Collector’s Edition DVD

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The following long story (10,000+ is NOT a short story) contains adult language and graphic sex.  If you are under the age of 18 PLEASE LEAVE NOW!

Collector’s Edition DVD

            Josh Ramsey walked into his apartment.  He grimaced at the mess in the living room not because it needed cleaned but because it reminded him yesterday was his last day off.  He’d have to work another forty hours at Burger World before he could relax.  The smell of dirty clothes and his work uniforms reeking of French fry and hamburger grease welcomed him home like an irate wife.  He shuffled inside, closed the door behind him and tossed his book bag on the floor. 
The satchel contained his latest soiled work outfit, grease smeared shoes and an all too familiar white sack from BW.  Dinner was courtesy of his job.  He could see the flashing red-blue-red light of the neon sign from the street coming through the window.  It bathed the combination living/dining/bedroom with harsh illumination.  The sounds of cars and trucks with all their honking, revving and speeding down the street weren’t well muffled by the window or the heavy curtains.  Josh kicked off his shoes and headed to the bathroom.  Once inside he shut the door to the only separate room in the flat.  Peeling off his clothes (which due to their trip in the backpack carried a faint odor of fast food) he saw his reflection.

            Josh was tall and skinny.  At twenty-five he was still plagued by acne eruptions.  They dotted his face and neck like the boils on a troll’s ass.  Violent red in color mingled amid the scraggily and thin beard from not shaving for two days.  His nose was too long and his average brown eyes perched at the apex of it too close.  He looked like a bird.  His thin chest, narrow hips and oversized feet and hands completed his stork-like appearance.  Standing in his underwear he wondered what bet his parents’ lost with God to produce such a misfit.

            I should be depressed about my life but…, he thought.

            In his mailbox he’d discovered a reason to smile.

            Although he worked a minimum wage slave job, lived in a bad side of town in a shitty apartment there was one thing he still had.  To most it wouldn’t be worth mentioning.  Some would recoil in disgust from it while yet others would find it hilarious.  However his secret was safe.  Nobody knew his hidden passion, the reason he kept on going.  Like a man struggling through the burning desert towards a distant oasis Josh stumbled on through his life.  Onward to his goal—the bright light in the constellation of his life.

            Stacy Starr.

            He had run across her during a late night web browsing session.  Sitting naked in front of a computer he’d bought at a pawn shop he was looking for some excellent wanking material.  By sheer accident he stumbled across her site.  He could still recall the hot flash of lust which had torn through his chest making his breath catch in his throat.  His fingers trembled on the mouse. The picture of Stacy on her homepage had her right side facing the camera.  Her body turned slightly exposing both tits which peeked over the red satin sheet she was holding.  On the screen the white arrow shivered across the porn actress’ angelic face, heavy breasts and perfect ass.  Her golden hair hung in loose curls around her features.  Josh was quick to click her photos link and wasn’t disappointed.  Stacy alone, Stacy with another woman, Stacy with a man and Stacy with multiple partners the snapshots went on and on.  But unlike the others in the images none of them compared to the angel with the devil’s grin. 

            Stacy Starr—the brightest star in Josh’s life.

            He’d joined her fan club, bought her videos and paid good money to become a VIP member of her website.  He dug up every interview, read her biography and even purchased tickets to see her live and in person at a men’s club.  To see her, only fifty feet away dancing, strutting and smiling caused Josh to nearly black out from ecstasy.  He knew every curve, swell and arch of her body memorized over countless masturbation sessions.  But now he could smell her perfume, hear her voice live and watch her interact with the crowd.  She teased men wealthy enough to pay to come up on stage.  Josh cursed his meager savings and low wages.  Stacy was funny, charming and had a wonderful delivery when it came to dirty jokes.  Her two hours on stage seemed both long and yet short.  It left him wanting.  It left everyone in the men’s club wanting but not getting.  The perfect show.  The washed out strippers who normally worked there appeared to be faded plastic flowers compared to Stacy’s bountiful bouquet. 

            I’d hoped to get closer to her—but there were too many others in the way, he said with an inner grumble.

            He’d been rebuked by her manager a greasy man with too many chins and not enough brain cells to realize Josh was his client’s biggest fan.  He’d asked for five hundred up front just to attend a meet-and-greet with the adult film star.  Josh worked at Burger World and five bills were more than he could afford.  He’d walked out of the club depressed and angry.  It didn’t stop him from keying Mr. Moneybag’s Cadillac just out of spite.

            But last week there was an email in his inbox.  Stacy had a “special” gift for all her loyal VIP fans.  It was a limited edition, only-available-for-a-short-time collector’s DVD.  The price—a mere fifty bucks.  Without batting an eyelash Josh dropped the cash on it.  Now stashed in a zippered compartment of his backpack was the manila envelope with a return address fromHollywood,California.  When he pulled it out of the mailbox, saw the address and felt the DVD case inside he almost fainted.  His vision swam in lusty red waves when he spied the lipstick kiss on the cover next to his name and address.  Had Stacy’s lips really touched the envelope?  Was it another woman working in some sweatshop or had that angelic mouth made real contact near the printed words “Josh Ramesy,2023 Division Street, Apt. # 12,Chicago,IL60622”?

            He didn’t care.

            Josh started the shower which was quick to steam up the tiny room.  Letting the burning liquid roll down his body and ease away the tension of the day he imagined Stacy kissing the envelope over and over in his mind.


            Dinner was eaten in a hurried rush.  Sitting in front of him, still unopened was the goddess’ mailed surprise.  He toyed with it, spinning it around only after wiping his hands in a furious fashion to avoid leaving greasy fingerprints.  The anticipation of what could be on the DVD took precedence in his mind.  He tried to imagine what he’d find.  Stacy was bold as she was beautiful.  Scenes of past performances played out in his head like a looped video on the Internet. 

            “But she said it was special—for her biggest fans only,” he said past a mouthful of Super Deluxe Mega-Burger (hold the onions please). 

            He tossed the limp cold fries away and downed the rest of his Coke.  His eyes never left the DVD envelope.  Josh stood up and saw his devastated apartment.

            “No, this simply won’t do,” he said aloud while rubbing the stubble on his chin.

            He spent the next two hours cleaning up his place.  Tossing out trash, moping up the small landing strip of linoleum in the kitchen and even running the vacuum cleaner.  The last bit of tiding up left a burning smell lingering in the apartment.

            “Stacy deserves better,” he muttered.

            He opened the window after pushing past the heavy curtains.  The cool night air rushed in like a robber but then swept out after finding nothing to steal.  The scent remained.  Shutting the window and drawing the drapes he went into the bathroom.

            “I know I put those scented candles Wendy got me here somewhere,” Josh spoke out loud.

            The memory of the evergreen tapers and their obnoxious emerald hue made him scoff at the giver.  Wendy Marshall was fat, pimply and definitely NOT Stacy-like.  His co-worker’s hair was a badly dyed black, her blubbery lips seemed to constantly be wet and her pudgy hands were always near her mouth.  Needless to say Josh wasn’t shocked at the condition of her nails.  They were chewed to the ends of her fingers.  Wendy liked him.  Josh liked her as far away as possible.  Wendy gave him gifts (like the candles) and Josh gave her the cold shoulder.  Wendy told him about how she just bought some expensive lingerie, Josh cringed at the thought of her wearing it.  Co-workers laughed behind his back so Josh asked the manager to only schedule him from open (five in the morning) until two hours after lunch.  This limited his time working with Wendy to two hours (she went to cosmetic school from six untilnoon).

            “Ah, ha!’ he exclaimed when he found the candles in the back of the cupboard under the sink.

            Running into the living/dining/bedroom he rummaged through his junk drawer until he found an old lighter.  It was out of fluid.  Taking a risk he managed to light the candles on the gas stove only slightly burning his fingers.  Sucking on the singed digits he placed the powerful smelling candles around the room.  One on the television set, another on shelves next to his favorite paperbacks, yet another on the nightstand beside his bed and the last on the battered coffee table in front of the couch. 

            “Perfect!” he said with a satisfied chuckle.

            Going back to the bed (sitting in the back right corner of the room) he opened the nightstand’s only drawer and pulled out a bottle of personal lubricant and a pair of old dish towels.  He set them on the coffee table, checked the curtains for privacy and snatched the envelope (with the lipstick kiss) off the dining table.

            “There’s something missing.”

            He went to his dresser and found a pair of mock silk pajama bottoms.  Stripping off his clothes he jammed one foot in and then the other.  Josh tugged it up to his skinny waist, cinched the drawstrings and ran his hands down the soft material.  Satisfied all was as it should be he retired to the couch.

            “I wanna be careful with this,” he told himself.

            He ripped in delicate fashion the sealed edge of the manila package.  Tipping it over the DVD case slid out with a whisper and into the palm of his hand.  The cover made him swallow hard and dry.

            Stacy.  Naked.  Horny.  Smiling.

            Not just that but another lipstick kiss had been planted on the cover and—gasp—his name had been written on it.  Josh felt his eyeballs bulge out as he read the words.

            “Too Josh, all my love—Stacy” it said in flowing feminine script.

            Stacy began to shake as Josh’s hands trembled like a bowl of Jell-O in an earthquake.  He licked his lips.  Meanwhile in the fake silk confines of his pajama bottoms his thin cock began to stir like some awakened garden snake. 

            He opened it up, his fingers quivering with excitement he almost broke the case in two.  Inside was the silver disc itself.  Stacy’s face and name dominated it.  He frowned.  There wasn’t a lipstick kiss here like he hoped for. 

            “No matter, it’s all good,” he said consoling himself.  “The DVD is the important thing.”

            He stood up and walked over to the electronic video machine.  Jabbing the power button he waited for it to stick out its wide tongue to receive the ambrosia circular delight he held.  Placing it with exaggerated care he pushed the tray and ran back to the couch.  Josh picked up the TV and DVD controllers and waited.

            The blue screen seemed to mock him.  He began to worry the DVD was blank and he’d been ripped off.  As his anger rose (and cock fell) the monitor flickered from blue to the main menu.  He read the words in hot pink which were to the left of Stacy’s gorgeous face. 



Jump to a Scene.


            More Videos.

            Fan club Info.

            “So much to see, but what should I start with?” he said to the empty apartment.

            He wanted to get right to the action.  The hot desire thundering through his veins didn’t want one more moment of suspense. 

            “I’ve got time,” he told it, picking and selecting the Welcome option.

            The screen dissolved into tiny digital dots and sizzled back into focus with Stacy, the Sex Goddess herself, sitting on a wicker lounge chair next to a in-ground pool of blue water.  She was wearing a white and pink silk kimono and nothing else.  Josh could see her pussy exposed just enough by the hiked hem of her attire.  Before he could visually devour her long legs, angelic face and sensuous nether lips she spoke.

            “Well hello there, baby,” she said her voice husking with lust. “I’d like to welcome you to the never-before-seen, extra-special DVD for all my true and devoted fans.  Since I went on tour and met some of you I decided you deserved something unique.  I wish I could’ve met all of you—but I’m only one girl after all.  But I just wanted you to know I love each and every one of you—and I dream nightly about you.  This video is a collector’s edition so be gentle with it—and me.  Also I’d like to announce a new feature on my website.  It’s called “Sexy Talk with Stacy”.  You will be able to email me directly—and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.”

            Oh shit!  Oh shit, I’ll be able to email her? Josh screamed in his head.

            “But for right now let’s spend some time alone together,” she continued, beginning to stroke her left breast through the silk.  “I’m sure we’ll have a really good time.  Ta-ta for now!”

            The images faded and returned to the main menu.  Josh found himself gasping for air. 

            He clicked Play, snagged the bottle of lube and tugged his semi-soft cock out of the fly of his pajamas.  Greasing up his palm he watched with a burning intent as the video kicked off with Stacy talking to him, calling him baby and stroking the pussy he’d pay anything to touch just once.


            “Hey mister, how about my change?” the angry man said.

            Josh blinked his eyes and stared at the customer.  Apologizing in a muted tone he scooped out seventy-two cents in change and handed to the business suit wearing man.  The guy snatched his order off the counter, grumbled something about Josh being a mental case and strode away.  The Tuesday lunch crowd had thinned out and nobody stepped up to the register he was standing in front of.

            Josh yawned so wide his jaw popped.

            He’d been up almost all night, pulling his pud while watching Stacy Starr perform dozens of self-pleasuring acts upon herself.  She spoke to him like the DVD was made specifically for him.  His crotch was sore.  When he finally went to bed he woke up with a stiff and sticky right hand and an aching cock.  He’d waddled into the shower and even the coolest setting of the meager deluge of water made him cry out in pain.  Between the lack of sleep, the soreness of his privates and the lunch hour rush he still carried the burned in images of Stacy’s hot antics.

            Josh looked at the clock.  It was one-thirty and he was due for a break.  Catching the manager’s attention he motioned for Cheryl Hanes to come over.

            “It’s my break,” he said trying not to yawn again.

            “Go ahead, I’ll cover for you,” she said, “and for God’s sake drink some coffee—you look dead tired.  You only got a half hour left on your shift but I’m afraid you’re going to fall down and hurt yourself.”


            Josh poured himself some coffee.  Hot and black it steamed up smelling strong and slightly burnt.  Carrying it with limited caution (spilling enough on the back of his hand to nearly cause him to swear out loud) he departed.  He made his way around the stack of milkshake machines, the heated bin and the soda dispensers.  Stumbling past the fryers he avoided the grill worker’s attempt at conversation.  He pushed past the door and into the break room.

            Wendy was there waiting for him. 

            Her round, fat face broke into a smile and she seemed to perk up like some dog seeing its master come home after a long day at work.  He sat down and she leaned towards him.  This caused her big boobs (the only feature she had which caused a minor interest for her in him) to squash on the small table.

            Just great.  I’m dead on my feet and now I have to deal with her, Josh thought.

            “Hiya Josh!” she said in a too cheerful chirp.  “What’s going on?  You look really tired.”

            “Couldn’t sleep last night.  Apartment was too hot.  Air conditioner is broke,” he lied.

            “Oh you poor thing!  My dad works on things like that.  How ‘bout you bring it over to my house and let him look at it?”

            “Not today—I don’t think I have the energy for it.”

            “So did you hear the news?”

            “What’s that,” he said, sipping the burnt liquid and grimacing.

            “The Uptown Theater is having a special showing of the original Star Wars film this Saturday.  Not that crappy Episode One either—the first one with Mark Hamel, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford.”

            He perked up when the news awoke his inner geek.

            “Is it the re-release?” he asked, his voice rising.

            “Nope!  The very original original.  Do ya wanna go with me?  I could buy the tickets tomorrow on my way to work,” Wendy said.

            He smiled and immediately regretted it.  Due to his tired status he realized he’d fallen into one of her obviously laid traps.  She knew he was a big Star Wars geek.

            “I think I gotta work Saturday,” he said hoping she’d get the hint.

            “Oh come on!  You work days… the movie doesn’t start untilseven o’clockin the evening and you have the next day off.  What do ya say?  It’ll be my treat.”

            Fuckity-fuck-fuck! he swore to himself.  I’m too exhausted to come up with another lie.  I’ll just agree to it and then pretend to get sick—yeah, yeah that’s the ticket.

            “Sure I’ll go,” he said over the rim of his coffee.

            “You will?  Oh wow that’s fantastic!  I just know we’ll have a good time.  Maybe we can stop for donuts and go back to your apartment to talk about the movies in general.  I’m a big fan…”
            And a big assed woman too…

            “… and I know it’d be great to talk about something other than work,” she finished saying.

            “Give me your cell number in case I can’t find you at the theater,” he said.

            “Oh wow!  Sure let me go get a pen and paper from the manager’s desk!”

            She departed with all the grace and quietness of a buffalo stampede.  Josh hung his head and wished for a do-over.  But he knew he was fucked. 

            Maybe I should just tell her I’m not interested—wait I’ve told her she just isn’t getting the message, he thought.  Oh Christ, if the rest of the crew here find out I’m in for a world of snide comments and fatty-and-skinny jokes.  Oh well…


            It was Thursday night and his cock had healed.  Promising himself he’d take it easy Josh decided to only watch his favorite part of Stacy’s video.  Using the remote he picked the Jump to a Scene feature and highlighted the “Stacy in bed” image.  Lubing up his hand, tugging out his cock (still a bit tender) he waited for it to start.

            “Ooh yeah…,” Stacy said in a drawn out sigh. “I thought you’d never get here baby.  I’m so worked up—so horny for you.  But you can only watch.  In fact why don’t you take out that big, hard cock of yours and start jerking off?  You can watch me stroke my hot, wet pussy while I get off watching you play with yourself.”

            “Anything you want, Stacy,” he said in response.

            She began pulling apart her wet labia and exposing the inner pink petals of her cunt. She dipped a finger into it and ran it up in a slow caress.  She moaned loud and long as she did so.

            “Ooh yes… that feels so good,” she drawled.  “I love to touch myself and have you watch, baby.  I bet you’d like to fuck me—wouldn’t you?  Well that’s too bad because I want to tease you until you come.  I wanna see your hot jizz squirt out of your cock.  Oh yeah… look at how deep I can put my two fingers into my pussy.  Do you like that?”

            He did.

            “Does it make you horny seeing me stroke my cunt?”

            It did.

            “Oooh yeah but it’s not enough… just not enough to make me come.”

            Josh had to concur.

            She reached behind the pillow and pulled out a realistic pink dildo.  She licked the tip.  Stacy put the head in her mouth and sucked it long and hard.  The fake prick made a popping sound when she pulled it out between her tight pursed lips.

            Stacy giggled… Josh groaned.

            “I’m gonna fuck myself with this… are you still hard?  Oh yeah, I can see you’re nice and hard.  Here it goes… ooh it’s a bit too big… ahh, there it goes.”

            The head of the dildo was sinking into her cleft.  Stacy’s fingers began to rub her clit, she shut her eyes and wiggled her hips.  Her thighs shivered.

            “Oh so deep… so good… I wonder if I can take more?  Would you like to see me try, baby?” she asked.

            “Yes… shove it all in, Stacy,” Josh answered his fist picking up speed across his erect shaft.

            The ten inch long phallus of realistic latex eased into her.  She spread her legs wider and the camera zoomed in for a closer look.  The screen was taken up by Stacy’s cunt filled with fake meat and her fingers (red painted) circled her swollen bud in tight, slow circles.  The camera pulled back and Stacy’s other hand was squeezing her left tit.  Her mouth parted in a pre-orgasmic O of pleasure.

            “I’m going to stick my ass in your face—just to give you a different view,” she moaned.

            Stacy pulled the dildo out of her pussy, took her digits off her clit and spun around.  She got on her hands and knees, dipping down so her heavy breast dangled between her legs and framed her red snatch.   She spread her legs and pushed the fleshy invade back into the heated slit between her thighs.  Stacy looked at him over her shoulder. Her face was red and she was panting in hot desire.

            “Oh yes… tell me how naughty I am,” she said begging in hot need.

            “You’re an angel in heat,” Josh answered in a ragged voice.

            “I’m… I-I’m going to come.”   

            “Me t-too.”

            “C-come with me baby.”

            “Yes I will.  You’re so fucking hot—I love you, Stacy!”

“Isn’t this… fantastic?  I want to feel you come on me…”

“I wish you were here with your mouth on my cock!”

“Coat my tits with your jizz… make me your bitch forever! Oh yes… I can’t hold back…”

“You’re mine!  Forever and ever!”

            She stuffed and unstuffed the fake cock into herself.  Josh could hear (due to the volume being turned up near maximum) the sloshing sound of her cunt being plunged into recklessly.  His hand blurred across his cock, Stacy began to whimper in stuttering orgasmic noises.  She rolled over, reared up and wedged her feet underneath the arching top bar of the brass bed’s headboard.  She was totally exposed, splayed out in a vulnerable position while she drove the dildo into herself.  Stacy began screaming in soft high tones.  Her thighs shook, her face contorted in an animalistic delight as she drove the fake meat into herself.

            “I-I’m coming!  Oh fuck yeah… I’m coming for you, baby.  Come with me… please spray your jizz all over my cunt and hands!”

            Josh moaned loud and felt his balls squeeze tight and his cock begin to pulse.  The squishy sounds of his lubed hand gliding across his iron-hard shaft mimicked Stacy’s wet delving of her pussy.

            Then the screen froze. 

Stacy’s face was stopped at the very edge of her climax.  The image flickered briefly a few times but didn’t continue.  Josh’s hand stopped at the apex of his next stroke.  He waited for a second for it to continue while he ignored the need to orgasm.  But the image only remained frozen.  He started to swear.

“Goddamned cheap-assed DVD!” he said his anger rising.

He picked up the remote and pressed pause and then play.  Nothing moved.  He tried fast forwarding, it didn’t work.  Rewind was equally a failure and even pressing the main menu button didn’t do shit.  He screamed in frustration and threw the remote across the room where it struck the wall.  The back lid came off and batteries spilled out and rolled like terrified cockroaches under his bed.  He started to go soft.

“You fucking bitch!” he yelled at the naked woman on the TV.  “You cheap, rotten cunt!  I’m so pissed… I’m going to demand a fucking refund!”

He picked up the DVD case and flung it into the kitchen.  It hit the wall above the refrigerator and slide down behind it joining a few other items which had become lost there too.  Prancing around in fury, his cock still dangling out of his fly Josh swore up a blue streak.  He turned to kick the screen, his anger climbing to heights not yet discovered by any space vehicle.

Stacy began to move.

He flinched and fell back on the couch.  Watching in utter amazement another Stacy began pulling away from the stilled image and pressing her hands against the screen.  Josh looked on in fascinated horror as the glass began to bulge out.  He heard a tittering squeak of terror and realized he was making that noise.  Stacy-But-Not-Stacy pushed her hands, palm first thought the screen.  They were quickly followed by her arms, her face and her upper body.  Her huge rack melting outward to dangle almost to the floor. 

“No, no, no!” he wailed.  “G-go the fuck back where you came from… I’m sorry I was mad… please don’t h-hurt me.”

Stacy-Yet-Not-Stacy fell out of the TV and onto the threadbare carpet.  On the monitor the other Stacy was still frozen with her hand between her legs and her feet on the headboard.  The other Stacy stood up in a slow manner.  Her body flickered like a static laced TV transmission.  He could hear the hiss and snap just like you would during a bad storm. 

Then she looked at him and smiled.

He heard a squeal bubble past his lips.  His arms went over the back of the couch as his heels dug into the carpet.  He tried but failed to gain any purchase to escape.

“Hello,” Stacy-Out-of-the-TV said in a pop-snap-crackle voice.

“W-who… what are you?” Josh said in a mealy mouthed tone.

“I’m Stacy… Stacy Starr.  And you are Josh, right?”

“You can’t be… you c-came out of the TV.  How did you know my name?”

“Yes I know your name.  The DVD was made just for you and now you called me.”

“It was?  I did?”

“I heard you say you’d be mine for ever and ever.  Ah, that poor nice cock as gone all limp on you.  I bet I know how to bring him back to life.”

“N-no stay away…”

She walked through the coffee table.  Not on it or around it by passed through the center like it didn’t exist.  Josh saw it and froze.  Her legs made a crackling sound as it passed through the pressed wood of the table.  Stacy-Out-of-the-Boob-Tube knelt at his feet.  She started reaching for his forgotten and greasy shaft.

“Ooh this is a nice cock you have,” she said purring like a kitten.

Josh sobbed out like a terrified child lost in a grocery store and separated from his mother.

She grabbed his meat.

It felt solid but not solid.  There was an electric-like tingle where his flesh met hers.  She began to stroke him, he began to watch.  Nature took its course despite the unnatural events and he rose back to hardness in her static-filled fist. 

“Oh… f-fuck!” he said in a loud voice as she pushed his cock into her mouth.

It was like being encircled by some wet, electric sex toy.  He could feel every millimeter of her gripping lips, exploring tongue and deep throat.  She sucked and sucked.  He whined and gasped.  His hands fell to his sides and curled into white knuckled fists.  Stacy-Not-Stacy took his meat all the way to the base and he could tell there was room for more.  Slurping, licking and sucking the woman out of the television brought him to the point of orgasm.

Then she stopped.

He whimpered in wordless tones. She sat back on her heels and glorious ass and grinned like a sex fiend.  She climbed into his lap.  Slow and unhurried she mounted him.  His eyes rolled back in his head when his shaft sank into her buzzing almost electric pussy.  Josh opened his eyes to see her offering up her left tit.  He grabbed it and covered her nipple with his mouth.  He sucked it while she fucked him.  His lips and tongue tingled like he’d eaten spicy hot salsa.  Her smooth legs and supple thighs rubbed against his as she rode him without hurry. 

Up and down.

In and out.

Suck and fuck.

His balls swelled, Stacy began to cry out and toss her head wildly from side to side.  She came—hard.  One moment she was a steady piston rising and falling on his shaft and the next she was like a wild animal.  Bucking up and down in a furious attempt to drive his meat up into her body like some fleshy spike.  Her tits swung out of his hands.  They slapped at his face while she began to babble in lusty incoherence.

“Fuck yeah!” she wailed. “This is… better… better than… doing it to myself… oh yes… oh baby drive it into me… fuck me like an animal…”

“Huh, huh…ahhh!” he managed to reply.

“So hard… so good… fuck yeah!”

She screamed.  Her head fell back and she arched towards the coffee table making her breast thrust out erotically.  Stacy-Not-Stacy rode him until she was reduced to quivering rises and shivering falling upon his still unsatisfied shaft.  He started to say he hadn’t finished when she hopped off his lap and stuck her ass into his face.  She presented the puckered opening like it was a special present.  Without a word she sat down on his wet cock.  He sank into her snug, tight bottom until her creamy rear squashed against his trembling thighs.

“Oh… yeah…,” Stacy moaned.  “So deep in my butt… feels good…”

Josh couldn’t speak.  It was like having a Tesla coil wrapped firmly around your junk.  She began to squeeze her ass cheeks and pump her rear up and down on his meat.  He saw her grab her tits and toss her head back.  Her long golden hair hung down to the top of her bottom.

“Fuck me… fuck my ass, Josh!” she said in a tone like a horny angel.

He pumped his hips the best he could but she wasn’t leaving him room to maneuver.

“Come in my ass… do it!  Squirt you jizz into me… give me a sperm enema!”

He didn’t have time to reply and suddenly he was ejaculating so hard he felt lightheaded and dizzy.  Shot after shot was deposited into the snug realm of her ass.  She screamed along with him.  Her ass bounced off his thighs until he began to beg in blubbering tones for her to cease and desist.

“N-no more… please Stacy, no more,” he said with a gasp.

She rose from his lap like a ghost from its tomb.  Something wet glittered between her perfect thighs and she leaned down and kissed him on the forehead.

“You were fantastic,” Stacy said.

“You too…,” he mumbled.

“I have to go.”


“Back into the DVD.”


“I can’t not without payment.”

“How much?  I’ll give you everything in my bank account.”

“I need flesh…flesh and blood to remain on this plane of existence.”


“I’d only need it once… would you do that for me?  I’d stay with you forever, just like you want me too.   I just need flesh and blood.  You could provide it for me.”

“I-I don’t know…”

“Think about fucking me every night.  No holds barred, nothing off limits and any taboos you’d like to explore.”

“That’d be nice…”

“I just need flesh and blood.  Surely there’s someone you know that nobody would miss.”


“They need to be naked and aroused.”

“Naked and aroused…”

“Remember it’s important to have the DVD running.  It doesn’t have to be playing but it must be on as well as the TV.”

She kissed him on the mouth leaving a static charged sensation on his lips.  He watched her sink into the TV screen, remerge with the Stacy on the bed and then the DVD started up again.  Stacy shoving the cock into her pussy one final time and climaxing in a shriek of ultimate pleasure.  Her voice still echoed siren-like in his mind.  Josh closed his eyes and listened.

I need flesh… flesh and blood to remain… Surely there’s somebody you know that nobody would miss…



He woke up to the alarm clock’s warning, the DVD still running and the unmistakable smell of hot pussy in the apartment.  He thought about the price and by the time he was dressed and ready to go to work he had the details all worked out.


            Saturday night at the Uptown Theater and Josh was trying to keep his nerve.  It wasn’t because he was meeting Wendy Two-Tons-of-Fun but what would occur later on.  Did he have the courage to permit murder in his apartment?  Would the cops trace her back and slap the cuffs on him?  Was it worth it?  Was the price of having Stacy Starr (or this facsimile of her) all to himself?  He tried not to bolt.  But his lust for the porn star kept him rooted to the spot he was standing on.

            “Josh!  Hey Josh, I’m over here!” his date called out.

            She pushed her way through the crowd like an out of control tractor trailer going through a used car lot.  She was holding two tickets in her pudgy grip.  Wendy stopped just short of hugging him.  She was wearing a dress that fit her well and complemented her ample curves and bust.  The makeup she’d applied accented her beauty, a prettiness he didn’t notice before.  But she was no Stacy Starr.

            “Are you excited?” his co-worker asked.

            “You have no idea,” he said keeping his voice steady but just barely.

            “Let’s go!  I wanna stop and get some popcorn and drinks.”


            Then she grabbed his hand and yanked him into the cinema pushing people out of her way like they didn’t exist.


            The Donut Hole was empty.  With the exception of Josh and Wendy (who was babbling on and on about the movie) they had the place to themselves.

            “Oh and wow!  I still get goose bumps when the Death Star explodes and the rebels win the battle,” she said in a rambling voice.

            “Glazed or with icing and sprinkles?” the bored woman behind the counter asked.

            “Ah, both please,” Josh replied.

            “A dozen?”

“And then when they get their medals… like wow I get so stoked!” Wendy continued.

“Yes a dozen please,” Josh answered the cashier.

He thought about it for a second.  The passion she talked about the Lucas film made him remember his inner geek.  She wasn’t ugly, just a bit overweight.  During the movie he was surprised to see how much they had in common.  She easily grasped the subtle nuances of the film, the character development and many other things he’d long to discuss with someone.  Now he was thinking it was a bit of a shame about Wendy’s fate tonight.

“So what do ya wanna do now?” his date asked.

I’m not sure but I guess I have to go through with it, he thought.

“We’ll go back to my place… you know, to discuss the movie,” he said instead.

“Really?  Oh wow… I wasn’t sure if… oh never mind me I’m still excited about the film.”

He took the box of donuts and paid the unamused clerk.  Wendy stuffed her chubby arm through his elbow and pulled him towards the door.  In his mind Josh decided the faster this hyperactive tub of blubber died the better off he’d feel.


            He opened the door and Wendy breezed past him like a charging rhino.  She started an endless series of comments about how nice his place was (he’d been keeping it clean for Stacy), how good it smelled (the candles still cloyingly clung to the drapes) and admiring the view (the neon sign flashing “Tony’s Bar and Grille).  When she saw the bed out in the wide open she turned and gave him a sly grin.

            Oh Jesus, I forgot the part about getting her naked and excited, he thought in a cold rush.  But she’s worth it… Stacy is worth it… isn’t she?

            “Want a donut?” he asked closing the door.

            She followed him like a faithful mutt.  He set the box on the table when she hugged him from behind.  Wendy started talking in fast, halting words.

            “Ever since the first time I met you I knew somehow we were destined to be together,” she began.  “Everyone makes fun of you at work but I defend you because they can’t see the real you.  I see tenderness, compassion and a strength of character most guys don’t have. J-Josh I’ve l-loved you from afar for too long.  Tonight I’m going to show you how much.”

            W-what the fuck? he thought.

            “Now you know how I feel about you,” she said.  “I can’t believe we’re alone together… finally alone at last.”

            “I can’t believe it either,” he replied.

            “I’ve wanted you so bad… I can’t fall asleep without dreaming about you.  This is the start of all sorts of new dreams.  Don’t you think so?”

            He nodded his head and tried not to say it would be more like nightmares instead.

            She nuzzled his neck, he wanted to run.  Not to flee from her but because why she was here.  The terror welled up inside of him and icy fingers began to caress his heart.  He started to say they needed to leave—to go someplace else and talk about this.

            Wendy reached down and caressed his crotch, he forgot about the danger.

            “I want to try something,” she said, her voice thick with desire.  “I’ve been fantasizing about this for ages.”

            She spun him around and kissed him.  Her tongue invaded his mouth and he found himself responding.  He could feel her breath, taste the popcorn on her tongue and hear her soft moans of excitement.  Something bumped against his backside.  It was the box of donuts.  Her hands reached down and undid his belt.  She greedily kissed him while she undid the button on his jeans.  He gasped when his zipper was tugged down.

            Wendy’s hand was now on his cock.

            He always imagined his penis would retreat into the safety of his abdomen, going internal to escape her fat clutches. But instead his shaft actually rose in her tender grip.  She pushed her heavy bosom into his chest a silent plea for him to touch her.  Confused he was barely aware he was squeezing her large ass with both  hands.  She groaned in his mouth.

            Her mouth departed his and she winked at him.  There was a rustling behind him and then she produced a glazed donut and licked her lips.  She slid it over his cock now jutting out of his jeans.  She leaned forward and Josh hoped she could tell the difference between the pastry and his organ.  Wendy began to alternate between eating the donut and sucking his cock.

            She wasn’t bad at it.

            Her mouth was wet and talented.  Her tongue, coated with sticky glaze slid across his shaft.  He reached out, perhaps it was instinct to grip the sides of her head.  She was pulling at her blouse while she ate donut and sucked cock.  The white shirt came off exposing breasts barely contained in an obviously made-to-order bra.  He watched in amazement as she reached back without looking and undid the back.  Wendy’s boobs (double Ds if not bigger) spilled out.  Josh gawked at her huge nipples and his cock twitched in response.  She giggled around his shaft.

            Holy fuck… she’s got one hell of a rack! He mused in a dreamy fashion.

            Wendy ate the rest of the donut and pulled her face away from his crotch.  She scooped up a massive tit in each hand and began to jack his cock off between her meaty globes.  Josh nearly came right there.  Soft, warm and firm Wendy’s boobs milked him.  She caught the tip of his cock (which peeked out only for a nanosecond) and sucked it.  He had to close his eyes from the erotic scene.

            All this time you’ve been shoving her aside but this girl’s got some serious skills, he thought.  She’s honest, loving and is totally into me. 

            She pulled his shaft out of her cleavage and looked up at him.

            “I’m going to rock your word, Josh,” she said tears of joy in the corners of her eyes.  “I’ve waited so long to be with you.  I-I know I’m a big girl—but big girls need love too.  And I’m a bit of a freak.  I-I haven’t been with many guys but I try things on my own.”

            “R-really?” he asked.

            “Sure.  I usually use my dildo on myself and pretend it’s you.  It’s, I mean you’ve been in my mouth, my p-pussy and even my ass.  Now I get to feel it for real.”

            “I don’t know what to say…”

            However his heart was beginning to speak to him.  It spoke of ignoring a real woman, with real honest feelings for an electronic fantasy or images on the computer screen.  Suddenly he knew how stupid he had been acting.  Sure she didn’t have a figure like a porn star but her open and honest love for him transcended her physical appearance.  He opened his mouth to speak but she cut him off before he could.

            “Don’t say anything.  If this is just one night I don’t want you to spoil it.  Don’t lie and tell me you love me, just make love to me,” Wendy said slowly.  “If tomorrow comes and it doesn’t work out then at least we’ll both have nice memories of this night.”

            “Wendy I should tell you something…

            “Hush now… no more words.”

            She stood up and took off the rest of her clothes.  Standing in just her panties Josh realized Wendy wasn’t that big.  Oh she had heavy thighs, a bit of a gut and chubby shoulders but she was proportionate.  He found his eyes being drawn to the thick patch of curly hair framing her cleft.  She helped him get undressed.  Then she kissed him.

            He found himself kissing her back with real, honest passion.

            He pushed her onto the table, she spread her legs.  Josh buried his face between her trembling thighs and began spreading the thick folds of her labia.  Her pussy was open, wet and ready.  He tasted her—she was delicious. 

            “O-oh God,” Wendy said in a halting voice.  “I-I’ve never let… Oh. My. God!”

            Josh jammed his tongue into her snatch licking and lapping at her salty-sweet goodness.  He brought up his hand and began fingering her swollen clit.  Wendy’s legs wobbled on either side of his face.  Looking up past her tummy he saw her fondling her own breasts.  She crushed her nipples between her quivering fingers while he dined at her Y. 

            “Oh yes… oh my… I-I’m going to…,” she said in a sobbing, happy voice.

            He dove into her sweltering snatch and licked her like a wild man.  It only took another minute or so before she went into wild convulsions.

            “I’m c-coming!” she squealed her body shaking so hard the table began creaking.

            Her thighs closed around his head.

            “Oh… fuck… oh yes, Josh you’re making me c-come so hard!” she wailed.

            The juices he was lapping up became thicker, like womanly honey.  He didn’t stop until she was pleading with him to let her catch her breath.  Standing up he saw Wendy’s face was scarlet from ecstasy, her nipples (the size of a midget’s fist) standing out like tiny fingers.  He licked and bit each one until she moaned for him to stop.  He loved the sound of her voice.  Josh loved the taste of her.

            He realized he loved her.

            Josh pulled her towards the couch and bent her over it.  Her large ass quivered as she spread her legs.  Looking over her shoulder she wore an expression of fear and excitement.  He touched the tip of his cock to her soaked and spread pussy.  He managed to push in an inch or two before she started speaking.

            “Oh fuck!” she screamed.  “It’s so t-tender… so sensitive!  Oh yes… deeper.  Josh push it in all the w-way!”

            He mashed his hips against her plump ass sinking all of his length into her.  She began pounding her fists against the couch’s cushions and shrieking like a wild woman.   Her butt wiggled and ground against his loins.  The hot smell of her excitement filtered up into his nose and drove him to madness.  He had a rude idea.  He stuck his right thumb into his mouth and coated it with spit.

            She said she was up for anything, Josh thought.

He sank it slow and steady into her puckered anus.

“O-oh God!” she gasped.

“Like that?” he asked.

“I-I don’t know… yes, yes I love it!  Stuff you finger up my ass.”

He did as he was told.  Alternating he plunged cock, withdrew and shoved his finger in while Wendy cried out in pure delight from the double penetration.  He fucked her for what seemed like an hour.  Each thrust made her moan.  Her second orgasm of the night made the couch scoot across the carpet and his ears ring from her blissful screams.  He pumped once, she sobbed for him to stop.  He thumbed her butt and she moaned with pleasure.  Again Wendy looked over her shoulder, her face hot scarlet with unsated lust.

Then she said something unexpected.

“I-I want it… want it in my b-butt,” she said admitting to a nasty, taboo desire.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Y-your cock… in my ass.”

He pulled out and pointed the wet tip against the loosened by still quite tight entrance to her rectum.  Josh had sank about two inches into her when she finally took her next breath.  He saw her sides expand and her bottom begin to shake uncontrollably.  Then she let out a scream.

“Oh. Fuck. Yeah!” Wendy shrieked.  “My ass… so full… so full of Josh-cock.”

He felt his nuts tighten and knew his load was about to be delivered.  Josh began to think this was right.  Wendy and him together, fucking like bunnies and loving every minute of it was just perfect.  The ring of her anus squeezed him—milked him until he could take no more.

He came.

“Oh yes… you did it in my a-ass!” she said happy and aroused.

Josh felt wave after wave of ropey semen spurt out of his cock and shoot into Wendy’s gyrating ass.  He fell forward and wrapped his arms around her.  He took a heaping double helping of tit in his hands.  He douched her bowels until the lay against one another taking in ragged, uneven breaths.

The television cackled to life and Stacy-Not-Stacy began to ooze out of the screen.

Oh shit!  I f-forgot all about this! Josh thought in terror.

Wendy screamed, her ass tightened down so hard she nearly snipped off Josh’s cock.  She tried to back away but only succeeded in burying the rest of his bone in her backyard.

“W-what the fuck is that?” she wailed.  “J-Josh something is coming out of the TV… oh my God it’s a woman… a fucking porn actress!”

“Good work, Josh,”  Electronic Stacy said with a grin.  “Now move away and let me consume her flesh and drink her blood.”      

Josh pulled out of Wendy’s butt.  His cock still leaking semen on the worn carpet of his apartment.  The static-crackling woman advanced through the coffee table.  Wendy was still leaning over the couch, her massive ass still sticking up in the air.

“N-no…,” his co-worker said, her voice a wet sob.

“I need it,” the thing from the DVD said.  “I want to be real.”

“No!” Josh shouted.  “Leave her alone!’

“But you promised.”

“I made a mistake—I don’t want this anymore.  I want  real woman not some electronic duplicate!”

Stacy-Not-Stacy still walked forward but as she reached out for her intended victim Josh yanked Wendy out of arm’ reach.  He thrust out his arms, a living cross displayed to repel the vampire from the TV.

“You’re going back on your promise!” the she-thing said in a horrible snarling voice.

“W-what is she talking about,” Wendy tittered.

“It seduced me… it wanted a victim and I made a mistake,” he answered.  “I thought I loved this… this thing but now I realized how wrong I was!”

“You were going to feed me to that?”

“I made a mistake… please forgive me, Wendy.”

“No more talk!  It’s time for me to eat!” Electronic Stacy said.

She lunged through the couch.  Josh twisted and threw Wendy out of the way.  A sizzling pain shot through his left thigh where Stacy clawed at him trying to disembowel his date.  Four claw-like burn marks were seared into his flesh.  It hurt.  It hurt a lot.  Staggering he managed to get around the couch before falling to the floor.  He watched in horror as Stacy, as naked as Wendy began to stalk the sobbing woman.  His co-worker tried to put the table between herself and her attacker.  But Stacy Vampire walked through it.  She reached for the bigger woman’s torso.

“Now you die and I live!” she screamed in a triumphant voice.

Josh lunged towards the television.  Stretching his entire body length he managed to brush the eject button for the DVD player.  The device’s tongue slid out slowly exposing the limited edition disc.  He reached for it as Wendy screamed.

The disc snapped like a gunshot.  Fragments of it peppered his face and soon his left eye was blinded by blood.  He could smell the iron scent of it.  Josh looked under the coffee table and past the corner of the couch to see if he’d made it in time.

Electronic Stacy screamed.

Wendy fell to the floor, obscured by the kitchen table.

He rose up from the carpet and saw the creature shatter into a million digital shards.  Stumbling to his feet, wiping away the blood in his eye Josh tried to see if Wendy was okay.  He could hear her sobbing and began to pray it wasn’t because she was in pain—or worse yet dying.  Josh padded in a drunken manner around the couch to see if he’d been on time with his last minute save.  Wendy’s naked form was curled up in a ball.  He didn’t see blood but that didn’t mean anything.

“A-are you okay, Wendy?” he asked.

“I-I think so,” she said in a small voice.

“Can you forgive me?  I was so blind—so stupid.  I became so obsessed with a brainless porn star I didn’t realize my feelings for you until it was almost too late.”

She stood up, her breast bobbling as she did so.  Tears were running down her face but he could still see the love in her eyes.  But now it was tempered with suspicion.  He suddenly knew he’d have a tough road ahead to win back her full trust.

“We should get dressed and talk,” he offered up.

“That’s a good idea,” she whispered.

He walked over and encompassed her in a hug warm hug.  She reached out slow and tentative and returned it. 

“I l-love you,” he said.

Josh realized he had tears in his eyes. He made himself a silent promise to do what it took to show Wendy how much he loved her.


            Brian Morrison got home to his dingy house.  He lived alone.  He was barely making ends meet and he had just a few dollars left in his checking account.  Today was payday—but it didn’t alter the fact he was already broke.  His boss had berated him for a minor mistake and his mother had called his cell to tell him his sister was getting married and asked when he was.  He hadn’t had a date in two years.  But he wasn’t depressed.

            Stacy Starr’s DVD, a collector’s edition had come in the mail…

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