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Arcanum Academia

Detective Allen Franks along with his partner Detective Debbie McMasters are on the case hunting down a serial killer who is hunting in their local college.  Female college students are showing up not just assaulted and killed but with clues around them that neither detective can figure out.  No angle they have tried seems to have panned out.  That is until the night a coven of college students is discovered performing a sexual ritual.  It seems that their High Priestess is also on the hunt for this killer, using her skills at tracking.

Cassandra Radcliffe is the High Priestess who is willing to risk her education in order to find and stop the killer.  When Allen seems willing to listen to Cassandra’s mystical explanations, she opens up about what she knows of the symbols, and items found at the sites.  The danger ramps up as Allen, Debbie, and Cassandra have an uneasy partnership directed toward stopping a person who has no qualms at killing to achieve his goals.  The body count rises as the hunt leads to long-ignored mystical legends and rumors.

The uneasy partnership becomes a bit closer as they work to unravel clues and stop the killer before he has the chance to disappear.  During this time Allen learns that Debbie has more feelings for him than just being his partner, and wonders if he deserves a second chance at love.  When the killer nabs Cassandra, Allen and Debbie put all their skills detectives to locate and stop him before he adds one more to his body count.  In a battle of police wits versus magic, can the police win?  And when the dust finally settles, can everyone make it out safely?

Two detective partners learn about magic and love while on the hunt for a serial killer.  Arcanum Academia pits the police against a serial killer who is using magic to achieve his goals.  I was blown away by the intensity of both the characters and the plot, as I read away.  Having the story told from the male point of view was an eye opener and yet very refreshing.  I was totally enthralled with Allen, Debbie, and even Cassandra as the pages turned to find yet more twists.  To say I really didn’t want to put this book down before I finished it doesn’t quite seem enough.  There is so much I would love to tell you about the plots’ twists and turns, and yet I want you to have the firsthand experiences that I did.  I will say that the twists, turns, and suspense had me totally engaged and the romance was wonderful to watch between two characters who had both been knocked down by love before.  The final battle was huge and I was unable to put the book down until the last page was turned.  Mr. Newman is a new author to me but I will be watching for more of his wonderful works now.  Arcanum Academia is a suspenseful thriller with a ribbon of romance that runs throughout.  A keeper that is already asking to be re-read to look for anything I might have missed the first time.  For anyone who wants a different look at romance and loves a great suspenseful thriller, I Joyfully Recommend Arcanum Academia as a must read.–Reviewed by Jo from “Joyfully Reviewed”.


The Curse of Albrecht Manor (Ravenswood Adventure Bk 1)

Whipped Cream Reviews:

The Curse of Albrecht Manor is a very similar to my favorite wizard, Harry Dresden. The major difference is Noah is not a martyr to deny himself the love of a woman. From the sounds of it, he started off the same way but I feel lucky that Mr. Newman decided to condense all the internal conflict so I could get to the story.

The presentation is what Wile E. Coyote would label ‘Romanticus Interuptus’. I was treated to the forward momentum of the relationship when, just like in real life — work, duty and responsibilities thrust themselves into the poignant moment.

What this story did was take me on a journey between Noah and Desiree’s romance; hence my reference to the Dresden files. If suspense, mystery, a dash of horror and a very human character facing paranormal threats is your thing, you are in for a treat.

The book starts off by giving me a very clear picture of why Noah’s job is so difficult and why he has many concerns about admitting love. I’d be too in his line of work. I got to meet Sarah, his partner who, for a time, I wasn’t clear on her relationship with Noah. Mr. Newman addressed that very well.

The mystery is the breaking of an ancient hex. And what a nasty hex it is. I have to give credit to the author for what I consider to be very unique and ingenious villains. Yep, there is more than one. The surprises abound in this story and at no time could I have guessed just how diabolical things would get.

I have to tell you — due to the erotic nature of this story, certain scenes may make a stunning impact on your senses and you might find your jaw dropping to the floor as mine did—more than once.

Another aspect of this story I appreciated was Noah’s worry about Desiree throughout the mystery. This story was written in a way which I found to be real. I mean, it made sense in that I could see myself doing the same things. Yet, Noah is so focused and dedicated he remains true to his profession even with the very real threat it could pose to Desiree. Again, echoes of my other favorite wizard.

Much to my shock, Noah has to face his worst nightmare. I didn’t expect Mr. Newman to address that and again, he wove a surprising twist which I found very satisfying. Despite all of it, the Happily Ever After ended up being a twist in and of itself and I really enjoyed how it played out. There wasn’t a lot of flowery talk; it was pure emotion and raw feelings exposed for me to see. It confirmed for me the existence of a very solid HEA.

All in all, The Curse of Albrecht Manor took me on a roller coaster ride into a dark tunnel and came out into the light of love. I think I just found a new wizard to watch in Noah Ravenswood. What does the ingenious Mr. Newman have next in store for Mr. Ravenswood? I liked this book enough to want to know.– reviewer Xeranth

Coffee Time Romance Reviews:

Noah Ravenswood inherits a bookstore from his mother, along with her side job in the occult business. He does whatever it takes to rid anyone with an evil carnal force. That is how he met Sarah.

Sarah Ann Bookings was trying to get her degree when she went to Noah to free her from a nagging incubus. She was then hired to run his bookstore and helps to keep his books intact.

Noah remembers when Sarah came to him. She was young, sheltered from a cruel world by her loving parents. Sarah thought he was rude and needed to practice on his manners. He believes in being a realist and not brow-beating the truth. After she got her CSU degree, she started working with him at Ravenswood’s Books and Artifacts. Noah receives an invite from the Baron Albrecht Estates. He needs Noah to come and remove the hex on his daughter, Elsa. It seems the females in his family are cursed when they turn twenty. The Baron hopes Noah can help. With Sarah in tow, Noah and Sarah embark on a journey that not only takes them to a terrible curse but a side of passion that opens many doors that can end up deadly.

The Curse of Albrecht Manor takes the reader into a wide-span of heated events in the occult with demons that do not wish to be dismissed by any means. Sarah and Noah are characters quite diverse in their traits. I think that is what made this story most appealing, the way they are different. The curse with the Barons’ females was indeed a theme in itself leaving the reader captivated. Christopher Newman pens a fascinating tale, almost bursting in flames. I am curious as to see how far the series will indeed take the reader. — Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

As a last resort, Baron Albrecht has asked Noah Ravenswood for help in dispelling the curse which has affected all the female descendants of the family for three hundred years. A very unassuming looking man, one would never know just how much arcane power he wields and uses to help all in need who ask. Sifting through all the aspects won’t be easy as he is under a big time constraint.

Having first come to Noah for help while in college, Sarah Bookings is now his associate in helping to solve and dispel evil arcane forces. Now they are on a case which will try their patience, faith, beliefs and endurance, but she has every faith they Will win. However, when dealing with a family of such convoluted relationships, anything can and usually does happen.

I found this a quiet meander through the beginning which actually became fairly action-packed through the last half. I was astounded at the different types of “beings” ( for lack of time to name them all—why ruin the fun?) which romped, raged, and literally stomped their way through this piece. While there was plenty of erotically explicit sex, it was the relationship of not only the mains, but the relationships (or lack thereof) of the Albrecht Clan that intrigued me as the tale played out. — Reviewer WitchGiggles

The Hound of Doom (Ravenswood Adventure Bk 2)

“Mama” Fonti refuses to accept the death of her young grandson as due to natural causes, instead wanting to believe his girlfriend used magic to kill him. So she hires Noah and Sarah to find the evidence for her and then deal with it in the way they know best. Only sometimes, it’s not the ones you suspect who are the guilty ones, especially when there is more than one suspect running loose.

Having just come off one rather harrowing case, both Noah and Sarah are rather unprepared for all the misleading clues that seem to abound in the new one they’re trying to unravel before another person is hurt. Throw in one sexy Italian woman, unafraid to take on his grumpier-than-thou attitude, and Noah finds his hands are more than just a little full and his mind a bit more unfocused than he can afford.

Now this one just took off from the first page and with everything that entered the fray got better the further I read. There were enough twists and turns to keep me wondering, characters to keep the story both interesting and mobile, while the sex rocked. Plus I got a bit of an education on demonology in a way that will make it stick. A pretty cool read.– Reviewer, WitchGiggles


Ghost Lover and Other Erotic Fantasies

Dark Divas Reviews:

Christopher Newman knows how to mix horror and sex in a gripping, page-turning way. The hooks to each of these pieces are intriguing. Each tale has a well grounded, apparently normal setting with genuine moments of creepiness thrown in the mix.
Of all the stories, Made to Order is a well-paced, very riveting read. It’s disturbing and satisfying with a brilliant ending. It’s a toss-up between this and Ghost Lover for which is the best, but these two stories alone rate this collection highly.
The heart-felt, clever twists in Ghost Lover could easily make for a longer, even more satisfying read in a novel.
Ghost Lover is very original and has many compelling elements, worthy of the likes of Stephen King. This book could easily be turned into a high concept movie.
The Jar was also an interesting concept and like the others, laced with lots of hot sex, but needed a better ending. The Featured Entertainer felt very well researched and the characters of the various strippers were very good. You could feel the strippers’ tension as the countdown for Serena’s dancing began, but once again, the ending was a bit flat.
Love to Stay Up For a Spell was the first story to use an amusing setup that tickled this reviewer’s funny bone. A bizarre, amusing tale.– Reviewer A.J.



Night Time Romance Reviews:

Christopher Newman brings readers a new collection of supernatural erotic tales that would bring enjoyment to many a person.  The first tale, “The Love Goddess” introduces mortal James “Jimmy” Sharp, a gambler to making a quick buck to repay a Las Vegas mob boss.  Just when his luck turns to the worst, a stranger pays off Jimmy’s debt.  All he has to do is make the stranger’s sister enjoy the next three days and make them the best she’s every had.  What neither expected would be the emotions and feelings taht develop between  them.  Helen has long desired to have romantic moments.  She got more than she expected.  Whater neither of them saw coming was the danger their tryst would bring them.

In “Sex Magic” we are introduced to shy Brandy and the big man on campus, Tony.  Brandy has self-esteem issues.  She manages to get by with the help of her best friend Michelle who encourages Brandy to take a walk on the wild side. One night Michelle convinces Brandy to go to a tattoo parlor.  There Brandy finds the perfect tattoo and gets inked on a particular sexy part of her body.  The next day after partying and drinking a hung over Brandy discovers the Goddess of Love in her bedroom.  Aphrodite tells her that now that she’s been summoned, she can help her with seducing the man Brandy desires.  With the Goddess’ help Brandy slowly but surely overcomes her self-esteem issues and values her self worth.  A  new Brandy manages to drive Tony crazy with interest and he falls head over heels.  The two discover the true meaning of love. 

In “Nymph-omania” we meet Charlie and Giselle.  A down-on-his-luck Charlie meets a homless Giselle.  He helps her out by buying her a meal.  She thanks him and as time goes by Charlie continues to help Giselle out of other situations.  Slolwy things warm up between them and love’s a-blooming.  Sooner than Giselle expected, tells Charlie the truth about herself.  What happens when he realizes what she really is?  Will Charlie give up the one person to make him feel alive or will he give up on Giselle?   Either way Charlie and Giselle’s lives will be forever changed.

These three tales have a whole lot of erotic and romantic elements, it has many dramas to keep the readers thoroughly entertained. I give Nympho-mania a rating of 5 stars.– Reviewer, Estefanie


Scott Kenemore (author of “Zen of Zombie” & “Z.E.O.”)

Christopher Newman asked me to review his e-book Uprising, so here goes:

Uprising imagines a world (much like that of Fido) in which zombies have been rendered harmless by science and put to work for man.  Of course (a la Jurrassic Park/Westworld ), things don’t work out.  From the opening scene of enslaved zombies rebelling at a Wal-Mart-type big box store, it quickly becomes clear that zombies cannot be controlled.  This is an ancient theme, which Newman uses to good effect.

Newman also intelligently considers the impact of a zombies-as-slaves world.  (What is the effect on unemployment?  What is the adjustment to the prices of goods and services?)  He considers the situation from the point of view of political leaders, and militant special-interest groups.  It is an interesting and mature approach, and lends realism to the tale.  I don’t want to go too far into the other specifics of Newman’s zombie-world, but they are dark, and readers may enjoy discovering them.

The main character, Chuck Olsen, works as a kind of zombie-processor at a plant the locals call the Ghoul Factory.  The grisly descriptions of the interior make one think of a slaughterhouse.  This grim work leads to a consideration of the novel’s central question: To what degree do American corporations actually care about their employees?  The specter of the Wal-Mart is always present.  This is Uprising at its best.

Do I have criticisms?  Sure.  There is a tendency to overexplain the contingencies and peripherals of the zombie world.  And while Newman is excellent at crafting plot devices, some of his descriptions of narrative action can be awkwardly phrased, and the dialogue runs from strong to very weak. 

In the scenes where Chuck Olsen and his wife are in bed, the dialogue seemed fake and twee and made me wince.  I have no doubt that this dialogue may have been taken from actual exchanges between a man and his loving wife in bed, but they just didn’t translate to the page.   (Intimate exchanges between lovers are hard to write.  Back when I reviewed manuscripts for Iowa Book Doctors, I often found that otherwise competent writers really struggled to create natural exchanges between lovemaking couples.  Playful dialogue can be the hardest.  Reading the dialogue in Uprising, I was frequently reminded of Neil Peart’s tour memoir Roadshow, which was an excellent book but had this running joke where Neil and his male travelling partner would pretend they were a gay couple and act silly.  I have no doubt that their jokes were actually funny when they occurred in real life, but they just didn’t translate to the page.  [I think that sometimes real dialogue that actually happened is not always the best dialogue to use when writing fiction.  Randall Jarrell once ruminated that a soldier can do brave things on the battlefield yet fail to produce writing that inspires bravery, and a great lover can be a real lady-killer in real life, but fail to produce verses that inspire amour.  This is why “Writer” is a job at all.  If anyone could do it, then it would not be a skill requiring thousands of hours of cultivation.] )

But I have digressed.

Overall, Uprising was a nice surprise.–Scott Kenemore.

Night Time Romance Reviews:

It started off as an ordinary day for many of these characters. But for many, it would be their last. The calm these humans have felt will soon be history.
They soon realize that nothing last forever. This is not your usual good versus evil novel. Ordinary men and women will discover their inner strengths and fight to survive. The ‘cages’ humans have place upon the undead ones called RWC’s will soon be let free. But will the cost of their freedom be too high for the human race.
Many of those who think that the undead ones still have a bit of their souls and humanity left inside of them. One of those people is Sandy Shelby. Sandy is in charge of one the biggest activists group called ICARE. She has many eating of the palm of her hand. Sandy is great at what she does. She’s willing do to whatever takes to get her agenda passed. What Sandy is willing to do make her one cold hearted bitch. There are many other interesting characters like Chuck and Elaine. They are the heart of this novel. The fighting the humans have to do to survive is just tip of the iceberg of Uprising. Just when things calm down… then boom, all hell break loose.

Christopher C. Newman has written many books. Uprising is one that will keep readers anxious to discover his other books. If you enjoy reading horror and zombie novels, then Uprising will be the blood that runs to your heart.
What I found thoroughly entertaining about Uprising is that the great background description that Mr. Newman wrote. He kept my mind on the story with each new page. To tell you the truth, I was a bit nervous about reading Mr. Newman’s Uprising. It’s not my usual cup of tea. But I took chance and I am glad I did. What I enjoy most about Uprising is that it wasn’t what I expected. It went beyond my imagination and loved almost every moment of Uprising.  There is one character that I love to hate and wished the author went another direction. If you want to know who I am referring, you will have to read Uprising by Christopher C. Newman.

Don’t let a little horror and zombies keep you from reading a great novel.

Zombies need some loving too.

Won’t you give those poor zombies some love? — Reviewer, Estefanie


A Terrible Tryst of Fate

Dark Diva Reviews:

 This is an intriguing story that although based on a tried and true premise features a plucky, convincing heroine and a very captivating hero in Hunter.  Author Christopher C. Newman understands women very well and gives Amelia an inner world that is both amusing and realistic. He also excels at depicting dark forces and provides original and interesting images of demons and hell. Added to the mix is the triangle of sorts with Hunter’s on-off lover Erzsébet jealously watching the developments on earth and this makes for some fast-paced, way above average romantic angst. The sex scenes are many and often, frankly a bit creepy when they involve Erzsébet and demons, but still, this is an interesting book that is anything but typical of the erotic genre.  Without wanting to spoil this for those who haven’t read it I hope there are more books planned for Hunter and Amelia, the ending seems to warrant it.– Reviewer, A.J. Llewellyn

Night Time Romance Reviews:

Amelia has everything going good in her life. The only thing that would make it perfect would be if she had love of a good man. She never suspect that her chance at love would come from Fallen Angels. But now that Amelia has what she’s desired for so long, she wonders if all the pain and danger she’s suffering is worth. Can she really trust Hunter?  Hunter has long given up on finding peace in his existence. But a twist a fate brings Amelia into his life. Once he’s met Hunter knows his life will never be the same again.   Amelia is immediately attracted to her savior after a vicious attack on her life. Hunter tries to keep a distance from Amelia but is unable to and falls for the luscious human woman.  Meanwhile far from Earth, forces conspire to keep these lovers apart. Just when their happiness is complete, Amelia is attacked once more from a jealous and spiteful wench that is royal concubine of Hunter’s master.  A TERRIBLE TRYST OF FATE by Christopher Newman is a exciting read filled with lots of action, suspense, intrigue and can’t forget lots of sexy romance. Sure to keep plenty of readers drawn in from the very beginning.  What I enjoyed reading about A TERRIBLE TRYST OF FATE was that nothing was what it seemed. There is plenty of intrigue and backstabbing around the hero and heroine of this story.  Amelia is a stronger character than she gives herself credit for. At the end both Hunter and Amelia will discover that love is worth the risk.  Asmodeus is definitely one interesting character. He is portrayed as a fool by some, heartless by other and yet he surprises many by the end of the book. Asmodeus is a definitely one of my favorite characters next to Hunter and Amelia.
A TERRIBLE TRYST OF FATE is an amazing page turner that is anything but terrible and my choice for top pick of the week.  Wonder what Christopher Newman has in store for readers in his next book? Perhaps a possible sequel?  Whatever it is, I hope he will not have fans waiting too long until his next book?
 I give A TERRIBLE TRYST OF FATE a rating of 5 stars. Reviewer, Estefanie

Two Lips Reviews:

One soul ruled by darkness, one guided by light, can they come together to make a future together full of love and trust? Or will all the evils working against them tear their love apart? As Amelia Bainbridge sneaks out of her best friend’s wedding reception she is attacked by something utterly disgusting and not of this world.  How does she know it isn’t of this world?  Well, when four green tentacles shoot from the body of the man standing over, she knows something just isn’t quite right about him.  As her life is about to come to an end because of this evil being, she sends a prayer heavenward, being the fairly good Catholic girl that she is, and is rewarded with one sexy man known as Hunter.  He saves her from the terrible green tentacled monster, but not before he takes quite an impact on his own body. So grateful is Amelia, that she takes him to her home and lets him recover there. They both have an instant attraction to each other that longs to be explored. There’s a high price for loving him though, and Hunter knowing this, walks away due to his past and very unsteady present.

Hunter is a fallen angel. He was sent to earth by the heavenly father to watch over mortals of the earth, and he did, he just happened to commit a big sin when he fell in love with a mortal woman. When she died in childbirth his faith was seriously tainted and he wandered the world a shell of a man. Finding his soul bound to the Dark Prince of the underworld, his job is to convince mortal souls to join him and help the scheming, evil demon. His other job is to go after rogue demons sent to earth and think to disobey their evil master. He thought his heart had gone cold until he met Amelia. He knows that it is best he stay away from her, even though that is going to be one of the hardest decisions of his life. She will be in profound danger if his feelings were ever revealed and he isn’t willing to risk that. After futile efforts to get her out of his mind, and when that doesn’t work a little stalking, he comes back into her life and this time he won’t let her go.

Asmodeus is the Dark Prince of Lust. He is the ruler of the Ninth realm in hell. Hunter is his prized possession, he is invaluable to him. Trying to thwart Lucifer’s plan for the coming end of days, Asmodeus is counting on Hunter to play a vital role in that battle. He likes being the all powerful man in his realm, and doesn’t intend to give it up. He has a serious plot in mind that involves Hunter, Amelia, and to his hope their children.  The Ninth Realm, however, is filled with plots to destroy him and traitors are at every turn waiting for a weakness to show so that they may pursue it and kill the Dark Prince.

Erzsebet is Asmodeus’ main concubine. She was a true terror during her life on earth, torturing people for the most minor incidents. She is beautiful and sadistic, and she satisfies the Dark Prince’s primal needs. However, he is not her only lover. She has tarried with many men in the lower realm, including Hunter. When she finds Hunter has fallen in love she is out for vengeance and sends her own personal minions to destroy Amelia. Erzsebet’s plans don’t stop there, though, as she is plotting to overthrow the Dark Prince himself, and he has no idea.   

A Terrible Tryst of Fate is a fascinating story. The romance is present, but there is also a mindboggling amount of world building going on. Christopher Newman does a wonderful job of creating new and unusual demons. His descriptions are graphically detailed when explaining the underworld. He created nine different realms of hell and nine different Dark Princes.  Not just one all powerful Lucifer. That in itself put a whole new spin on hell. I am really hoping that he writes future stories that show more of this.  he scenes involving Erzsebet could be viewed as disturbing so if you have a weak constitution be advised she is quite a sick, twisted woman. I thought this just added more depth to the story. In contrast to her is the tender love between Hunter and Amelia. What is really phenomenal is how the hero and heroine interact with each other, even after all he has seen and what he does, she still shows him love and has faith in him.   

A Terrible Tryst of Fate has an interesting take on hell, love, loyalty and betrayal.  The characters are well developed, and really flow together. The world that Newman builds is extreme and intense. It takes a couple go backs to completely grasp the new species of demons that he introduces to us, but ultimately he created a unique and very untypical hell. I was hooked to the story and polished it off quickly.  Hope to see more of Hunter and Amelia’s story in the future.– Reviewer, Lila

Whipped Cream Reviews:

Hunter is a fallen angel with a problem. He loses his heart when he meets Amelia. Amelia has her own issues. She feels undesirable and broken down, until she sees the captivating stranger with the silver hair. What happens next is A Terrible Tryst of Fate.

Mr. Newman writes a compelling and unique story, filled with passion and incredible cruelty. His attention to detail and facts keeps the reader enthralled through the complicated storyline. The few errors in editing took away from the story, but not enough to totally hamper it. A bit more polish and this book can really shine.

Amelia Bainbridge thinks life can’t get much worse. She feels unlucky in love and unwanted by the opposite sex. When a being she doesn’t understand attacks her, Hunter, the fallen angel comes to her rescue. What he doesn’t realize is that the woman the world sees as a plain Jane is truly a gem. The reader can relate to Amelia’s feelings of inadequacy. What woman truly knows she’s beautiful? Sometimes the answer is hard to handle. Her need to know his love was true was another relatable theme. He managed to make many women swoon, but she held the sole key to his heart. Very well written.

I liked their connection and the fact that they nearly combusted when they were in the same space. At the same time, I liked the absolute evil of Erzsebet, the woman in competition for Hunter’s affections. You wanted to hate her, but you respected how she exploited her only means to obtain her desires.

If you’re in the mood for a compelling novel with sinfully sexy characters and few you might know by heart, then A Terrible Tryst of Fate is the book for you. I give this novel 4 cherries.– Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream Reviews.

Coffee Time Romance & More:

Amelia Bainbridge is lonely after the loss of her best friend to marriage. She almost loses her life to something from another world. Even more amazing than that is her savior.  Hunter is a fallen angel who has spent eternity full of rage and hate. After being cast out of Heaven for the love of a woman he swore he would never love another.  Amelia and Hunter are inexplicably drawn to each other and unable to deny their feelings for one another. It just may take the movement of Heaven and hell to keep one another.  This book comes straight from the fiery pits of hell and is just as hot. I found the author’s imaging of Hell and those who reside there riveting. Hunter is an unusual hero in the fact that he is damned but unable to act accordingly with his soul mate. Christopher Newman is a master of other-worldly romance novel writing. — Reviewer, Delane


Night Time Romane Reviews:

To whom it may concern. I come to you with tale unlike any other. It’s a tale depicting the one Jennifer Alan. It will show to others the adventures will go through to. Not to mention to show Jen the true mean of love and sex.  

To whom it may concern. I bring you another exciting person named Brent. Whose sole purpose in life it seems to make Jen a very happy woman. You will come to learn like Jen, there is more than meets the eye.

Jen‟alein, a native of the Aquellian Empire, was sent to scout Earth to see if it’s good enough Aquellian’s to live on.  But what Jen didn’t count on in the insignificant planet a human worthy of saving. Nor did she count on developing those damn human feeling called love. Brent seems like an ordinary man who seems to want to put a smile on Jen’s sour face. He slowly manages to crack the wall Jen has around her heart. It sure gives him points for being the reason for Jen to be a very satisfied woman. Just when Jen and Brent are at crucial moment in their lives, she has to leave the city. Jen promises to keep in touch with Brent but this would not be a great book with a little bit of angst involved.

Christopher Newman is great writer of many books like the one titled, A Terrible Twist of Fate. Mr. Newman now brings readers a new take of alien invasion. His new twist on aliens taking over humans can only be described as fresh and original. Jen is her faults but we can’t help but love her attitude. The ups and downs she goes through by being with Brent. Brent isn’t going to just let the best thing that ever happened disappear from his life. He is going to be in the fight of his life. He does whatever it takes to bring back home the love of his life.  I can’t but love Jen’s Tale. It was definitely something in a class of its own. If you’re crazy about science fiction then Jen’s Tale is the one for you.

To it may concern, this one story you won’t be able to stop reading to the climatic end.– Reviewer, Estefanie.

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