Buzz Cut

AUTHOR’S NOTE; This is a story of erotica.  If you are under the age of eighteen LEAVE NOW!  I started a small novella I was going to call “The Sex Games Married People Play” but never got around to it.  Here’s a story from it.       

     The kids were asleep in their room upstairs.  It was a school night and Brian and I had plans—naughty plans.  As an Air Force officer’s wife we’d moved around a lot but this base had a wonderful house for us to live in.  Complete with three rooms, two baths and a finished basement which is where I found him standing naked.

            “Brian!” I exclaimed, “What did you do to yourself?”

            He just laughed and waggled his cock at me.  I had no idea when he did it but his entire groin was shaved bald.  Brian’s nutsack was dangling just below his long prick which was standing at semi-attention.  Then I noticed his chest was shorn too.

            “Come here, Sandy,” he said.

            Taking my hand he escorted me to a weightlifting bench.  Slow and seductively he undressed me in the soft glow of the dimmed lights.  He was taller than me, his cock, at half-staff was rubbing against my belly button. 

            “Take a seat,” he said.

            I started to sit down and he lifted my legs so my feet sat in the metal holders the bar-bells sat in.  Then he uncovered a bucket of steaming water, a can of shaving cream, a pair of electric clippers and a disposable razor.

            “Brian,” I said nervously, “what are you up to?”

            “I want to see your all of your pussy so I’m shaving it,” he answered.

            Using the clippers he buzzed my cunt’s mane short making it resemble the hair of a raw recruit in boot camp.  The rapid vibration of the clippers, Brian’s fingers pushing and spreading the delicate folds of my labia aroused me to no end.  I could feel my pussy getting wet and as I watched my husband work through the valley between my trembling breasts I realized I wanted his dick buried into me—now. 

            Putting aside the clippers he lathered up my groin, his digits smearing thick, soft foam from my navel, across my pussy and along the sides of my thighs were they met my crotch. 

            “Hold still, Sandy,” he said, “we don’t want any accidents.”

            The first stroke of the razor sent shuddering sensations followed quickly by a cool breeze across the shorn skin.  I heard the rasp as it cleared away the hair.  Carefully he went about his task.  Each touch of the razor making me whimper and moan.  His breath was whooshing across me, heating my beaver temporarily before the menthol chill raised goose bumps on my shaved skin.  I tried not to watch but found I couldn’t.  My labia was chilled, hungry and hating the emptiness it felt. 

            “Please,” I said, “hurry up, Brian. I need you… need you in me.”

            “Don’t worry, my love,” he said, “you’ll get it soon enough.”

            He smiled and went back to work.  Wiping away the foam he reapplied more and came at the stubble-filled problem from another angle.  I started to fondle my breasts, tweaking my nipples and wiggling them.  I was trying in heated desperation to get his attention away from shaving my pussy and fucking it instead. 

            The towel came out again and Brian wiped me clean, the increased desire making me so tender the fluffy fabric felt like sandpaper.  I squirmed and my movements made the weight bench creak. 

            “All done,” Brian said, “I never realized how cute your pussy was.”

            “It is?” I said.

            I took his hand again and he led me to a full-length mirror.  Standing behind me he stroked the smooth flesh between my legs, parting it and letting me see the blushing pink opening just beneath the folds.  My clit was protruding past the flowery petals like some strange blossom.  I hadn’t seen myself this way since before I reached puberty.  Like most girls I couldn’t wait to grow pubic hair.  Like your first period it was a sign of passage from being a girl and becoming a woman.  Now I was bald again.

            “See?” my husband said.

            “It’s… almost like a rose,” I replied.

            “Dripping with dew, blushing at its nakedness.  I’m in awe of your gorgeous pussy, Sandy.”

            He knelt down and I spread my legs.  In the mirror’s reflection I saw his hand appear between my thighs to caress me.  Squatting shallowly I stared while he inserted a finger into my warm, wet depths.  He swirled it around stirring up my need.  I kept watching my reflection.  Another digit joined the first. Then another and a fourth until I was gasping.  My breasts, heavy and nipple-erect were bouncing in the silvered glass.  He spread my labia again.  Brian’s fingers were slick with my juices and gleaming in the soft light. 

            “Please,” I said, “don’t tease me anymore.”

            “I can’t help it,” he remarked.

            Wiggling his way between my legs I saw his face appear in the mirror and bit my lip as the first caress of his tongue across my smooth pussy occurred.  Brian dove right until all I could see of his face was his chin.

            “I can get to every little nook and cranny now,” Brian mumbled into my pussy.

            “Yes… I know,” I said with hot gasps, “I-I’m watching you… eat me… it’s so… exciting to see it from… this angle.”

            I let myself gaze down to see Brian was slowly stroking his cock while he dined on me.  It hung in his fist, still semi-limp but growing longer, thicker and redder with ever caress. 

            I want it… I want his cock, I thought, want it in my mouth, my pussy and between my tits.

            The cunt-lapping I was receiving began to weaken my knees.  They shook like unsupported poles during a windstorm as Brian ate me out.  He tugged at his cock, drank in my snatch and teased my legs with the occasional stroke of his free hand. 

            “S-stop,” I said in a husking voice, “can’t take it… want to touch you, lick you and suck you.”

            He stood up and I knelt down before he could fully stand.  His cock became engorged until reaching its full length as I jacked him off.  His flesh was smooth and white from where the hair had been removed.  Like a sunbather who’d forgotten to expose a part of himself to the hot rays on the beach he was lily white down there.  I stared as his nuts coiled up against the base of his cock almost disappearing from view. I brushed my fingers all over the untanned flesh making him squirm a bit.  Running my lips across the sensitive bottom of him prick I heard him moan soft and low. 

            “That’s nice, Sandy,” he said.

            “How about this?” I asked.

            “Ah!  Your tonguing my balls… Ooooh that feels s-strange.”

            “How about this?”

            “Oh…f-f-fuck… how… how’d you… d-do that?”

            All ten inches of Air Force colonel cock was in my mouth, the tip dangling halfway down my throat.  I gulped a few times, tried breathing through my nose but I found I couldn’t.  Working my tongue around his cock, making my gullet muscles flex I discovered I had the Colonel’s undivided attention.

            “Don’t… g-g-gag,” he groaned, “Don’t want you… to… choke on my… c-cock.”  

            I didn’t care.  I wanted him hard, ready and into my pussy as fast as I could get it.  His hands went to the sides of my face and he eased his prick out of my mouth and throat. 

            “What are you…,” I started to ask when he picked me up, and spun me upside down. 

            Once again I was facing his cock.  Wrapping my legs around his neck I sobbed out in a loud desperate tone when he began eating my pussy again.  Not letting him get the better of me I started sucking him off again.  His arms around my waist, my legs curled behind his head and the big dick in my mouth kept us together.

            Then I glanced at the mirror.

            My long black hair was almost touching the carpet.  I could see his face buried in my bald pussy and the big cock between my lips. 

            Oh my god… it’s so  fucking hot! I thought.

            My tits were squashed against his torso, they bulged outward each time I sank my face against his smooth groin.  I sucked, sucked and sucked Brian’s prick until he began to kneel.  Amazed at the power of his body, even after all these years it never ceases to impress me. 

            I crawled off him, still keeping his cock in my mouth.  Letting it pop out when he said,” Let’s fuck like maniacs.”

            He laid down and I went to straddle him when Brian motioned to me with a twirling finger I was to let him spoon me.  Lifting my leg I saw him slip his meat into my beaver. 

            “Oooh… yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” I groaned happily.

            I watched his prick in the mirror as it was stuffed in and then pulled out of my lip-like folds.  His hand was caressing my right tit while I stared in utter fascination.  I was filled to the brim and then emptied, the gleam of wet, hard cock slipping into my shaved beaver was making me hornier than I’ve ever been before.  But just as my orgasm neared, Brian pulled out.

            Pulling me into his lap and facing away from him I aimed by pussy at his prick..  Squatting on his cock I looked into the mirror just in time to see it push past my outer folds and sink into my pussy.

            “Oh…fuck,” I managed to stammer.

            Pulling me back by the shoulders Brian bent me so it looked like a flesh-colored snake was slithering into my snatch from below.  I humped him hard. Not knowing if it was his saliva or my wetness making both his hairless dick and my shaved beaver to gleam like they’d be sprinkled with diamond dust. I never knew how beautiful my wet pussy could be.  It was hot pink, flushed and happily stuffed with Brian’s cock.  Each grind of my ass, push and pull of my hips made my husband’s meat appear and disappear in my pussy.  I was enthralled by the sight.

            “Oh Brian!” I exclaimed, “It’s so fucking hot… you should see it… oh I wish you… could see you c-cock in my pink, pretty pussy.”

            “Sexy isn’t it?” he said.  “I get that view every time we make love.”

            “Oh look at it go in… oh so very far in… n-now it’s coming out.”

 “I wanted you to see what it looks like.”

“It’s so beautiful!”

“Play with yourself. I want you to see what I see when you have an orgasm.”

            His hands where placed on my shoulder blades, I immediately reached down to stroke my clit and the base of his prick.  Instead of watching my fingers I kept looking at my flushed face, my shivering tits and my undulating stomach.  Each ending bump of Brian’s cock sinking to the end of my beaver sent earthquake-like shivers throughout my body.  The top of my pussy was bulging, I fully expected Brian’s prick to appear out from my navel.  I didn’t have to watch or rub for long. 

            “Oh.. shit.. oh, shit,” I started to sob, “I’m going to… going to c-c-cum!”

            My mouth formed an O-like shape.  My eyelids opened up wide as I saw my body begin to shake, my stomach muscles flexing in spastic ecstasy as the wave of my orgasm swept through me.  My hairless beaver was beet red and soaking wet.  I kept on riding Brian’s cock and my own climax.  The sudden explosion receded down to a dull throb and eventually faded away. 

            “Please cum,” I told him.  “Please cum for me!”

            “I’m close… so close to… it,” he answered.

            I leaned back farther and saw only my eyes, lolling tits, shaking tummy and the big prick snaking in and out of my pussy.  I felt him thicken.   The sight of our lovemaking gave me an idea.

            I had to see him drench my shaved snatch.

            “Oh… close… so close,” Brian muttered, “going to cum… cum so h-hard.”

            I quickened my pace, jamming myself down on his prick.  I was so sensitive each stroke made my breath catch in my throat.  But I had to get him off.  Sweat gleamed on my tits, shoulders and brow.  I was working harder than ever to make my husband cum.  As his groans turned to deep grunts of impending release I let him pop out of my bald beaver and squirt his warm load all over my navel, clit and pussy.

            “Oh god…yes!” he cried out.

            Spurt after spurt jetted out of his cock and onto my cool, smooth skin.  The first shot deposited a dollop of pearly goodness on my left nipple.  I scooped it up and licked my finger clean.  Settling for a single morsel of Brian’s cum I watched his orgasm continue.  He came across my belly button and I let it run down coating his shaft and circling my pussy.  Each spurt landed somewhere different.  One final shot filled my navel and I wiped it clean as well.  I savored his salty taste.

            I knew later on after we’d rested I’d let him fuck me again.  But this time I promised myself he’d get to watch in the mirror as his smooth snake invaded my bald beaver. 

            Who knew personal hygiene could be so arousing?


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