The Old Storyteller’s series

"A pint for a story, my dear?"

The Old Storyteller Series

Harken to days of yore!  If thou doth like thy stories with humor, romance, tragedy and sex then thou cannot miss this series published by Eternal Press.  Verily, it is a ribald romp!  Told by the Old Storyteller, as if you were sitting across from him in a dim, smoky tavern for the price of a pint of stout you will be thrilled, scared and filled with mirth by his yarns.

 The Books

 The Scandalous Tale of Agnes Biggenbotten follows a poor barmaid who finds herself running for her life—all due to circumstances beyond her control.  Poor Agnes, the focal point of so many men’s desires (in particular her bodacious derriere) must flee from LowerEast Drearie before she’s hanged as a witch.

 The Redemption of a Scoundrel continues the tale begun in the first novel.  Ludwig’s a bad boy, a scallywag of the highest order.  Fleeing from the mansion of his birth Ludwig believes his destiny awaits at the capital of Farthing.  It does—but not how Ludwig would ever imagine it.  The course of his trials is both hilarious and instructive.

 The Swashbuckling Yarn of Milady Vixen is the third novel where we find yet another family member trying to exact revenge on the entire nation of her birth for the indignity of being exiled.  Violet Cromwell finds adventure, love and vengeance on the high seas as the pirate Milady Vixen.  But at the very cusp of her revenge will Vixen find the treasure she seeks or will it be a hollow victory?

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