Taking Dictation

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The following story contains adult humor, sexual situations, and strong graphic language.  If you are underage LEAVE NOW!

Taking Dictation

     I’m on my knees under the desk and Mr. Billick’s thick cock is snaking in and out of my mouth as he groans with delight.  I swirl my tongue around the fleshy member between my lips as it bumps off the back of my throat.  I moan and he sighs even louder as I feel his shaft swell dramatically. 

     “I love the way you take dictation, Ms. Marsh,” he whispers as I fondle his tightly clenched balls making his hips buck from my activities. 

     “Thank you, Mr. Billick,” I mumble around his organ barely suppressing a laugh.

     I’ve been sucking him off just before quitting time for two weeks now.  I’ve already gotten a raise, in more than one way.  Billick is a real hottie.  Standing six foot, four inches of Adonis-like build he constantly tells me his wife is lousy at giving blow-jobs.  With his jet-black hair, smoldering good looks, piercing brown eyes, and athletic body he makes me hot and wet between the legs every time I see him walk past my desk.  He complained about it so much and so often I took that as an offer, now I’m more than happy to swallow all he has to offer.  After all, aren’t secretaries supposed to cater to the boss when they can?

     But back to the cock wedged in my mouth.  It’s huge, at least twelve inches long.  It’s always ready willing and able to let it pass between my satiny lips and eventually deposit amazing amounts of semen down my hungry gullet.  It’s so gorgeous it spreads my mouth so wide and tight but I just can’t seem to get enough of it.  I bob my head gently as I take all I can just so I can hear him call my name out in gratitude. 

      I freeze.  There’s a knock at the closed door to his office.   He pushes me deeper under the desk and adjusts his position in his chair and tells whomever it is to come in.  He taps my forehead indicating he doesn’t want me to stop; my lust flares hotly as I oblique his whim.   This wouldn’t be the first time I was sucking his shaft while he was talking to someone while I was busy.  I greedily take him back inside and continue my efforts.

      “Mr. Billick,” I hear the head of Human Resources say as she enters, “we have to talk about the rumors and innuendoes that are circulating around the office about Ms. Marsh.”

     “Betty, I really don’t have time for office speculation and tall tales about my secretary and myself,” he rumbles as I cover the tip of that bulbous member with kisses and licks. 

     “I’m sorry you feel that way,” Betty replies sternly.  “But I can’t allow this time of gossip to go unpunished.  I know you aren’t guilty of anything, but we have to nip this in the bud.”

     “I understand,” he almost groans as I push his cock so deep into my mouth I momentarily gag on it.  The sensation travels up his shaft and into his brain.  I feel his hips buck slightly and smile, he’s close to an orgasm I just know it!

      “I promise to get to the bottom of… are you alright?  You’re face is awfully red, Mr. Billick,” she notes as thick wads of his sperm spurt out onto my tongue to be quickly swallowed as I savor the salty, warm taste of him.

     “I just have… a little gas,” he apologizes to her.  “I’m sorry.”

    “Are you sure?”

    I look up as I wipe off my mouth and look past the edge of the desk to see Joshua begin to clutch at his chest and writhe in obvious pain.

     “Y-you’re having a heart attack!” Betty wails as I manage to stuff his huge fleshy organ back into his pants and zip him up fearfully.  Cold shivers of terror race down my spine.  The fear of getting caught by the sour-faced woman chills my soul!

     Billick manages to push away and stand up on shaky legs.  I watch in utter horror as he takes three steps to my left and falls behind the big desk.  I push myself further back to avoid what I know is coming.  The heavy, quick footfalls of Betty announce that she’s running to the ailing man’s aid.

     “Oh god!” she oinks out like the pig she is.  “Can you hear me Tom?!”

    I can’t see his face because her big ass is in the way.  She’s pounding on his chest and breathing into his mouth as his feet thump frantically upon the carpeted floor.  It only takes a moment for him to go stiff and still.

      Oh shit! I think to myself.  What the fuck have you gotten yourself into Carla?

     “What the hell are you doing under there?” Betty shrieks as she spots me.  “You little whore!  The rumors are true then!”

    “Hey look,” I stammer, “he forced me to do this!”

    “You are such a liar!  Get the hell out of there!”

    I crawl from under the desk and stand up to face the irate woman who is glaring at me like a mother scolding her errant child.

    “I have a good mind to beat your ass!” she snarls.  “Better yet…”

She snatches up a handful of my long golden hair and forces me back down onto the ground on my knees.  She begins to chide me as she lifts her skirt and pulls her granny panties aside.

     “If you can suck his cock, you can eat my pussy,” she gleefully giggles.  “If you don’t, I’ll tell everyone what really killed Mr. Billick!”

    “Please don’t!” I wail as her panties are quickly removed.  “I’ll do a-anything!”

     Betty jams my face into her musky smelling pussy and I’m forced to lick and suck at the wet orifice.  She rubs my mouth across her cunt harshly and starts complaining about the job I’m doing.  Tears roll down my face as the humiliation of kneeling between her fat thighs and eating her out shames me greatly.

    “No use more tongue, Ms. Marsh!  Do you call that licking?  I’ve seen dogs with better control!” she criticizes as she tugs and yanks my hair.  “Come on, put some more effort into it or I will have you fired!”

    I stuff my tongue into her hot, wetness and nip and bite at her protruding clit as she continues her tirade at my pitiful attempts at pleasing her.  My head hurts from all the hair pulling and my neck becomes sore and stiff from her jerking grip.

     “H-hurry up!  You b-better make me cum, you fucking slut!” she screeches in an ethereal voice as her flabby thighs begin to shake violently.  I thrust my face into her sweat and excitement soaked pussy until she clenches her legs pinning me in place.  I feel her entire body trembling as her orgasm builds.  I redouble my efforts and I’m quickly rewarded.

     “Yes!  That’s a good whore!  Oh yeah, I’m cumming!  Oh fuck yeah!” she wails as my head is jerked and thrust against her convulsing snatch. 

      She releases me and I begin to cry loudly until she slaps me across the face.  The hot stinging blow leaves a handprint on my left cheek and I reach up in shock to cover it.

     “We’re not done her, Ms. Marsh,” she growls as she sits down in my boss’ chair.  “Lay across my lap, right now!”

     “Please don’t do this!” I sob uncontrollably. 

    “Get on this lap this instance!”

    I climb over her lap and my body is wracked with weeping as she pulls up my skirt and tears off my thong underwear.

    “Ah I see you wear a slut’s garment under here, just as I thought!” she announces vibrantly.  “Now be a good girl and open your mouth.”

     I do and she wads the panties up and stuffs them past my lips.   She then raises a hand and I brace for the blow.  The first stinging slap leaves me breathless and I gasp in pain as my right rear cheek is scalded from it.  The next assault reddens my left side and then she begins in earnest raining strikes onto my up-thrust ass.  Blow after blow; hit after hit, she tans my bottom until I’m sobbing uncontrollably over her thick lap. 

     “Sucking cock under the desk like some filthy crackwhore!  You’re a disgrace to all women everywhere!  You’re nothing more than a common prostitute rutting and slobbering over any man’s shaft thrust towards your face!” she tells me as my ass is blistered with fire and my cheeks burning from shame.

      The spanking goes on for ten minutes until she starts complaining about her hand hurting.  She dumps me onto the carpet and steps into the middle of my back.   I cry out from the agony and she tells me to shut up.  She reaches down and snatches up another handful of hair and leads me around the office and Mr. Billick’s body like a dog on a leash until I am forced to spit out my soggy thong and dine upon her cunt once more.  My face is jerked across her cunt as my tears mingle with her dewy excitement.

     “Yes… oh yes I think I’ll make a good pussy eater out of you yet!” she exclaims as her second orgasm coats my face with its sticky juices.  My makeup is smeared and ruined, my dignity is shattered, and my spirit is broken.  I fall back onto my haunches to weep and hide my face in my hands. 

     “We’re done here,” she says softly as she sits down with her big bosom heaving.  “Do I need to remind you to keep your mouth shut about all of this?”


    “No…what?” she demands as she adjusts her twisted underwear.

    “N-no Mistress,” I answer haltlingly.

    “See, I told you she could be tamed, Tom,” Betty laughs as my boss gets up off the floor.

   “I’m so happy I found a secretary to please both of us,” my well-hung employer says with a smile.

    “I’m going to go clean up,” his wife says as she moves to the door rearranging her attire. 

   “I’ll see you at home, honey,” Tom remarks as he pulls out his cock, pulls me off the carpet, and pushes me over the desk.  He kicks my legs wide apart and smears spit all over the long, wide girth of his impressive shaft.   “I’ll be home as soon as Carla here finishes up the dictation I have.”

    “Love you,” she says to him sweetly.

   “I love you too, Betty,” Mr. Billick replies as he begins to sodomize my searing ass.  My face goes tight, my mouth falls open, and a thin whine escapes my lips as he pushes into my up to his pubic hair which I can feel tickling my bare behind.  My rear trembles as it tries to cope with the size and width of him.  The fullness of his member in my bowels ignites my first orgasm and I thrash upon his cock happily.

      I’m so glad I found good employers who understand me! I sigh to myself as he thrusts into me repeatedly.

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