Who Would Jesus Hate?

Since this is an election year we’re hearing more and more about homosexuality.  Naturally most of it is the same spouting, hate-speak.  Let me state for the record I am NOT gay.  Never have been, never will be.  However, I am NOT willing to promote, vote or tolerate the spit-spewing, hateful rhetoric so common in the media. 

Let’s ask ourselves this question (you know, the title of this post?); who would Jesus hate?  Now I’ll be the first to admit me and the Bible don’t get much time together.  However of what I do know is Jesus went among the “sinners” and taught, listened and preached his values.  He didn’t scream, punch or decry to the world these people should be bullied, beaten or murdered.  If the message wasn’t received he simply stated the consequences of further actions.  And no, I’m not going to write Fags go to hell or some other idiocy.  To my knowledge Jesus lost his temper about twice in the Bible.  Merchants in the temple and so forth.  But he FORGAVE those who sinned against him not gathered his twelve friends together, formed a lynch mob and killed the “sinners”. 

I once heard a really great sermon where the pastor stated (and I paraphrase it); “Christians love to recite the Lord’s Prayer, but really hate that part about ‘forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us”.  So you don’t like gays, fine.  But you have to follow your religion to ALSO include you must FORGIVE those who sin against you or you aren’t going to get forgiven by God.  Two wrongs don’t make a right (but two lefts do).  This means going out and hating is WRONG. 

I hope somebody posts a link for this to the Westboro Baptist Church’s site….

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