When She Was Good…

When She Was Good...

Silver Publishing has released my psychological thriller (non-erotica) novel “When She Was Good..”.  This novel is a departure from my using writing not because it’s a non-erotica (been there, done that) but because the subject matter resonates within my own life.   Here’s another blurb for it:

Patricia Marlowe wakes up in a strange hospital without any memory of how or why she’s there.  To make matters worse the 20 year-old college student doesn’t even know her name until her best friend Eddie Conti finds her.  Eager for information she listens as he starts to fill in the blanks.   Patricia was searching for her twin sister Pam, who’d disappeared from their Ohio home a week ago.  Nobody’s seen or heard from her since. Eddie says Pam is the wild child of the family.  Naughty to Patricia’s nice. 

Pam the bad girl.

Pam the amateur adult film star.

Pam her sister.

But Patricia can’t remember anything.  The amnesia and concussion she has only clouds things more.  As Eddie talks she fears Pam is in trouble—deep trouble.  She and Eddie embark on a quest to find her missing sibling, a woman who hates her and everything she stands for.  What Patricia finds is more than she bargains for.  Will she be able to save her twin or is it too late? 

You can find this at: https://spsilverpublishing.com/product_book_info/new-release-c-1/when-she-was-good-ebook-p-704

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