The Ravenswood Chronicles

Set in the fictional town of Perdition, Ohio is Ravenswood’s Books & Artifacts a seemingly innocent novelty/occult shop.  The current owner, Noah Ravenswood and his partner, Doctor Sarah Bookings sell books, necklaces and other trinkets to the curious and devote.  But it is their other job which consumes most of their time.


 If you have a problem of the supernatural kind, are at wit’s end and cannot solve it yourself—then Noah and Sarah are you best hope. 

These novels have been hailed as dark, disturbing and erotic without the usual clichés found in most erotic/horror. 

Noah Ravenswood

Gruff and on occasion outright rude the over forty, short and bald owner of Ravenswood’s Books & Artifacts is a hereditary witch from a long line of the same.  Roaming acrossOhio in his 1972 black Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Noah goes from job to job banishing spirits, removing curses and all the while coarsely education the foolish on the magical realm around them.  The ex-Marine is as closed mouth about his past as he is a realist.  Noah has often been accused of having a cop’s attitude about people.  Since he sees people on their worst day (often due to their own mistakes) he tends to be a bit hard to deal with.  But when the chips are down and lives are on the line Noah refuses to surrender.  Despite his rocky demeanor Noah will (and often does) go to extreme lengths to save those who have hired him.  Due to his nature he is single.  Nobody gets too close to the occultist—not even his partner Doctor Sarah Bookings.

Doctor Sarah Bookings, PhD.

Hailing fromMcDonald,OhioSarah first came across her business partner when she was attendingClevelandStateUniversity.  Sarah isn’t pretty, but neither is she ugly.  Caught somewhere between cute and homely her self-esteem is her biggest problem.  She hires Noah to save her from a misguided attempt to cast a love spell.  After seeing the magical world around her Sarah shifted her focus and earned degrees in Occult Studies and Business Management.  Sarah is a bit of an optimist and often butts heads with her older and gruffer partner.  Try as Sarah might she cannot put the concept of being polite to those who hire them into Noah’s head.  But despite his bad manners Sarah considers Noah the big brother she wished she had.  Knowing he’d lay down his life for others Sarah can’t help but admire Noah.  Single and living in Perdition, Sarah runs the shop and tries to drag Noah into the modern age.  One day Sarah hopes to run her own shop and become just like Noah.

The Novels.

The Noah Ravenswood Chronicles start with The Curse of Albrecht Manor and run seven in number.  All these can be found at the website of Dark Roast Press ( and are exclusively e-books.  There is the chance in the future they will be available in print.  The following is the list (in order) of this series:

 The Curse of Albrecht Manor

 The Hound of Doom

 Those Dangerous Times

 Get Into the Spirit, Baby

 The Devil His Due

 Return to Albrecht Manor

 Deadly Nightshade (Not yet published)

 In addition is the short story of Noah and Sarah’s first adventure together.  In the free download called Barista’s Choice you fill find the tale To What Lengths?.

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