emotions played across his handsome features without a true winner being declared.

“What the fuck?” she snarled.  “How can you be limp?”

“I-I’m sorry,” he apologized profusely.  “I thought this time would be different… I really think you’re hot but…”

“Are you a fag?  What the fuck is wrong with you Zack?  You make me cum so hard I nearly faint but then show no interest at all!”

“I don’t know why… I have this problem…”

She cut him off in mid-sentence with a hot reply.

“Fucking homo!  What do you think you were doing?  Hoping you could force yourself straight by making out with me?” she spat out.

“No it’s not like that,” he said, backing up.

She watched his hand go behind his back and without warning grabbed his arms by the elbows.  Tamara began shaking him.

“I should’ve known,” she cursed loudly.  “Every hot guy is either a queer or a bastard.  Sometimes I think I just ought to turn gay so I can get laid more often.”

Zack yanked his arm out of her grip.  His right hand flashed across her vision and a hot burning sensation erupted under her chin.  The burning line stretched from ear to ear.  She began coughing, gagging and struggling for air.  Blood sprayed out of her lips and clouded her vision momentarily.  She tried to back up but her body began to weaken and her traitorous heels sank deep into the turf.  Her hands tried to stop the hot scarlet flow while a coldness, from both her fear and loss of blood chilled her limbs.

W-what the fuck?  Why did he do t-that? She gasped in her mind.

“You have to understand I can’t help myself,” he stated in a pleading voice.  “I’ve tried and tried but no matter who I’m with I just can’t get it up… not with a live girl anyway.”

She fell suddenly.  Her vision was once more filled with the blackness of the night and the stars above.  His face came into view as he stepped around her left side.  He was clutching a long thin knife in his hand.  She watched her blood drip off the sharp tip.

“I’m sorry, really I am,” Zack stated softly.  “But this is how it has to be.  There’s no more denying it.  You are very beautiful Tamara and I’m going to enjoy our time together for the rest of my life.  For as long as it lasts.”

The watchers sat in stunned silence.  No longer did they shift in their seats or husk out hot breaths.  The violently swift attack had ripped out the very soul out of those staring at the thirty-six inch screen.  The older woman began softly sobbing.  Her hitching cries were silently shared by all present and they let her vocalize the horror they all felt.  They watched as the video feed continued on.  The sound was muted making every noise sound like it was occurring underwater.  Zack picking up the body while Tamara’s dying brain recorded all his efforts.  She was set beside the makeup case and her dead eyes were accidentally fixated on him while he reapplied his makeup.  The red nose was put back on.  The case was snapped shut.  Once again her body was picked up and carried but this time her murderer was walking out the back gate.  In seconds she was gently laid into the trunk of Zack’s car.  Just before the lid was shut the images ceased playing.  The cold yet sorrowful face of the killer was frozen as Tamara’s brain stopped taking in everything. 

The lights came back on. The men and women sitting in the double rows blinked and rubbed at the shooting pains from the sudden illumination.  They watched as a man stepped up in front of the screen.  His face was a mask of anger.

“You have just seen the recovered memories of Tamara Collins and witnessed the last hours of her life,” the prosecuting attorney stated. 

He pointed to the despondent man sitting in an orange prison jumpsuit the same shade as the wig he wore on that fateful night.  His face was lowered and he was hiding his eyes from the irate stares of the jury.

“Forensic evidence has concluded that Zachary Richards did, with full awareness of the illegality of his actions, take home Tamara Collins’ corpse and sexually abused it for seven days.  Even when he was apprehended by the police, during a routine traffic stop he did willfully cling to it until he was subdued by pepper spray and handcuffs.”

A low grown issued from the throats of every person in the jury box and the somewhat remorseful young man began sobbing uncontrollably.  His shoulders shook up and down but he still didn’t raise his gaze to meet his peers.

“I ask you to take everything you have seen which was recovered from Tamara’s memories by the latest forensic technology,” the lawyer stated.  “The cold blooded murder and the events up until poor Tamara’s brain finally died cannot be refuted.  That man over there did willingly cut a young woman down in the prime of her life.  Clemency is not an option.  The State of California seeks the death penalty for such a brutal crime and the deplorable acts that followed.  We will provide expert testimony to how these images, sounds and thoughts were retrieved from the victim’s deceased brain.  Doctor Emil Lorenzo from MIT will show you without a doubt this evidence is beyond reproach.  The Memory Download Software was developed in his laboratory and fully funded by the Justice Department.  From the grave Tamara Collins has given testimony of the events of that night.  I know with all you have seen that you will see to it Zachary Richards will never commit either murder or necrophilia again.  I have full confidence that you the jury will find the defendant guilty on all charges.”


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