AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following story contains adult themes, language and sexual situations.  If you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!


“I ate too much,” Donna said as we walked into my apartment.

“No, you didn’t,” I replied.

“Yes, I did.  I’m going to get fat.”

Donna went into the bathroom and I knew what she was up to.  At eighteen she weighed two-hundred and ten pounds and at five feet, four inches her senior picture wasn’t flattering.  The three years since (two of which we’ve been together) she’d trimmed down to a thinner, but plush one-hundred and thirty.  I happen to like her body but Donna, well that was another story.

I could hear her in there, making horrible sounds like you’d expect to encounter at a drunken frat party.  The toilet flushed but something told me this wasn’t over by a long shot.  Donna came out, red-faced and not from puking.

She was pissed off.

“I can’t,” she said half-angry, half-weepy.

“Honey,” I told her, “you’re fine—perfect, in fact.”

“No, I ate too much and now my diet’s in shreds.”

I got a little irate myself and walked up to her.   Putting my hands on her shoulders I looked my girlfriend in the eye and said, “Donna, I love you.  You’re not fat.”

This had about as much effect as tossing a shovel filled with dirt into the Grand Canyon.  Donna’s eyes began to flutter and I could see the tears forming in the corners.  I hate when she cries.  Especially when there’s no reason for it.

“What do you want me to do?” I said bowing to the inevitable.

“I don’t know,” she said, her voice soft and blubbery.

“Then I’m at a loss…”

“… go into the bathroom with me, I have an idea.”

Traipsing behind my woman we went into the cramped room and she sat down in front of the toilet, her eyes leaking like a punctured water balloon.  She tried to speak but failed.  Her hand went towards her mouth and covered it like it was a blemish.  Donna was inconsolable.

“Babe, I really wish I could…,” I started to say.

“… can’t make myself throw up,” she butted in, “maybe I’ve ruined my gag reflex.  So you’re going to have to do it for me.”


“Jeff, make me puke.”

How am I supposed to do that?  I thought.

“Please?” Donna said, her voice was a childish pleading tone.

“Okay,” I replied, “exactly how do you expect me to make you throw up, Donna?  I’m not sticking my finger…”

“… your cock.  I want you to gag me with your cock.”

Oookay, this has taken a wrong turn into Freaksville!

            “Think about it,” Donna said, almost purring the words, “I get to puke and you get a deep throating experience you’ll never forget.”

Donna had a very blatant oral fixation, or so she thought.  This is why (a doctor told her fable when she was sixteen) she had gotten so fat in the first place.  I thought it was because she was using food as a substitute for affection.  No matter how many times I suggested this Donna stood firm about this oral fixation of hers.

“Please,” she said, “make me gag… just a little and I can do the rest.”

“I’m not… this is so weird, are you really asking me to ram my cock down your throat until you puke?” I said.

“Yes.  Do this and you can have something you’ve always wanted from me.  You know, that thing you’re always wanting to try but I keep saying no.”

Oh shit, she can’t be serious, I thought.

“I really need to purge, Jeff,” Donna said, “If you really love me then you’ll do this for me.”

No pressure, of course.  Just a ton of guilt if I decide this is too strange and stand my ground.

            “Okay, all right,” I said giving up.

Donna smiled, pulled down her shirt and exposed her mammoth breasts.  They’re like huge, white mountains topped with the biggest pink caps you’d ever seen.  I love her tits (and her ass, face, legs and so on).

“Do you like this?” she said, squeezing and pushing her boobs together.

Nah, I don’t like it… I love it! I thought to myself.

She reached out, yanked down my zipper and with gentle fingers pulled out my cock.  It was growing hard just from watching her touch herself.  Donna caressed it and I let out a low moan.

“Stand up,” she said.

I did so and my girlfriend opened her mouth and let me push my dick in between those soft lips of hers.  Watching it slide, inch by inch, into her mouth and how Donna’s eyes rolled back in anticipated pleasure.  Her mouth closed, creating a tight seal around my girth.  Pushing forward I slithered the rest of the way past her lips.  I felt the tip of my cock bump the back of her throat, bend a little and slip down.

“Ggrrrkk,” Donna said, gurgling and sending vibrations to my brain via my dick.

Her face turned red, her eyes shut and tears began leaking out the corners.  I tried to pull away but Donna grabbed me around the thighs, where they met my ass, and yanked me forward.

I sank nine inches into her gullet.

“Glluk!” Donna gagged.

“No, this is stupid,” I said straining against her grip.


“Donna!  You’re going to hurt yourself!”

Ggggggggggllllllllkkkkkk! Glk! Glk!”

Each time she made that throaty gargle I felt my cock quiver and vibrate.  Donna refused to let go.  Committed to this insane plan of hers I grabbed the back of her head, took a handful of hair and forced her face upward.  This created a straight passage from her lips to her throat.

I sank in even further.

Seeing my pubes crushed against my girlfriend’s nose, like she’d grown a bizarre mustache made me worry—and a bit excited.  She kept sucking me down further.  My girlfriend coughed and snot shot out of her nose and into my pubic hair.

That’s enough of this shit, I thought.

I broke her grip, released her hair and got my cock out of her mouth.  There was a thick coating of spit and a line running from the tip of my dick to her lower lip.

“No!” Donna cried out and lurched forward.

She impaled her face on my cock and began choking again.  Fearing for her safety I tried to pull back but this time she’d gotten too good a hold on my legs.  There was a quick jerk, a final slipping of cock-meat into her throat and then I felt, and heard, it.

“Gggghllkk!” Donna gurgled.

“Donna!” I shouted, “Let me…”

My girlfriend broke away, twisted her face toward the toilet and puked.  Hot rivulets of vomit spewed from her mouth and I turned away.  Standing with my back to Donna I waited for her to finish while my cock cooled from being exposed to the air.

“I’m done,” she said in a gravely voice.

“I’m happy for you,” I said, sarcasm lacing my tone.

“It wasn’t that bad… in fact, I liked it.  I didn’t know I could take all of you cock in my throat.”

“It wasn’t worth the discovery.”
“Now it’s your turn.”

I looked over my shoulder and Donna had pulled off her panties, stood up and bent over the commode.  Her ass, that plump and delicious pair of globes were thrust into the air.

“Come on, Jeff,” she said, pulling her asscheeks apart with both hands, “come and get some booty.”

Staggering over I pressed the tip of my slob-coated cock against the starfish-shaped opening to her ass.  With a tremor of forbidden delight running through my body I eased the head into her rectum.

“Ah!” Donna grunted, “It’s… b-big.”

I didn’t respond but sank an inch into her rear.

“Ah! Oooh!  Jeff, that’s… that’s… ooooh yeah.”

Snaking my prick into her anus, Donna began breathing heavy.  When she looked over her shoulder at me I could see her face was flushed and her expression a mixture of fear and excitement.

“Ooh  yeah… sink that big cock in my… ass,” she said, “I can’t think… why I… thought this… wouldn’t feel… so… so… good!”

I entered her anus to the fullest.  Slow and steady I began to pump in and out of her rectum, bypassing both her inner seals.

“Yes… yes… fuck my ass… so deep… oh, Jeff… it feels so… so good!” Donna said with a long moan.

I slipped my rod into her anal barrel faster, harder until the smacking of our flesh echoed in the bathroom.

“Oh God!” she said, “all the way… go all the way… up my… ass… my poor ass… stretched out… oh yeah…  oh yeah!”

I felt her rubbing her pussy, dipping her fingers inside as I buggered her.  Donna’s moans came faster, louder and more intense.  Unable to resist all the sensations and losing control, I found myself dumping my load into my girlfriend’s hot ass.

“Oh fuck,” I grunted out as I exploded.

“You!” she said, “you c-came in my… butt… oh you dirty… b-bastard!”
Sinking my meat to the hilt I gave Donna what felt like a three quart, cum enema.

“Oh my God!” she screamed, “I’m going to… Ah! Oh! Aaaaaaah!  Yeeeaaaaahhh!”

It felt like every drop of liquid was squirting out of my cock and into Donna’s thrashing rear end.  Her bottom began swaying, shivering and shaking.  She was beating on the side of the toilet with her free hand.  She went primitive.

“I’m coming!” Donna shrieked, “Oh Jeff, I’m… coming… so fucking… hard!  Yes!  I love it… I love cock in my ass… Huh! Uh! Ah! Oooooooooooooh!”

The only thing, it seemed, holding her up was the big prick in her butt.  I let her ride it out.  Donna went nuts and her head began bobbing up and down.  So fast, in fact, her hair whipped her across the back.  Eventually she slid off my sensitive prick, moaning and breathing like she’d run a marathon.


            Later on that night, Donna refused to let me sleep and we went at it all night.  When the sun came up we fell asleep in each other’s arms.  I don’t think there was an orifice on her that wasn’t red, sore and satisfied.  My balls were aching, but I wasn’t complaining.

Donna has changed for the better.  No longer does she worry about her weight or how much she’s eaten.  She hasn’t purged in weeks.  She’s happier and more content with life in general since she has a new hobby to fill her time.  Now she counts the hours between deep throating and anal sex.

I’m a lucky guy.

One response to “Purging

  1. Very lucky guy indeed.
    I feel like I should be upset by this piece, but I’m not. How bizaare; I quite liked it.

    Thank you for confusing my poor little mind! 😉

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